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This post covers the best casual maternity photoshoot Ideas.

casual maternity photo ideas

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Hey there, soon-to-be mamas!

Ready to enter the spotlight for a casual maternity photo shoot that’s all about you and that beautiful baby bump? Think comfy clothes, the cutest baby shoes waiting for their tiny owner, and your nearest and dearest family members popping in for heartwarming maternity portraits.

We’re all about that great pose that’s natural, not forced – capturing the real, unfiltered you. These ideas are a great option for keeping things light, candid, and absolutely memorable. One of my biggest regrets was not taking maternity photos during my pregnancy!

It was still amid the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, so it was difficult to find a professional photographer.

I wish I had figured out how to take casual photos!

A maternity session is a great way and special time for candid maternity pictures to showcase your gorgeous pregnancy.

Maternity photography is a great idea to help you feel confident and sexy and showcase your adorable baby bump.

You don’t need all the bells and whistles to have a great maternity photo session.

You can use simple and candid maternity poses or a pair of baby shoes while wearing a casual outfit and be good to go! You don’t need a fancy maternity gown for a pregnancy photo shoot.

Now, let’s get into some fun, casual, cute maternity photo ideas to capture the essence of pregnancy your whole family will love.  

This post covers the best casual maternity photoshoot Ideas.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas CASUAL

Casual Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Looking for the best maternity photoshoot ideas to make your beautiful bump the show’s star?

Going simple for your maternity shoot ideas can be a great way to go. You can find creative poses or create a stunning, simple silhouette photo for the ultimate unique maternity picture ideas.  

Let’s capture that great photo that’s as unique and candid as your journey. No need to settle for a studio maternity shoot.

You can have just as meaningful photos posing in front of the crib while wearing a cozy blanket around yourself and showcasing your beautiful baby bump. Ready to shine and have the best time? 🌟📸✨

Pregnancy Printables Opt In
Pregnancy Printables Opt In 1

1. Reading a Book in Bed

Reading a Book in Bed
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Your room is a great location to take super casual maternity photos. Read a book or chill with your fur baby.

2. Simple Black Bra in Bed

Simple Black Bra in Bed Maternity
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Wearing a simple black bra and undies is a super casual and cute option for maternity shoot outfit ideas. 

3. Pregnancy Belly and Puppy

Pregnancy Belly and Puppu
Photo Credit: @pompyportraits

Taking your picture with your fur baby at home is a great alternative to a studio maternity shoot. 

4. Cozy and Cute Lingerie

Cozy and Cute Lingerie Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A simple pose wearing cute lingerie is a great way to showcase your growing belly.

5. Cute Bikini in Bed

Cute Bikini In Bed
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Show off your stunning and sexy pregnant body while wearing a pretty bikini with a pop of color.

Solid colors will look best. 

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6. Cute and Casual with Toddler

Cute and Casual Toddler Maternity
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Showcase your first child in your pregnancy photos!

Showcasing your growing family is the best part.

Having older siblings in your maternity photos is a beautiful way to get them involved and feel like a part of your pregnancy.

7. Black and White Lace Beads

Black and White Lace Beads Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Whether in the living room or bedroom, while using beaded tulle table cloth, you can have fun with different angles using up-close shots to showcase your adorable baby bump. 

8. Sweet Silhouette 

Sweet Silhouette
Photo Credit: @pinterest

What better way to showcase your beautiful baby bump than utilizing natural light to create a silhouette of your pregnant body?

So gorg. When you’re belly is big and ripe is the perfect time!  

9. Black and White Lace

Black and White Lace Maternity Photos
Photo Credit: @laurencheriephotography

Find a simple lace white dress to wear at home for romantic and sensual maternity photos.

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10. Mom Life

Mom Life Maternity Photos
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Showcase the craziness of mom life if your baby has older siblings!

11. Classic Living Room

Classic Living Room Maternity Phots
Photo Credit: @reneeash

You can totally get tons of cute and candid maternity photos throughout your living room of bright natural light.

12. Sweater and Jeans

Sweater and Jeans
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Wearing loose mom jeans and a cropped sweater, showcase your adorable baby bump against a basic wall in your house.

13. Pregnancy Snacking

Pregnancy Snacking
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Using either yummy donuts or bagels, have fun with a cute and candid pregnancy snacking maternity photo on the couch!

