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This post covers the question “how to perform oral on husband.”

How to give husband oral sex

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Ahhhh sexy time.

Sex is the best way to intimately and passionately connect with your husband. In a way, it can act like a powerful Swiss army knife in bonding you both.

However, sometimes we aren’t always in the mood for full-on penetrative sex.

I know, as a busy mama, I’m not!

That being said, even though at times I’m not in the headspace to have penetrative sex, I still want to give my husband some lovin!

Giving your husband oral is the best way to give him an extremely loving, tender, and intimate gift.

There’s a reason many people believe oral sex is more intimate than penetrative sex!

After all, you are using your face, and that’s pretty up close and personal!

I will share how to give your man AMAZING pleasure that keeps him loyal AF to you!

Giving your man oral is a great way to showcase your love and appreciation.

However, I know how intimidating it is when you are new, or it’s your first time, and I’m sure you have many questions.

Before we get into it, let me preface this post with this important statement: Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT have or give sex you DON’T WANT TO GIVE OR RECEIVE.

If you’re uncomfortable with giving or receiving oral and your husband is causing a stink about it, and that’s why you’re here, you are under zero obligation to give oral sex.

Giving and receiving oral sex isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.

Don’t ever perform a sex act you aren’t comfortable with; it doesn’t matter if it’s with your spouse. Never have sex you don’t want.

Now that we got that out of the way, if you are open to giving your husband oral and are genuinely excited and comfortable with the idea of oral sex, and you’re ready for your sex life to blossom, buckle up, butter cup!

I got you, girl! 

This post covers how to perform oral on husband.

Tips for better sex how to give husband oral sex

How To Perform Oral On Husband

A lot goes into having great oral sex with your husband.

It’s not nearly as straightforward as penetrative sex. Much time, patience, and love go into having an amazing sexual experience with your partner. Be patient with each other while putting these principles into place.

Oral pleasure is something men would do anything for; remember the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky fiasco? Yeah.  

Oral sex is extremely enjoyable for dudes. Why? It’s you putting off your pleasure and solely focusing on theirs. It’s selfless and hot.

As women, it can be extremely empowering to be in full control of our husbands in the most vulnerable way by giving them amazing pleasure WITHOUT penetrative sex.

Exploiting his erogenous zones and giving him awesome pleasure is a good time for all parties.

Unlike a hand job or penetrative sex, you can REALLY get creative where you both thoroughly enjoy oral sex.

If you feel it’s time to brush up on oral sex tips, let’s get after it gurrl! 

Oral Sex Tips

Embarking on a journey to enhance your bond with your partner through heightened sexual pleasure is an exciting step in nurturing your marriage, and I’m SO excited for you both.

Exploring various oral sex positions can be a delightful way to intimately engage with your sexual partner and cater to their unique sexual preferences.

Alrighty, from your body language to eye contact, without further adieu, let’s get TF into the best oral sex tips!

1. Ensure You Want To 

im ready

As I mentioned, only give your husband oral sex if you WANT to.

Because honestly, if you don’t want to be giving him oral sex and you’re just doing it out of duty, pity, or to get him to quit whining about it, you will never give good head. I’m sorry.

He won’t be satisfied, and you will feel gross. How can you if you’re not into it?

We perform better at tasks in general if we actually enjoy doing them instead of doing them out of obligation. It’s like having a job you hate, but you need the moola, so you do it anyway.

You probably won’t be going above and beyond or getting promotions, but you get the bare minimum done because it gets your boss off your ass.

You will NEVER excel under these circumstances, nor will you be happy.

So please, like I mentioned in my 17 Best Tips For Better Sex With Your Husband, don’t have pity sex with your husband!

Only give your man head if you want to!

2. Make Sure He Manscapes


Girl, if you will GRACIOUSLY grant your husband the beautiful gift of oral sex, make sure he trims his weeds!

Not only for sanitary purposes but for easier access to your husband’s penis.

Giving good head is always easier when you aren’t constantly stopping to dig pubes out of your teeth.

A clean-shaven hubby is an ideal hubby to go down on.

