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This post covers the best 55+ mother’s day gifts.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Photo Credit: @pmdbeauty

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and let’s face it – finding the perfect gift for the superhero in our lives (a.k.a. Mom) can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack (a very sparkly, love-filled haystack, but still!).

I love finding cute and useful sh*t all over the internet and put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that you will def find something she will love!

Whether you are making a Mother’s Day gift bag or want to get her something simple, I got you girl.

From a super cute and unique Espresso Martini Candle to hella soft and cozy throw blankets, I’ve got you, boo boo!

So let’s get after these awesome Mother’s Day gift grabs love!

This post covers the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

From super splurges like Mother’s Day jewelry gifts to cute and affordable ones, there is something for all the mamas!

Mothers Day Printables Opt In
Mothers Day Printables Opt In 1

1. Plush Robe

Plush Robe
Photo Credit: @amazon

As a mama, I know we can never have enough robes! A super soft plush robe after a shower is the best.

2. Half Baked Harvest Recipe Book

Half Baked Harvest Book
Photo Credit: @amazon

I love Half Baked Harvest and use many of her recipes in my recipe lists! For the mama who’s a massive foodie like me, put her recipe book on your list for sure, girl.

3. Shower Steamers

Shower STeamers
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

With these awesome Shower Steamers, get your spa-like experience without soaking in a bath!

Take a nice soothing shower with the aroma of lavender and other herbs and essential oils while your partner puts your kids down to bed because you rotate to ensure everyone gets the break they need 😌

Enjoy your shower mama!

4. Customized Mama Sweatshirt

Mama Sweatshirt
Photo Credit: @newteeapparel

A cute and cozy customized mama sweatshirt from Etsy is perf for cozy snuggles in bed with your kiddos.

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5. A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR)

A Court of Thorns and Roses
Photo Credit: @amazon

My little sister, a reading queen, told me about this series and how big it’s getting.

It’s helping a lot of chicas out there heat the furnace within them if you know what I’m saying 😜

Any mama into romance novels will get a kick out of A Court of Thorns and Roses!

6. PMD Beauty Clean

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 1
Photo Credit: @pmdbeauty

I freakin love PMD Beauty, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

For at least six years, I have been using their PMD Beauty Clean, and I have never washed my face without it since, dude.

My skin has truly transformed over the years of using the PMD Beauty Clean, and I will use it forever.

Their customer service is great, too. When my original one stopped working after two years of usage, I sent them a video of my PMD Beauty Clean not turning on, and they sent me a new one for free!

I have had the same one ever since, and I love it. A per Mother’s Day gift ideas for skin junkies!

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7. PMD Beauty Microderm

PMD Personal MIcroderm
Photo Credit: @pmdbeauty

I also have the PMD Beauty Microderm, and I love it.

After getting my PMD Beauty Clean replaced and getting such good customer service, I decided to buy the Microderm!

I love it; I use it every other week or so and notice a huge difference the next morning.

It’s perfect for sluffing off the dead skin and keeping your complexion bright and smooth!

8. Leatherology Toiletry Bag

Leatherology Bag
Photo Credit: @leatherology

For mamas who travel a lot, a nice and hearty toiletry/cosmetic bag like this Leather Makeup Train Case by Leatherology would be a really nice Mother’s Day gift.

9. Perfecting Lip Scrub

Perfecting Lip Scrub
Photo Credit: @sephora

When your basic go-to mama attire is that of a prison inmate #guilty, you can start to feel like one!

The little things, like a Perfecting Lip Scrub, keep me from crossing the fine line between a busy mama and a rundown prison inmate!

At least I have polished lips!

10. Book Nook

Book Nook
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

If your mama is a reading queen like my sis, and if you’re thinking of getting her the ACOTAR book, get after a cute book nook!

11. Mama Ceramic Mug

Mama Ceramic Mug
Photo Credit: @blossomandpear

How cute is this Mama Ceramic Mug? Perfect for tea-drinking or coffee-loving mamas.

12. Milk Bath

Milk Bath
Photo Credit: @earthyqueens

If you are a full-on spa-loving mama like me, get after Cleopatra’s Full Moon Milk Bath on Etsy!

Milk is so good for your skin, and it’s a great way to relax after a long day of momming and adulting!

13. Birth Flower Glasses

Birth Flower Glass
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

These Birth Flower Glasses on Uncommon Goods are so cute!

Perf for the horoscope-loving mama.

14. Facial Steamer

Facial steamer
Photo Credit: @amazon

I started using my Facial Steamer about seven years ago and am never going back!

It’s perfect for mama’s who are skincare junkies and love pampering themselves.

Great when you don’t have time to get a facial!

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15. Gel Nail Kit

Gel Nail Kit
Photo Credit: @amazon

As a busy mama, I don’t have much time or the energy to make it to the nail salon.

But with my borderline homeless chic attire aesthetic, it turns into a borderline cocaine junkie aesthetic when my nails are grown out, different lengths, chipped, and riddled with hangnails!

I got this Gel Nail Kit, and I freaking love it. Doing your nails at home has come a long way, and I love doing my nails that look salon-done!