14. Flashdance Silhouette

Flashdance Silhouette
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This pregnancy maternity photoshoot gives me Flashdance vibes! Totally sexy and fun.

15. Cozy and Affectionate

Cozy and Affectionate Maternity Photos
Photo Credit: @andreawagnerphotography

Sweet and intimate, go with an up close pregnancy belly carress by the window.

For a light suggestion, go with all lace garments for extra romanticism with your pregnancy photos.

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16. White Shirt and Jeans

White Shirt and Jeans
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Simple and easy, a full frontal of your adorable baby bump while wearing your favorite jeans unbuttoned with a cute white shirt.

17. Jean Jacket and Calvins

Jean Jacket and Calvins
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Grab yourself an uber cute distressed jean jacket and Calvin Klein Undie Set for this cute casual maternity photoshoot idea.

18. Toddler Rests on Belly

Toddler Rests on Belly
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This is another great maternity photoshoot idea that get’s older siblings involved.

19. Flannel and Jeans

Flannel and Jeans
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Grab a cute and cozy flannel and your favorite pair of jeans for this casual maternity photo look.

20. Loungin in Cozy Intimates

Cozy Lounge Intimate
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Find cozy and soft loungewear and intimates to replicate this super cute maternity photoshoot at home.

21. Baby Shoes in Mirror

Baby Shoes in Mirror
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Play with different angles using baby shoes with this at-home lounge mirror maternity photo.

22. Flower Bouquet and Jeans

Flower Bouquet and Jeans
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Find loose mom jeans and a pretty flower bouquet you love to copy this super cute and casual floral and jean maternity photos.

23. Sweater and Tube Socks

Sweater and Tube Socks Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

NGL I’m all about this sweater and tube socks maternity look! Super cute way to get your partner involved.

24. Maxi Dress by Window

Maxi Dress by Window MAternity Photos
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Using a maxi dress and taking photos by a windowsill will illlumiate your pregnant body through the maxi dress creating stunning silouhette.

25. Walk on the Beach

A Walk on the Beach Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

If you live on the coast, try cute and casual maternity photos in jeans and barefoot.

26. Full Body Positivity

Full Body Positivity Materntiy
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Showcase your stunning pregnant body with a topless shoot in your bedroom.

27. Resting by the Bed

Resting in the Sun
Photo Credit: @melissahopfner

If you get good natural light in your bedroom, taking candid maternity photos in there is a great idea.

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28. In Bed with Flowers

In Bed With Flowers
Photo Credit: @lindsayrae

Using a flower bouquet and wearing a pretty boho lounge dress is incredibly casual chic.

29. Eatin’ Ice Cream

Eatin Ice Cream
Photo Credit: @sabrinalynnphotography

Take pictures of yourself smashing your favorite Ben & Jerry’s Pint in the kitchen!

30. All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up Maternity Photos
Photo Credit: @sabrinalynnphotography

Super sweet, romantic and sensual, using your sheets or duvet, wrap yourself around your parnter.

31. Cardigan Silouhette

Cardigan Silouhette Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

With a comfy cardigan, wrap your arms around your pregnant body in front of light for a cute silouhette.

32. Dog and Baby Shoes

Dog and Baby Shoes
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Get your fur baby in this cute pic with your adorable baby bump and baby shoes.

33. Sunlight Bliss

Pregnant in the Sun
Photo Credit: @laurenleybaphotography

Near a window in your house with lots of natural light, showcase your beautiful baby bump wearing cute jeans and a bralette.

34. Sexy and Romantic

Sexy and Romantic Maternity Photos
Photo Credit: @jmarkphotography

While wearing super romantic lingerie and a pretty lace robe, you will feel super beautiful in your pregnant body with this photo shoot idea.

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35. Cute in Calvins

Cute in Calvins
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Using a super cozy knit cardigan, a simple photoshoot in the bedroom is a great idea.

36. Cute Kisses

Cuddles and Kisses
Photo Credit: @andreawagnerphotography

Super cute, casual and sensual, an affectionate pose is great in your bedroom.

37. Cups in the Kitchen

Drinking in the kitchen
Photo Credit: @pinterest

While in the kitchen with your partner, enjoy a beverage together.

38. Kitchen Kisses

Kitchen Kisses
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Get kissing in the kitchen!

39. Organic and Romantic

Organic and Beautiful Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Go super orgnaic chic with a simple sheet and florals in an outdoor setting.

