5 Best Remedies for a Teething Baby

teething remedies for baby


Finding remedies for a teething baby is rough on parents as everyone is looking for teething remedies that work.

Finding the proper teething relief for your baby is different for everyone and are on the lookout for the ultimate baby teething remedy.

Whether it’s a home remedy for baby teething similar to our grandparents used Whiskey back in the day or more holistic approaches.

Although impressed, I know that’s not the route every mom wants to take.

Teething can bring an array of issues as well.

It slightly lowers their immune response, which makes sense.

Broken and torn gums are essentially injuries that the body needs to remedy.

This leaves an open pathway to ear infections and colds.

You will notice that once your baby nearly cuts its teeth, they get snotty.

This happened with my daughter for nearly every tooth she cut, especially her top two front teeth.

She started getting very snotty and developed a cough.

Teething Chronicles

Some babies don’t skip a beat and still feel like their usual selves, and you would never guess that they have been teething, so not much is needed.

Some kids, however, like my daughter, are highly affected by the teething process.

It takes a lot to get them the teething relief they need.

I can imagine that some children who are more sensitive in general are the ones that can’t just grin and bear it while their poor gums are spreading like the red sea while a sharp and aggressive tooth emerges from it.

Unfortunately for our daughter, teething was always a long and drawn-out process.

She wouldn’t just teeth for a week, then cut the tooth the following week, and all was well.

My daughter would have a bulb with a tooth underneath it, just scouting its surroundings and planning its entrance for MONTHS.

I would think this tooth HAS to cut through this week.

Next week? The week after?



I felt so bad for her as she was experiencing discomfort and waiting months for the damn tooth to cut through.

Then it finally would, and she would feel comfortable for about 4-7 days until another tooth decided it was ready to make its appearance, and the cycle would start all over again.

Teething is hard, but there are ways to help keep your baby at ease and hopefully shorten or avoid the side effects altogether.

Here are the five best remedies for teething babies.

remedies for a teething baby

Boost Baby’s Immunity

Why It’s Important

What I have found to be most helpful baby teething remedies is keeping my daughter’s immune system strong and thriving.

This is the first step to finding teething relief for your baby.

When I doused her with enough antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, the teething episodes were much more benign, with very few teething symptoms.

Keeping her immune system flowing strongly made her much more resilient and healthy.

First thing In the morning, I would start with an immunity supplement filled with zinc, Vitamin C, D, and Iron to keep her energy levels up.

Giving her roughly 2-3ml a day in the morning was our routine.

Since this is when our bodies recover, I would give her a dose of infant elderberry immune support at night.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the elderberry would help her body recover from a long day, and she would wake up feeling good and rested.

I would also give her a tiny drop of chlorophyll in her bottle to help grow her white blood cell count.

Chlorophyll does wonders for your immune system and is a natural internal deodorant, and is fantastic for gut health and keeping babies regular.

Keeping up with immunity is one of the more natural teething remedies for babies.

Some of my favorite immune support supplements are:

Zarbees Baby Cough Syrup and Immune Support

Packed with Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Elderberry, and Ivy Leaf for cough.

It will help blast baby’s cold symptoms while also packing them with the necessary immune support to keep them as healthy as possible while cutting teeth.

Keeping cold symptoms at bay is one of the more critical teething remedies for baby.

Mary Ruth’s Baby Vitamin C

C vitamins are the foundation of immune support. I gave this to my daughter as part of her weekly immune support even when she wasn’t sick.

I would give her two extra doses during the week when she was teething or had a cold which always seemed to help.

Mother’s Bliss Baby Elderberry Drops

I love Mother’s Bliss products because they are a woman/mommy-owned business, using all-natural and simple ingredients and relative affordability during these times of inflation.

I never used these regularly and would only pump her with elderberry while sick or teething.

After a few days of elderberry doses, especially at night while her body recovers, I believe It was a contributing factor to shortening her colds.

