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This post will review some of the best summer date ideas for your boo! Cruise through the list and make a date!

summer date ideas

It’s summertime, and the sun is shining bright! Summer is a fun season to reconnect with your partner for some summer lovin. 

Sandy and Danny in Grease sparked romance in the summer, and there is no reason this tasty warm season can’t be hot for your relationship too!

Summertime dates can be hard, especially if you’re parents; you’ve probably run out of ideas for a date.

However, it’s essential to take the time to nurture your relationship, have fun and reconnect as a couple outside of your kids.

Trust me; they will be okay being watched for a couple of hours! 

Summertime is a great season to make lasting memories with your partner, and try to sit back and take it all in for once, in all the summer dewiness. 

From movie marathons to glamping, I hope you find an idea you’re keen to try in your relationship to kindle that spark even hotter! 

This post contains 21 summer date ideas for married couples or parents.

summer date ideas

Summer Date Ideas

1. Coffee Date + Cruise 

I love this one; it’s one of the best affordable date ideas.

It’s also one of the less traditional coffee date ideas and best morning date ideas.

My husband and I do this every week if not every other week. 

We will pick a morning, generally a Friday, right after we get our daughter into daycare and then either go to Dunkin or Clutch Coffee and get ourselves some yummy signature iced coffees and breakfast sandwiches, then we take a drive by the lake.

We put some sweet tunes on, talk, sip our coffee, and enjoy the summer mornings by the lake as the bright sun glitters off the water. 

It’s a simple yet satisfying way to connect with my husband and have fun. 

I love listening to music with him and talking. 

It’s a way to reward ourselves for a hard week’s work and child-rearing. 

This is something about sipping an excellent iced coffee on a warm, dewy summer morning that you can’t beat!

One of the most affordable summer date ideas.

2. Movie Marathon

My husband and I did this while we were dating, and we are huge movie junkies. 

Movie marathons are the best at home movie date ideas.

Whenever my parents visit us in town, they take Annabelle for a day, and we will do nothing but lay in bed, order food and watch movies all day! 

You can make it fun by making one of you pick the genre and then alternating who picks the movie in that genre. 

My husband and I also like to do this. 

One of us will pick three movies, and the other will pick one out of those three. 

A movie marathon is one of the inexpensive date ideas you can explore!

If you have the time to watch movies all day, a movie marathon is a must! 

3. Go Glamping 

luxury date ideas

Only some people are hip on camping or even glamping. 

However, you have to admit; it is intriguing. 

As someone who has camped on the beach and in the woods, going glamping could diversify that experience. 

Glamping is one of the best luxury date ideas that aren’t too out there.

However, it could be great for parents since you don’t need to plan and prepare for a whole ass camping experience. 

It’s a little more like a hotel one in nature. 

A little luxury never hurt anyone, and being in the middle of nature is zen AF. 

Glamping together as a couple gives you the romantic intimacy of being under the stars with nature while having more modern luxuries and amenities. 

You don’t have to get down and dirty like with traditional camping, and it’s a romantic place to be with your boo. 

Check out Glamping.com to search for the hottest glamping sites in your area!

4. Choose a Podcast to Listen to Together

My husband and I have a couple of podcasts we like to turn on at the end of the day and listen to in bed together. 

Whether it’s a super creepy paranormal podcast with spooky stories or Joe Rogan. 

Finding a podcast, you can listen to together is a fun way to decompress with each other and spend quality time together. 

Having shared interests is important for any healthy relationship, so finding a podcast, you both are interested in fosters intimacy. 

Not only that, podcasts are thought-provoking and can inspire discussions and give common ground for conversation. 

Yay for having things to talk about! 

One of the simplest stay home date ideas.

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5. Invest in Solving a Murder Mystery Together 

married couple dating

If you’ll are a true crime junkie, or even just one of you are, investing in a cool Murder Mystery Box Set that you and your partner can spend time-solving over the summer is a super cool and fun way to spend time together. 

If you want indoor date night ideas, this is it, girl!

How is being fellow detectives with your spouse, not fun AF? 

Murder mysteries are great summer night games.

For example,  Hunt a Killer produces Murder Mystery Box sets that let you solve a crime with a story, evidence, and details that give you the ultimate intriguing murder mystery game!

