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This post lists the 55 best maternity Christmas photoshoot ideas this year.

maternity christmas photoshoots
#48- Etsy: Matching Look

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Ho ho ho, mama bear!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ‘Tis the season of love, Jesus, and gratitude.

What better time is there to take stunning maternity Christmas photoshoot pictures to showcase that beautiful life you are selflessly growing? 

Christmas is a special time and the perfect opportunity to take maternity pictures.

Whether you need them for Christmas cards or keepsakes, Christmas maternity portraits are magical.

As a mama of one, one of my biggest regrets was not getting maternity photography sessions done to look back at my pregnancy bell!

All I have is a single poorly lit bathroom selfie at the end of my pregnancy, about a week before my delivery ( hey, it was lockdown season, and I had to document my pregnancy the only way I could.)

Taking maternity photos is something we look forward to our entire pregnancy.

A Christmas maternity photoshoot is a special and perfect opportunity to get a sweet family photo.

From simple photos in front of your Christmas tree to super fun and cute winter maternity photoshoot ideas, this list will give you a ton of inspo and get you excited for the holiday season!

Let’s get after these Christmas pregnancy photoshoot ideas!

This post lists the 55 best maternity Christmas photoshoot ideas this year.

maternity christmas photoshoot

Maternity Christmas Photoshoot

The holiday season is a good time to complete a gorgeous maternity session.

Find yourself a stunning winter maternity gown to rock during your photo sessions to show off your adorable baby bump.

Ideally, for your belly to be big enough (for pregnant women with singletons), the ideal time for your shoot is during the third trimester.

For more information on how and when to take the best maternity pictures, check out When is THE BEST Time For a Maternity Photoshoot?

Here are 55 maternity Christmas photoshoot ideas to get after this season!

Christmas Free Printables Opt In
Christmas Printables Opt In

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
Photo Credit: @walkerstudiosllc

The snowy woodlands near your neighborhood are great for Christmas maternity photo shoots!

Find yourself a lace or faux fur winter white maternity dress or a coat. You will look like a snow angel! 

2. Merry in Red

Dark red pregnancy gowns are great options for your pregnancy photo shoot.

Take it with your man while holding a Christmas wreath together outside! A red dress for Christmas is perfect.

3. Christmas Village

Christmas village
Photo Credit: @bettylaurentphotography

Winter is the best time to take a cute Christmas village-esque maternity session.

If you live near a small mountain town, it’s the perfect spot to take your pictures.

You can even wear a green dress like the mama in the picture. 

4. Champagne Velvet 

Champagne maternity dress
Photo Credit: @majesticluxstudio

Finding a stunning champagne velvet maternity dress and a professional photographer to create a warm Christmas backdrop is a good idea.

It’s the perfect location if you live where it’s warm and not super snowy or seasonal.

Your amazing photographer will do a great job replicating your winter wonderland, and you won’t be cold!

5. Holly Berry Wreath

This is one of the easiest DIY maternity photo ideas.

All you need is any Christmas or festive wreath; it mustn’t be Holly Berry.

All you need is a simple white maternity dress that will really make the wreath pop around your pregnancy belly. 

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6. Beige Beauty 

Christmas beige beauty
Photo Credit: Etsy- Iris Dress Butik

Find yourself a stunning tulle boudoir maternity dress for an indoor shoot by the Christmas tree. 

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7. Wrapped in Ribbons 

Christmas maternity photoshot
Young beautiful happy pregnant woman placing on a background of a Christmas tree.

This is one of the cutest maternity photo poses. It’s super simple and the perfect DIY Christmas maternity photoshoot.

All you need is a ribbon; try to match whatever color aesthetic you have with your tree, like in the photo.

It will give your picture the perfect balance and showcase your belly beautifully. 

8. Teal Snow Queen

Teal snow queen
Photo Credit: Sweet Ginger Photography

It’s the perfect place for a Christmas shoot anywhere snowy in the woods with green trees!

Teal is a gorgeous color to showcase against the pure white snow.

Find yourself a teal maternity mermaid dress and a flower crown you want to rock. 

9. Cookies and Hot Cocoa

cookies and hot cocoa
Photo Credit: @chicc_post

If the idea of a whole-ass maternity photoshoot overwhelms you, I get it!

Do something super simple and natural, like snacking on cookies and sipping yummy hot cocoa in front of your Christmas tree!

It’s the perfect idea if you don’t have much time or resources to assemble a formal shoot, and you don’t have to! 

10. Gorgeous in Grey

gorgeous and grey
Photo Credit: Etsy- Dreams Dresses

A soft grey tulle maternity dress is great for an outdoor snowy woodland photoshoot!

The soft grey resembles sparkly cool ice and will make you look like an ice princess mama!

Don’t forget a crown! 

11. Boho Bronze Beauty 

bronze beauty
Photo Credit: @idaaverardi_fotografa

This is a simplistic maternity Christmas photoshoot idea you can try!

Get yourself a warm brown or bronze maternity dress.

