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This post lists 100 festive Elf on the Shelf ideas to try this year.

Elf on a Shelf Ideas
Photo Credit: Pink Peony Home

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Elf on the Shelf can be a fun and festive way to count down the days until Christmas!

There are a plethora of ways your mischievious little Elf can create fun and havoc in your house during the holidays.

From cheap to easy Elf on the Shelf ideas, there are tons of creative ways you can play with your Elf and create fun memories for you kiddos.

Here is how you can learn to make your Elf on the Shelf posable.

Know, let’s get into it!

This post covers the best Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Elf on the shelf ideas

The Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Whether you want cheap and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas or you want to flex your creative muscles more, there are ideas for all mamas to try!

Christmas Free Printables Opt In
Christmas Printables Opt In

1. Elf Reads Stories

Storybook Elf
Photo Credit: Elf on the Shelf

This one is such a cute Elf on the Shelf with book idea!

Encourage the passion for reading by showcasing your little Elf reading a mini book. You can also print out the story books for frugal living.

Place him on a window sill, a reading nook, or a fireplace mantel.

You can place a mini hot chocolate next to him, too!

2. Elf Relaxes in Hammock

Elf on a shelf hammock
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Try placing your Elf buddy in a makeshift toilet paper hammock!

It’s cheap, easy, fast, and provides your kiddos a good morning and evening while brushing their teeth or using the restroom!

On your towel bar, grab some toilet paper and tie each end to the bar to create a hammock.

Then place your little dude right in so he can chill for the rest of the day!

3. Elf’s Gone Fishing

Elfs gone fishing
Photo Credit: Lillies & Loafers

Here is another super simple, fast, and cute Elf on the Shelf idea!

Have your little dude fish in the toilet, a pet bowl, or a sink.

Grab a mini fishing pole and post your Elf on the edge as he waits patiently for his catch.

You can use a fake mini fish or this as an excuse to buy Swedish Fish for a little treat for yourself, too! 

4. Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

I love this Elf on a Shelf idea! It’s super cute, and I guarantee you already have the materials.

Grab a few rolls of toilet paper, and draw your snowman’s eyes, buttons, and nose using a Sharpie!

Then place your little elf in the middle, and voila! You have your little snowman!

5. Elf Has Car Chase

5adf22e0 3a98 437e b7f8 9cfd7828f794
Photo Credit: Flicker- amysanders13

Elf has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle!

After picking up Barbie for a joyride, he was spotted speeding and has fled!

He was seen dashing through the living room as a last attempt to ditch the fuzz.

A great Elf on the Shelf with barbie idea.

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6. Elf Cheese Grater Snowman

Elf Cheese grater snowman
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Here is one of the more funny and mischievous Elf on the Shelf ideas!

If you love Frozen, your kids will get a kick out of this one.

Grab a plush Olaf and place him on a cheese grater.

Then add mini marshmallows inside the cheesegrater and your Elf standing next to him!

7. Elf Takes Marshmallow Bath

Elf Takes Marshmallow bath
Photo Credit: @amycumberland

Give your Elf some relaxation in a stress-free environment. He’s got a difficult and demanding seasonal job, you know?

You can either use small Tupperware or use a mini bathtub.

Put your Elf inside, and then fill the tub with mini marshmallows!

Place the tub somewhere in the bathroom for your kids to spot.

8. Elf Has Photo Booth

Elf Takes Photo Booth
Photo Credit: Living Locurto

This Elf on the Shelf idea is super fun and creative!

Elf creates a photo booth and takes funny pictures with his buddies.

Print out your Elf photo props your Elf and his buddies can play with while taking pictures!

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9. Elf Does Yoga

Elf does yoga
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Elf had a long ass trek from the North Pole and is feeling tight and cramped.

He needs time and space for a good stretching session!

Have Elf reach his spiritual center as he completes his yoga poses by the Christmas tree.


10. Elf Eats Chocolate

Elf Eats Chocolate
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

If your family is full of chocolate lovers, you will get a kick out of this Elf on the Shelf idea!

It’s easy and cheap.

