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This post covers the best Christmas nails to copy this year.

christmas nails
Photo Credit: Instagram

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Ho ho ho! It’s the holdiays girl! It’s time to show off our gorgeous Christmas nails.

From gel nails designs for Christmas to stunning white Christmas nails designs, take a gander through this post of 100 festive winter nails to display.

Let’s get into it!

This post covers the best Christmas nails to copy.

Christmas nails
Christmas Free Printables Opt In
Christmas Printables Opt In

1. White Cable Knit Sweater Nails

These nude pink and white cable knit sweater nails are perfect Christmas nails to try!

2. Sparkles & Snowflakes

These sparkle candy apple red French tip accent nails are so cute for Christmas.

3. Hunter Green Snowflakes

Go hunter green with your Christmas nails with this gorgeous snowflake design.

4. Simple Mistletoes

These super cute and simple mistletoe Christmas nails to try this year!

5. Ice Blue & Glitter

Get after these Frozen Heart dusty blue Christmas nails! Perfect light blue Christmas nails.

6. Rose Gold Glitter French Tips

Go rose gold with your Christmas nails this year!

7. Olaf Frozen

A lover of Olaf and Frozen? These Christmas nails are perfect for you.

8. Candy Apple Sparkle Snowflakes

These candy apple red sparkle Christmas nails are so rich and stunning.

9. Gingerbread Sweetness

These gingerbread Christmas nails are so freaking cute!

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10. Pink Ornaments

These powder pink nails with a sparkle ornament are adorable.

11. Christmas Lights Nails

Christmas lights nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Lily Nails Art

Don’t feel like getting your nails done? These Christmas lights press on nails by Lily Nails Art are unique and so adorable.

12. Candy Apple Red White Cable Knit

Candy Apple Red Christmas nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Luna Star Designs Co.

These candy apple red Christmas nails with a cute white cable knit sweater press on nails are classic and chic.

13. Snowflakes & Bows

Try a soft grey Christmas nail design with white snowflake accents. Add Swarovski crystals and a gorgeous white accent bow!

14. Mocha Nude Pizzaz

Get all the cute Christmas and winter designs with these mocha nude Christmas nails.

15. Bronze Reindeer

Go with warm bronze and gold with this reindeer Christmas nail set.

16. Simple Christmas Nails

These Christmas nails are perfect for mama’s who want to be festive but don’t want to manage longer nails.

17. Hunter Green Holly Berries

These hunter-green holly berry Christmas nails are so festive and yet simple. Awesome for dark green Christmas nails.

18. Nude Present Nails

These nude Christmas present nails are simple and can go with any outfit.

19. Winter Plaid Ornaments

Winter Plaid Ornament Sweater Nails
Photo Credit: Etsy-Hot Press Nail Co

These press on Christmas nails with pretty red ornaments, a cute heart accent, and cable knit sweater accents.

20. Soft Grey Polar Bear

These soft grey nails with a cute polar bear accent are the perfect Christmas nails.

21. Candy Apple Red Sparkle Joy

These candy apple red nails with a cute accent nail with a French tip “joy” quote is perfectly aprapos for Christmas.

22. Gold & White Glitter

White and gold make a gorgeous ensemble for Christmas nail designs.

23. Gold Glitter & White Bows

Gold Glitter and White bows nails

Another gorgeous white, gold, and nude Christmas nails ensemble by @riyathai87.

24. Red French Tips

Candy Apple Red French Tip
Photo Credit: Etsy- Hot Press Nails Co

Go classic with these gorgeous red French Tip press on nails by Etsy’s Hot Press Nails Co.

25. Red Poinsettias

Red Poinsettia NAils
Photo Credit: @_evelynsnails

These red poinsettia Christmas nails are totally classic and chic.

26. Red White and Nude Swirls

Red white and nude swirls
Photo Credit: @Just

These gorgeous chrome red nails with white and nude sparkle accents are so stunning for Christmas nails.

27. Rudolph Nails

rudolph the red nose reindeer nails
Photo Credit: @amberjhnails

These adroable rudolph nails are perfect for busy mama’s that want short nails but want to be festive.

28. Gold Ornaments

Gold ornament Nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Hot Press Nail Co

Another super cute ornament press on nail set by Hot Press Nail Co on Etsy.

29. Cozy Cute Reindeer

Go organic and cozy with this cute reindeer Christmas nails set.

