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This post lists 75+ best Mother’s Day beach gift ideas she will love (mama made!).

Mothers Day Beach Gift Ideas

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 Hey, beach lovers! Living in sunny San Diego, I’ve experienced my fair share of blissful beach days.  

I may be living in NC, far from the sandy shores of San Diego, where I once basked in the sun, but my heart still remembers those beach days.

Shoot, as a busy mama myself, imagining a day at the beach can feel restorative.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of the best beach gifts for all those beach-loving moms.

Think functional yet trendy beach bags, soft and durable beach towels, and beach chairs that are actually comfortable.

And because we all deserve to feel good, some beauty products for that sun-kissed look, no beach required. The beach-loving mom will love many of these amazing gifts that give her all the beach vibes!

Whether planning a beach trip or wanting to capture that beach vibe, these are genuinely great ideas.

Dive into this list of the best gifts – practical, thoughtful, and sure to be appreciated by the ocean-loving mom who loves the beach!

Alrighty, let’s do it!

This post covers the best Mother’s Day Beach Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Beach gift ideas

You know, a mom who can spike a beach volleyball as easily as she whips up dinner.

Why not add a sprinkle of beach theme to this Mother’s Day?

It’s all about finding that great gift idea that echoes her love for the shore.

So, whether she’s all about catching the waves or just soaking up the sun, I’ve got a few Mother’s Day beach gifts in mind that will make her day special.

Now, let’s find your special mom a great beach gift!

Mothers Day Printables Opt In 2
Mothers Day Printables Opt In 3

1. LSPACE Heat Waves Tote

LSPACE Heat Waves Tote
Photo Credit: @anthropology

I love this beach tote. Giving your beach-going mama a sturdy and cute tote bag is the way to go!

This LSpace Heat Waves Tote from Anthropology checks off all the boxes.

It’s an awesome overall beach bag.

2. Starfish olive oil pourer

Starfish Olive Oil Pourer
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

This Starfish Olive Oil Pourer is so cute and perf for those mamas with a coastal kitchen!

3. Personalized Blue Waves ceramic mug

Blue Waves Ceramic Mug
Photo Credit: @freckledflamingoco

Go for a personalized gift like this Blue Waves Ceramic Beach Mug on Etsy!

4. waterproof phone pouch

Waterproof phone pouch
Photo Credit: @amazon

Gone are the days when your mama used a plastic sandwich baggie to keep her phone safe! Get her a Waterproof Phone Pouch to protect her phone from water, sand, and hot ass sun!

It’s a super practical gift for beachgoers.

5. PErsonalized pool bag

Personalzied Pool Bag
Photo Credit: @thenativebride

Ensure your mama has a cute Waterproof Toiletry Bag to keep her SPF, moisturizers, and other goodies safe from the sand.

The perfect beach gift!

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6. Ceramic Oyster shell ring dish

Ceramic Oyster Shell Ring Dish
Photo Credit: @daniellaleighart

A trinket dish like these stunning gold foil trimmed Blue and White Oyster Shell Ring Dishes is a great Mother’s Day gift.

It’s a gorgeous beach-themed gift.

7. pillow slippers

Pillow Slippers
Photo Credit: @amazon

These Pillow Slippers have gotten hella popular in recent years! Super soft and comfortable, they are the perfect sandals for beach-going mamas.

8. Beach State Summerland 6.5ft Portable Umbrella

Palm Beach Umbrella
Photo Credit: @williamsonoma

Get your mama a cute and sturdy Beach Umbrella with a cute Palm Beach design and pretty boho beach fringe.

9. straw floppy hat

Straw Floppy Hat
Photo Credit: @amazon

I got this cute Straw Floppy Hat a few years ago and love it! It’s great for my daughter’s days in the garden, park, or lake. What’s great is that it goes with almost anything!

It’s an ideal gift for summer.

10. shaping swimsuit

Shaping swimwear
Photo Credit: @ta3

Gurrrrrl, I am hella getting this Shaping Swimsuit for this summer! It’s super cute and helps accentuate your natural curves, keeping you shapely and secure. TA3 has lots of different styles, too! An awesome choice for Mother’s Day beach gift ideas.

It’s a perfect gift idea for a new swimsuit.

11. ray bans

mothers day gift ideas 2
Photo Credit: @raybans

Keep your mama looking stylish at the beach! Ray Bans are such a nice gift for Mother’s Day.

When growing up in San Diego, Ray-Bans were the pair of sunglasses to wear! They also come in a variety of colors, so yay!