All you need is a small bowl, any bowl will do. Then, fill it with a compilation of different fun-sized chocolate treats.

Smush some chocolate on your Elf’s face and place his little hand over his belching mouth!

So cute, cheeky, and festive for the holidays. 

11. Elf Has a Cold

Elf has a cold
Photo Credit: Dallas Moms

Give your poor Elf some TLC from his long, long trek from the North Pole!

Cozy him up on your couch, bed, or recliner.

Grab him his blanket, a tissue box, a thermometer, and the TV remote to set up his space.

12. Elf Makes Toilet Roll Snowflakes

Your Elf simply can’t help that he’s creative and he MUST let it out.

He got ahold of your toilet paper and made it look WAY prettier…less functional, but prettier!

Thanks Elf!

13. Elf Decorates His Tree

Give your Elf his little tree to decorate!

These little trees are super fun, and you can use white cotton balls to place around the tree to act as snow.

Putting it on a side table in your living room or entry hall is a great place to put your scene!

14. Elf Has a Rave

Elf Has a Rave
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Have your Elf get his rave on with cute neon glow stick bracelets!

Keep him in a dimly lit room for the fun effect!

You can add cute rave sunglasses to your Elf, too.

15. We Peed

Your Elves had a long ass ride from the North Pole! They obvi couldn’t hold it in any longer!

16. Elf Gets Into Chocolate

Elf Gets into Chocolate
Photo Credit: Mum’s Grapevine

Your Elf got hungry AF from his trek up North.

The first thing he found was a delicious bag of holiday M&Ms!

This scene is perfect for the kitchen counter or hiding away in a pantry where the kids see him when they grab a snack!

17. Elf Makes Flour Snowangel

Elf Makes Snowangle
Photo Credit: Sonja From One Step Away

This Elf on the Shelf idea is cute and pretty cheap; free if you already have flour in the house!

All you need is a cutting board, your Elf, and flour.

Create a little snow angel using your flower and lay your Elf on it. Place him on your kitchen counter or island.

It will look like he made a little snow angel! So cute.

18. Elf Slides Down Banister

Elf Slides Down Banister
Photo Credit: @alibrug

Your Elf is rested and ready to tear it up! Make a sleigh out of Candy Canes for your Elf and tape them together.

Place him, sleighing down the stairs to greet everyone coming up!

19. Elf Makes Sponge Cake

Elf Makes Sponge Cake
Photo Credit: Parties Made Personal

This Elf on the Shelf idea is super cute, cheap and easy!

Elf tried his best to make a delish sponge cake for your kiddos and put together a master piece! Bon Appetit!

20. Elf Crash Lands

Crash Landing Elf
Photo Credit: Elf on the Shelf

Your Elf didn’t correctly navigate the winds of your home properly, and he smashed right into your Christmas tree upon arrival!

Whoops! At least they made it haha

21. Elf Makes Popcorn

What do you expect? The North Pole is a long trip and your Elf is hunnngry!

It looks like your Elf and his buddies found the popcorn and got poppin!

He may have even found your delish popcorn seasonings in your pantry and is also trying to butter them up.

22. Elf Hides in Freezer

Elf is in the Freezer
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

Your Elf is homesick and misses the North Pole.

He found the nearest equivalent environment that replicates his home: your freezer!

Your kiddos will find your Elf chilling and watching over their ice cream.

23. Elf All Tied Up

Elf All Tied up
Photo Credit: Facebook- Smarty The Elf

If your kiddos love legos and have them lying around, they will get a kick out of this Elf on a Shelf idea!

You need yar, legos, and your Elf.

Tie down your Elf and place angry Lego villagers around him, ready to pounce!

24. Elf Goes Camping

Create a cute campfire scene for your Elf on the night of Christmas Eve!

25. Elf Tumbles Down Stairs

Elf Takes Joyride
Photo Credit: Mum’s Grapevine

Anyone can do this; it is one of those easy Elf on Shelf ideas.

If you have a roll of toilet paper, you can do this!

Place your little Elf inside the toilet paper roll and have it rolled out to the bottom of your stairs.