40. Simple and Sexy

Sweet and sexy bodysuit
Photo Credit: @veetaylorphotography

Taking pictures at home while wearing a simple yet sexy bodysuit will showcase your pregnant body beautifully.

41. In the Garden

In the Garden
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Out in the garden is another organic and cute maternity photoshoot idea to try.

42. Pregnant and Plants

Pregnant and Plants
Photo Credit: @lindseygurk

While wearing a sheer lace kimono, taking pictures by plants will look so boho chic and beautiful like @lindseygurk.

43. Lovely Lace Robes

Lovely Lace Robes Maternity
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Wearing a delicate, sheer and lace kimino is such a cute boho choice for at-home photoshoots.

44. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed Maternity
Photo Credit: @nickyschmaderer_fit

Super cute and cheeky, replicate a fun breakfast in bed shoot using your favorite breakfast as a prop like @nickyschmaderer_fit.

45. Angelic Silhouette

Angelic Silouhette
Photo Credit: @cierrakaylese

Rock your pregnant body proudly like @cierrakaylese.

46. Warm and Cozy

Warm and Cozy
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Go light, fun and playful with your maternity photos.

47. Glowing Maxi Dress

Boho Matenrity
Photo Credit: @jessesalterphotography

Finding a maxi boho dress and standing in front of natural light will showcase your goregous pregnant body through the fabric.

48. Plaful Fun

Playful Maternity Photos
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A playful maternity photoshoot is fun, organic and light.

49. Matching Calvins

Matching Calvins
Photo Credit: @efraserphotography

A cute matching Calvin’s photo op is perf for casual maternity photos.

50. Stunning in Shadows

Stunning in Shades
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Play with the shadows that shades cast off for a super stunning maternity photo op.

51. Floral Shadows

Up Close and Cute Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Play with shadows of florals off your pregnancy belly for a beaufitul and artistic effect.

52. Flowers in Your Back Pocket

Flowers in your Back Pockets
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Using cute and loose mom jeans and gerber daisies, this maternity photoshoot idea is casual and simple.

53. Ultimate Chillin

Ultimate Chilin Maternjity Photos
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Wearing your most comfy sweats and favorite band shirt, this maternity photo op is super organic and cute.

54. Ready to Pop

Ready to Pop
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Grab your favorite bubble gum and have fun with this punny at-home maternity photo op!

55. Pregnancy Shadow

Pregnancy Shadow
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Play with light sources and with your pregnant body casting a pretty shadow.

56. Casual Shirt and Bun in Bed

Casual Shirt and Bun in Bed
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Wearing simple matching undies and cute white shirt, play with different angles as you do your hair.

57. Doggy Kisses

Doggy Kisses
Photo Credit: @kinshipphotography

Give your furbaby all the love while showcasing your adorable baby bump.

58. Au Natural in Bed

Nude in Bed
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Go as organic and natural as possible taking an au natural photo in bed.

59. Taking a Bath

Taking a Bath Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Take a bath together for this cute photo op!

60. Simple and Cute Baby Shoes

Simple and Cute Baby Shoes
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Go super simple and sweet by wearing baby shoes on your adorable baby bump.

61. Romantic Florals and Curtains

Romantic Florals and Curtains
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I love how dreamy and romantic this maternity photo is.

62. Water and Florals

Florals in Water Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Taking pictures in water with florals is a super organic chic and stunning way to showcase your beautiful pregnant body.

63. Half Baked

Half Baked
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A loading drawing on your beautiful baby bump half way through your pregnancy is a perfect opportunity for a punny half baked shoot!

64. Maternity Mirrors

Mirror Maternity
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Play with fun mirror angles with your casual maternity photoshoot.

65. Beach Casual

Beach Casual
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Have fun at the beach with your baby’s older sibling.

Casual Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas CASUAL 1

And that’s a wrap, future moms!

As we tie up our exploration of maternity photoshoots, let’s not forget the timeless elegance of a white dress.

It’s more than just a maternity dress; it’s a perfect backdrop for your beautiful journey.

Play with different poses to find your unique angle – every pose is a new story.

Whether it’s a comfy maxi dress or something else you adore, each outfit is a creative idea in the making.

Mixing and matching maternity photoshoot poses can be a cute idea, adding a playful touch to your session. Keep shining and embracing every step of this amazing journey! 📷🤰✨

This post covers the best casual maternity photoshoot Ideas.

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