12. cross body bag

Cross Body Bag
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

Get Mama the Cross Body Bag she needs to keep her toiletries and sunglasses safe and clean.

13. corduroy rip curl nomad backpack

Rip Curl Backpack
Photo Credit: @ripcurl

I absolutely love this soft and sturdy Corduroy Rip Curl Backpack! It’s perfect for holding towels, beauty products, and all the goodies your mom needs on the sand and water for a good day.

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14. Hooded changing poncho

Hooded Changing Poncho
Photo Credit: @sandcloud

A cute and soft Changing Poncho is perf for your mama to get in and out of her bathing suit on the beach.

15. Ice flow water jug

Ice Flow Water Jug
Photo Credit: @amazon

Make sure your mama stays hydrated out in the sun all day! Getting her a cute Ice Flow Water Jug will keep her water cold and icy for hot days at the beach.

16. Sandy Shirred Strappy Cutout One Piece Swimsuit

Sandy Shirred Strappy Cutout One Piece Swimsuit
Photo Credit: @cupshe

Another super cute shaping swimsuit option for your mom! Going for a Strappy Shaping One Piece with this beautiful rust color will light her up.

17. waterproof playing cards

Waterproof Playing Cards
Photo Credit: @amazon

If your mama loves to play cards, get her this Waterproof Playing Cards Set to play at the beach.

18. maximus beach towel

Maxiums Beach Towel
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

A giant soft Towel Blanket from Anthropologie will help your mama take the ultimate beach naps!

She will love the vibrant colors. 

19. beach vase

Beach Vase
Photo Credit: @wendysshelldesigns

Bring the beach inside for your mama with this stunning handmade Beach Vase on Etsy.

It’s a beautiful beach gift.

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20. sea animals beach wall art

Sea Animals Wall ARt
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Another stunning beach Mother’s Day gift idea! Pretty Sea Animals Beach Wall Art will look amazing on your mama’s walls.

Such a great idea for shore-inspired gifts.

21. Ponytail Beach summer hat

Ponytail beach summer hat
Photo Credit: @amazon

If your mama enjoys having her hair up in a bun or ponytail at the beach, she will love this Ponytail Beach Summer Hat! She can have her hair up and face out of the sun.

22. Beach waterproof mascara

Beach Waterproof Mascara
Photo Credit: @amazon

Infused with coconut oil for the ultimate hydration, this Beach Waterproof Mascara will keep her eyelashes looking lifted, dark, and hydrated after swimming all day in the water.

23. roxy platform flip flops

Roxy Platform Sandals
Photo Credit: @roxy

I adored Roxy growing up in San Diego. These Platform Flip Flops are so freaking cute! Perf for mama’s beach look for sure.

24. igloo cooler

Igloor Cooler
Photo Credit: @amazon

This Igloo Cooler is super cute and will keep your mama’s snacks and drinks cool and fresh.

25. Beach Riot Hilary Sweater

Beach Riot Hilary Sweater
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

Made of soft cotton, this Pullover Beach Sweater is a great coverup for your mama after a long day of swimming and sunning.

26. island reef coasters

Islan Reef Coaster
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

I can’t get over how cute and creative these Island Reef Coasters are! They will be a hit at your beach-loving mama’s coffee table!

It’s an awesome choice for shore-inspired gifts.

27. salty sweatshirt

Salty Sweatshirt
Photo Credit: @urbanxdesignstudio

A cute and cozy Graphic Sweatshirt is the way to go for Mother’s Day beach gift ideas!

28. waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof Speaker
Photo Credit: @amazon

Help your mama jam out at the beach with a cute, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

It also comes in different colors. 

29. wet hair brush

Wet Hair Brush
Photo Credit: @amazon

Your mama can keep her beach hair in check with this Wet Hair Brush specifically designed to detangle wet hair when it’s most fragile.

A great way to keep her hair in good shape after a beach day.


Mothers day beach gifts
Photo Credit: @businessandpleasure

The ultimate lounge chair like this, Lauren’s Pink Stripe by Business & Pleasure, will make your mama feel classic and beautiful sunbathing!

31. marigold beach overalls

Marigold Beach OVeralls
Photo Credit: @freepeople

A pretty, airy, and flowy Beach Overalls set from Free People will make the perfect beach cover up for your mama.

32. cream fringe beach chair

Cream White Beach Chair
Photo Credit: @business&pleasure

Omg this Cream Fringe Beach Chair is a boho mama’s dream. That mini pillow on top, yass! Beach naps are a go!