It helps me put the chic in my homeless chic aesthetic!

16. Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror
Photo Credit: @amazon

My sister got me this Vanity Mirror years ago when I traveled between my then-boyfriend and now husband’s apartment and home.

It’s great for mamas who travel a lot.

17. Silicone Glass Tumbler

Silicon Glass Tumbler
Photo Credit: @amazon

Having a nice Tumbler to keep us mamas hydrated is a really thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea.

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18. Gold Minimalist Bar Bracelet

Gold Bar Minimalist Bracelet
Photo Credit: @caitlynminimalist

A Gold Bar Minimalist Name Bracelet is a super pretty and touching Mother’s Day gift idea!

Get the names of her kids or grandkids personalized on her bracelet that she can have with her forever.

19. Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase
Photo Credit: @amazon

It’s hard to go back once you sleep with a silk pillowcase!

Sleeping is so good for your hair and skin. Since you spend a lot of time sleeping, investing in your mama’s sleep space is incredibly kind and thoughtful.

20. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

If your mama loves to cook with herbs or make teas, getting her a Mason Jar Herb Garden is a great Mother’s Day gift idea!

They don’t take up too much space and aren’t very laborious, so your mama can truly enjoy them.

An awesome choice for gardening Mother’s Day gifts.

21. Lotion and Hand Soap

Lotion Hand Soap
Photo Credit: @amazon

Getting a soap and hand lotion combo is a pretty easy and helpful Mother’s Day gift idea.

22. Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Bottles

Ceramin Oil and Vinegar Bottle
Photo Credit: @amazon

Mamas who are avid cookers will think these Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Bottles are perfect for their kitchen counters.

23. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume

Daisy Fresh
Photo Credit: @amazon

I had this perfume years ago, and it was my favorite! It lasts a long time and smells really good.

This perfume is great for mamas who want to smell nice but don’t love hella fragrant perfumes.

Also awesome if you’re putting together a Mother Day gift set.

24. Mama Slippers

Mama Slippers
Photo Credit: @modparty

Get your mama a pair of warm, cute, and fluffy personalized Mama Slippers she can slide into every morning.

25. Healing Herbs and Crystal Candles

Crystal Candles
Photo Credit: @theeclecticmystic

Get your mama a candle with all the bells and whistles, or in this case, crystals and herbs!

Healing crystals, herbs, and florals in a candle are not only gorgeous, but they are also great for bringing healthy and loving energy.

26. Heart Shaped Wooden Spoons

Heart Shaped Wooden Spoons
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

I can’t get over how cute these Heart Shaped Wooden Spoons are at Uncommon Goods! I want them in my kitchen ASAP.

Great if you’re looking for wooden Mothers Day gifts.

27. Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Gua Sha Rose Quartz
Photo Credit: @amazon

I know there are loads of dermatologists that poo-poo facial massages and gua sha, but gurl, I don’t care haha

Gua Sha and facial massages have been amazing for my skin health. They feel so good, and they have absolutely improved the overall appearance of my face and complexion when I regularly use them.

Keeping your facial muscles toned and fresh oxygen and new blood flowing through your face can totally help you look brighter and less puffy.

28. Matte Gold Silverware Set

Matte Gold Silverwear Set
Photo Credit: @amazon

Having pretty silverware to show off during a dinner party like this Matte Gold Silverware Set would be so nice!

29. Skims Loungewear

Skims Loungwear
Photo Credit: @skims

I really adore Skims. I love their bras and undies and def want to get my hands on their Loungewear Set!

30. Soft Throw Blanket

Soft Throw Blanket
Photo Credit: @amazon

I want to rub my hands and face all over this super soft throw blanket on Amazon. Perf for snuggling up on the couch and watching The Iron Giant for the billionth time!

31. Super Soft Plush Towels

Plush Towels
Photo Credit: @riley

All spa-loving mamas who love to pamper themselves should def put this Super Soft Plush Towel Set from Riley on their Mother’s Day gift list!

32. Turkish Cotton Spa Dress

Turkish Cotton Spa Dress
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Calling all fellow pampering queen mamas! You will love your time grooming yourself in the bathroom wearing a soft, cozy, and non-annoying spa dress.

33. Personalized Birth Date Necklace

Personalized Birth Date Necklace
Photo Credit: @leilajewelryshop

Looking for personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas? Try a personalized necklace with all her baby’s initials and birth dates engraved to have with her always.

A gorgeous Mother’s Day gift necklace.

34. Chanel N5 Eau Premiere eau de parfum

Chanel No 5
Photo Credit: @sephora

For luxe mamas who want to feel hella glam and feminine, Chanel N5 is a staple!

35. Standing mixer

Stand Mixer
Photo Credit: @amazon

As a mama who loves to bake (and eat), a Standing Mixer would be amazeballs! Fellow baking mamas get this gem on your list!

36. Wildlower hippie mama shirt

wildflower hippie mama shirt
Photo Credit: @cuteling

Being a San Diego-grown hippie wildflower mama, I figured other flower child mamas would love a cute shirt like this!