He took a tumble!

26. Elf Melts Snowman

Flex your creativity skills for your kids with this fun melted snowman Elf on a Shelf idea!

Its cheeky and mischievous and will be a blast for your kids.

On the kitchen counter spill some milk on the counter.

Then add two blueberries for eyes, a carrot for the nose and coco puff cereal for his buttons!

Your kids will crack up.

27. Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight
Photo Credit: Lisa Milliren

This Elf on a Shelf idea is excellent if your kiddo has another toy he loves.

Place them on the battlefield as your Elf engages in the ultimate snowball fight with Barbie, Buzz Lightyear, or any toy you like.

28. A Christmas Story Elf

A Christmas Story Elf
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

This Elf on a Shelf idea is funny AF if your family enjoys A Christmas Story!

Dress your Elf in the bunny costume Ralphie got from his grandmother, your Elf will look adorable.

29. Bow Climbing Elf

This is a cheap and easy Elf on a Shelf idea.

All you need are sticky Christmas bows and your Elf!

Place the bows on the doors of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and then tape your Elf on board.


30. Elf Smokes Smores

Elf Smokes Smores
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Another super cute camping depiction for your Elf!

Have Elf roast his marshmallows next to the gorgeous ambiance of your Christmas tree.

31. Elf Sells Snowballs

Elf Sells Snowballs
Photo Credit: Rachel Swartley

This is a cheap and easy Elf on the Shelf idea!

Have your little Elf embrace the spirit of business as he sells his snowballs to the household.

Use cotton balls for his snow and you’re good to go.

32. Elf Gets Zipped

Elf gets zipped
Photo Credit: Rachel Swartley

It looks like your Elf snuck into one of your snack Ziplocs and tried to make a break for it in your Kiddos lunch bag!

33. Elf Makes Sprinkle Snowangel

Elf Makes Sprinkle Snowman
Photo Credit: Rachel Swartley

Your Elf was en route to making cookies and cupcakes but once he found the rainbow sprinkles he got a little distracted!

34. Elf Makes Doorway Danger

Elf Makes Doorway Danger
Photo Credit: Rachel Swartley

Oh no!

Your Elf got into the party decorations and found your streamers.

Being the little butth*les they are, it looks like your Elf decided to play a trick on your kiddos!

Elf Eats Cookies
Photo Credit: Pink Peony Home

Your Elf is hella mischievous girl like dang!

He wanted his cookies and he was willing to do whatever it took to get them.

Your kiddos walked in on this hostage situation first thing in the AM with their mouths being stuffed with the Cookie Monster’s cookie crisps!

36. Elf Gets Trapped

Elf Is Trapped In a Balloon
PHoto Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

This Elf on the Shelf in a balloon idea by Frugal Coupon Living is so cute and classic!

Your Elf was trying to sneak hisself some of the Reese’s cups you had stored in your balloon and got sucked in!


37. Elf Makes Q-Tip Snowflakes

This is an easy Elf on the Shelf idea!

Not to mention cheap too. Grab your Q-Tips and make cute snowflakes of different sizes and designs!

You can have this display out in the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

38. Elf’s Cameo Christmas

Elf Goes Cameo
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

This is a SUPER easy Elf on the Shelf idea. Using dry erase marker, you can color a cameo pattern on your Elf like he’s about to embark into Vietnam or something.

You can even give him little combat boots to really sell it!

39. Elf Plays Hopscotch

Elf Plays Hopscotch
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

This is a cheap Elf on the Shelf idea any mama can take on!

All you need is chalk and a sidewalk. Draw your hopscotch course so Elf can take a whack at it.

40. Elf Unwraps Presents

Elf unwraps Presents
Photo Credit: Lilies and Loafers

Oh jeeeez. It’s Christmas Eve and your mischievous little Elf is trying to take a peak in your presents!

41. Elf Makes Minions

Elf Makes Minions
Photo Credit: No Biggie

Give your Elf little minions!

Make your own using a Sharpie and a bunch of bananas.

Your Elf will have his Christmas squad!

