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This post lists the best Fathers Day ideas for husband to help inspire the holiday, whether it’s his 1st Father’s Day or 50th!

fathers day ideas for husband

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If you are like me and searched for fathers day ideas for your husband because you wanted to make them special for your man, I get it!

Father’s Day holds a more sentimental place in my heart because my daughter Annabelle was born on Father’s Day in 2021!

It was my husband’s first Father’s Day as a dad and his first one without his father. 

As a mama of a high-spirited baby girl, my husband does much to lessen my load, and I appreciate it.

From free Father’s Day gift ideas to the urge to splurge, here are 89 Fathers Day ideas for husband and inspiration for his special day! 

This post is the ultimate list of Fathers Day ideas for husband.

Fathers day gift ideas t shirt

Amazon Father’s Day Favorites

Let’s take a gander at Amazon’s favorite Father’s Day picks first based on popular trends, searches, and purchases!

1. Phillip’s Hybrid Electric Trimmer

hybrid electric trimmer

Whether your man has a beard or likes to remain clean-shaven, he will love this Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid trimmer. With its dual-edge blade, it trims, edges, and shaves with ease, allowing him to create clean lines and define his look effortlessly.

The glide and flex technology ensures a comfortable experience, adapting to his facial contours for hassle-free grooming!

With nearly 45k 5-star reviews it is one of Amazon’s top favorites for Father’s Day!

2. Deep Kneading Foot Massager

Foot Massager Machine

If your man spends long hours on his feet or has a laborious job where his work is physically demanding, this deep kneading foot massager would be a great Father’s Day gift!

It fits men’s shoe sizes up to size 13, and it gives deep kneading compression, rolling, and vibrating, perfect for your man’s tired feet.

3. Fitbit Charge 5

fitbit charge 5

Optimize hubby’s daily routine with the Fitbit Charge 5 health monitor.

He will have the freedom to monitor his sleep, stress, and heart! A great Father’s Day gift for the data and fitness junkie.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Husband

Let’s take a look at more Fathers Day gift ideas your man may like!

1. Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Wood Grill and Smoker

Fathers day grill ideas

If your hubby is a griller and you’re looking for Fathers day grilling gift ideas, this grill is the ultimate!

Get your man all the tools he needs to be the ultimate cookout master this summer with this gorgeous bronze electric grill. 

If your man loves to grill some burgers and hot dogs, he will kill it with this electric grill and smoker!

2. Cigar Night w/ the Boys

Cigar nights out with the boys are a great way for your man to hang out with his buddies and decompress in masculine energy.

Let him decompress at a Cigar lounge with his friends as he splurges on a nice Cuban cigar and whiskey for the night. 

3. Heating Neck and Back Massager

Fathers day gift ideas for husband 2

Whether your man works at an office or with his hands working hard labor, he will appreciate this neck massager!

My husband works at a desk and get’s tight on his neck and back.

This neck massager will help your man relax and loosen up those tight neck muscles after a long day on the job! 

One of the best self-care Fathers day ideas for husband.

Other Body Massagers I Recommend:

  • Body Back Buddy Classic. I’ve been using this guy for YEARS, and it’s a must-have to loosen up those hard-to-reach knots on your back.
  • Fascia Massage Tool. These guys were a favorite amongst the massage therapists at the spa I worked at for deep tissue work!

4. Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage

oura ring fathers day gift

My hubby LOVES his Oura ring, and we are saving up to get me one next!

As a mini computer that fits on your finger, it gives you all the health stats you need to keep your body in tip-top shape.

It records his temperature, readiness score, breathing, blood pressure, and more cool features than the IWatch. 

It comes in a few different colors, and matte black is the most popular for men!

My husband also wants to save up for this generation ring in this matte black Stealth color.

Definitely, a splurge as far as Fathers day ideas for husband go but totally worth it!

Other Health Monitors I Recommend:

  • Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon. A sleeker and more powerful health monitor.
  • Fitbit. A great option if your man is active and wants to track his workouts and data.

5. ReMarkable

Remarkable fathers day

The ReMarkable is a great gift if your man loves to jot things down on the spot.

My husband got his ReMarkable when he struggled to organize his thoughts and had difficulty relaxing.

Being paper-free, ReMarkable is eco-friendly, and he no longer needs bins to store hundreds of journals and notebooks once he’s done with them!

The ReMarkable uploads all of his papers digitally and is ready whenever he needs them.

*Update: My husband actually bought me one for my birthday! I have a ReMarkable of my own now, and I love it.

As someone with ADD, its crazy to be able to jot down info and not get it lost in a sea of random journals or paper! I can save it and refer back whenever.

6. A Day at the Shooting Range

There is nothing like blowing off steam at the shooting range!

Join your man on an afternoon at the shooting range, or schedule a time to go with his buddies. 

