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This post lists the absolute best fall photography ideas for babies.

Fall baby photoshoot ideas

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Fall time is the best time to take fun baby photos!

From super easy DIY fall baby photoshoot ideas at home or fun and creative photo ops your family will adore, here are 50 super cute fall photography ideas for babies.

This post covers the best fall photography ideas for babies.

Fall photography ideas for babies.

fall photography ideas for babies

1. heart leaf baby

Heart Leaf Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

You can’t get any more candid than this! Using a loose-leaf from your yard or the park and then cutting out a cute little heart to frame baby’s face is cuteness craziness!

2. beautiful and bright

Beautiful and Bright
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Marigolds aren’t only perf for keeping pests from your veggie garden, they make the perfect fall frame alongside sunflowers for your baby’s fall photoshoot!

3. pumpkin patch bath

Pumpkin Patch Bath
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Take a picture of your pumkin’ in a bath! It’s a great way to get creative while not actually attending a pumpkin patch.

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4. pumpkin spice baby

Pumpkin Spice Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Gurl if you love your pumpkin spice lattes, have fun with your letter board for your fall baby photoshoot ideas this year.

5. pumpkin buns

Pumpkin Buns 1
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Grab some fall leaves and paint baby’s bottom like a pumpkin, and you have the ultimate candid cuteness for fall!

6. bobbin for apples baby

Bobbin For Apples Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Nothing screams September like fresh apples from an apple orchard! Get together an apple milk bath for a cute bobbin for apples fall baby photoshoot idea.

7. fun fall leaves

Fun Fall Leaves
Photo Credit: @pinterest

There is nothing more candid and cute than your little baby on a knit blanket playing with fall leaves on an autumn day! Using neutral colors for baby’s blanket and outfit will help their surroundings with a pop of color.

8. pretty plaid baby

Pretty in Plaid
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Plaid is legit the print for fall gurl. Dress your baby is sweet flannels with plaid and surrounded with colorful leaves, pumpkins and florals. Remember to use neutral colors for the blanket!

9. baby on bridge

Boy on Bridge scaled
Photo Credit: envato

If you live near one of those cool wooden covered bridges, you have a great option for a sweet fall baby photo op! Again wearing nice plaid or overalls, a fall bridge picture is so classic, vintage and totally fun.

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10. wood and denim baby

Wood and Denim
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I feel like if this baby had a fragrance, he would smell like musky wood and open air! Give the pumpkins a break and have fun with wood backdrops and lumber.

11. baby fall crown

Baby Leaf Crown scaled

Get creative with the colorful leaves and attempt a candid fall crown for your little baby!

12. baby’s first steps

Babys First Steps scaled
Photo Credit: @envato

If your baby has been walking or is slowly starting too, taking them to a state park covered in leaves as you capture their candid bewilderment and excitement of walking over those crunchy and colorful leaves for the first time!

13. apple picking baby

Apple Picking Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Apples are a fall fruit treat! Go for a cozy apple orchard or apple picking shoot with your baby. Have fun picking out cute wicker baskets to hold the apples in!

14. Whimsical wheat field baby

Wheat Field Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

We took our fall family photos at a local state park with a beautiful wheat field one year. Wheat Fields are a super boho whimsical fall aesthetic that your baby will have fun in. Very warm, organic with neutral colors to let the warmth of the golden hour to shine through.

15. fall sibling love

Sibling Love
Photo Credit: @adelisaandco

If baby has an older sibling, getting a picture together while surrounded by fall foliage is one of the best fall photoshoot ideas for your little one.

16. tummy time autumn picnic

Tummy Time Autumn Picnic
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I absolutely adore the traditional fall colors in this photoshoot idea! It’s a great option if your new baby isn’t quite sitting on their own just yet. Perf for tummy time photo ops!

17. autumn Moses basket baby

Moses Basket Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Go super simple and chill with your fall baby photoshoot idea. On your doorstep, place a wicker Moses basket with other fall foliage and decor surrounding the basket. Find your baby a cute traditional fall outfit that coordinates with the foliage, and voilà!

18. Wheat field cake smash

Wheat Field Cake Smash
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Wheat fields are a go for fall time! Get a yummy cake made for a fun cake smash sesh during fall.

19. mommy and me plaid

Mama and Baby Matching Plaid
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Go for a fun matching mommy and me flannel or plaid fall photoshoot op with your little baby!

20. mommy and me knit

Mommy and ME knit
Photo Credit: @pinterest

If you want more neutral colors, go for cream or beige matching knits that you can take pictures in while enjoying fall meadows.

21. raining pumpkins

Raining Pumpkins
Photo Credit: @pinterest

There are pumpkin patches who love to get creative with how they use their pumpkins. Some create little pumpkin houses or pumpkin photoshoot areas that are whimsical af. Get after it!

