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This post covers 55 ideas for a baby Christmas photoshoot.

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baby Christmas photoshoot

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This holiday season, grabbing a professional photographer to take baby Christmas pictures is a great idea to solidify those memories of your baby’s first Christmas.

I remember Annabelle’s first Christmas when she was six months old, and it’s amazing looking back at those pictures of her being so young during that time.

There are lots of fun newborn Christmas photos to try out that really capture how much of a blessing your newborn baby is.

There is magic in the air during Christmas, and it’s the prime opportunity to get after your baby’s first Christmas photoshoot!

Whether you have fresh December babies or are ten months old you want to showcase in their super cute Christmas pajamas, here are 55 baby Christmas photo ideas to copy this holiday season! 

This post lists the best 55 ideas for a baby Christmas Photoshoot.

baby christmas photoshoot

Baby Christmas Photoshoot

funny christmas baby

Get ready to unwrap 55 of the most precious baby Christmas photoshoot ideas!

From your little one donning a Santa hat to cozying up amidst the glow of Christmas lights and a charming Christmas wreath, these adorable newborn captures will make for a great Christmas card and loads of memories!

So, get your camera ready, and let’s sleigh this holiday season with baby picture ideas that’ll warm your heart for years to come.

1. Snowman Cookie Baby

This is a great and super cute baby’s first Christmas photo shoot idea! It’s also the best if you love to bake and make Christmas cookies. 

2. Christmas Cookies & Milk Bath

Milk and Cookies Baby photoshoot
Photo Credit: Rhea Ashlynn Photography

A milk bath is a great prop to take photos of your baby.

You can place the bath in front of the Christmas tree and fill your baby’s bath with your choice of cookie!

Dabble with chocolate chip cookies or Christmas cookies, whatever you like.

Baby taking a milk bath while snacking on cookies will make an adorable photo!

You can also use a white background for a more minimalist aesthetic. 

3. Baby Moses Basket

Moses Basket BAby
Photo Credit: @yeseniaapagan

Placing baby in a Moses basket under the Christmas tree is the perfect opportunity for incredible photos.

If you’re spiritual, the Moses basket is incredibly sweet and one of the best ideas for a baby Christmas photoshoot. 

4. Baby Basket in Wreath 

This baby Christmas photoshoot idea is great for newborn babies; especially a baby girl.

Find a cute Christmas outfit, such as a red velvet dress for baby girls. 

5. Baby on Wooden Rocking Horse 

Using a wooden rocking hose is a great option for a Christmas photo session for your baby.

Have the rocking chair placed in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Find a rustic and classic wooden horse for your baby to ride. Use lighter, Earthy, and organic colors for baby’s photos. 

6. Beary Christmas 

Christmas photoshoot
Photo Credit: @stevenfalconer

Find Christmas pajamas that have “Beary Christmas” on the tushie!

They will make for a cute photo on Christmas day. It’s a simple idea that really soars!

7. Cuties in a Cup

Cuties in a cup
Photo Credit: @tori.mccain

This idea is great for family photos! If your little one has an older sibling, they can join in, too.

Another great way to play with depth perception is with your Christmas mug.

Have the baby wear Christmas pajamas or a sweater, and voila!

8.  Red Swaddle

This is a great idea for newborn photos and December babies.

If your little one is fresh out of the womb, find a dark red silk, muslin, or velvet swaddle.

Find a flower crown for your baby girl to wear.

9. Baby in a Christmas Stocking 

Baby in a stocking
Photo Credit: Etsy- Neas Nook Crochet

This is one of the more classic Christmas baby photoshoot ideas.

It’s easy and a great way to celebrate baby’s Christmas for the first time.

It’s hand-knitted and will keep your newborn baby warm and cozy. 

10. Christmas Ornament Baby Butt

Get a Christmas hat for your baby to wear, grab an ornament, and cover your baby’s bum! 

11. Baby Snowman 

BAby Snowman
Photo Credit: Etsy- Mini Me by Jan

This is one of the best December baby Christmas picture ideas to try this year!

This handmade Snowman Swaddle is so cute and a great way to celebrate this special time. 

12. Gingerbread Baby 

You’ll get perfect photos with this fun Gingerbread cookie-themed photoshoot!

You can surround your baby with Christmas decorations to make it more festive. Merry Christmas! 