Look up local shooting ranges in your area and let your hubby have some fun shooting targets!

7. Back Roller

back roller fathers day gifts

My husband and I love this back roller.

I have always struggled with back problems with my husband, who introduced this wheel to me.

It’s life-changing for stretching your back; if your man has chronic pain, this back wheel is necessary! 

Other Back Rollers I Recommend:

  • Acumobility Back Roller. A bump back roller that digs in all the nooks and crannies of your back and replicates deep tissue pressure.
  • Deep Tissue Foam Roller. I used to use these bad boys in my soccer days; if your man is super active, he will love finishing his workouts and rolling out his muscles.

8. Tactical Diaper Bag

tactical gear backpack

If you have a more girly diaper bag that your man isn’t too keen to wear, this tactical diaper bag is perfect for him and you too!

A perfect fathers day gift for expecting dad!

It’s sturdy, and with its army design, your man can feel manly wearing a diaper bag! 

Not only that, it’s useful as a diaper bag, so it doesn’t just exist to stroke your man’s ego 🙈

9. Tactical Baby Carrier

tactical baby carrier

Let’s be real; hubby can’t wear those super cute wraps that we organically and manually wrap around us, nor do they want to.

That is where this tactical baby gear comes in!

One of the best dad to be fathers day gifts.

With the same many tactical designs, your man will have no excuse not to babywear baby all summer long.

You are making him feel useful and giving you, mama, the much-needed break you deserve.

The tactical baby gear is a great expectant fathers day gift and a genius way to get them more involved!

10. Beard Grooming Kit

bear grooming kit

Beard Care Kits are great gifts for men.

I got my hubby one for this one for his birthday a couple of years back, and he loves it!

He uses the bristle brush on his beard every night while in bed.

Other Beard Kits I Recommend:

Check out these beard kits on Amazon everyone is raving over!

11. ESKA Gaming Headphones

Eska Gaming Headset

If you’re looking for fathers day gifts for gaming dads I got you!

These are some of the best gaming headphones out there.

He will be shaken by your thoughtfulness and think of you whenever he games. 

What’s even better is they aren’t too pricey either!

Other Gaming Headsets I Recommend:

12. Cleaver Knife

cleaver knife fathers day

This knife will be the last one your man will EVER need in the kitchen.

Not only will he feel like a badass Viking cutting some onions with this razor-sharp high-carbon steel cleaver!

Give your hubby an excuse to help out in the kitchen more and look good with this Hakai Cleaver girl! 

Other Cleaver Kives I Recommend:

Take a look at these Amazon fan-favorite cleaver knives.

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13. Nightstand Organizer

nightstand organizer fathers day

Help keep your man organized with all his little trinkets with a wooden swivel table organizer!

You can keep it on his nightstand or office desk so he can charge his phone and ensure his keys are always in the same place!

Other Nightstand Organizers I Recommend:

Check out these top-rated Amazon fan favorites!

14. William Painter Indestructible Sunglasses

william painter fathers day

My husband loves these sunglasses and has had them for years.

They have a lifetime guarantee and claim to be borderline indestructible.

Considering my husband has had them for almost three years and has also endured a toddler, I can say there isn’t a single scratch on those things, and my husband still loves them.

A great gift for Fathers day! 

15. Bidet

bidet fathers day

Buh bye, gross and annoying skid marks, and Forget Dude Wipes; get your man a bidet for Father’s Day!

What? I bidet?

No, seriously, your man will love it, and his boxer briefs will thank you.

My husband and I got one of these and have since gotten two more for the remainder bathrooms in the house!

My husband has already converted many of his buddies to get one, and they haven’t returned!

You will never go back and won’t believe you went so long without one.

The only downside is it will turn your man into a diva who needs a bidet to take his man poops! 

Other Bidets I Recommend:

16. Cologne

Bentley Cologne

Want to help your man smell woodsy and leather?

This cologne is one of the best-selling wood scents and will keep your man smelling masculine and sexy! 

Other Colognes I Recommend:

17. Handmade Fly Fishing Assortments

fathers day fishing gifts fly fishing

Is your man a lover of fishing and looking for fathers day fishing gift ideas?

He will love these handmade Fly Fishing Assortments that are great for fishing trout. 

Give your man the gift of premium flies!

One of the more simple yet satisfying Fathers day gifts for fisherman!

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18. Est. Daddy Hat

EST Dad Fathers day hat

This hat is great, especially for your man’s first fathers day.

Go simple and get him this hat on when he is officially established as a daddy! 

19. Smart Scale

smart scale fathers day ideas for husband

My husband and I have this scale, and we love it.

If your man is a data junkie, loves fitness, or is trying to monitor their health, this scale is perfect.