33. Roxy Crew Pullover Sweatshirt

Roxy Crop Top Sweatshirt
Photo Credit: @roxy

For those breezy beach nights, your mama will be so warm and cute in this Roxy Crew Pullover Sweatshirt.

34. Knit cover up dress

Knit Coverup Dress
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

I used to have a Knit Coverup Dress like this when my husband and I lived in PB San Diego. It’s the best because you can just slap it on after a day at the beach and go shopping and out to grab food.

35. Palm beach book

Palm Beach Book
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

This Palm Beach Book is a good book for the living room coffee table. Your mama will adore the Palm Beach aesthetic pictures and lifestyle stories inside!

36. Tulip cane candle lanterns

Tulip Can Candle Lanterns
Photo Credit: @terrain

The wicker brains on these Tulip Cane Candle Lanterns are stunning and appropriate for beach decor. Your mom can create the prettiest beach romantic ambiance with these!

37. maha mane detangler

Maha Mane Detangler
Photo Credit: @sephora

After a long beach day, your mama’s hair will need some TLC. This Maha Mane Detangler is packed with aloe and red hibiscus to help remove knots and keep your mama’s hair hydrated.

38. vegamour frizz-reducing leave-in conditioner

Vegamour leave in conditioner
Photo Credit: @sephora

Once your mama has her hair detangled, replenishing the moisture in her hair is perf for a nice, luxurious day at the beach! Try this Vegamour Frizz-Reducing Leave-In Conditioner to help keep her strands healthy and moisturized.

39. Portable Charger

Portable Charger
Photo Credit: @amazon

A Portable Charger is a must for all beach-going mamas.

40. Portable Handheld mini fan

Portable Hand Held Mini Fan
Photo Credit: @amazon

It’s likely to get pretty toasty at the beach. Get your mama a cute and Mini Portable Handheld Fan to keep her cool.

41. roxy slip-on sneakers

Bayshore Plus Shoes
Photo Credit: @roxy

I used to have a pair of these as a kid growing up in San Diego! We also used to go camping in Mexico a ton, and these cute Roxy Slip-On Sneakers are the best go-to beach camping shoes!

They’re perfect for the beach vacation.

42. whale tail serving board

Whale Tale Serving Board
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Your mom will absolutely adore this Whale Tail Serving Board to show off to visitors.

43. cute distressed jean shorts

Jean Shorts
Photo Credit: @freepeople

Having a nice pair of Levi Jean Shorts for the beach is perf as a coverup.

44. MIni Moroccan oil treatment

Mini Morroccon Oil
Photo Credit: @amazon

Help your mama replenish the important oils in her hair with this Mini Moroccan Oil Treatment. Pef for a rich hydrating treatment for her ends!

45. Daily Dose Bioretinol + Mineral SPF 40 with Bakuchiol

Daily Dose Bioretinol Mineral SPF 40 with Bakuchiol
Photo Credit: @sephora

I freaking love Super Goop and have been using their products for years now. This Daily Dose of Bioretinol + Mineral SPF 40 with Bakuchiol will protect your mama from the sun and pack it with antioxidants that will help keep her skin healthy, hydrated, and firm.

46. Roxy Minnow slip on shoes

Minnow Slip On Shoes
Photo Credit: @roxy

I love Roxy Minnow Slip-On Shoes! They were awesome for the beach and the only shoes that could fit my feet when I was pregnant! So cushy and comfortable.

47. coola organic hair spf mist

Coola Hair Scalp Mist
Photo Credit: @amazon

Did you know that your hair can totally get sunburned? Yeah, dude, the sun’s harsh! Getting your mama a nice Coola Organic Hair SPF Mist will protect her hair from the sun’s harsh UV rays and keep her hair healthy.

Great for a spa gift basket.

48. The witch’s book of self care

The Witches Book of Self Care
Photo Credit: @amazon

I feel there is no place more appropriate to study self-care practices than the beach! Your mom will get a kick from this Witch’s Book of Self-Care as she takes the time to nourish her spirit.

49. positive affirmation card deck

Positive Affirmation Card Deck
Photo Credit: @amazon

What better place to go over mantras and healthy affirmations than the beach? This Positive Affirmation Card Deck is among the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

50. Nostalgia Eau De Parfum Travel Spray

Nostalgia Eau De Parfum Travel Spray
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

With the fresh scent of warm coconuts, this Nostalgia Eau De Parfum Travel Spray is the perf Mother’s Day beach gift idea.

It’s the perfect way to help her feel a little fancier at the beach.

51. Talc-Free Sand Removing Powder

Beach Powder
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

Sand be gone! Help your mama rid the sand from her feet with this Talc-Free Sand Removing Powder.