Ranging from Blair Witch to a Retro Class of ‘98 Murder Mystery Box, you have a range of stories to choose from. 

I will be starting one with my husband this summer! 

Seriously one of the best date ideas for married couples.

After the kids go down or grab a damn babysitter for those little monkeys to hang off them for a change, set up a murder mystery, pour yourselves some drinks, and have fun, girl!

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6. Go to the Zoo

WITHOUT the kids.

Zoos can be loads of fun when it’s just the two of you, and many zoos offer adult beverage stands like beers for you to drink while you roam around and check out the animals and exhibits! 

When you aren’t constantly corralling little rugrats all day during your venture out, it’s an entirely new and fun experience. 

Check out the shows together, grab a good lunch, and make a fun day out of it!

Get the in-laws, your parents, sister, or hire a babysitter for the day and make it happen!

Your kids will be fine, and you will have fun. 

7. DIY Pizza Night

indoor date night ideas

This will be fun if you’re a foodie looking for couples’ cooking dates.

Get all the ingredients you need to make your pizza from Harris Teeter or Walmart, throw on some music, pour a glass of wine, or make yourself a fresh cocktail and make pizzas and cheese bread together! 

You can get everything you need at any grocery store, and many stores sell the pizza crust ready to go; you need to add all the delicious toppings. 

Seeing what kind of pizzas you make and sharing them is a great date idea. 

If you’re wondering what to do on a summer night and the kids are at the grandparents, make a pizza!

8. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are a blast during spring, summer, and fall! 

It’s also one of the most chill dates ideas.

They have everything from food to handmade local crafts, flowers, and more! 

Taking an afternoon out with your boo to cruise around a farmers market, get some locally made homemade boysenberry jam, and support local artisans by checking out some of the things they made that you can add to your lovely home! 

Food trucks are abundant at farmers’ markets, and you can snack on some funnel cake while cruising or sit down for lunch after getting some burgers from the local Burger food truck!

Farmers’ markets are a blast, especially when the weather is nice. 

8. Ice Cream Crawl

summer date ideas

If you love ice cream, you will love an ice cream crawl and one of the fun chill date ideas.

What is an ice cream crawl? 

Make a list of all the local ice cream parlors in your area and make a point to visit each one during the summer. 

Then you can explore a range of flavors and support your local ice cream parlors! 

It’s fun to spend time with your partner, support local creameries, and eat delicious ice cream. 

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9. Go to the Aquarium 

Aquariums are awesome. 

If you’re looking for fun date ideas for summer, this is it!

They are full of the coolest animals and make a great day out!

Back in San Diego, there was an aquarium in Point Loma by the beach near some tide pools.

After going to the aquarium, we would explore the tide pools as the waves came crashing over us! 

Going to the aquarium is a blast when you go with your partner; you will get to explore and witness a ton of fun sea creatures, grab a good lunch there, maybe get a couple of souvenirs and enjoy a light, fun day without the kids for once! 

10. Mini Golf 

My husband and I love mini golfing every spring and summer, and it’s honestly one of the best summer date ideas.

It’s such an easy go-to for dates. 

The courses are always fun and not so difficult it takes the fun out. 

Some mini golf courses also serve beer, so you can enjoy a cool beverage while doing your runs. 

Keep score, or keep it casual! 

My husband insists on keeping score, but that’s because he always wins, lol 

If you are wondering what to do together and can’t figure something out, have mini golf be your go-to, it’s cheap and easy! 

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11. Rooftop Bar

a romantic date idea

Rooftop Bars are a blast, one of the most romantic ideas for married couples.

Going to a rooftop bar is one of those fun things to do on summer nights.

Many of them were at the beach and the Gaslamp district when I was living in San Diego. 

During summer, rooftop bars are the perfect place to get dressed up with your partner, enjoy a nice evening out with cocktails, and enjoy the sun on the roof. 

A romantic date idea that is perfect for parents.

Enjoy a few appetizers or even get dinner; a rooftop bar or restaurant is extremely romantic, and it’s hard to beat a summer stars ambiance! 

What sets the mood better than that? Sparks will be flying! 

One of the best fun summer date night ideas.

12. Disc Golf 

Disc golf is a fun and competitive activity to spend with your partner! 

Disc golf is where you try throwing a frisbee into a chained net. 

Many parks have Disc Golf courses you can complete ranging in difficulty depending on your experience. 

