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The ultimate baby sleep guide

Learn the strategies I used to help get my daughter sleeping like a champ, 12+ hours EVERY NIGHT from the time she was four months old!

baby sleep tips

18 Extremely Effective Baby Sleep Tips

This post is the ultimate guide on getting a baby to sleep through the night and lists the 18 best baby sleep tips that worked for me and got my daughter sleeping 12+ hours by four months old. As parents of babies, we often ask ourselves: “How to get babies to sleep through the night?” Many parents believe

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Get baby sleeping soundly

Baby sleep books

Healthy and consistent baby sleep does not just happen, strategy and intention are SUPER important for getting a baby to sleep through the night. 

Of course, you can take the passive approach and wait years for your baby to figure it out while your baby and whole family goes sleep deprived, or you can get after it! 

These books are the creme de la creme of baby sleep books and what helped guide me to getting my baby sleeping 12+ hours every night and nap like a champ! 

Sound Machines

Sound machines are a non-negotiable must-have for baby sleep! Pink and white noise have been scientifically proven to help people connect sleep cycles, sleep longer and deeper. Not to mention it drowns out any other atmospheric loud noises!


The more comfortable baby is, the better they will sleep.


Help replicate the safety and cozy nature of your womb with top notch swaddles.


Transitioning baby from a swaddle to sleep sack can be tricky, these products helped me get Annabelle into a sleep sack after a month!

Sleep Sacks

Once you’ve officially transitioned baby out of a swaddle, it’s time for sleep sacks.