Allowing her body to rest and recover as she produced growth hormones to heal herself provides great natural teething remedies for babies.

Mary Ruth’s Infant Liquid Ionic Zinc

Zinc is a necessary immunity mineral we need at all times, especially when our immune support is at risk.

Zinc helps fight any infections or viruses that are bugging the body.

I believe that a flooding baby with zinc, even if no cold symptoms are present while they are teething, can help prevent further ear infections or colds resulting from teething.

ChildLife Essentials Liquid Calcium Magnesium

I love this supplement, which is part of my daughter’s daily routine.

Packed with calcium, essential for strong growing teeth, magnesium is helpful for any soreness, aches, or pains baby may be experiencing, not just in their mouth but from any colds they may develop and the muscle aches that accompany that.

It is also packed with Zinc and Vitamin D for additional immune support.

All these vitamins and minerals are great natural teething remedies for babies.

*Of course, always talk to your pediatrician before giving your baby any supplements.

Feed Baby Immunity Boosting Foods

I would also use fruits with immunity support if your baby is old enough to eat solids.

This is one of the more straightforward home remedies for teething babies.

My daughter loves oranges and clementines.

I would cut them up super small enough for her pincer grasp to manage, and I would feed her oranges for lunch, along with some blueberries and kiwis.

I give her loads of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and some blood oranges when she is teething.

She gobbles them up and fuels her body with all the necessary vitamins to keep her white blood cell count up and healthy.

These berries are full of antioxidants essential to our immune system and help our bodies rest.

Strawberries are packed with vitamin C and B6, helping oxidize stress and allowing proper rest and sleep.

The Vitamin C in oranges also helps promote rest and sleep but can be trickier due to acidity.

So playing around with what agrees with your baby is best.

Do not fear the fruit!

Keeping her immunity strong enough to keep colds and ear infections at bay and the teething relief she needs.

Keep the Poop Pipes Clear

Making sure your baby’s bowels are healthy and regular is an integral home remedy for baby teething.

Before I was a mom, I was in the health and wellness industry, helping people clear their colons of excess waste.

Few people know this, but your colon is one of the leading immunity centers.

When your gut is healthy, you are healthy.

Keeping a good balance of good bacteria in the baby’s gut and keeping the baby regular is one of the best natural remedies for teething babies.

An excellent probiotic for the baby should always be your essential daily ritual.

Not to mention a crucial variable for teething remedies.

It will help accelerate the teething relief progress for your baby.

While teething, fill them up with foods that help flush the baby’s waste, such as:

  • Chia seeds
  • Ground flax seed
  • Prune juice
  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • Wheat cheerios
  • Chicory root powder
  • Magnesium
  • Fennel tea
  • Chlorophyll

All these are excellent all-natural options to keep baby’s digestive tract moving, toned, and strong.

Excellent baby remedies for teething.

Even if it comes to a point where baby is constipated enough to use a Windi device, go ahead and do it.

I would just avoid suppositories or glycerin because it initially clears out baby.

However, they can be intense and potent.

This can make it more difficult for the colon to do its job the next time, making baby even more constipated and leaving you reliant on laxatives to help baby go.

It’s a vicious cycle for many adults, not just babies, and I would avoid it if I could.

Before using over-the-counter laxatives, talk to your pediatrician if you have tried absolutely everything, and they can give you something to help your baby have a BM.

Pain Killers


We can only imagine how painful having our soft, tender gums being punctured by sharp hard teeth.

Thank goodness we don’t remember it, right?

I remember the Full House episode where Michelle is teething; the only thing that helps is Uncle Jesse putting his finger on her tooth!

Luckily, we don’t need to be human painkillers anymore.

There are a plethora of teething products that can help ease a baby’s discomfort.

Infant Tylenol is a staple for baby teething pain remedies.

We talked to our pediatrician.

Infant Tylenol is generally the best option for teething because you can give it to them every 4 hours to ease their pain every day for a month.

