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This post covers 65 best 1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home.

1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home
Photo Credit: @ktnewms Bubble Bath Sink Baby #13

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 Girl you don’t need a professional photographer to take monthly photos of your new baby! Doing a DIY baby photoshoot at home anytime during the baby’s first year is a fun way to capture all those precious moments during the baby’s growth.

You can incorporate older siblings, a teddy bear, and a soft blanket and experiment with different angles to get the best lighting.

Monthly milestone photoshoots showcase your newborn baby while capturing those special moments.

You can use the traditional monthly milestone blanket idea for social media or find creative ways to showcase a baby’s milestones and growth. Taking pictures at home is a good idea to keep things low-key and simple.

Regardless of the baby’s age, you can do your own DIY baby photoshoot anytime that is just as cute and charming as professional pictures.

Get your monthly baby pictures with these creative DIY baby photoshoot ideas! 

This post covers the best 1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home.

1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home

baby photoshoot ideas at home

Welcoming a newborn into your home is filled with ‘firsts,’ especially in the first month when every moment feels like a milestone picture waiting to happen.

Planning the ideal time for a photo shoot with your little one can be as exciting as it is daunting.

With these adorable ideas, rest assured it’s a good time for those charming snaps. Prioritize your baby’s safety, making each photo session as secure as it is special. Let’s dive into some creative ways to capture these precious early memories!

1. lavender purple daisy milk bath

Lavender Purple Daisy Milk Bath
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Using a milk bath is a great way to use florals you love to make the best pictures of your baby!

2. produce monthly clock

Produce Monthly Clock
Photo Credit: @cute_babies_of_insta_official

Looking for an adorable way to do baby’s monthly milestone photos?

How freaking adorable is this produce clock monthly baby picture idea? It’s an easy way to use your produce to get baby to eat for each months of life.

For whichever month baby is, have them eat that produce. 

3. Sleeping Beauty baby

Sleeping Beauty
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Get your little girl a cute tutu, gather around her stuffed animals, and this is the best time to take a snapshot of your sleeping beauty. 

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4. pizza slices

Monthly Pizza Slices
Photo Credit: @danileighphotography

Pizza slices make one of the best month photoshoot ideas. Adding a slice of pizza for each month, even changing the pizza type, is awesome for baby milestone photos.

Skip the month numbers and go with delicious pizza! 

5. bossy baby

Bossy Baby
Photo Credit: @etsy

Girl how cute is this little Boss Baby photoshoot? Grab cute props from Etsy to replicate your little busy boss baby taking his 20-minute lunch power nap!

6. baby getting ready

Baby Getting Ready
Photo Credit: @baby_naysha4

Showcase your little girl getting ready for a night out on the town with all her beauty products.

7. fruit loop baby

Fruit Loop Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

You don’t have to use Fruit Loops! You can also get after Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, or any of your favorite breakfast cereals you ate while watching Saturday Morning cartoons as a kid.

8. baby Baker

Baking Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Cooking pictures make the best photos for babies! Pack the baby’s hands with flour, place them in a mixing bowl, and have some baker-baby fun! 

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9. lemon bath

Lemon Bath
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A lemon bath baby photoshoot is a super simple and fun idea you can do in your kitchen sink at home! Buy lemons at Costco, slice those bad boys up and watch baby have fun.

10. ice cream baby

Ice Cream Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

You scream I scream we all scream for ice cream!

This is a super simple and great idea for a unique monthly baby photoshoot! You can get by getting creative with pillows and linens in your house.

11. frying pan baby

Frying Pan Baby
Photo Credit: @kritanya_pawar

Gurrll, I was dead when I found this super funny and creative idea for you to do at home: showcase your baby’s age on the frying pan using dry rice or elbow noodles!

12. up up and away baby

up up and away baby
Photo Credit: @babyphotoshootsphotography

Any new parent will love and can put together this super cute balloon baby photo idea.

Again, all you need are linens, blankets, some pillows for baby and baby’s clothes or rainbow props, and ribbons or ties for the balloon string. You can do this right in your living room, girl!

13. bubble baby

1 month baby photshoot ideas at home
Photo Credit: @ktnewms

Get a safe and fun bubble bath for baby in your kitchen sink. Add florals such as sunflowers, daisies, tulips, or roses for extra life in your picture. Then catch baby’s bewilderment with the big bubbles!

14. Simple Bubble BAth

Simple Baby Bath
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Skip the bells and whistles and go for a cute, canid sink bubble bath set with baby!