13. Christmas Deer

For this adorable look, put your sleeping baby in a gorgeous red swaddle, Deer antlers, and flower crown.

Place a baby deer toy in the baby’s hands for maximum cuteness effect. 

14. Baby in a Bucket

This is a great opportunity to take cute Santa baby pics!

Grab a white fluffy blanket to place under the bucket. It’s a fun-themed photoshoot you can try in front of the tree. 

15. Baby in a Basket

Baby in a basekt
Photo Credit: @tedrivera

This is an easy way to capture the holiday spirit.

Using a straw, a handwoven organic basket and a stunning red velvet ribbon will showcase your little angel beautifully for Christmas. 

16. Baby on Wooden Sled

Baby on Wooden Sled
Photo Credit: Unknown

This is a fun idea to try! Not to mention super Earthy and organic.

Find a rustic wooden sleigh for your baby to sit on for pictures.

A soft muslin blanket in beige or nude is perfect for her to sit on comfortably.

17. Little Drummer Boy Baby

Little Drummer Boy Baby
Photo Credit: Roseann Sicola

This little drummer boy idea is soooo cute!

Totally DIY, easy and an idea you can do at home.

18. Baby Plays With Ornaments

This is another DIY baby Christmas photoshoot idea!

Place your baby by your gorgeous Christmas tree and capture the moments of them inspecting the ornaments.

19. Baby Jack Frost

Try out this super cute Jack frost Christmas photoshoot idea for your baby boy!

20. Fell Asleep Wrapping Presents

Fell asleep wrapping presents
Photo Credit: Etsy- Sheep Can’t Knit

Dress your baby in this adorable hand-knitted Buddy the Elf costume!

He was helping Santa wrap presents and got pooped and decided to take a long nap.

21. Baby Grinch

If you’re a fan of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, this is an awesome photoshoot idea for your baby!

22. Baby’s First Christmas

Babys First Christmas
Photo Credit: @our.golden.tribe

This is a really easy and simple Baby Christmas photoshoot idea.

All you need is a cute santa hat and a baby’s first Christmas plaque.

23. Baby in Hot Chocolate

Baby in Hot Chocolate
Photo Credit: So We Went

Placing baby in a jumbo hot chocolate cup is adorable af.

It’s very easy, you’ll need:

Spray paint your pot if you can’t find a white one to replicate your mug.

Cover up the drainage holes at the bottom with your Gorilla tape.

Fold towels for your baby to sit on in the cup and voila!

24. Santa’s Little Helper

This is a great-themed Christmas photoshoot for your baby!

Dress him up in a little santa or elf outfit and he’s Santa’s little helper.

25. Baby Cousin Eddie

BAby Christmas Vacation
Photo Credit: Coffee Creek Studio

If you’re a fan of Christmas Vacation (who isn’t lol) you will get a kick out of this Cousin Eddie themed photoshoot!

Replicating the scene where Cousin Eddie is emptying their septic tank while smoking a cigar and drinking a beer…”sh*tters full!”

26. Baby Reindeer

This baby Christmas photoshoot idea is super easy and fun.

Find a reindeer onesie for your little one to rock and place him in front of the Christmas tree.

27. Christmas Cherub

This is an adorable baby Christmas photoshoot idea for chonky cherub babies.

It’s simple too. All you need are cute cherub wings and you’re solid!

28. Playing With Christmas Lights

Baby plays with christmas lights
Photo Credit: copyright by Elena Litsova Photography / Moment via Getty Images

You can dabble with Christmas lights if you want a simple DIY baby Christmas photoshoot idea!

Find your baby a light colored onesie to create contrast from the tree.

Using either white or colored Christmas lights, place them under the tree with baby and start snapping pics!

29. Mama and Baby by Tree

Mama and baby by the christmas tree
Photo Credit: @nathalie.ruepp

Take mama/baby pictures in front of the Christmas tree with matching outfits.

30. Snuggle Me Under Christmas Tree

Believe in the magic
Photo Credit: Unknown

This is a very organic and simple photoshoot you can do at home with baby.

Using one of the following festive onesies:

Using a Snuggle Me dupe (unless you have a Snuggle Me), place baby in their cute outfit under the Christmas tree.

31. Letters For Santa

Capture your little man sending his first Christmas list to Santa!