42. Elf is a Mechanic

Elf is a Mechanic
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Your Elf can’t take his job anymore and he’s ready to flee.

He’s desperately attempting to fix this toy truck in the hopes he can drive it back to the North Pole!

43. Elf is a Vandal

Elf is a vandal
Photo Credit: @iamjoegaudet

Aw dangit!

Your Elf was a sneaky little butth*le last night and totally vandalized your family pictures!

44. Elf Poops Peppermints

Elf poops peppermints
PHoto Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Your Elf was a little backed up from his long travels. He made himself cozy on your pot and pooped peppermints!

This is one of the best
Elf on shelf bathroom ideas.

45. Elf Waits for Santa

Elf Waits for Santa
PHoto Credit: The Leggy Files

THis is the perfect Elf on the Shelf idea for Christmas Eve!

After a long season of reporting to Santa, your Elf set up a Welcome Wagon for the big man himself.

46. Elf Plays Piano

Elf plays piano
Photo Credit: Rachel Swartley

You Elf can’t help but showcase his wondrous musical abilities!

He was seen in the living room rocking out to Christmas carols all day long.

47. Elf Poops Chocolate Chips

Elf poops chocoalte chips
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

Your Elf was seen trying to make it to the toilet and didn’t make it!

This is a fun Elf on the Shelf pooping idea lol

He couldn’t hold his chocolate chips but he did however have a nice poop lol

48. Elf Chillin With Egg-Sheeran

Elf chils with egg sheeran
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

This Elf on the Shelf idea is so cute and funny if you’re a Ed Sheeran fan!

49. Elf Gets Carried Away

Elf Gets Carried Away
Photo Credit: Snippets From Suburbia

Oh shoot! Your other toys caught wind of your seasonal intruder!

They took it upon themselves to toss him overboard and back to the North Pole.

50. Elf Gets Booked

Elf Gets Booked
PHoto Credit: Pink Peony Home

Your Elf was spotted in the early hours of the morning loitering around your precious Christmas tree.

Your Lego cops found him attempting to resell your ornaments on the black market and he has been booked!

51. Elf Gets Detained

Elf Gets Detained
Photo Credit: PInk Peony Home

Your Elf startled your Green Army Men this morning and they may have taken their duties a little too far! Whoops!

52. Elf Plays Kit Kat Jenga

It turns out ya’ll have been playing Jenga wrong this whole time!

Your Elf put together one bad ass Kit-Kat Jenga game for his buddies to play.

53. Elf Is Home For Christmas

Elfs home for Christmas
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

This Elf on the Shelf idea is perfect if you have a family members that serve.

Your Elf is back from serving all year overseas and is so happy to be back home!

54. Elf Makes Pancakes

Elf Makes Pancakes
PHoto Credit: Rachel Swartley

After a few hard days on the job, Elf decided to make the family ( and hisself ) some delish AF pancakes for breakfast.


55. Elf Makes Snowflakes

Elf Makes Snowflakes
Photo Credit: Snippets From Suburbia

Your Elf was busy making lots of cute snowflake garlands last night!

56. Elf Pumps Iron

Elf Pumps Iron
Photo Credit: Snippets From Suburbia

Even in the North Pole they know how important it is to break a sweat!

Your Elf made do with mini marshmallows and a toothpick for his weights and is getting his blood flowing this morning.

57. Elf Fills Oreos With Toothpaste

Elf MAkes Oreo Toothpaste
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Your Elf is feeling extra mischievous today and was spotted replacing your Oreo creams with toothpaste!

Dang Elf that’s cold!

58. Elf Walks Dogs

Elf Walks dog
Photo Credit: Mum’s Grapevine

Your Elf is an animal lover too!

He took it upon himself to give your toy doggies a stroll.

59. Elf Makes Mess

Your Elf got hungry last night and attempted to make a late night snack.

The cereal boxes proved to be a little heavy and big and he made a mess! Whoops!

60. Elf Hides in Ball Pit

Your Elf was looking for late night fun and found your kiddos ball pit!

However he had a hard time getting out!