30. Red Presents

These dark red present nails are simple, short and sweet.

31. Candy Apple Red Reindeers

These candy apple red and white reindeer nails are so cute and festive.

32. Gold Christmas Tree

These cute gold Christmas tree nails are simple, short and sweet. Great for gold Christmas nails.

33. Blue Bling Nails

Go bold, blue and bling with your Christmas nails.

34. Warm Gingerbread Nails

These gingerbread nails look good enough to eat!

35. Merry Mauve

Go with a nice pale mauve Christmas nail design with cute white swirl accents.

36. Light Pink & White Cable Knit

Another cute pale pink Christmas nail design that is classic and simple with cute cable knit sweater accents.

37. Nightmare Before Christmas

If you’re a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas these nails are the best to copy.

38. Sandy Claws

These ” Sandy Claws ” nails are perfectly festive for your Christmas nails!

39. Pretty Penguins

These penguin nails by @vo.tino are stunning girl.

40. Holly Berries & Presents

Minimal and sweet holly berry Christmas nails. An awesome choice for almond shaped Christmas nails.

41. Hunter Green Snowflakes

These hunter-green sparkle nails with cute nude snowflake accents are so cute. Great if you’re looking for green Christmas nails designs.

42. Candy Canes & Holly Berries

If you love candy canes, you’ll love these Christmas nails.

43. Gold Chrome & Sparkles

You can’t go wrong with gold and white for Christmas nails.

44. Cute Santa Hats

These Santa Hat Christmas nails are perfect for busy mamas who want a shorter design.

45. Rudolph Press On Nails

Rudolph Press On Nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- AliahKeiDesigns

These Rudolph press on Christmas nails with gorgeous swarovski crystals are stunning.

46. Silver & White Snowflakes

Silver and white christmas nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Hot Press Nail Co

Silver and white make gorgeous Christmas nails.

47. Pluto Christmas Lights Nails

Pluto Christmas Lights Nails
Photo Credit: DJFNails

If you’re a Disney fan, get after these super cute and unique Pluto Christmas lights press on nails! Adorable Christmas light nails.

48. Red French Tip Snowflakes

These glitter red French tips with cute little snowflakes are a beautiful and classic Christmas nail design.

49. Candy Cane French Tips

These Candy Cane French Tips nails are so cute and perfect for short Christmas nails designs. Perfect for festive French tip Christmas nails.

50. Christmas Lights French Tips

These Christmas lights’ French tip acrylics are gorgeous and simple.

51. Snowman French Tips

Do you want to build a snowman? Get after these snowman Christmas nails!

52. Happy Gingerbread Men Swirl Nails

These happy little gingerbread men with swirl accent nails are sweet and cute for Christmas nail ideas.

53. Classic Red Nails

Classic Red Nails
Photo Credit: Blush Nail Boutique

You can’t go wrong with a bold, classic red nail for Christmas. Traditional red Christmas nail ideas perfect for the holidays.

54. Red Glitter Snowflakes

Red Glitter Snowflakes
Photo Credit: The Nail Fairy Co

These glitter red press on nails with red snowflakes are a glam Christmas nail choice this year.

55. Holly Berry French Tips

These holly berry French tip Christmas nails are simple and so cute. A great choice for Christmas french nails.

56. The Grinch

Feeling edgy this Christmas? Copy these cute Grinch Christmas nails!

57. Silver Christmas Tree

I love how minimal yet bright and stunning these silver Christmas tree nails are!

58. Mickey & Minnie Christmas Nails

These Mickey and Minnie Christmas nails are perfect for Disney fans.

59. Christmas Sweater Nails

Go traditional and classic with these adorable Christmas sweater nails.

60. Candy Cane Hearts

These candy cane hearts Christmas nails are unique and so darn cute!

61. Rose Gold Glitter

A lover of rose gold? Try these simple yet festive Rose gold Christmas nails!

62. Nude White Ombre

Go with a nude ombre with these Christmas nails.

63. Nude Reindeer

Nude reindeer christmas nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Fancy Nails VN

These nude almond nails with a cute beige reindeer with a pink bow are so freaking cute!

64. Clear Christmas Nails

Clear Christmas nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- High Maintenance Manii

These clear press on Christmas nails are frosty and festive!

65. Christmas Trees and Snowmen

Go short and sweet with these Christmas nails! Perfect for Christmas nail designs short enough for Mamas who don’t want super long nails.