It gives you all the information you need an average scale cant.

Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Get personal and get something made just for him!

1. Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife

engraved knife fathers day

Get your man a personally engraved pocket knife that he can keep forever!

This bad boy comes with a 3.25-inch blade made of stainless steel, making it both durable and long-lasting.

It’s made of sturdy wood, great for hiking, fishing, and an awesome and trustworthy tool for quick tasks!

2. Personalized Mouse Pa

Personalized mouse pad for fathers day

How cute is this personalized mouse pad? Whether your man works out of an office or has one at home, this cute mouse pad is perfect!

Please send a picture you think he would like, and the seller will make it for you. 

3. Personalized Cutting Board

engraved cutting board fathers day

Your husband will love this handcrafted Father’s day cutting board personalized for him!

This unique cutting board is made of Walnut, Cherry, and Maple wood and will warm his heart whenever he uses it! 

Other Personalized Cutting Boards I Recommend:

Check out these top rated Amazon Fan faves!

4. Personalized Leather Keychain

Personalized Leather Keychains Fathers Day

Get your hubby a personalized leather keychain for Father’s day with a cute quote and picture to help him feel closer to his family.

This custom-made leather key chain lets you personalize a message to ensure he feels loved. 

5. Personalized Best Dad Ever Golfing T’s

personalized golf ts

Looking for Father’s day golf gift ideas?

If your hubby is a golfer, he will love these personalized “Best dad Ever” dad golfing T’s! 

Super affordable, simple, and easy Father’s day golf gift ideas.

6. Personalized Fist Bump Picture Frames

fathers day fist bump

 How adorable is this fist bump frame?

Get your hubby and kids’ fists on this framed sign.

Great if he’s a dad of multiples! 

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7. Personalized Leather Wallet

personalized leather wallet

Does your man need a new wallet because his old one is worn and beat?

Give him a personalized leather wallet with a quote made by you on the inside.

Want to get even more sentimental?

Have your kids draw something small and simple, submit it to the engravers, and then your hubby will have those little pictures they draw engraved in his wallet that he will always see every time he opens it!

He will love it for the years to come. 

Seriously one of the most heartwarming gifts for Dad!

Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The best things in life are free!

1. Give Him a Massage

Your man will never turn down a massage by you.

My husband and I love to give each other rubs downs after a long day once the little monster is down.

Stock up on some nice body oil and massage him once the kids are down. 

2. Have a Couple’s Beach Day

beach day

Either with or without the kids ( I can imagine your man will choose without ), go on a beach day with him.

If not, a beach or other large body of water where you can frolic and have fun together.

Get someone to watch the kids and have a fun day in the sun together, pack a picnic lunch, sleep by the waves, and crack open a couple of beers to finish the day! 

3. Go on a Hike

Go on a hiking trip with the family.

You can pack up some lunches for a picnic.

Find a trail with a nice cool lake or river at the end for the whole family to enjoy and cool off in after a long walk!

4. Have Sex

Girl, nothing will make him happier than knowing he will get some sexy time from you on Father’s day.

He is, after all, still your husband and not just daddy!

Sex is one of the ultimate fathers day ideas for husband!

5. Movie Night

After the kids are down, pour yourself a drink, pop some popcorn, and let your hubby choose a movie y’all can watch together!

Cheap Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Beard Bib Apron

beard cover

Does your hubby shave his beard and leave those annoying shavings all over the sink?

Mine does, and this will be one of his Father’s Day gifts this year! 

Keep those fuzzies out of your sink and into this apron so your man can groom and keep the bathroom clean too!

Ensure your bathroom doesn’t look like some freshman college dude’s dorm bathroom (ick), and get him this beard-trimming apron.

2. Cook His Favorite Meal + Dessert

Men love to eat and will never be mad at a delicious home-cooked meal of their favorite dish!

If he’s the type of husband who would bitch about it being overcooked, I can’t imagine you’re here looking for Father’s day gifts anyway! 

Now is the time it’s fun to go to the health food store and get the best ingredients.

Make him his favorite dish and couple it with a great dessert; he will love you forever!

3. Shower Speaker


Everybody is a rockstar in the shower!

My husband loves this shower speaker.

Also, I won’t lie; I also like using it occasionally!

With it being Bluetooth, it connects directly to your man’s phone

If your man wants to rock out to some tunes or get ready to listen to his favorite podcast in the morning, he will love it! 

Other Affordable Shower Speakers I Recommend:

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4. Dad Jokes Coffee Cup

dad jokes cups

Once a dad is born, so is the natural inclination to showcase dad jokes to those who never asked.

Get your man this cheeky Dad Joke coffee mug to join in on the jokes with him! 

Other Dad Mugs I Recommend:

5. Cheeky + Delicious Seasoning Set

Special shit seasoning

If your man loves to cook, you HAVE to get him this cheeky seasoning set!