Share a fun afternoon in the sun with your partner with a light or competitive game of disc golf!

If you’re looking for free summer date ideas, this is it!

Look at your local parks and search for nearby Disc Golf courses you can embark on together.

13. Water Park 

I don’t care what anyone says; water parks are a blast and one of the best date ideas for a hot day!

I’m kind of, in a way, selfishly holding my daughter’s 2nd birthday party at a local Water Park resort because I want also to have some fun on adult slides! 

You can cruise and relax with your partner in the lazy river or go on more thrilling rides together! 

Water parks are a fun way to spend time together in the sun and be kids yourselves for once.

If you want swimming date ideas, go to the water park!

Relax, let loose, and let your inner child run free! Play together! 

14. Have a Spa Day 

relaxing date ideas

When I worked at a health and wellness spa in San Diego, many couples would come in and have a spa day together. 

A couples spa day is one of the best relaxing date ideas.

Scheduling a relaxing day of pampering together is a great way to connect and keep intimacy. 

Who wouldn’t love an amazing massage, soothing facial, and healing infrared sauna experience all in one day? 

Take out a few hours and schedule you and your boo a spa day for a few hours where you can get pampered, relaxed and come out rejuvenated and radiant! 

15. Go for a Bike Ride

This one should be easy if you both already have bikes and one of the quick date ideas.

If not, many parks have bike rentals so that you can cruise throughout the area together. 

Go to a nice biking trail in the woods, by the beach, at a bay, or simply in your neighborhood. 

A chill bike ride is a fun and free activity with your spouse. 

Indulge in fresh air and sun on a nice bike cruise that summer.

16. Go Berry Picking

Loads of fruit farms allow you to take a day out and pick your berries!

Depending on where you are, these farms also feature other things to do with food stands, tractor rides, and some light carnival rides.

At the very least, you will pick the ripest and sweetest fruit, from watermelon to strawberries, and enjoy them!

I remember these farms being packed AF during the summertime in California!

It’s one of those simple summer date ideas.

17. Visit a Local Nursery 

Summer date ideas nursery

Finding new plants at a nursery to join your home is one of those cute summer date ideas.

My husband and I used to do this so much more, and I want to do it more in the future. 

If you love plants, nothing is more fun than going to a local nursery and stocking up on healthy and new plants for your yard and house! 

Get some nice greenery, flowers, and seeds you can plant together when you get home. 

Plants bring so much life to a home and feel like your little buddies. 

Getting them together with your spouse feels intimate, and you are adding to your home environment together, which brings you closer as a couple. 

Yay, plants! 

18. Bonfire

bonfire date ideas

Whether you are at a bay, beach, lake, or park, summertime bonfires are THE BEST. 

When we used to camp in Mexico, we would end each evening with a bonfire. 

Congregate near the warm fire and enjoy the serene nature around you. 

If you’re looking for bonfire date ideas to do there, bring graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to smash some smores, girl! 

Many public places with bonfire pits also have grills; grill some burgers or hot dogs for dinner, bring a cooler with some drinks, and enjoy a great night by the fire! 

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19. Outdoor Brunch 

You can’t go wrong with an outdoor brunch, especially in the summertime!

Brunch date ideas are the best and a staple for a surefire good time and eating!

Get a babysitter for a few hours and get a delicious brunch with outdoor seating so you can sip your mimosas in the warm sun. 

Brunches are the best summer date ideas.

20. Go Rollerblading

Rollerblading is a beach and bay staple.

If you live near a body of water, go rollerblading there together!

Living in Pacific Beach in San Diego, everyone was rollerblading!

Rollerblading is one of those active beach date ideas where you can cruise with your partner feeling that fresh summer breeze on your face and flowing through your hair!

Rollerblade to the nearest brunch spot and enjoy a bite to eat together.

Summer Date Ideas

Summer is a great time of year, especially for married couple fun.

Everything feels radiant and alive, so let’s keep your relationship radiant and alive too! 

Finding fun summer date ideas can be a challenge, especially for parents.

It’s important to always look for fresh date ideas for couples to reconnect.

Married couple dating is a must to keep your marriage strong!

Hopefully, these date ideas inspired you to find ways to spend with your partner. 

Happy loving! 

This post covered fun summer date ideas for couples wanting to reconnect.

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