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This post covers the best Mother’s Day gifts from daughter (mama made!)

Mother's day gifts from daughter

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Alrighty fellow daughters of the world, it’s that time of year when we try to find a Mother’s Day gift that says, ‘Thanks for putting up with my teenage years.’ 😬

From super yummy cookbooks to heartfelt keepsakes that might make her tear up (in a good way, we hope), I’ve scoured the depths of daughterly love to bring you a list of gifts that won’t end up in the back of her closet.

I also found super cute personalized gifts for mom from daughter.

Buckle up; it’s time to shop for the woman who bravely endured our fashion experiments and questionable hairstyle choices!

This post covers the best mother’s day gifts from daughter

Mothers Day GIfts From Daughter

Mother’s Day Gifts from daughter

Mothers Day Printables Opt In 2
Mothers Day Printables Opt In 3

1. pillow slippers

Pillow Slippers
Photo Credit: @amazon

These Pillow Slippers have gotten hella popular in recent years! Super soft and comfortable, they are the perf if your mama loves the beach.

2. Leatherology Toiletry Bag

Leatherology Bag
Photo Credit: @leatherology

For mamas who travel a lot, a nice and hearty toiletry/cosmetic bag like this Leather Makeup Train Case by Leatherology would be a really nice Mother’s Day gift idea.

3. Softies Solid Marshmallow Reverse Seam Crew Neck Lounge Set

Softies Solid Marshmallow Reverse Seam Crew Neck Lounge Set with Bracelet Sleeve
Photo Credit: @amazon

Ommmgooodness girl. This Softies Marshmallow Lounge Set is perfect for a mother-daughter matching set opportunity!

4. Magnolia Table Book

Magnolia Table
Photo Credit: @amazon

I feel like everyone and their mom (lol) loves the Magnolia Network, and for good reason! Get your mama this Magnolia Table Book serving some of the yummiest dishes ever.

5. heart bookmarks

Heart Bookmarks
Photo Credit: @amazon

My mom gave me these super cute Leather Heart Bookmarks and I love them. I figured this gift could work both ways! Perf for the reading mama

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6. botanical soy candles

botanical soy candles
Photo Credit: @simpliorganics

I love these homemade Botanical Soy Candles on Etsy! They make the perf Mother’s Day gift from daughter.

7. loving heart necklace

Loving Heart Necklaces
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

How darn cute is this Loving Heart Matching Necklace Set? Your mom can have one and you can wear the other. Adorbs!

A Mother’s Day gift jewelry lovers will adore.

8. personalized frame wall art

personalized framed wall art mothers day
Photo Credit: @catiacreative

Get a Personalized Frame Wall Art Picture of you and your mama to showcase your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day!

A super cute option for personalized mother daughter gifts.

9. half baked harvest super simple

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple
Photo Credit: @amazon

Give your mama the gift of delish eats! This Half Baked Harvest Super Simple Book has a ton of yummy and easy foods the whole family can enjoy.

A great addition to your Mother Day gift set.

10. Mom i want to hear your story

Mom i Want to Hear Your Story
Photo Credit: @amazon

Have your mom write down her favorite memories with this Mom I Want to Hear Your Story Journey with led prompts and fun exercises your mom will enjoy.

11. i love you mom jewelry dish

I love you mom ring dish
Photo Credit: @amazon

This I Love You Mom Jewelry Dish is a simple and sweet Mother’s Day gift.

12. forget me not palo santo earrings

Forget Me Not Palo Santo Earrings
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Give your mom some jewelry for those dishes. These Forget Me Not Palo Santo Earrings are so pretty, and your mama will always think of you when she wears them.

Perf to add to your Mother’s Day gift bag.

13. dried flower resin page holders

Dried Flower Resen page hodlers
photo credit: @amazon

These Dried Flower Resin Page Holders are such a cute Mother’s Day gift idea for readers!