Of course, take it day by day.

Baby’s teeth won’t need extra soothing daily.

However, on days they are having a more challenging time, giving baby Tylenol when they wake up and before a nap and bedtime is enough to help them get through the day and get the rest they need.

Tylenol will give your baby the teething relief they need for teething pain at night.

It is also one of the better baby teething fever remedies.

Teething Tablets

I also love Hyland’s Baby Tablets, one of the more holistic teething pain remedies for babies.

We have the day and night ones, but to be honest, I do use the day ones that much.

I found that the nighttime tablets containing chamomile have been highly effective for my daughter before each nap and bedtime.

She can relax and rest well every time I give them to her.

Not only that, she loves them!

It’s part of our nap time and bedtime routine, and she knows when she is about to get them.

I shake them for her, and she gets excited and opens her mouth, giving her 1-2 tablets.

Since she has garnered more fine motor skills, like her pincer grasp, I hold out my hand with the tablets, and she loves grabbing them and putting them in her mouth herself!

Not only that, but she is so proud of herself after too!

It’s so cute, like shaking cat treats, and you hear your cat come thundering down the stairs crying, ready for their treat to eat.

It’s a fun routine and doesn’t make her feel like she’s taking medicine.

Teething Oil

Last but not least, we give her Punkin Butt teething oil.

It’s all-natural, and the active ingredient for pain is clove oil.

I have tried Clove oil, as it’s tried and confirmed in the dentist community as a great natural alternative to help relieve pain.

I even used it when I had tooth sensitivity, and it works wonders.

It’s the ultimate teething relief for babies and helps alleviate teething pain at night and naps so they can get the super important rest they need.

You don’t need much.

Just rub a little bit on your finger gently on their gums and teeth.

This is also part of our nap and bedtime routine since pain is more present at night.

This will give your baby the instant teething relief they are looking for!

Suck That Snot

Why It’s Important

I know this isn’t a teething remedy, BUT snotty noses and colds are a symptom of teething that can make a baby even more miserable and uncomfortable.

Having a cold blows as it is without your teeth hurting on top of it.

One of the grosser teething remedies but just as essential.

Unfortunately, most babies hate having their noses wiped, but you just HAVE to do it.

Also, you must get rid of the snot in their heads to avoid sinus infections.

As someone with a deviated septum and struggles with sinus infections a lot (thanks to a deviated septum), you don’t want your baby to have one on top of teething.

It will be miserable for them.

To avoid the cold turning into a full-blown infection, you must suck the snot out.

Depending on your baby’s age, this may be easy or turn into a full-blown exorcism.

I’m not kidding.

Once my daughter could use her hands to block her face and push me away from sucking her snot, our pediatrician told us we just had to hold her down and do it.

What to Use

You can use the FridaBaby Snot Sucker, or if that grosses you out, just a Snot Sucker Bulb instead.

I would suck my daughter’s snot in the morning, before naps and after naps, and lastly, before bedtime.

Keeping her head clear as possible helped her breathe better and got all that lingering mucous and bacteria out and prevented any cold progression.

I have found that when we suck her snot, the mucous is gone within 2-3 days max, but when we don’t because she fights us so hard, it will linger for weeks until we took her to the doctor, who just told us to hold her down and do it.

My husband would hold her head straight and arms down, and I would suck the snot out of her.

She would hate it, but she would always get better much faster.

It Is A Season Of Trial And Error

Every baby is different and may react to teething and these remedies differently.

Getting the remedies for teething babies can take work.

I mentioned earlier that some babies’ teething experiences are cakewalks, and you would never know they were teething otherwise.

Some babies, like my daughter, take a village for months to keep them comfortable.

As tooth after tooth decides to break through, leaving your little one in constant discomfort.

Different remedies will work for different babies.

There is no universal rule as to what works for all babies.

Keep trying till you find what fits and works for your family and baby.

If all else fails, contact your pediatrician.

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