66. Simple Nude French Tips

Want Christmas nails that are uber simple? Copy these sweet nude and snowflake Christmas nail design.

67. Red & Gold Stars

Replicate that gold star at the top of the tree with this gorgeous Christmas nails set.

68. Spongebob Christmas Nails

Spongebob christmas nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- DJFNails

A lover of Spongebob? Get after these super freaking cute Spongebob and Patrick Christmas Press on Nails.

69. White Cable Knit Gingerbread Man

These white cable knit sweater gingerbread accent Christmas nails are gorgeous.

70. Blue Sparkle French Tips

These blue sparkle Christmas nails are simple and a gorgeous winter French Tip twist.

71. Dusty Pink Snowflakes

If you love pink, get after these dusty pink snowflake Christmas nails.

72. Disney Balloon Christmas Nails

These cute Mickey balloon Christmas nails are so festive and totally cute.

73. Winter Village

These winter snow village scene Christmas nails give a total silent night vibe.

74. Silent Night Nails

Silent Night Christmas Nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Miriah’s Manicures

Want actual silent night nails? Get after these stunning press on nails by Miriah’s Manicures on Etsy!

75. Christmas Pines

Model the gorgeous pine trees of Christmas time with this nail set.

76. Nutcracker Nails

A fan of The Nutcracker? Embody your love with this gorgeous Christmas nail set!

77. Red Cable Knit Nails

Give your cable knit sweater nails festive Christmas colors!

78. Red Christmas Present

These red Christmas nails with a cute white cable knit sweater accent are adorable.

79. Nude & White Snowflakes

Go classic and simple with these Christmas French nails with cute snowflakes.

80. Gold Snowflakes

Give your snowflakes flare this season and turn them gold!

81. Pink & Silver

Go sweet and minimal with these pink and silver Christmas nails.

82. Pink Ombre Snowflakes

These Christmas nails with a cute pink ombre accent with crystals are classic for the holidays.

83. Snow Nails

Go frosty AF with these snow Christmas nails and gorgeous glitter silver accents. Great if you’re looking for white Christmas nails designs.

84. Silver Snow Day

Embody a white Christmas with these stunning silver snow day nails.

85. Pink Christmas

Prefer a pink Christmas? Try these pink snowflake Christmas nails!

86. Candy Cane Reindeer

These candy cane reindeer Christmas nails are festive AF!

87. Home Alone Queen

Have the coolest Christmas nails at the party with these stunning hand painted Home Alone press on nails!

88. Gold Christmas Tree

Gold Christmas trees
Photo Credit: Etsy- The Nail Art Studios

Go gold with your Christmas tree art and try out these stunning press on nails by The Nail Art Studios on Etsy!

89. Deep Red Chrome

Luxury Christmas nails
Photo Credit: Etsy- Mary Glows Nails

Go deep and bold with these chrome red Christmas nails.

90. Plaid Christmas Nails

Get your plaid on with these Christmas nails.

91. Gold & Holly Berry

Give the organic holly berries some glam with gold chrome accent nails.

92. Purple & Silver Snowflakes

Go deep and romantic with your Christmas nails with dark purple plum and silver snowflakes. Awesome for purple Christmas nails.

93. Santa Nails

Give the big jolly man some love with your Christmas nails and copy these cute santa designs.

94. Red Plaid Nativity Scene

Display the birth of Baby Jesus with these adorable Nativity scene nails.

95. Mocha Swirls

Try a more non-traditional Christmas nail design and try these cute mocha swirl winter nails.

96. Snowflake French Tip

Go really simple and sleek with your Christmas nails and try these cute snowflake French Tips.

97. Rose Gold Winter

These nails by @_mejzi are absolutely stunning.

98. Santa Frost

Another adorable set of Christmas nails by @_mejzi. Seriously a stunning acrylic nails Christmas design.

99. Mocha Reindeer

Mocha Reindeer
Photo Credit: Etsy-The Nail Art Studios

Get after these warm and adorable press on nails by The Nail Art Studios on Etsy.

100. Holly Berry Gold French Tips

These gold French Tips with Holly Berries are perfect Christmas nails to copy this year!

Christmas Nails

I hope you found this Christmas nails list to be helpful! There was something for everyone, from cute short Christmas nails to pretty Purple Christmas nails.

Have fun this holiday season, and stay safe and warm!

Happy Holidays!

This post covers the best Christmas nails.

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