37. Cat Purrsonality Test

Cat personality test
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

If there are any mamas out there who are fellow cat ladies, how cute is this Cat Purrsonality Test Book? It’s a super cute Mother’s Day gift idea if you have a kitty at home.

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts funny enough for cat lovers!

38. In My mom era

In my mom era
Photo Credit: @amazon

If you’re a new mama or a pregnant first time mama, this In My Mom Era Candle is so cute!

39. Fluffy Slippers

Fluffy Slippers
Photo Credit: @amazon

Any fellow mamas who have perpetually cold feet? I can feel my cold ass toes getting warmer with these super fluffy slippers!

40. Kaja Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow trio

Kaja Eye Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio
Photo Credit: @sephora

A little eyeshadow can go a long way for us mamas! A pretty eyeshadow palette is a really sweet for Mother’s Day gift ideas.

41. Unwind hemp CBD Relaxing Muscle bath gem

CBD Bath Gem
Photo Credit: @sephora

A relaxing muscle gem infused with CBD is great for mamas who struggle with chronic pain like me. It’s also perf if you’re an avid gym mama! Take a bath with this Unwind Hemp CBD Relaxing Muscle Bath Gem after a hard workout or a long day of momming and adulting! d

42. superberry firm + glow dream body butter

Youth to the people body butter
Photo Credit: @sephora

Skincare junkie mamas will love a nice body butter to pamper with after a long shower!

43. Rose Gold baking pans

Rose Gold Baking Pans
Photo Credit: @amazon

These rose gold baking pans are perf for fellow baking mamas who are all about making those cookies!

44. Silk sleep eye mask

Sleep Silk Mast
Photo Credit: @amazon

Get the best sleep you can with a pretty silk sleep eye mask. We have a full day of momming and adulting ahead!

45. Homebody: a guide to creating spaces you never want to leave

Home Body Book
Photo Credit: @amazon

If you’r a mama who loves homemaking and decor like me, put this Joanna Gaines Homebody guide on your Mother’s Day gift list girl!

46. Emerald hemp seed oil glow

Emerald Oil Glow
Photo Credit: @amazon

Hemp is amazing and great for soothing irritated skin! Get after a serum like this Herbivore Emerald Hemp Seed Oil Glow for a gorg complexion. Perf for skin junkie mamas.

47. Personalized Jewelry box

personalized jewelry
Photo Credit: @thatsnicethatuk

Mama’s with lots of jewelry will adore a pretty personalized jewelry box.

48. air plant crystal suncatcher

air plant crystal window suncatcher
Photo Credit: @kasamapositivity

Getting your mama a pretty plant and crystal suncatcher to put in her kitchen or office would be so thoughtful and not to mention stunning!

49. Bath Salt Mineral Soak

Bath Salt Mineral Soak
Photo Credit: @amazon

An herbal skin and bath salt soak is amazing for hard working mamas who want to relax after a long day.

50. Mama hat

mama hat
Photo Credit: @kindredrae

A cute minimal mama font hat for Mother’s Day is sweet and simple.

51. Personalized custom phone case

personalized custom phone case
Photo Credit: @caseluvshop

Mamas are on their phones a lot, having a cute personalized case is a fun way to go.

52. Custom Daily Reminders Tumbler

personalized daily reminders tumbler
Photo Credit: @designsbymjv

God knows us mama’s need all the positive energy and pick me ups as possible! Let’s get it from a personalized tumbler.

53. Flower Lady Candle

Flower Lady Candle
Photo Credit: @meloucandles

Give your mama’s desk some pretty feminine charm and flare! These Flower Lady Candles are super cute.

54. Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate 

Just Feed Me
Photo Credit: @amazon

All fellow foodie mamas will get a kick out of Jessie James Decker’s cookbook Just Feed Me!

55. Espresso Martini Candle

espresso martinin candle
Photo Credit: @espressokeenicandles

If your mama loves her espress, candles and martinis, this is the trifecta!

56. Floral Wine Stopper

Floral Wine Stopper
Photo Credit: @gigglethisjewelry

Mamas who love wine will adore these gorgeous wine stoppers after opening up a nice bottle!

Perf if you’re looking for Mothers Day gift ideas for friends too.

57. Essential oil floral and herb lip balm

essential oil floral and herb lip balm
Photo Credit: @hillstarfarm

Cottagecore-loving mamas will love these holistic handmade beeswax lip balms for sure.

58. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn-inspired tassel earplugs


When I first saw Breakfast At Tiffany’s, I was shook at how cute Audrey Hepburn’s sleep attire was! She had on a cute sleeping eye mask and stunning tassel earplugs I was dying. Get a super feminine and classic feel with these cute tassel earplugs! I KNOW mamas need earplugs out there.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 1

And there you have it – a roundup of gifts that are sure to make any mom feel as cherished and fabulous as she truly is!

From Mother’s Day gifts wine lovers will adore to the tools for the best spa day at home, you did your mama good!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there and enjoy your special day, I know I will! Keep shining and spreading that unmatched mom magic!

This post covers the best 55+ Mother’s day gift ideas.

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