Made by small business Big Cock Ranch, your husband will get a kick out of the name and love the tastes and delicious meals he can make for you this summer! 

6. Cheeky BBQ Apron

BBQ apron

If your man is a griller with a decent sense of humor, he will love this BBQ apron!

Get your hubby stocked to be a grill master this summer, and dress him up in this apron. 

Other Aprons I Recommend:

Fathers Day Shirts for Dad

1. Top Dad Top Gun T-Shirt

Top Dad Shirt

Behind every dad is a secret love for Tom Cruise and the fantasy of being their own Maverick and having their own Goose.

This Top Dad t-shirt will be a hit with your hubby for sure.  

Also, it’s customizable, so your husband can have his whole squad in his airforce!

2. Dadalorian T-Shirt


Everyone and their dad is in love with The Mandalorian these days.

The best Star Wars shirt for dad!

If this is your husband, your man will love this Dadalorian T-Shirt! 

Fathers Day Gifts for Beer Lovers

Bottoms up for beer-loving papa bears!

1. Chilled Beer Pint Glasses

chilled pint glasses

Looking for beer gifts for Fathers Day?

I got you!

Your husband will love you forever with these freezer-chilled beer glasses! He will always remember how awesome of a wife he has whenever he has a cold beer in one of those chilled glasses. 

2. YETI Beer Can Insulator


Your hubby will most likely be cracking open some beer cans this summer.

This checks out for all the Father’s day beer gift ideas!

Keep his Coors Light nice and cool with this sweet ass YETI Rambler Colster Can Insolater.

My husband loves his, and I have personally tried it, and I must say, it will keep his beer cold! 

One of the most simple yet satisfying Fathers Day ideas for husband!

4. Novelty Pint Glasses

BenShot is an American company that makes novelty pint and whiskey glasses with all sorts of designs your man will love! Your man will drink his beer in style and undoubtedly will get loads of compliments from his buddies wondering where he got it!

Father’s Day Tool Ideas

1. Screwdriver Bit Set

tool set

Add to your man’s tool set with this awesome screwdriver bit set.

My husband has this one, and he loves it.

I also like it because I can use it whenever I need to do something small.

It has 40 pieces, sturdy, and easily allows the removal of bits!

2. Cordless Screwdriver Kit


My husband loves this screwdriver, and it’s also a great addition to the screwdriver set, which is awesome.

This is even on my husband’s gift list!


Father’s Day Whiskey Gift Ideas

1. Whiskey Mini Bar

whiskey kit

If your man is a whiskey drinker, he will love this quick set-up mini bar!

It’s simple, has all the essentials he needs, and is portable.

Stock it up with his favorite whiskey brand, mixer, and snacks!

Perfect for keeping in his man cave or office! 

2. Crystal Whiskey Glass Set + Whiskey Stones

whiskey glasses

If you’re looking to go more of the whiskey set route, this set comes with two crystal glasses AND original whiskey stones that will keep your hubby’s whiskey on the rocks cold and refreshing without it getting watered down by ice. 

Other Whiskey Glass and Rocks Sets I Recommend:

Check out these Amazon fan faves!

3. Photo Etched Whiskey Glasses

engraved whiskey glass

Your hubby will ADORE these Etched picture whiskey glasses.

You can send in any picture you want, maybe one of the whole family or the kids; then you can send it to the seller, who will etch the image onto a whiskey glass.

One of the best fathers day ideas for husband!


4. DIY Whiskey Kit

DIY whiskey fathers day
Whiskey lovers

Want to take the whiskey gift a step further?

If your man is a little scientist who wants to bring out his inner Bill Nye the Science guy, and he loves whiskey, this kit allows him to make his whiskey!

Made of natural botanical ingredients, these herbs will give your man’s whiskey the extra kick it needs and makes it unique to him! 

One of the best DIY first Fathers Day gifts!

5. Novelty Whiskey Glasses

Remember BenShot pint glasses I mentioned earlier? If your man isn’t a fan of beer no biggie, they make these awesome whiskey glasses as well!

6. Crystal Rifle Whiskey Decanter

whiskey decanter

How badass is this crystal rifle whiskey decanter? If your man loves whiskey and guns, he will shit a brick when he unwraps this gift!

Best Fathers Day Ideas For Husband

There you have it! Eighty-nine ideas and inspiration for your man’s father’s day. 

Whether it was your husbands first father’s day or his 50th, hopefully, this list helped!

From entirely free to splurging with some power tools, there is something here for everyone, and I hope your husband and the whole family have a wonderful day together. 

Shout out to all the dads who show up for their wives and kids daily and strive to build the best life possible for their families! 

This post went over 89 fathers day ideas for husband.

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