15 Best Baby Constipation Remedies

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This post lists the fifteen best baby constipation remedies that helped get my baby pooping!

baby constipation relief

Baby constipation is bound to happen in your little one’s life during their first year.

With their digestive system so underdeveloped, digestive issues arise, sometimes frequently.

Unfortunately, baby guts are so underdeveloped and constantly changing that constipation is just a reality.

We all want to figure out how to help a baby with constipation.

Constipation in babies lot has to do with diet.

Formula-fed babies tend to be constipated more than breastfed since it’s a little heartier and goes through the track slower.

Which can cause constipation in a baby.

This was the case for Annabelle since she was formula fed early.

When your baby is constipated, it is just the worst.

You know how uncomfortable it is to be backed up, and on top of everything else the baby is going through, you desperately want to give them the relief they need to feel better.

A lot can contribute to constipation in babies between milk and starting solids.

Anytime I give her a suppository, it gives her slight relief at that moment, but then her poop would be even harder the after that, defeating the purpose.

This could make constipation in babies worse.

Which is why I only used them a couple of times.

After trial and error, I found a few home remedies for baby constipation that, almost without fail, always work within 24-48 hours!

I also used a few supplements to help your baby with constipation.

This post will go over the struggles of baby constipation and the remedies I found worked the best for my baby girl’s digestion in her first year!

constipation in babies

Baby Constipation Remedies

Chia Prune Pudding With Flax Powder

I have always loved chia seeds since they contain antioxidants and magnesium content.

Great food for baby constipation!

The magnesium in the chia seeds helps with constipation in babies.

Prune juice is a tried and true method to get the baby to go, but sometimes I needed an extra kick to get her going.

Flax powder is ground Flax seed which is super rich in fiber.

To help a baby with constipation, you must get about a tablespoon of chia seeds in a small bowl, then gradually pour prune juice into the bowl until the chia seeds are saturated.

Then add about ½ tablespoon of flax powder in there and mix well.

Then let it sit for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours.

You should find that the chia is a tapioca consistency, and they should look just like pudding.

I would give the bowl to my daughter, and she will grab handfuls of the pudding and go to town.

Within a day, she will have a great bowel movement with the chia seeds.

Since chia is considered higher on the phytoestrogen levels, I don’t do it very often, maybe once or twice a week, to ensure regularity and not to blast her kidneys too much.

I swear by this method, though!

If you have a constipated baby that hasn’t had chia seeds with prune juice before, your baby will be pooping in no time.

A word of caution with this remedy is that it’s super messy, and chia seeds dry like cement.

So I put my daughter in her high chair with a diaper on, then rinsed her off in the sink.

Also, I quickly clean her chair, tray, and floor because If I wait too long, I need the jaws of life to jackhammer away the dried chia.

I would keep this in mind if you are going this route.

I love chia seeds to give constipation relief in babies!

Chicory Root Fiber Powder

This remedy is simple for baby constipation.

You will find Chicory root powder an excellent source of fiber and maintenance of your overall digestive system.

It is also one of the main active ingredients in popular baby constipation products and prune juice concentrate.

For a grown adult, it suggests three spoonfuls a day for best results, but you don’t need to give baby nearly that much to keep their bowels regular.

This is my holy grail for digestion, to be honest.

Perfect constipation relief for babies.

I used Organic Daily Chicory Root Inulin Powder.

The taste is mild, and the powder dissolves easily in a milk bottle.

I usually put about one teaspoon of chicory powder in her morning bottle along with her probiotics, and no joke, within 5 minutes of her finishing the bottle, she almost without fail always has an excellent healthy, easy-to-pass bowel movement.

If your baby starts to eat solids, you can mix the chicory root powder into their food.

Chicory Root doesn’t taste like anything, so they won’t even notice.

Chicory Root powder is an excellent relief for baby constipation.

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is known to help treat digestive problems between IBS and diarrhea.

It’s also the main ingredient in many Gripe Water products for babies’ digestive qualms.

It’s been used to keep a healthy colon for ages. It also helps find baby constipation relief!

I noticed this once we would give her some gripe water, and she would have a substantial bowel movement a few hours later.