61. Elf Plays Scrabble

Elf Plays Scrabble
PHoto Credit: @amysanders13

Hey, your Elf likes to break a mental sweat too! He took it upon himself to whip out a game of scrabble last night.

62. Elf Goes Up

Elf Goes Up
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

If you’re a Disney fan and love Up, your kids will get a kick out of this Elf on the Shelf idea!

Grab some balloons, yarn and a brown paper bag and your Elf will be cruising through your house in a balloon bag.

63. Elf Gets Smooched

Elf Gets Smooched
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

Hey, your Elf has feelings too and also needs some loving!

He was getting after it with one of his buddies under the mistletoe this morning.

64. Elves Arrives in Envelope

Elf Arrives in Envelope
Photo Credit: Parties Made Personal

This is an easy Elf on the Shelf idea. It’s easy and you can just buy the Envelope and set him out in the morning.

65. Elf Bakes Cookies

Elf Bakes Cookies
PHoto Credit: Jamie Sobczyk

Your Elf is a massive sweet tooth obvi so he decided your home needed more cookies!

66. Elf Sips Syrup

Elf Sips Syrup
Photo Credit: Jaime Sobczyk

Your Elf worked up a thirst and found the most nourishing syrup in your pantry and went to town!

67. Elf’s Egg-cited for Santa

Your Elf is so excited for Santa he has to show you just how much he is overflowing with anticipation!

68. Elf is Superman

Let out your Elf’s inner superhero!

69. Elf is Spider Man

Elf is Spider Man
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Your Elf took it upon himself to come up with more creative and slightly (not really) inconspicuous ways to keep an eye on your kiddos!

70. Elf is Hannibal Lecter

Elf is Hannibal Lector
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Go full Silence of the Lambs with your Elf on the Shelf idea!

Your Elf is a movie junkie too and went after it. “Hello Clarice.”

71. Elf Does UFC

Elf has Cage Fight
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Your Elf got into it with some of your toy wrestlers and needed to showcase his bravado and strength.

72. Elf’s an Egomaniac

Elf is an ego maniac
Photo Credit: THe Leggy Files

Your Elf has officially caught wind of just how popi he is and now his appetite for himself is insatiable!

73. Jurassic Park Elf

Jurassic Park Elf
Photo Credit: Snippets from Suburbia

Your Elf was called in to test out a new park in town that showcases toy dinosaurs.

Super cool until their t-rex got loose and your Elf is now fleeing for his life!

74. Elf Plays Football

Your Elf is a huge football fan and dresses up every sunday to watch!

75. Elf Colors

Elf Colors
Photo Credit: Parties Made Personal

One of your Elf’s favorite ways to decompress is by coloring Christmas cards!

76. Elf Reads Bedtime Story

Elf Reads Bedtime Story
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

Your Elf is getting sleepy and ready for a good long nap!

In the meantime he got into one of your kiddos bedtime books and got to reading.

77. Elf Throws Block Party

Elf Throws Block Party
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

If your kiddos have legos lying around, you Elf will definitely get his hands on them!

He is ready to throw a block party and nothing is stopping him now.

78. Elf Rides Car Reindeers

Elf Rides Car Reindeer
Photo Credit: @wmc75

Your Elf has had enough and is ready to GTFO back to the North Pole!

He put together his own reindeer using your kiddos car collection and found your pipe cleaners to disguise them as reindeer.

Your Elf is off!

79. Elf Finds Your Ketchup

Darn it!

That sneaky little butth*le found your ketchup and left your family a festive note to wake up to in your kitchen!

80. Elf Throws a Sack Race

Elf Plays Sack Races
Photo Credit: Mommity

Your Elf loves to play games, especially with your kiddos toys!

He found your lunchbags and put on a competitve game of sack races for the afternoon.

81. Elf Plays Dress Up

Elf Plays Dress Up
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

You Elf is not ignorant to our pop culture and he just looovesss to dress up as his favorite characters!

82. Elf Lights Scented Candles

Elf Lights Candels
Photo Credit: Mommity

Your Elf just can’t get enough of your delicious smelling and festive candles!