14. mama bear bracelet and birthstone

mothers day gift ideas
photo credit: @frostedwillow

Get sentimental with this Mama Bear Bracelet and Birthstone Charm! It’s so darn cute and stylish, and your mama will love it.

15. spanx loungewear set

Spanx Loungewear Set
photo credit: @spanx

Your mom will love these uber soft and warm Spanx Loungewear Set. Get matching sets if you want to go all out.

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16. personalized mother-daughter birthstone

personalized birth stone mother daughter necklace
Photo Credit: @delicacyj

There is nothing more sentimental than a super sweet Personalized Mother-Daughter Birthstone Necklace.

17. Skims Loungewear

Skims Loungwear
Photo Credit: @skims

I really adore Skims. I love their bras and undies and def want to get my hands on their Loungewear Set! You can get matching sets together.

18. Personalized Jewelry box

personalized jewelry
Photo Credit: @thatsnicethatuk

Mamas with lots of jewelry will adore a pretty Personalized Jewelry Box. It is another cute choice for mother-daughter matching sets.

One of the more thoughtful Mother’s Day jewelry gifts.

19. Soft Throw Blanket

Soft Throw Blanket
Photo Credit: @amazon

I want to rub my hands and face all over this super soft throw blanket on Amazon. It’s such an awesome Mother’s Day gift.

20. PMD Beauty Clean

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 1
Photo Credit: @pmdbeauty

I freakin love PMD Beauty, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

For at least six years, I have been using their PMD Beauty Clean, and I have never washed my face without it since, dude.

My skin has truly transformed over the years of using the PMD Beauty Clean, and I will use it forever.

Their customer service is great, too. When my original one stopped working after two years of usage, I sent them a video of my PMD Beauty Clean not turning on, and they sent me a new one for free!

I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day years ago, and now we both have one.

21. PMD Beauty Microderm

PMD Personal MIcroderm
Photo Credit: @pmdbeauty

I also have the PMD Beauty Microderm, and I love it.

After getting my PMD Beauty Clean replaced and getting such good customer service, I decided to buy the Microderm!

I love it; I use it every other week or so and notice a huge difference the next morning. Your mom will love hers too.

It’s perfect for sluffing off the dead skin and keeping your complexion bright and smooth!

22. Shower Steamers

Shower STeamers
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

With these awesome Shower Steamers, get your spa-like experience without soaking in a bath!

Your mama can take a nice soothing shower with the aroma of lavender and other herbs and essential oils.

23. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Crossbody bag

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large EastWest Crossbody Green
Photo Credit: @amazon

I got my Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Crossbody Bag years ago, and I freaking love it! I also got a matching wallet, and it’s the cutest. They are super sturdy and have held up really well over the years.

Your mama will feel so fancy.

24. Rose Twisty Taper Candles

Rose Twisty Taper Candles
Photo Credit: @terrain

Your mom will love these gorgeous Rose Twisty Taper Candles Set. They are perf for her dinner table.

25. Mother-daughter candle

mother daughter candle
Photo Credit: @unicorntrendz

Get your mama a super cute and cheeky Mother-Daughter Candle on Etsy.

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26. mimosa sugar cubes

Mimosa sugar cube
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

If you and your mama enjoy Sunday brunch, get after these Mimosa Sugar Cubes!

27. personalized book from daughter

personalized book from daughter
Photo Credit: @luhveebooks

This cute and thoughtful Personalized Journal for your mom is an incredibly sentimental gift this Mother’s Day.

28. the ultimate instant pot cookbook

Instant Pot Cookbook
Photo Credit: @amazon

If your mama is all about her Instant Pot, get after this: The Ultimat Instant Pot Cookbook! Delish af meals in your home are in your future.

29. Bistro Tile Monogram Old Fashioned Glass

Bistro Tile Monogram Old Fashioned Glass
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

Get mother-daughter matching Bistro Tile Monogram Old Fashioned Glasses you can share.