Ask him to minimize the pubic hair.

He’s trimmed neat, and you can do your thing comfortably while he sits back and enjoys.

Talk to your husband if he’s willing to manscape to give you better access to his manhood tonight (spoiler alert: he will!)

3. Make Sure He’s Clean

dexter shower

Okay, this one kinda goes hand in hand with the manscaping thing.

However, personal hygiene is not only super important for health; it’s an absolute must when engaging in the oral sex game.

In marriage forums, I see wives struggling with their husbands’ hygiene (or lack thereof). Nothing is worse than noticing an unpleasant odor before you do the deed.

You will have a hard time giving your man good head if he isn’t clean enough.

This is part of setting your boundaries. If you give him oral sex, he must be clean enough for you.

Whether that means he showered earlier that day or needs to shower right before every time, it’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with.  

If your husband loves and wants sex with you, he will honor your boundaries to make it happen!

Simply ask him to take a quick shower before you get busy.

4. Establish Expectations

How is this encounter going to go? Will oral sex be a precursor to penetrative intercourse, or are you feeling generous and making his bj the main event?

You don’t need to have a long ass conversation about it, but if you feel like going down on him with nothing in return, just let him know.

Tell him if you’re feeling frisky and want to spend time on him for a while before you both get after it!

No doubt he will be up for sexy time with you either way.

Having a clear path on where the sexual encounter is going can help you and your hubby stay close and present in the moment and enjoy each other. 

5. Get In a Comfortable Position

One particular thing you must keep in mind is to ensure you’re comfortable.

Depending on your man, he can take some time to finish.

Since you don’t know how long you will be treating him, ensuring you’re comfortable can keep you present, focused, and in the moment.

Nothing is more annoying than trying to give your man a good head, and your arm is falling asleep, or your neck is starting to cramp.

While gently playing with each other, explore different positions until you find one that feels good to you, and you can stay in for a minute.

However, remember that you don’t need to stay in one position only; if you’ve been in a position for a minute and are starting to get tired but don’t want to stop, switch it up! Here are some positions you can try:

  • On Your Belly: When he’s lying on his back, lay down on your belly with your head between his inner thighs.
  • Kneeling In Front Of Him: Whether he is standing or sitting, kneeling in front of your man is BJ 101 and a position you can stay in for a while. 
  • You Sit While He Stands: Whether sitting in a chair or on the edge of the bed, he stands in front of you where you have easy access. This can be an easy and comfortable position for you both.
  • On Your Back: While lying on your back, have your man bring his penis between your breasts. Press your breasts together as he slides himself in and out while you lick the head of the penis each time he thrusts towards you. 

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6. Start Teasing Him 

Slowly teasing your husband as you work toward his manhood is an awesome way to utilize anticipatory pleasure. Your man is SO freaking sensitive around his manhood.

Even slight brushes and strokes on his thigh can make his senses sing!

Kiss your man all over his lower region, avoiding his manhood.

Play, kiss, and lick down his happy trail.

Kiss, lick, and gently caress the inside of his thighs slowly.

Teasing and tantalizing your man creates an amazing pleasure build-up for him.

certified sex therapist will tell you how powerful and pleasurable sexual anticipation is for your man.

All that foreplay will feel amazing for him.

His nerve endings will be awakened and extremely sensitive when you reach the head of his penis!

You can arouse your man in different ways before getting to the main course! 

7. Be Open To Feedback

drew barrymore taking notes

Remember, communication is key for engaging in any sexual activity.

If you are newer to oral sex and haven’t given it much to your hubby, be open to his feedback.

Ultimately, your husband will be your best coach. Nobody knows what they like more than your husband.

So ask him questions like: “Does this feel good?” “What would you like?” or even “You’ll have to coach me through this until I get the hang of it!”

Repetition and time will create a lasting intimacy between you two.

The more you practice giving him oral sex, the better you’ll get! Different techniques can create different sensations.

So if your man asks you to switch something up, don’t take it personally or as a criticism; he loves what you’re doing and wants it to continue!