He spent all night lighting all of them and basking in the yummy scents.

83. Elf is Mission Impossible

Elf is Mission Impossible
Photo Credit: Mommity

You Elf went on a mission to sneak all the candy he upstairs could without being noticed…sort of.

84. Elf Gets Flossed

Elf Flosses
Photo Credit: @parentingwithpurpose

Elf has been snacking on a lot of sweets this season and noticed how you humans clean your teeth and decided to give it a shot!

Did he do it right?

85. Elf Plays XBox

Elf Plays
Photo Credit: @kennyslater

Your Elf has been watching your kiddo play video games so much he decided to see what the big deal was.

Apparently, Elf loves Xbox just as much as your kiddos! Hope he knows how to share lol

It’s perfect for those looking for two elf on the shelf ideas.

86. Elf Sends a Message From Buddy

Buddy the Elf sent reminders to your Elf on how to have the best Christmas ever!

87. Elf Hides With Silverwear

Elf wanted to see what it was like to be a spoon today…boring!

88. Elf Takes Selfie

Elf Takes Selfie
Photo Credit: Mommity

Elf wants to remember all the fun he had this year and decided to rummage through your purse, found your phone and took a selfie today!

89. Elf Free Climbs Tree

Elf Free Climbs Tree
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Your Elf is feeling ambitous today and wanted to straight up free climb your tree!

90. Elf is Cousin Eddy

Elf is Cousin Eddy
Photo Credit: The Leggy Files

Just like cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation, your Elf drove all the way to your house in his dinky RV.

Like Elf said, sh*tters full!

This is an epic Elf on the Shelf photoshoot opportunity for sure.

91. Elf Plays Dominoes

Elf Plays Dominoes
Photo Credit: @markbaylor

Elf got bored last night and started a rather extensive games of dominoes!

92. Elf TP’s Tree

Elf TPS Tree
Photo Credit: Over The Big Moon

I guess TPing is a thing they also love to do in the North Pole!

If only he decided to cute them into little snowflake streamers instead haha

93. Elf Rests In Stockings

Elf Rests in Stocking
Photo Credit: @markbaylor

Elf is feeling lazy today and is happy just hanging over the toasty fireplace and watching the going-ons in the living room!

94. Elf Announces His Arrival

Elf announces his presence
Photo Credit: Pink Peony Home

Elf took it upon himself to let the household know, via Cocoa Puffs, that he has in fact, returned for the season!

95. Elf Robs Piggy Bank

Elf Robs Piggy Bank
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Traveling to and from the North Pole is expesnive AF.

Your Elf needed spare change for the bus back to the NP!

Elf Steals From Cookie Jar
Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Your Elf is incredibly resourceful.

He spotted your cookie jar that you mistakenly placed super close to the edge right where Elf can grab it!

97. Elf Rummeges Through the Couch

Elf Rummages for Change
Photo Credit: Parties Made Personal

Your Elf was simply trying to chill on the couch and watch a show when he kept finding doodads in the cracks!

He went rummeging and found goodies you’ve been missing for a minute.

98. Elf Sells Reindeer Poops

Your Elf has been watching a ton of Gary V. and decided he wants to grow his entreprenueral spirit by selling reindeer poops from the North Pole!

99. Elf Makes Martinis

Elf needed some refreshments to help him finish the rest of the day strong!

100. Elf Gift Wraps Toilet

Elf Gift Wraps Toilet
Photo Credit: @wmc75

Just like Buddy the Elf, your Elf has killer gift wrapping skills and just couldn’t handle himself in your bathroom!

At least your toilet is pretty now!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the shelf
Photo Credit: wmc75

There are tons of easy Elf on the Shelf ideas you can try. This tradition can be fun and festive for your family each holiday.

From cheeky Elf on the Shelf poop ideas to really simple and free 5 minute ideas, I hope you found some ideas that resonate with you!

Be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself to make things perfect or go extravagant with your Elf on the Shelf.

If you can’t do it every day, don’t! Enjoying your holiday season is important, too.

Have fun this year and have happy holidays!

This post covers the best elf on the shelf ideas.

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