15. cookies and milk baby

cookies and milk babyu
Photo Credit: @pinterest

You can’t go wrong with cookies and milk baby. Depending on the season, you can accessorize with fun props! This is a great idea if you have even a little front or back yard.

16. donut baby

Donut Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Girl, freaking donut bath! You can use prop donuts so they don’t get soggy, and give the baby a couple of real ones to munch on. It’s a treat day!

17. cowboy baby Buns

Cowboy Baby Butt
Photo Credit: @pinterest

If you have a truck and driveway, a tasteful, cute, and candid cowboy photoshoot is super freaking endearing!

18. Baby eggy

BAby egg
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This super cute hatching egg baby photo idea isn’t related to or done during Easter. It’s one of the best and most affordable photo sessions at home!

20. seasonal monthly photos

Milestone Seasonal Months
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Using seasonal and holiday elements makes a unique monthly baby photoshoot idea for milestone pictures!

21. strawberry spring queen

Strawberry Spring Queen Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Turn your little girl into the ultimate strawberry spring queen in your front or backyard!

Grab organic strawberries from your farmers market and a floral baby bonnet to add strawberries.

22. chipotle burrito lunch baby

Chipotle Burrito Lunch Baby
Photo Credit: @briannaaemi

Get your Chipotle burrito to go with this super cute burrito swaddle to create the ultimate lunch combo!

23. Sherrif Woody baby

sherriff woody baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Girl, if you love Toy Story, put your baby in Andy’s toy box for the perfect photo opportunity at home!

24. Sunflower mirror baby

Sunflower Mirror Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This baby photoshoot idea uses a pretty mirror and flowers of your choice. It is perfect if you have a front or back yard to work with.

25. baby picnic party

BAby Garden Party
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Again, if you have any yard space at home, create a baby picnic or tea party for the perfect photo opportunity. Baby sophistication!

26. Labyrinth Jareth Baby

Jareth Baby
Photo Credit: @lauraiz

” You remind me of the babe!”

I mean, come on, you know as well as me that cosplaying David Bowie’s iconic pure 80’s gold role as Jareth in Labyrinth isn’t the coolest idea ever for your baby!

27. turkey Baby

Turkey Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Gobble Gobble!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or not, it’s still a super fun, cute and playful baby photoshoot idea to try at home.

28. Bob Ross Baby

Bob Ross Baby
Photo Credit: @lauraiz

Replicate the ASMR King Bob Ross with this super funny and creative baby photoshoot idea at home.

29. Backyard duck bubble bath

Backyard Bubble Duck Bath
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A backyard bubble bath with cute rubber duckies is a super cute and charming baby photoshoot idea to try at home.

30. produce hula baby

Hula Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I can’t get over how cute this little lettuce hula skirt and tomato bra outfit is! A super easy, affordable, and fun baby photoshoot idea for home.

31. spa day baby

Spa Day Baby 1
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Even baby could use a decent spa day to relax and unwind!

32. tourist baby

tourist baby
Photo Credit: @lauraiz

Baby just arrived in the Florida Keys and is ready for a relaxing week at the beach!

33. pasta baby

Pasta Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Baby is assembling a delish AF pasta dinner for the fam this evening!

34. Nutella baby

Nutella Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I don’t think we can resist taking heaping spoonfuls of Nutella just like a baby!

35. sugar rush baby

Candy Baby BAth
Photo Credit: @pinterest

I totally thought of Vannellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-it-Warth when I came across this baby photo session idea! So freaking cute and perf for the sugar junkies.

36. Netflix and chill baby

Popcorn and
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Movie junkies will get a kick out of this monthly baby photoshoot idea!

37. prize baby

Baby Claw
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Pretending baby is a prize picked up by a claw with a bunch of her toys and animals beneath her is so cool. Another fun, affordable, and easy setup for a photo shoot at home!

38. poolside baby

Poolside Baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

If you have a pool or the complex you’re living in has one, getting a super cute and candid summer poolside baby photo session will be super fun.

39. sushi baby

Sushi Baby
Photo Credit: @lauraiz

Dress up your little guy in a cute sushi chef getup!

40. Baby Legs

Daddy Feed BAby Photoshoot
Photo Credit: @annekoski

Play with proportions and sizes with this fun baby legs and dad’s feet photoshoot idea at home!