I checked the ingredients and found Fennel Tea to be the active ingredient.

Instead of buying gripe water after it, I would always have a small portion of tea brewed in the fridge in case I needed it.

I used Heather’s Tummy Organic Tea.

I would use one tea bag, make a cup, and put it in the fridge for my week’s use.

So whenever my daughter had a particularly rough time, I put around 1-2mL of Fennel Tea in her bottle.

This would almost always, without fail, at least get the ball rolling with her poops.

She would always pass a hard stool and a softer one behind it.

A great way to relieve constipation in babies.

It would feel good knowing it at least cleared her out enough to become regular again.

Any simple Fennel Tea with no extra additives will suffice.

Always consult your pediatrician if you have concerns about giving your baby any supplements or foods you’re unsure of.

Looking for probiotics to help with your baby’s digestion? This list should help!

3 Best Baby Probiotics For Digestion

Wellements Organic Baby Constipation Support


baby constipation

Active Ingredients⎜ Prune Juice, Chicory Root


When Annabelle struggled with constipation and wasn’t sure how to navigate natural remedies, I found the Wellements brand worked just as well!

With two simple active ingredients of, prune juice and chicory root powder, this supplement effectively relieves baby constipation.

I only started making my remedies because Annabelle went through her constipation frequently.

We were going through this supplement so fast.

However, if your baby struggles with constipation only sporadically, these will work great!

Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease

constipation relief for babies

Active Ingredients⎜ Prune Juice, Magnesium, Fennel Tea, Dandelion Leaf


Mothers Bliss is generally the go-to all-natural brand for mamas! It was for me too! 

I loved this brand if Annabelle was struggling with her poops. This one has a lot more active ingredients than the Wellements. 

Such as Ginger, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Passion Flower.

If you don’t mind all the bells and whistles, Mother’s Bliss Constipation Ease will suffice.

If you are trying to find relief for baby constipation and want to try one last-ditch effort before a suppository, this is a good choice!

Physical Activity

Physical activity can be an effective way to help ease baby constipation!

Encouraging your little one to be active can stimulate the muscles in their bowels and help move the stool.

A simple way to do this is by gently moving their legs in a cycling motion or lying on their stomachs and rubbing their back.

I also used a jumper, and Annabelle would go nuts on that thing!

All physical activity helps loosen those bowel muscles and supports a regular cadence of peristalsis to keep everyone’s poops regular!


Breastfeeding can be a natural and effective way to relieve constipation in babies!

Breast milk contains numerous properties that help to soften the stools and make them easier to pass, reducing the risk of constipation.

This is why formula-fed babies tend to suffer more constipation than breastfed ones, simply because the formula is heartier and moves through the digestive tract much slower than breastmilk.

Also, breastfeeding can stimulate the peristalsis in your baby’s gut, encouraging a bowel movement.

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Probiotics can be a helpful tool in relieving constipation in babies and grown adults!

Probiotics are good bacteria that keep your gut flora in check.

They can help to balance the gut microbiome, which can, in turn, improve gut health and help relieve constipation in babies.

Specific probiotic strains can help soften the stools and make them easier to pass.

Check out my 3 Best Baby Probiotics For Digestion, I go over the best probiotics for your little one’s gut health!

If you want to promote regularity for your baby’s bowel movements, getting them on some probiotics is essential.

Not all probiotics are the same or will work for every baby, so try some out and give them about 3-7 days to see if they help.

Warm Bath

I have memories of my baby sister literally pooping in the bathtub while taking one together.

Gross, of course, but it was bound to happen!

Warm water relaxes those digestive muscles and helps activate the natural peristalsis needed to move feces through the tract.

Like it did for my sister, the warm water can stimulate babies’ bowels and get them pooping pretty quickly!

Gently massage the baby’s belly in the bath with coconut/jojoba oil to help relax those muscles and move the waste down.

At the very least, it will help get your baby clean and relaxed.

FridaBaby Windi Gaspasser




If your baby is struggling with constipation or gas, the Windi Gaspasser was terrific.

The gas passer stimulates the rectal muscles encouraging a bowel movement.

It works.