Using white Christmas lights, replicate a warm and cozy winter ambiance with your man. 

12. Belly Paint

Photo Credit: @pacemariarita

If you want to try a funny maternity shoot idea, hire someone to paint your pregnant belly!

You can paint your belly like it’s a present to be opened on it’s due date. It’s so funny and cute. 

13. Ravishing in Royal Blue

ravishing in royal blue
Photo Credit: Etsy- Belly and Beyondd

In a white, snowy winter environment, a vibrant, velvet royal blue maternity dress will give your photos a stunning pop of color.

The natural light you’ll receive will be insane, and you will pop in front of the camera.

14. Gorgeous in Green

green muslin maternity dress
Photo Credit: Etsy- ZeBuBeYou

Another great outdoor photoshoot idea to try. This muslin green boho maternity dress is great if you want a more relaxed and organic look to your photos.

You can accentuate the green dress by taking photos near more pine trees or make the green dress pop by taking them near wheat, brush, or an open field. 

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15. Christmas Tree Sillouhette 

This is a great way to do an easy at-home DIY maternity Christmas. It’s a simple pose in front of your tree in your own home.

Wear as casual or chic clothing as you like.

It’s a fun way to showcase your pregnancy as an expecting mother!

16. Snow Princess

snow princess
Photo Credit:

Replicate snowy and cold weather with an indoor winter wonderland photoshoot with a snowing backdrop.

Great for a holiday-themed photoshoot idea to do without getting cold lol.

No need for warm sweaters!

17. Hunter Green and Pine Trees 

hunter green maternity dress
Photo Credit: Etsy- LoveBirdsCo

A simple hunter-green maternity dress with gorgeous pine trees in the far distance with low light makes for a beautiful location to take pictures during the winter season. 

18. Green Goddess

Boho Velvet Green Maternity Dress
Photo Credit: Etsy- Designbycmaternity

Another absolutely stunning hunter-green maternity dress made from velvet.

Wear this dress in the middle of light snow, and your photos will look whimsical AF.

19. Plaid Jamies

This is a fun and casual maternity Christmas photoshoot you can do at home with your love.

Decorate a doorway with Christmas and winter-themed garlands and decor.

20. Christmas Sweater Coziness

Maternity Sweaters
Photo Credit: Suess Moments

Another easy DIY at-home idea!

Find yourself a maternity Christmas sweater you and your love can rock together and take pics in front of the tree.

Ya’ll will have so much fun.

21. Christmas Trees and Mistletoes 

Maternity mistletoe
Photo Credit: Mix and Match Mel

Get your love involved with this one!

Find a nearby Christmas tree farm where you can cut down your tree and have fun.

22.  Naughty 

naughty and nice maternity shoot
Photo Credit: @loridormanphotography

If you’ve been feeling naughty this year, find pretty maternity lingerie (red is best for Christmas!)

Then take cute and sexy boudoir-esq maternity photos!

You will feel like one sexy mama. 

23. Rose Gold Wreaths

rose gold maternity dresses
Photo Credit: @joyfuldesignofficial

Find a tulle puffy maternity dress that is either beige, pale pink, or champagne.

Have your photographer assemble a stunning rose gold wreath for you to sit on. 

24. Doggy Kisses

doggy kisses
Photo Credit: Girl Share Tips

If you have a doggy at home, get them involved in your pregnancy shoot!

They know you’re baking a little bun in there, and they are so affectionate and protective during this time.

They are our family members too!

25.  Cozy Cuddles

cozy cuddles
Photo Credit: Girl Share Tips

Get your lover involved with this one!

Find cozy thigh-high knit socks, a beanie, and a cardigan to rock with a soft white Christmas tree light ambiance in the background. 

26. Matching Disney Onesies

This is such a cute maternity Christmas photoshoot idea to do with your love!

Find adult and maternity Disney onesies and take pictures before the Christmas tree.

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27. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Your maternity session doesn’t have to be so serious!

Have a playful (and safe) maternity photo session of you playing with your love at home and goofing off around the Christmas tree.

Seeing a couple play while mama is pregnant is like seeing a victorian picture where they’re smiling; it’s refreshing, light, raw, and nice to see!

28. Pregnant Belly and Baby Booties

Baby booties
Photo Credit: Girl Shares Tips

Using a pair of baby shoes, take a picture with your love behind you while you hold the shoes over your pregnant belly!

Find a cute and festive flower crown to finish your look.

29. All I Want For Christmas is You

Combine the popular song lyrics using a letter sign and take a picture near the tree wearing cute and cozy Christmas onesies!

30. Teal Velvet

teal velvet dress
Photo Credit: sbk Living

Another stunning velvet dress look to try for your Christmas maternity shoot.

It’s also perfect for getting older siblings involved with this one. 

31. Boho Flower Crown

christmas maternity photoshoot ideas 38.jpeg
Photo Credit: Girls Shares Tips

Finding a gorgeous wine-red boho dress and flower crown to wear in an outdoor snowy setting will look beautiful—a stunning color scheme. 