22. apple basket naps

Apple Basket Naps
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Your new baby is likely super sleepy! A fun wicker basket apple photoshoot is cute AF.

23. pie smash baby

Baby Pie Smash
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Put a fun fall twist on your cake smash this year! Nothing says fall time like a delicious pie for baby to smash.

24. campfire baby

Campfire Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Fall is such a fun time for camping! Set up a fun camping scene for baby at a state park, even make some s’mores to make it even more fun and tasty.

25. sunflowers and pumpkins

Sunflowers and Pumpkins
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Pumpkins and sunflowers go together for fall perfectly! Keep baby in a pale or neutral color to allow a good pop of color from her surrounding pumpkin pieces.

26. pumpkin bucket baby

Pumpkin Bucket
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I adore this baby in a bucket photoshoot idea for fall!

27. fall wheat fields and fruit

FAll Wheat Fields and Fruit
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Bring a fun boho twist to your fall baby photoshoot this year. You can use fall color roses, beige backdrops with faux pumpkins that bring a touch of modernity to your pictures. Place a yummy basket of fruits for baby to enjoy!

28. pumpkin wheelbarrow

Pumpkin Wheel Barrow
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Oh no! It looks like baby fell asleep while picking all the pumpkins at the patch!

29. at home pumpkin buns

Simple Pumpkin Buns
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This simple yet sweet pumpkin buns at home photoshoot idea for baby is perf for fall!

30. apples and siblings

Apples and Siblings
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Dressing your littles in adorable fall attire while they enjoy a yummy apple picnic is an awesome fall baby photoshoot idea to try!

31. apples of my eye

Apple of My Eye
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I can’t get over how cute this saying is! Perfect for fall! You can easily do this in your backyard or nearby park.

32. mommy and me pumpkin patch

Mommy and Me Pumpkin Patch
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Take candid pics together as a family at your local pumpkin patch!

33. my first halloween

My First Halloween
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Keep it super simple with a baby’s first Halloween pumpkin pic!

34. sweetness and scarecrows

Scarecrows and Sweetness
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Bales of hay, scarecrows and pumpkins are all fall staples that will make the cutest accessories for your fall baby photoshoot!

35. my first Thanksgiving

My first thanksgiving
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This onesie from Etsy is perf to help celebrate baby’s first Thanksgiving!

36. pumpkin pie baby

Pumpkin Pie Baby
Photo Credit: @kate

This fall farm backdrop from Kate makes the perfect aesthetic for your fall baby photoshoot!

37. apple orchard snacking

Apple Orchard Snacking
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Let baby pick their fresh apple from a lovely apple tree! Take a walk through your nearest apple orchard for the cutest fall apple candid photos.

38. citrus and pumpkin milk bath

Citrus and Pumpkin Milk Bath
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Get all the bright orange hues together with this fun citrus and pumpkin milk bath!

39. pumpkin smash

Pumpkin Smash
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Move over cake smash, it’s fall time! Get after a fun pumpkin smash shoot this fall!

40. candy corn cake smash

Candy Corn Cake Smash
Photo Credit: @pinterest

The sweet decadence of candy corn in cake form!

41. pumpkin pants

Pumpkin Pants
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A fun and simple pumpkin pants option is one of the easiest fall baby photoshoot ideas to do! You can do this right on your driveway or sidewalk.

42. baby in an apple basket

Baby in a Basket
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Nothing says fall like plaid, apples and wicker baskets! With a cute little flower crown your baby will look like a fall fairy cherub!

43. fall and a picket fence

White picket fence fall
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This white picket fence fall shoot is super cute and traditional. Super fun!

44. spooky pumpkin patch

Spooky Pumpkin Patch
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Lean into those spooky Halloween vibes at your pumpkin patch photoshoot.

45. stuffed turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This turkey is stuffed!

46. baby fall farmer

Baby fall farmer
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I can’t get over how cute this fall farmer baby look is!

47. little lumberjack

Little Lumberjack
Photo Credit: @haileyfariablog

It’s fall and chilly, so time to chop some wood for the fire!

48. A Hundred Acre Wood Baby

100 acre wood
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Replicate Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear and friends from the 100 Acre Wood with this fall photoshoot idea! So freaking cute.

49. Fall Baby balloons and bubbles

Bubbles and FAll
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Your baby will have a blast with balloons and bubbles on the leaves!

50. mommy and me knits

Mommy and Me Knits
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Grab mommy and me matching knits and beanies for the cutest outdoor leaves fall photoshoot!

fall photography ideas for babies

FAll Baby Photoshoot 1

Fall is such a fun season and not to mention beautiful. Take the time to slow down and enjoy your baby during this season by having fun with different photo ops you will love for years to come!

This post covers the best fall photography ideas for babies.

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