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I'm Ashley Ward

I'm a massive introvert.

Like, introvert x1000, no joke! There are more sightings of bigfoot than of me.

I adore my alone time as I have always been more of a cat spirit, mixed with The Dude , and a hobbit (all about second breakfast girl 😜 ).

I married my hubby at a Starbucks during the summer of 2020 lockdowns ( well, more like we got our paperwork signed and processed by the officiant and then celebrated with a caramel frappe🫶🏽.) I become a mother in 2021 when I gave birth to my highly spirited and absolutely sensational red-headed baby girl.

After she was born, for nearly 2 years, I struggled with postpartum depression.

I still struggle with anxiety, depression, and ADHD which has made my life as a mother and wife a learning curve and an amazing spiritual growth journey.

I'm not special, I'm no expert, I'm simply here sharing with you everything I learn as a mother and wife! Along with some of my favorite beauty, fashion, and self care tips! I'm also a foodie and will curate the best recipe lists out there. 

While you're here I hope you learn, have fun, and feel a little better! 



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