7 Best Pregnancy Constipation Relief Practices


Pregnancy constipation is no joke.

When it comes to constipation, pregnancy brings it to a whole other level.

Constipation during pregnancy can cause us to feel sick and lethargic and carry more weight in our abdomen than we need.

Constipation wasn’t new for me, and regular bowel movements took a lot of intention and effort on my end.

By the time I was an adult, I had a career in helping people have healthy and regular bowel movements daily and teaching them proper gut health.

I did well for years with my bowel movements, but It was incredibly high maintenance.

I had to do Colon Hydrotherapy 2 times a month, take three probiotics a day, and a weekly supplement colon cleanser to keep my movements in check.

I would, no joke, have up to 3 bowel movements a day that was breezy and easy!

Well, once I fell pregnant, most of my remedies, aside from probiotics, weren’t recommended for pregnancy.

I couldn’t do colon hydrotherapy since it causes inter-uterine contractions that could result in a miscarriage, and I couldn’t take my weekly colon cleanser due to the high concentration of Aloe, which could be toxic to the baby.

I did not want to be constipated and carry a massive bowling bowl in my midsection too!

When it came to finding constipation relief, pregnancy threw me a curve ball in how to remedy it.

Here are 6 ways to find pregnancy constipation relief!

pregnancy constipation


An Accidental Discovery

pregnancy constipation relief

This was my holy grail of constipation relief.

Did you know most of us peeps are deficient in magnesium?

This can cause headaches, toothaches, muscle aches, constipation, joint pain, etc.

I genuinely feel our chronic pain issues have much to do with the population’s deficiency in magnesium.

I could tell I was deficient because I have always struggled with joint pain, muscle tightness, and chronic tension headaches.

Magnesium helps because it is a muscle relaxer, including your colon.

It helps your body relax so you can quickly let go of waste.

This was another fear of mine.

Having to navigate what can sometimes be debilitating headaches that wouldn’t go away unless I slept, which would be difficult being in so much pain I would be drenched in sweat.

The only thing that would finally help would be prescription-grade ibuprofen which I didn’t want to take while pregnant.

As a last-ditch effort to rid myself of my tension headaches, I found that magnesium is an effective way to help muscle pain, so I took two 500mg of it one night.

Not only did it help my headache the following days, but it also helped me sleep and poop easily!

I would never have thought that magnesium was an amazing pregnancy constipation treatment!

As long as I took magnesium daily, I was pooping like a queen, and my headaches were at bay.

Magnesium truly helped me feel so much better about my whole body overall.

I would argue that it is one of the most fiber foods for pregnancy to combat pregnancy constipation!

Be sure to add Magnesium to your pregnancy diet if you want to keep your poops on point!

Surprising Results

Magnesium was the only thing preventing my pregnancy migraines during my second trimester.

Knowing I couldn’t take my prescription-grade ibuprofen or extra-strength Excedrin, I tried magnesium and am so happy I did.

I felt so much better in my pregnant body; not so many prominent aches and pains during pregnancy.

I never imagined such a basic mineral could make a massive difference in my well-being.

If I was taking my magnesium regularly, I felt excellent and always had one or two easy bowel movements a day.

Magnesium was a beneficial overall supplement during my pregnancy, and I still use it after pregnancy.

If I go up to 2-3 days without taking magnesium, I can tell as not only are my poops more problematic, but my headaches start returning, and my body begins to feel like the tin man all over again.

Magnesium is a must for me.

Celery Juice

A Green Machine

constipation during pregnancy

Okay, this is one of the fiber foods for pregnancy.

You may need a juicer at home or buy it at the store.

The one we have is the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer, and I have no complaints.

Celery juice is packed with water and minerals.

Being so hydrated is a great tool to keep you regular when you feel weighed down.

Whenever I would be backed up and feeling like I needed a good poo, I would blend a breakfast juice to help clear it up.

You needn’t be a juicing expert to make decent green juice.

It would contain celery juice, cucumber juice, lemon juice, apple juice, and spinach.

No joke, I would have the best bowel movement within an hour of drinking my juice.

Celery, cucumber, lemon, and apple are all extremely hydrating and cleansing for your body.

I would some days use it as a detox drink and blend it before I ate anything else and drank it on an empty stomach.

You can even add some ginger or turmeric to it to tackle inflammation.

It will clear your blood and give you energy for the day.

It would give me energy and hydration while ridding my body of the most frustrating poop problems.