30. Frozen Wine Slushie Mix

Frozen Wine Slushie
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Enjoy these Frozen Wine Slushie Mixes together on a Saturday night after dinner.

31. Brynn Vase

Brynn Vase
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

If your mama loves her florals, getting a gorgeous Ceramic Brynn Vase from Anthropologie is absolutely stunning. She will love it.

Seriously one of the more dazzling Mother’s Day floral gifts.

32. personalized quote mom frame

personalized mom quote frame
Photo Credit: @blossomandpear

Your mom will absolutely adore Personalized Quote Mom Frame.

33. geode crystal soy candle

geode crystal soy candles
Photo Credit: @talandbert

Holistic mamas will freaking love these stunning Geode Crystal Soy Candles! They come in different colors and are so pretty and unique.

34. 7 Scent rollerball oils + Train Case

Rollerball essential oils
Photo Credit: @carter+jane

Your mom will love this Essential Oil Rollerball Variety Pack! The oils are less perfumey and blend into the warm skin much more organically than a traditional perfume.

35. for my mother wood sign

for my mother wood sign
Photo Credit: @emmaandthebean

Barn frames made of salvaged barn wood, this For My Mother Note is one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

36. bath tub tray

bath tub tray
Photo Credit: @nativerange

If your mom is a self care queen and enjoys her bubble baths, this Bathtub Tray is perf to hold all her goodies!

37. Zaza Lustered Coupe Glasses

Zaza Lustered Coupe Glasses
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

How stunning are these Zaza Lustered Coupe Glasses? This set comes with 4, and your mama can enjoy cocktails with you and her friends.

38. Floral Elixir Syrups

Floral Exlir Syru
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Get your mom excited and involved in making her yummy signature cocktails with this Floral Elixir Syrup Variety Pack.

39. Coffee + Tea holders

coffeetea holders
Photo Credit: @williamsonoma

Gifting your mama with a Coffee + Tea Holder is great if she loves her breakfast blends.

40. self-heating nextmug

Next Mug
Photo Credit: @amazon

Help your mama get the perfect temp coffee or tea with this Nextmug Self-Heating Mug.

41. best f*cking mom candle

Best fucking mom candle
Photo Credit: @amazon

If your mom has a good sense of humor, this Best F*cking Mom Candle is perf.

42. gleaming primrose vanity mirror

gleaming primrose vanity mirror
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

I can’t get over how unbelievably stunning this Gold Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror is! It’s awesome if your mom is a beauty and self care queen.

43. brass salt + pepper shakers

brass salt and pepper shaker
Photo Credit: @shopembeellage

These luxury Brass Salt + Pepper Shakers are incredibly bold and stunning. A great Mother’s Day gift from daughter.

44. Glass + Iron Urn Bowl

Glass Iron Urn Bowl
Photo Credit: @terrain

How insanely dazzling is this Glass + Iron Urn Bowl? With summer near, I can’t think of a more ravishing gift for Mother’s Day!

45. gemma martini glasses

gemma martini glasses
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

These charming Rose Gold Martini Glasses are so cute! They come in a set of 4 and is one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas from daughter for sure.

46. rose quartz coasters

rose quartz coasters
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

I have Amethyst coasters and they are sensational. These Rose Quartz Coasters will make such a great Mother’s Day gift! Trimmed with gold, they will be a great addition to your mama’s coffee table.

47. personalized water bottles

personalized water bottle
Photo Credit: @makeamarkstudio

Getting matching Personalized Waterbottles would be so cute!

48. monogrammed tote bag

Monogram Tote Bag
Photo Credit: @amazon

This Monogrammed Tote Bag is simple, cute and goes with almost any occasion.

49. crystal dried floral herb bath soaks

crystal herb bath soaks
Photo Credit: @pixiedustscentology

Give your mama more than just traditional epsom salt. Get her one of these Crystal Dried Floral Herb Soaks! Bring the spa day home.