I used to be a Colon Hydrotherapist before the lockdowns, and it involved inserting a speculum about the size of a pencil in the rectum, and let me tell you, that urge to poop is real!

Pediatricians also use rectal thermometers to get a stool sample on hand.

Lube up the Windi with coconut oil or vaseline and gently insert slowly into your baby’s rectum.

Be sure this is on your baby’s changing table with a chux pad or a big diaper underneath the catch the aftermath.

Although ironically, the Windi never really helped with Annabelle’s gas, it almost always helped with her poops.

Belly Massage

Belly massages are a great way to relax the digestive muscles and help maintain bowel movements.

In fact, during my years as a Colon Hydrotherapist, I always used this method to help get my clients to have a bowel movement on the machine.

Lay your baby on their back, get some lotion, and start right above baby’s right hip; this is where the large intestine starts.

Gently massage your way up to under baby’s right rib, then massage horizontally across baby’s abdomen to under baby’s right rib and then down to baby’s left hip.

I remember doing this with Annabelle; she had a bowel movement within a few minutes.

It also helps if you give your baby a bit of fennel tea, prune juice, or gripe water.

Oh yeah, Grip Water!

Gripe Water


Brand⎢Mommy’s Bliss


If you want something quick and convenient, Mommy’s Bliss Grip Water was a lifesaver during the early days of my fourth trimester.

Until we found a formula that worked for Annabelle, we used the gripe water to help her poop.

We would find if we gave it to her, she would have a bowel movement that same day at some point, a good one too.

The active ingredients? Ginger and Fennell!

It would be hit-and-miss when we used it for hiccups, but almost always she would have a good poo after consuming it!

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Most people are magnesium deficient.

Magnesium is a mineral that is super helpful and effective in relieving constipation.

Magnesium works by drawing water into the intestines, which helps to soften the stools and make them easier to pass.

Magnesium can help to stimulate the muscles in the gut, encouraging a bowel movement.

I swear by magnesium to help me poop while pregnant in my Pregnancy Constipation ⎢ Why It Happens and 4 Best Digestive Relief Practices, and it can help baby too.

Talk to your pediatrician on what they suggest for a magnesium supplement.

The one I used for Annabelle was ChildLife Essentials Liquid Calcium and Magnesium.

It was super convenient to add to her bottle, and the taste was mild.

A great way to ensure regularity in your baby’s bowels!

Apple Juice

Apple juice can help relieve constipation in babies because it is a natural fiber and sugar source.

The fiber in apple juice helps to soften the stools and make them easier to pass, while the sugar can stimulate the muscles in the gut and encourage a bowel movement.

Also, the high water content in apple juice can help hydrate the body and prevent dehydration, contributing to constipation.

You can try adding some to your baby’s bottle or put two parts apple juice and one part water in a syringe and give it to your baby straight.

I did this with apple juice and prune juice with Annabelle, which was always helpful.

Oomi Organics Tummy Buddy


Brand⎢Oomi Organics


I love Oomi Organics Teas!

Made by moms and a small business, Oomi Organics has an array of teas that meet babies’ health needs.

This tea’s active ingredients are chamomile and fennel seed.

Chamomile can help relieve constipation in babies due to its antispasmodic and soothing properties.

Antispasmodic substances help to relieve muscle spasms, which can help to relax the muscles in the gut and relieve constipation.

The fennel and chamomile will be the ultimate soothing experience for your baby’s gut which is working so hard!

Constipation in Babies

Navigating baby’s constipation issue is an obstacle I can almost guarantee will happen at some point during the baby’s first year!

It has nothing to do with what you are feeding them.

Their digestive systems are very underdeveloped, even if they are full-term.

Their little guts are still trying to figure out a lifetime of operating!

If constipation lasts up to a week with no poops, it doesn’t hurt to call your pediatrician.

Of course, ALWAYS talk to your pediatrician before trying any of these remedies if you have concerns or questions; all babies are different and require different things to meet their needs, and what works for one may not work for another.

You WILL figure it out, and your baby WILL get the relief they need.

You are doing a great job, mama!

Good Luck!

This post covered the best remedies to help with baby constipation that worked for my baby!

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