I had a habit of just making this juice every morning to keep my body clean, and it did wonders for my skin too!

The perfect cleansing pregnancy constipation remedy!

Chia seeds

Little Bobas of Heaven

pregnancy constipation relief

Chia seeds are full of antioxidants and magnesium and are fiber-rich.

Magnesium benefits your overall well-being and can help relax your colon for more comfortable bowel movements.

This is also an excellent remedy for baby and pregnancy constipation.

I didn’t use these too often since I took my magnesium supplement, but sometimes they give you an excellent extra poop boost.

They don’t taste like anything, and there are plenty of ways to prepare them.

You can make chia puddings or parfaits.

If you are feeling sassy, put them on your frozen yogurt or, even better, your ice cream!

Or if you’re like me and want something quick and easy, pour a small amount into your water cup for the day.

They will expand and become gelatin-like in consistency or baby bobas.

You can’t taste them; they absorb super quickly, and you get a boost of antioxidants.

Overall, chia seeds were a simple and effective way to keep my digestive and overall health in check while pregnant, and I love them!

However, I wouldn’t eat them daily because they are higher in phytoestrogens.

I would put them in my water 2-3x a week, depending on how my digestion was feeling that week.

If you want to combat constipation during pregnancy, chia seeds are the way to go!

All in all, chia seeds are a great supplement to keeping you feeling good and healthy during pregnancy.

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Squatty Potty

Why It’s Awesome

I know these look goofy, but I swear by these babies.

I remember seeing these on Shark Tank way back when and were sold.

We had squatty potties in every bathroom in the house long before getting pregnant.

They are fantastic for opening up the hips and creating a comfortable sitting position to open the rectum.

Perfect for mothers struggling with pregnancy constipation.

This creates the ideal pathway for a smooth bowel movement with little pushing or discomfort.

The squatting position is the best position for pooping.

However, we all know squatting on your toilet seat is not good practice.

That is unless you want a broken toilet.

I promise you once you’ve used one once, there will be no going back; you’re going to think to yourself:

“How have I gone this long pooping without one of these?”

You will find yourself trying to poop anywhere else but home and feel like an animal.

The squatty potty is a must for pregnancy constipation relief.

You Will Never Turn Back

The first time you poop somewhere else without a squatty potty, you will notice how much the squatty potty helps.

You need this for your pregnancy constipation!

They aren’t expensive and come in a variety of materials.

We chose bamboo, but they have plastic ones that work just as well.

I promise you will be using these bad boys long after your pregnancies.

Not to mention how amazing and helpful it was for my first postpartum poop!

However, be wary.

If you get one of these, I promise your husband’s time on the pot will increase!

Given that it helps you poop more effortlessly, you would think his trips would be swift.

However, it has made him more comfortable on the porcelain throne by preventing their legs from falling asleep.

This way, they can tolerate that position longer as they scroll through Twitter.

Everyone in the house will have elevated pooping experiences with the squatty potty!

Perfect for pregnancy constipation.

Plastic Squatty Potty

Bamboo Squatty Potty

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Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier


Considering how pesky pregnancy constipation can be, sometimes we can never drink enough water or hydrate enough to soften our poops.

An electrolyte mix can make a huge difference in your hydration levels and help keep your pregnancy constipation at bay.

One stick in a single glass of water equals 3 glasses alone; there is virtually no downside to adding electrolyte mix to your pregnancy diet.

You can get these guys at your local Costco in bulk or try out flavors on Amazon!

I love the yummy strawberry flavor and adding fresh lemon detoxes and hydrates; woo!


Probiotics are essential to healthy bowel and regular bowel movements.

Maintaining a healthy biome with a balanced surplus of good bacteria in your gut is essential in preventing and treating pregnancy constipation.

Not every probiotic is alike, and it may take some trial and error to find the probiotic with the perfect medley of bacteria that agrees with your gut balance.

So don’t get surprised or discouraged if you feel more bloated or constipated after trying a probiotic, it just means those strains don’t serve you best.

Finding what works for you is a game of trial and error.

You can talk to your doctor to see what they recommend if you feel stuck!

The best way to prevent pregnancy constipation is to stay regular with your probiotic intake!


Colace is a tried and true and safe over-the-counter option for women struggling with pregnancy constipation.

Colace works by moistening the stool and making it softer to pass.

It has been reported safe to take during pregnancy for occasional pregnancy constipation relief.