Taking different approaches to giving your husband oral sex can be fun, pleasurable, and exciting for you both.

That way, you can get some positive feedback on how to please your man in the future! 

8. Enthusiasm 

Ask any dude; the best head is given with enthusiasm.

Nothing is worse than head given out of obligation or duty completely mechanical and void of energy.

Emitting enthusiasm, excitement, and fun while giving your husband oral sex is LITERALLY one of the best things you can do.

There’s nothing hotter to your husband than you enthusiastically enjoying his entire penis in your exclusive mouth.

Energy is everything, right?!

If you’ve read my 21 Best Tips For Better Sex With Your Husband, you’ll know that men WANT you to enjoy yourself.

They don’t want you doing things out of duty; it makes them feel rapey and unsatisfied.

So if you’re only engaging with your husband in a mechanical way void of emotion, he will tell you aren’t into it, and he will hate it.

Even if you enjoy yourself, if you don’t show it, the experience just won’t be as good.

You engage with your husband’s manhood like it’s THE best thing you’ve tasted.

So, bring out that inner cheerleader spirit, envision yourself as the gorgeously amazing and generous sex goddess you are, and portray that energy when treating your husband.

He’ll effing love it! Give your best effort, and he’ll love you for it. 

9. Compliment Him

i love you

This is part of the enthusiasm bit. A way you can be enthusiastic is by complimenting them.

Men get much of their sense of self and confidence through their virility.

Validating that virility can take an average bj to a sensational one. Compliment your husband’s penis. Seriously, he will love it.

Tell him how hot he is, how good he tastes and feels, and how much you love him and his penis.

You gushing over his manhood like it’s the best thing since sliced bread will make your man feel blessed AF to have you as his wife.

He will seriously think, “Holy shit, she REALLY loves me! I’m so f*cking lucky!”  the entire time.

Obviously, make sure you’re genuine and you actually mean it.

Complimenting your man during oral sex is a good thing! 

10. Hummmm

No, seriously, start humming while giving your hubby head.

This is also another key to enthusiasm. Instead of compliments and talking while you have hubby’s manhood, start humming, moaning, and making some noise!

Mimic those same noises you make when you just took a delicious AF bite out of fresh hot pizza! Mmmm, yummm, ooohhh yeah!

Not only does it make it hotter for your man, but it also creates a subtle vibration sensation in your mouth that he will die over! Sex Educator Jonathan Alpert says these noises “create a stimulating vibration” for your man.

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11. Cover Your Canines

girl vampire

RIP to the dudes who got head from vampires! For real, though, NO TEETH.

It’s actually much easier than you think, but be mindful of where your teeth are at all times. Keep them as far back as possible and no biting. 

12. Put Your Hands On His Body 

When giving your husband oral sex, using your hands in other ways can be pleasurable. I don’t even mean giving him a hand job.

Using your hands to caress your husband while performing oral sex is an incredibly pleasurable way to create a completely immersive experience for him.

You can do this by grabbing his booty, gently caressing his lower abs and chest, and, depending on your position, his nips! It’s a great way to fully love his whole body, not just his dude bits. 

13. Read His Nonverbal Cues

This is one of those fun tips for better sex. Pay attention to how your hubby is responding to what you’re doing.

You’ll be able to tell if you’re doing something he’s really enjoying, and when you do, keep doing it!

Even if he can’t verbally tell you, his deep breaths, grunts, moans, and squirming will tell you you’re doing a heck of a job girl!

However, switch it up if you feel you have been doing a position or technique for a minute and he doesn’t seem to be responding.

Soon, you can read your man well and give him an amazing treatment! 

14. Give Gentle Kisses

Gently graze your lips past the head of his penis without actually kissing him; so quickly that he could only feel your hot breath and a slight soft sensation of your lips passing quickly.

After you tantalize him with anticipation, start by planting tender, soft, and intimate kisses at the head of the penis.

Then slowly start placing more kisses up and down your husband’s penis shaft. Tell your husband how sexy he is and how much you love him.

