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This post covers the best time for maternity photoshoot

best time for maternity photoshoot
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As a mama of an only child, my BIGGEST regret was neglecting to do a maternity photo session.

We were in the midst of the lockdowns when it was impossible to find anyone to take photos anyway but I also didn’t know at the time I wouldn’t be having any more kids.

Engaging in a maternity photo shoot is a great way to showcase your goddess-like pregnancy and create gorgeous photos where you can remember that special moment.

The first trimester for most pregnant women is too early to tell that you’re carrying, so a pregnancy maternity photoshoot won’t work yet.

That being said, the time frame in which you should take your maternity photography sessions can vary.

Every pregnancy is different, how your body reacts to the pregnancy, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, whether you’re pregnant with a singleton or multiples, to your due date all influence when getting maternity portraits done.

Especially if this is your first pregnancy, it’s encouraged to find the ideal time for your pregnancy photoshoot.

First time moms having the opportunity to showcase their beautiful baby bump will fill them with love, pride, and courage to face the next chapter with their baby.

Let’s get into the best time for maternity portrait sessions.

This post covers the best time for maternity photoshoot. 

best time for maternity photoshoot

The Best Time For Maternity Photoshoot

Best maternity dresses
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Alrighty, the short answer? For most pregnant women, the perfect time to take professional maternity photos is around 30-36 weeks.

Why? During roughly your 7-8th month of pregnancy, especially if it’s your first baby, the nice round shape of your growing baby bump will look gorgeous.

You will have an obvious pregnant belly and will fill out your maternity dress nicely. In that last trimester, a pregnant woman taking maternity photographs with a professional photographer will have a good time and feel great during her pregnancy.

Let’s get into more detail on taking the ideal maternity portrait sessions and having a fun and magical experience. 

Why 30-36 Weeks? 

As mentioned earlier, during this time, a pregnant mom is likely to have a very prominent pregnant belly, She can fill a maternity gown and it gives her plenty of time to decide what kind of pictures she wants to take.

It’s also the ideal time for a baby shower. During this time you are past the second trimester and during this time period, many pregnant women can go into labor. Waiting until at least the third trimester of your pregnancy, you’ll get closer to the right time to take your professional maternity photos.

Once you get to the start of your third trimester, you will start to see more of a pregnancy bump. However, you don’t want to take too long, because around this time, you will also start noticeably get more uncomfortable.

You will only take good maternity poses if you feel good. The best maternity pictures come out when you feel comfortable and confident.

Your body is undergoing incredible changes at a rapid pace, you may feel okay one week and then the next you no longer have control of your center of gravity.

Give yourself enough time to grow a belly, but not SO big, taking a pregnancy photo session sounds awful.  

Also, there will be a lot of maternity poses and moving you will engage in, too much rigorous movement toward the very end of your pregnancy may induce labor.

As a maternity client, be aware of your pregnancy timeline, comfort, and due date. 

Not All Pregnancies Are Equal

Beautiful pregnant woman

Be mindful that every pregnancy is different.

If this is your second go around, even if you felt great right up until your due date last time, you may feel poopy with the body change that takes place the second time.

Since most moms can take a maternity session ideally around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, that doesn’t mean it will be an ideal time for you to take them.

Once you are showing and feel good, that is the best time to contact your maternity photographer and schedule your session.

It’s best not to waffle, because remember, you aren’t the only one who’s pregnant at the same time you are and also wants to get photos done in a timely manner too!

If you live in a high-demand area, after you receive a healthy 20-week ultrasound photo, that is a great time to book your maternity photo session 10-15 weeks out.

You don’t want to miss out on receiving professional photos. 

Pregnant With Multiples

Pregnant maternity latin woman on the beach at sunset, maternity concept. With the twins' booties

Whether this is your first pregnancy or 10th, if you are pregnant with multiples this cycle, scheduling your maternity photo session earlier than later is best practice.

Not only will your pregnancy belly grow bigger much faster, but there is a good chance you may go into labor sooner than a singleton pregnancy.

More than 50% of twins are born before 37 weeks. Knowing that the ideal time for maternity photo ideas, at least for singleton pregnancies, is around 30-36 weeks, this timeline cuts it close for mamas carrying multiples. Your belly will be rounder sooner.

The rule of thumb, schedule your maternity photography sessions a few weeks earlier, roughly, 20-27 weeks. You want to get in front of the camera feeling good. 

Remember, you are hauling a bigger load with more than one baby growing, your comfort in taking your maternity photo shoot is essential for pretty pictures.

Plan to get your pictures done sooner. Be mindful that your maternity photography has other clients who are clamoring to get in too. 

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High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnant brunette performing a gestational diabetes self-test to control sugar

I understand this special time of pregnancy isn’t always the best experience for some mamas. Conditions like gestational diabetes can increase the likelihood of early labor and can generally make you more uncomfortable.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your doctors about your wanting a maternity photo session and how to do it safely.

You don’t have to miss out on taking beautiful maternity photos simply because your pregnancy is high-risk. What it might mean though is for safety measures, take your photos sooner rather than later.

Not only for your comfort but to ensure you don’t miss out on an earlier delivery. Remember to tell your professional photographer of your high-risk pregnancy so they are mindful to keep the session as safe as possible for you.

This may mean no outdoor maternity shoots and more indoor sessions.

You can still have a fun experience and take gorgeous photos during your pregnancy.

Booking With A Maternity Photographer

Black and white photo of beautiful pregnant woman with long curly hair sitting on a floor.

I’m all about planning ahead and getting shit down on a calendar if my ADD isn’t going to rule my life.

Not only that, but it’s a surefire way to get as close as possible to what you want.

The sooner you book, the better likelihood you’ll get the maternity photography, time, and place you want your maternity photo session.

As I mentioned earlier, booking once you have a healthy ultrasound photo is the best time to schedule your maternity photography.

Remember, just like you, hundreds of other pregnant mamas baking their loaves are clamoring to get in with the same photographer before they deliver.

Pregnancy isn’t flexible, so don’t risk it. Schedule ASAP. 

Booking a Newborn Session

Newborn photoshoot
Photo Credit: Etsy – Princess Pea Props

If you are interested in newborn photography or getting newborn photos once baby is delivered, again, talk to your maternity photographer sooner than later.

If you want them to be your newborn photographer, remember they are busy with maternity and family photos too, so plant the seed in their head ASAP.

Due to a newborn’s need for flexibility, this can also make it hard to book with a busy photographer.

Before baby is born it’s hard to book, but talking to your photographer can help it go smoother down the line. 

Best Time For Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photo session
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Whether you want to take an outdoor session during the golden hour, the best time of day, with your belly perfectly round, get scheduled ASAP.

Maternity photo shoots are in high demand and you don’t want to miss out on this special opportunity to document your pregnancy but feel beautiful during it too.

Even if you don’t feel pretty, dolling yourself up for a maternity session can boost your confidence and give you the morale you need to reach the finish line.

Take the stress off, book as soon you get a healthy ultrasound photo around 20 weeks, and schedule your maternity session around 30-36 weeks for a singleton pregnancy or 20-27 weeks for mamas with multiples is a good idea.

Keep an eye on your growing baby bell and energy levels. I hope these were helpful tips so you can take the best maternity pictures for you to look back on.

Have fun mama! 

This post covered the best time for maternity photoshoot

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