Make sure to drink a lot of water, use your squatty potty, and watch the magic happen!

If you feel you have tried everything and nothing is working, Colace is a great over-the-counter solution for pregnancy constipation and is raved about on pregnancy forums.

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Pregnancy Constipation

First Attempts to Remedy

As someone who struggled with constipation anyway, I was terrified about how pregnancy could make me the most uncomfortable woman on earth, carrying so much weight in front and not being able to poop.

Constipation in pregnancy is extremely common; even early pregnancy constipation before your belly looks like a basketball!

So I figured there would be loads of ways to help.

What sucks is what I would generally do to rid myself of my constipation was on the “do not consume” list for pregnancy.

Sh*t. Literally.

What is a girl to do?

With lots of trial and error, I found a few different ways to help keep me regular or relieve occasional constipation I would get while pregnant.

After searching through a sea of the same advice:

“Oh drink more water, eat more fruit, stay active.”

I wanted to punch my computer screen with how generic and unhelpful those tips were.

I drank SO much damn water while pregnant; I couldn’t get enough.

I just felt so thirsty.

Also, I ate way more fruit and veggies during my pregnancy than I have my whole life, and I was in a water aerobics class and would reserve lanes at my local YMCA to swim independently.

I also went on loads of walks.

Still, I would have pregnancy constipation issues.

You feel sluggish, heavy, and lethargic, and you can feel the waste in you weighing you down while suffering pregnancy constipation.

Pregnancy Constipation Is Another Level

Pregnancy constipation is the worst.

Constipation in early pregnancy can even happen due to all the hormones coursing through your body.

You have a ton of weight not only concentrated on your midsection but the extra weight you carry all over your body, which makes existing more uncomfortable than it is without a massive watermelon pushing on your colon, making your pooping experience sh*tty.

Pregnancy pooping was a challenging problem and not something you can so quickly ask your husband for help or even your doctor!

Even when I confide in my doctor, they would just lay on me the typical remedies that you hear over and over, I wouldn’t tell them I had already tried all of that but would thank them for their time anyway.

With some trial and error, research, and patience, I found these remedies that did the trick more often than not.

When Does Pregnancy Constipation Start? 

Early pregnancy constipation can start as early as 8 weeks!

Pregnancy constipation is more likely to occur early due to the high hormone rise.

This happens due to the rise of progesterone production in your body, making your bowels more sluggish.

That’s what happened to me.

Man, people don’t realize that your colon is a muscle.

Depending on the health and strength of that muscle can dictate how frequently you have bowel movements.

Like any muscle that isn’t used enough, it can grow weak and have a harder time doing its job.

Your colon contracts when moving waste along.

This movement is called peristalsis.

Little spasms keep your colon contracting and moving waste out promptly.

When this isn’t happening, you get constipated, and your colon can do all the work independently.

Why Do You Have Pregnancy Constipation?

Finding The Culprit

pregnancy constipation

A decent pregnancy constipation treatment can be hard to find if you don’t know why you are constipated in the first place.

Not enough exercise, fiber, water, and diet can greatly impact how our movements go or don’t go.

Some people struggle with constipation more than others, which has nothing to do with their habits.

For pregnancy, constipation can happen due to hormonal changes in your body, as mentioned before.

Since you are busy growing a baby, your body is doing everything possible to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

This means your digestive system slows down.

That way, your baby can suck up all the yummy vitamins and minerals in your diet.

This leads to lots of bunny poops and heartburn.


You also have a growing human in your body, taking up space from your organs, including your colon.

All this pressure on your colon, combined with your digestive system slowing down the movement, can lead to severe backup and unsatisfying poops or hemorrhoids.

You Can Do Everything Right

Although I struggled with constipation my whole life, I have been blessed by the poop Gods as they must have decided my digestive struggles were enough without butt blisters pushing me over the edge, but (lol butt) I digress.

If you feel like you are doing everything right, exercise, drink tons of water, eat all your fruits and vegetables, do all the yoga, and take all the probiotics.

You still aren’t seeing the results or getting the relief you need; you may need further intervention but don’t give up or get discouraged.

When it comes to constipation during pregnancy, we must be intentional and safe as possible to find the relief we need.

Finding immediate constipation relief during pregnancy with home remedies is attainable but may require more trial and error.

You deserve to find relief, and you will get there whether you figure it out at home or need a doctor’s visit.

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