32. Christmas Trees and Cocoa

Do a low-maintenance maternity photoshoot in front of the tree wearing your cute PJs and sipping some cocoa!

33. Romantic in Red

red tulle buodoir maternity dress
Photo Credit: @ilariamostrato

Get all the romantic feels of Christmas, and find a tulle-red maternity dress to rock in front of your Christmas tree. 

34. Breakfast in Bed

Take pictures with your love in a cozy and romantic setting in your bedroom. 

35. Big Christmas Tree

Red Christmas tree
Photo Credit: @hauteofftherack

If you live near anywhere that showcases a huge Christmas tree, utilize it for your maternity pictures! 

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36. Doorway Kisses

Doorway maternity shoot
Photo Credit: @hauteofftherack

This is another super easy DIY at-home Christmas maternity photoshoot idea.

Get your doorway all cute with holiday theme trinkets and lights.

Take a picture with your love!

37. Pretty Bow

The ultimate DIY photos! Put a cute bow on your belly and take a picture before the tree. 

38. Casual and Cozy

Find knit cardigans, socks, and winter hats to rock in the cozy setting of your living room.

39. Pregnancy Glow

Play with depth in this photoshoot!

Focus on your pregnant belly while the blur of the Christmas tree and lights frame your photo. 

40. Family Portraits 

family maternity photos
Photo Credits: Girls Share Tips

Finding a color scheme for your family to wear together is a perfect way to showcase the arrival of another sibling. 

41. Snow Kissed Waterfall

How stunning is this atmosphere?

Find a white, flowy maternity dress and a faux fur coat to keep you warm.

Find a lake or running waterfall to take your pictures at. 

42. Holiday Cuddles

holiday cuddles
Photo Credits: Girls Shares Tips

Find matching color clothing for your family to wear and surround yourself with magical holiday theme decor and Christmas lights.

43. Champagne Christmas

Champagne and rose gold are underutilized holiday colors, in my opinion.

You will look stunning in a champagne or rose gold silk maternity dress in front of a Christmas tree, rocking the same color scheme. 

44. Holding Hands

holding hands maternity shoot
Photo Credit: Girls Shares Tips

This Christmas maternity photoshoot is as easy as it gets!

Take a picture of you and your love holding hands before your Christmas tree, accenting your beautiful pregnant belly. 

45. Winter Red Velvet Boho 

boho flutter maternity dress
Photo Credit: Etsy- bumpandboho

This velvet red winter dress is absolutely stunning. It’s perfect for an outdoor winter shoot. 

46. Chic in White 

For uber-white photos, try this winter wonderland photoshoot. 

47. Candy Cane Cuteness

candy cane maternity shoot
Photo Credit: Girls Shares Tips

How cute and simple is this candy cane photoshoot?

48. Pink and Grey

pink and grey maternity shoot
Photo Credit: Etsy-Matching Look

Pink and grey complement each other very well.

Wearing a grey maternity gown will look beautiful in a pinkish holiday-themed shoot. 

49. Gold and White

gold and white maternity dress
Photo Credit: Etsy- Designbycmaternity

Another gorgeous color combination to try!

50. Holly Berry Milk Bath 

Milk Baths are staples for a newborn session and maternity photos.

Holiday your milk bath up with pine needles and holly berries!

51. Bumpin Around the Christmas Tree

bumpin around the christmas tree
Photo Credit: Girls Shares Tips

Using a letter sign, write “Bumpin around the Christmas tree,” showcasing your baby pump in front of your tree. 

52. Cute Ultrasound

winter pregnancy photoshoot ideas 24.jpeg
Photo Credits: Girls Shares Tips

Take a picture with your love before your Christmas tree while showcasing your ultrasound photos. 

53. Milk and Cookies

milk and cookies
Photo Credits: Girls Shares Tips

While chillin’ in front of the Christmas tree, use your pregnant belly as a tray for your milk and cookies to munch on!

Baby needs their treats, too! 

54. Beauty in Beige

beige maternity
Photo Credit: Just Gaba

Playfully and fun in the snow in a warm, beige grey maternity dress. 

55. Decorate the Tree

Take pictures of you and your love decorating the tree together. 

Maternity Christmas Photoshoot

Christmas time is absolutely magical, as is the anticipation of a new arrival!

Whether you’re pregnant for the first time, making a pregnancy announcement, or welcoming your 4th baby to the family, taking maternity photos for the holidays is a blast.

You will look back on these pictures with love, tenderness, and warmth.

Whether you want to share your photos on social media or you want more family photos around the house, taking Christmas maternity photos is a great idea.

Don’t psych yourself out with the perfect outfits or atmospheres; have fun and enjoy being the center of attention for once, mama!

If you copied any of these photos and loved how it turned out, email me, and I’d be happy to share them!

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, love! 

This post covers the best maternity Christmas photoshoot ideas to try.

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