Don’t forget to tell him how much you love his dude bits, also! Continue to kiss him, and give gentle licks and tender kisses with the tip of your tongue. Your hubby will be in HEAVEN. 

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15. Play With His Balls

play with balls

While giving your husband oral sex, playing with his balls gently is a great way to give him extra pleasure.

The testicles are SUPER sensitive, and gently playing with them, giving them gentle licks or kisses, will give him a ton of pleasure.

Since they are sensitive, remember not to be too hard or aggressive in that area!

Handle the balls like their delicate little robin eggs in the palm of your hands lol 

16. Use Your Tongue

Tyra Banks Tongue

Using your tongue is a great way to create pleasurable sensations for him.

Grab your hubby at the base of his shaft and lick up and down his shaft by swirling your tongue around the head. Keep your tongue flat like you’re licking a popsicle. 

17. Perineum Play

The Perineum is the space between your man’s balls and his taint. This is one of the more sensitive areas around his genitals and can be pleasurable.

Give his Perineum light sucking, licks, and massaging it lightly.  Doing this while stroking his penis simultaneously will give him IMMENSE pleasure girl. 

18. Take Him Fully

At this point, your man will be quivering. Once you’ve got him right where you want him, take your husband’s penis in your mouth.

Use your hands to grab the base of his shaft for full control.

Slowly or quickly, maneuver your head up and down while stroking his penis underneath.

Rotate the palm of your hand while stroking his penis.

You can use both hands or just one. Swirling your tongue and licking and kissing him all in the process.

Play with his balls during this time, too! 

19. Light Butt Play

Talk to your hubby before you attempt this one. It will all be about his personal preferences.

While taking him fully, you can gently massage your husband’s taint.

Using lube or spit, massaging your man’s taint is SUPER pleasurable for him and adds an intense sexual sensation for him.

If your husband consented to more booty exploration, ensure your nails are short, clean, and trimmed, and while taking him fully, you can slowly insert your finger until you reach your man’s prostate.


Some men are uncomfortable with this level of butt play but enjoy light butt play.

PLEASE get the boundaries set by your husband in black and white before any butt play.

Some men go crazy for prostate play, and others won’t want you to go near their bootyhole, so make sure you and hubby are on the same page before this one! 

20. Make Eye Contact

Looking at your husband while you have his entire penis in your mouth, there is no hotter image for him. Just saying!

When you look at your husband while giving him head, he’s the happiest man in the world. 

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21. Deep Throating 

deep throat

Now, if you feel REALLY good and confident, you can try taking your man in all the way to the base.

Depending on your husband’s penis size, your gag reflex and the ability to successfully deep throat may be extremely difficult.

However, if you can, it is SUPER intimate and a great way to create new sensations for him.

Relax your throat, ensure you’re in a good position, and slowly take your man fully in until you reach his base.

Take a short break from the manual stimulation and hold still for a moment, feeling your husband’s manhood in your mouth.

Even though you are still, this sensation will feel SO good for your husband.

It’s a new and interesting sensation. He can feel the whole walls of your mouth, your tongue, and the back of your throat.

There is no sexier feeling for him than having his full manhood in your mouth. 

22. Really Suck

cat sucking thumb

One of the best tips for giving good head is to suck. That’s it!

You can create a soft sucking motion by simply pursing your lips on the head of the penis while using your tongue. Lick, you’re licking a lollipop.

Then when you take your husband’s entire penis, create a sucking motion like when sipping from a straw.

This can be as gentle or intense as you like. 

23. Learn Creative Techniques 

Some podcasts like Bad Girls Bible teach you many sexy bj skills that will turn you into a goddess of giving your husband oral sex!

There are lots of oral sex positions and techniques you can learn to spice up giving your man head. 

Other Sex Goddess Tips

Since I feel we got down to the meat and potatoes of giving your husband oral sex, let’s look at some other ways we can keep things interesting for you both. 

1. Try Flavored Lube

Create your own Hubby Flavored Lollipop using some of your favorite flavored lubes! When your hubby’s manhood tastes like strawberry vanilla, it’s super easy to show him how good he tastes! 