32. Baby Elf on the Shelf

Start your Elf on the Shelf traditions early and dress your baby as one for his first Christmas!

All you need is the costume, maple syrup and a straw for this photoshoot.

33. Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf Christmas Costume
Photo Credit: Triple Visions Studios

A fan of Buddy the Elf?

Replicate the goofy character in your baby Christmas photoshoot with this costume!

34. Baby Plays Piano

Baby plays piano near tree
Photo Credit: Anjeza Dyrmishi

Have your baby play a cute mini piano near the Christmas tree.

35. Baby Sleighs

Baby in Sleigh
Photo Credit: Valerie Clement Photography

Capture baby cruising in their sleigh!

36. Santa Takes Nap Break

Hey, Santa’s job is a hard one! Even he needs to take midday naps!

37. Baby Butts and Ornaments

This is another really cute and cheap baby Christmas photoshoot idea to try!

38. Baby Naps in Holly Berry Wreath

Capture your cutie in this adorable Holly Berry Wreath photoshoot.

39. Baby and Butter Cookies

Baby and Butter Cookies
Photo Credit: Etsy – The Garden Dream

Using this super cute and festive gingerbread and butter cookie digital backdrop, you can replicate this super cute photoshoot without having to get crazy!

40. Not So Silent Night

Silent Night NVM
Photo Credit: Fix the Photo

Poke fun at your sleepless nights with this super cute and easy sign photoshoot.

41. Candy Canes and Hot Cocoa

This baby Christmas photoshoot idea is a little twist on the marshmallow hot chocolate photoshoot earlier.

Instead of marshmallows, use jumbo candy canes and ladder!

42. Baby Swinging

Have baby in a cute Christmas onesie swinging in his little themed village.

43. A Christmas Story Baby

A Christmas story baby
Photo Credit: Coffee Creek Studio

“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

This is an awesome baby Christmas photoshoot idea if you like The Christmas Story!

This cute Ralphie Bunny Suit will do the trick.

44. Holly Berry Milk Bath

Holly Berry Milk Bath
Photo Credit: Tori Sweeney Photography

Another gorgeous and totally cute milk bath idea.

Try a milk bath with Holly Berries and pine.

45. Little Gingerbread Girl

Little Gingerbread girl
Photo Credit: Etsy – Little Miss Atasha

Get this adorable and handmade Gingerbread girl dress from Etsy!

Complete with a little bonnet, your little one will look baking-ready!

46. Sibling Announcement

Santas Chrismtas list
Photo Credit: Just Simply Mom

This baby Christmas photoshoot idea is perfect to pair with a new arrival announcement!

So cute!

47. Christmas Cooking

Get your baby baking with this adorable cooking photoshoot!

48. Baby on Glass Tray

Baby on Glass Tray
Photo Credit: The Boho Diaries

Using a glass tray to place baby on (very carefully and safely) is a great way to capture gorgeous Christmas photos.

Place the tray by the tree and surround it with lights. Put baby in a cute outfit and allow them to explore themselves in the mirror tray!

The reflections of the lights, colors and your baby will make for stunning photos.

49. Baby Jesus

There is not better opportunity for December babies than this baby Jesus in a basket photoshoot!

50. Elf on the Shelf in the Fridge

Another adorable Elf on the Shelf idea!

Instead, use whipped cream in this one, your little elf snuck into the fridge.

51. Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies
Photo Credit: Shirly Schvartzman

Uh oh! It looks like your little nugget got into Santa’s milk and cookies you set out for him!

52. Baby in Toy Land

Have baby in an adorable toy land backdrop.

53. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house
Photo Credit: Nicole Starr Photography

Have your baby put together a delicious gingerbread house!

54. Mommy and Me

Another adorable mommy and me idea.

55. Baby on Plaid Rocking Horse

Baby on Plaid Rocking Horse

This is great for older babies.

Find a plaid rocking horse and place baby in front of the tree rocking!

Baby Christmas Photoshoot

Santa Elf

Christmas time is a such a magical season for so many people. Capturing the moments of baby’s first Christmas is fun and a great way to get out of the baby-rearing muck that is so hard that first year.

You can go extravagant with your theme and hire a professional photographer, or get creative and do it yourself.

As long as you have fun, that is all that matters.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, my loves!

This post covers the best baby Christmas photoshoot ideas.

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