50. gold taper candle holders

Gold Taper Candle Holders
Photo Credit: @amazon

You mom will love having these Gold Taper Candle Holders for her family gatherings and hosted events.

51. bontanica teapot

Botanica Teapot
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

If your mama is a tea queen, this Botanica Teapot is striking and perf for Mother’s Day.

52. dachshund wine bottle holder

dachshund wine bottle holder
Photo Credit: @zoolandder

This Dachshund Wine Bottle Holder is so cute if your mama is also a Dachshund mama.

53. fluffy house slippers

Fluffly House Slippers
Photo Credit: @amazon

There is nothing better for cold fee than Fluffy House Slippers first thing in the morning.

54. macaron lip balm

macaron lip balm
Photo Credit: @twobrothersandolivia

Move over EOS, Macaron Lip Balms are taking over!

55. handmade whipped body butter

handmade whipped body butter
Photo Credit: @kechibathco

A Homemade Whipped Body Butter is a nice Mother’s Day gift idea.

56. furry feet baby footprint kit

Baby Animal Feet
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

If your mama is also a grandmama, this Furry Feet Baby Footprint Kit is the cutest Mother’s Day gift ever!

It is the perf Mother’s Day gift Nana will love.

57. Day at the spa reed diffuser

day at the spa reed difuser
Photo Credit: @grandcandleco

I love reed diffusers. They smell much more natural and last forever! Get her a yummy smelling Reed Diffuser for her home.

58. birth month wildflower bouquet

birth month wildlower bouquet
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

A Birth Month Wildflower Bouquet is a delightful Mother’s Day gift idea from daughter. Get your month and hers.

59. daisy glasses

Daisy Glasses
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

I can’t get over how adorable and cute these Daisy Glasses are! The perf Mother’s Day gift idea.

60. CBD Rose petal pre rolls

Rose Petal CBD Preroll
Photo Credit: @treeroll

Dried herbs and rose petals mixed with CBD flowers are great for people who want to decompress after a long day. These Rose Petal CBD Hemp Rolls are perf for you both to share while you enjoy relaxing in the backyard together.

61. Rose gold mirror compact

Rose Gold Mirror Compact
Photo Credit: @amazon

A great Mother’s Day gift idea is a beautiful Rose Gold Compact Mirror with a sweet love note.

62. Kitty eyeglass holder

Kitty Eyeglass holder
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

I can’t get over how darn cute this Kitty Eyeglass Holder is! Great for reading mamas.

63. lavender grow box

lavender grow
Photo Credit: @sprigbox

Who doesn’t love fresh lavender? Get your mama a Lavender Grow Box Kit to help her grow her Lavender.

64. Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Gua Sha Rose Quartz
Photo Credit: @amazon

I know there are loads of dermatologists that poo-poo facial massages and gua sha, but gurl, I don’t care haha

Gua Sha and facial massages have been amazing for my skin health. They feel so good, and they have absolutely improved the overall appearance of my face and complexion when I regularly use them.

Keeping your facial muscles toned and fresh oxygen and new blood flowing through your face can totally help you look brighter and less puffy.

Your mama will love it.

65. Lollia Bubble Bath

Lollia Bubble Bath
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

Get your mama a luxurious Bubble Bath to relax among the lush bubbles.

mohter’s day gifts from daughter

Mothers Day GIfts From Daughter 1

And that’s a wrap on our Mother’s Day extravaganza! Remember, while the gifts are great, the biggest present might just be reminding Mom why she put up with all your shenanigans over the years.

You don’t need to spend a butt ton on a gift to showcase your love either. A thoughtful gift is priceless! To the fellow mamas out there: May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much joy and love as the ‘fun’ our daughters brought into your lives. Happy Mother’s Day – you’ve earned every bit of today’s pampering and then some!

This post covers the best mother’s day gifts from daughter.

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