2. Shower Head

Take a shower together. Then get down on your knees and give hubby a sex gift while he watches you glistening wet in the steamy shower while you take his manhood!

3. Suck On Ice

For a minute, suck on some ice before you take your husband’s manhood. The icy cold sensations can bring new and exciting sensations to his dude bits.

4. Swallow

This one can be hard for some ladies, so this isn’t a must. However, there is literally nothing hotter to your husband than you swallowing when he finishes inside your mouth.

Because his man gravy can be, as you say, an acquired taste, swallowing is out of the question.

However, your hubby can help the taste of his baby gravy by eating or drinking pineapple juice can quite literally sweeten the gig for you. 

5. Let Him Finish On You

If you don’t want to swallow, no worries; another SUPER hot way for him to finish is on your body. Depending on your boundaries and personal preferences, you can have him finish on your belly, breasts, chest, or face.

Your husband will enjoy any of the above! 

Ground Rules

Romantic young couple sitting on bed

Setting ground rules is a great place to start before engaging in oral with hubby.

Giving good head is a deeply personal aspect of any relationship, and providing your husband with oral pleasure necessitates a foundation built on trust, open communication, safety, and mutual respect.

These essential elements ensure both partners feel valued, comfortable, and secure throughout the intimate journey. This is how you will have the best sex possible.

Good sex starts by establishing a solid base of open communication.

Initiate an honest conversation with your husband, creating a safe space to express your desires, expectations, and concerns openly.

Remember that effective communication also involves active listening—be attentive to your husband’s thoughts and feelings, fostering an environment of understanding and empathy.

Setting boundaries is a good idea for any intimate experience.

Everyone has limits and comfort zones, which should be discussed and agreed upon.

These boundaries encompass physical aspects, emotional triggers, and sensitive subjects.

Addressing these boundaries ensures that both partners know each other’s limits and can navigate the experience while feeling respected and secure.

Prioritizing safety is crucial in any intimate encounter. Ensure that you and your husband are healthy emotionally and physically before embarking on this journey.

If you feel unwell, fatigued, or emotionally strained, consider postponing the experience to a time when you can fully engage and enjoy without discomfort.

loving couple looking at each other on bed

Central to any intimate activity is the principle of mutual consent.

Both partners must provide clear and enthusiastic consent throughout the experience.

It’s imperative that each partner feels empowered to express their feelings, desires, and discomfort openly, without any fear of judgment.

Remember that consent is ongoing—it can be withdrawn at any moment, and no one should ever feel coerced or pressured into continuing.


Maintaining the privacy of your intimate moments is a sign of deep respect for each other. Keep your experiences confidential unless both of you mutually agree otherwise.

This confidentiality builds a foundation of trust, ensuring that the vulnerable and cherished moments you share remain sacred within the confines of your relationship.

Approach this journey with a sense of patience and exploration. Introducing new experiences requires time and understanding.

Progress at a pace that feels comfortable for both you and your husband, and regularly check in with each other to ensure that you’re on the same page emotionally and physically.

In essence, every couple’s path is unique. Tailoring your approach to match your individual preferences and relationship dynamics is essential.

Better oral sex starts by fostering open communication, respecting boundaries, prioritizing safety, and nurturing an environment of mutual consent; you’re constructing a strong and lasting foundation for a loving, intimate connection with your husband.

The best thing is for you BOTH to have a great time. 

How to Perform Oral On Husband

I give good head

Oooooh lordy it’s gettin hot in here gurrrl! I hope you found this post on how to give your husband oral sex helpful.

Whether you want to give your man the gift of oral sex or it’s fun foreplay before you both lovebirds get after it!

Oral sex is a great way to stay connected and intimate with your husband. Remember, giving oral sex is great, but if you also want to receive oral sex, ensure you speak up and talk to your husband about it.

Giving hubby an awesome head is great if you get what you need. 

Communicate with your husband the needs you have to ensure you both have a loving, fun, hot, and passionate sex life together as husband and wife.

Good luck, ladies, and remember, have fun. 

This post covers how to perform oral on husband.

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