41. rainbow lollipop baby

Rainbow lollipop queen
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Capture baby’s first sight of a wonderfully colorful swirly lollipop!

42. Sister for Sale Baby

Puppy Baby Photoshoot
Photo Credit: @pinterest

Have the sleepless nights gotten to your baby’s fur siblings?

43. homemade rolls Baby

homemade rolls baby
Photo Credit: @babycenter

Capture your baby’s rich, buttery homemade rolls with this baby photoshoot idea at home!

44. sibling love

Sibling Love baby
Photo Credit: @pinterest

A super affordable and cute baby photoshoot idea at home is to get their big sibling involved. A sweet embrace wearing cozy matching colors is a cute kodak moment at home.

45. watermelon dress baby

watermelon dress baby
Photo Credit: @glutton_maa

Play with watermelons and optical illusions for this simple and easy DIY baby photoshoot idea.

46. baby feet

BAby Feet Mirror
Photo Credit: @pinterest

This mirror baby feet idea is super unique, creative, and a simple at-home photoshoot idea anyone can do.

47. Baby Feet Kisses

Grab some pretty lipstick, whatever color is your fave, smooch baby’s feet, and you’re done! You can’t get a baby photoshoot idea at home that is simpler than that.

48. Mommy and Me Get Clean

A fun bath or shower shoot with mommy could be an option for DIY photoshoots.

49. Dad Kisses baby

Regarding baby photoshoots at home, natural and candid is best. Just like this adorable and organic photo session with baby and their father.

50. Mommy and me beanies

Find cute and cozy matching beanies that you and baby can wear!

51. Tucked away baby

This DIY baby photoshoot idea is so easy! Grab baby’s favorite stuffed animal and a cute hat, and get them all tucked in your bed. They will look so cute and cozy!

52. Baby bunny slippers

A simple and cute mommy and me slipper shoot! Grab these cute baby bunny slippers and fuzzy slides for yourself to complete this cute picture at home.

53. nursing session

You don’t need to get all dressed up for a candid and organic nursing baby shoot. Be your beautiful mama self, wear what makes you feel good, and enjoy taking organic and natural pictures at home.

54. Baby roses

You don’t have only to use roses for this photoshoot idea. You can even change the flowers each month to keep them fresh.

55. mama life pov

A mama POV photoshoot can go so many ways! Take a picture with your morning coffee, tea, or anything else you would love to showcase with this POV idea.

56. covered in kisses baby

Oh goodness! It looks like your baby has caught a case of the kisses! This is a super fun, affordable, and easy photoshoot at home with the baby.

57. mom, dad and baby

Nothing will be as candid and natural as a picture of the family embracing at home.

58. tulip fairy baby

Cute your tulips and place them like butterfly wings for the ultimate fairy woodland baby photo op at home!

59. family mornings in bed

An organic morning in bed with a baby is a super cute photo session idea.

60. kitty baby snuggles

Kitties love spending time in bed with their new siblings. Our kitties couldn’t get enough of our daughter’s room and bed (still can’t). It’s a cute and really sweet photo session opportunity for at home.

61. Kill Bill baby

Gurl, you know you can’t resist this Uma Thurman Kill Bill photoshoot idea at home! All you need is a mustard yellow, black felt to cut into stripes, black shoes, and a fake sword prop. So freaking classic!

63. wooden blocks baby name

Go with wooden blocks to spell out baby’s name in their crib while snoozing.

64. dad and baby naps

A dad and baby shoot is super intimate, sweet, and an easy idea to do at home.

65. postpartum momma and baby

Raw, honest, and vulnerable, a postpartum sesh with you and baby is an amazing photo opportunity for keepsakes.

baby photoshoot ideas at home

Baby photoshoot

I hope you found some cute baby photoshoot at home ideas that you wanted to replicate! As we’ve journeyed through the maze of monthly milestones, it’s an exciting time to get creative with monthly baby photo ideas for keepsakes.

So whether you have a baby boy or need a good month by month baby girl photoshoot idea, remember to have fun with it! This list gives you many creative baby photoshoot ideas to try at home!

I wish I had these newborn photo ideas when my daughter was a baby! You can find easy props on Etsy to really showcase your photography skills. Milk baths are a popular way to showcase your baby and fun floral numbers for monthly pictures.

There are many options for a unique monthly baby photoshoot. Use natural lighting as much as possible, and feel free to have fun with creative props. All of these ideas also apply to older babies! Enjoy and have fun. 

This post covers 1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home.

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