Perf for the beach bum.

52. shiseido clear sunscreen stick SPF 50

Shiseido sunscreen
Photo Credit: @sephora

Help your mama protect her skin from harmful UV rays with this Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick packed with SPF 50. No burns here!

53. body glide anti-chafe balm

Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm
Photo Credit: @amazon

Help keep your mama’s skin comfortable and smooth during an active day at the beach with this Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm.

54. underarm wipes

Underarm Wipes
Photo Credit: @amazon

Getting your mom Pacifica Underarm Wipes is perf if she needs to freshen up after a day of fun quickly.

55. Cay Skin SPF Hydrating body mist

Cay Skin SPF SPray
Photo Credit: @sephora

Help your mama protect her skin with this weightless Cay Skin SPF Hydrating Body Mist.

56. beach sign

Beach Sign
Photo Credit: @3dogswoodworksllc

If your mom has a beach-themed bathroom, this Beach Sign would be so cute!

57. bath & body works beach body gel

Beach Body Gel
Photo Credit: @amazon

This super delish-smelling Bath & Body Works Beach Body Gel is another awesome addition to your mama’s beach-themed bathroom! Or if she simply loves the smell of the beach lol

58. Vacation baby oil spf 30

Vacation SPF Body Oil
Photo Credit: @freepeople

Packed with vitamin E and super weightless and hydrating, get your mom this Vacation SPF 30 Baby Oil to protect her skin.

59. 1990 roxy crew neck sweatshirt

1990 Roxy Sweatshirt
Photo Credit: @roxy

I can’t get over the cute nostalgia vibes of this 1990 Roxy Crew Neck Sweatshirt! The perf pullover for your mom.

60. Sour Space Candy Pre-roll 5 pack

Sour Space Candy CBD Preroll
Photo Credit: @cannaflower

Nothing is better than feeling light as a feather and floating in the ocean without being in it! These Sour Space Candy Pree-Roll CBD 5 Pack is a treat for the mama who loves to decompress at the beach.

A super fun gift for one cool mom.

61. kopari aluminum-free deodorant

Kopari Aluminum Free Deodorant
Photo Credit: @amazon

A cute and tiny Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant will help keep your mama fresh all day at the beach.

62. Sea glass ocean hemp bracelet

ocean hemp bracelet
Photo Credit: @bebeautifuldesigns

This handcrafted Sea Glass Ocean Hemp Bracelet is great for Mother’s Day beach gift ideas.

63. beach trip candle

Beach Trip Candle
Photo Credit: @anthropologie

Get the fragrances of warm florals and coconuts with this Beach Trip Candle!

It’s a fun beach gift, for sure. 

64. whale tail beaded earrings

Whale Tail Earrings
Photo Credit: @uncommongoods

These Whale Tail Beaded Earrings are so unique and one of a kind! It’s one of the cutest Mother’s Day beach gift ideas.

65. personalized wooden page holder

mothers day gifts
Photo Credit: @irrelephantph

Your mama probably loves reading her fave novel on the beach. A Personalized Wooden Book Page Holder is awesome for reading days at the beach!

66. Vitamin Enriched Hydrating Skin Tint SPF 15 with Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin Enriched Hydrating Skin Tint SPF 15 with Hyaluronic Acid
Photo Credit: @sephora

Your mom will love this Vitamin Enriched Hydrating Skin Tint SPF 15 with Hyaluronic Acid for beach days! Super lightweight with a sheer tint to help brighten her complexion and protect it from UV rays.

67. Flowy beach pants

Beach Pants
Photo Credit: @roxy

These double-layer cotton gauze fabric Beach Pants are perf for beach lounging!

68. nuda face tan water

NUDA Face Tan WAter
Photo Credit: @freepeople

Packed with antioxidants and lightweight fresh ingredients like aloe vera, white tea, cucumber, rosehip oil, and more, this NUDA Face Tan Water will help give your mama a nice, subtle, and healthy color on her face over time.

69. Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm

ILIA Hydrathing Lip Balm
Photo Credit: @sephora

This Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm will give your mom a nice tint and hydrate her lips. Perf for beach days.

70. super goop 100% mineral under eye spf 40 brightener

Super Goop Bright Eye Sunscreen
Photo Credit: @sephora

Years ago, I took a little break from wearing makeup. I found this Super Goop 100% Mineral Under Eye SPF 40 Brightner and freaking loved it! It never seeped into my eyes or made them sting and gave me a brighter and fresher look. Your mama will love this for beach days.

71. distressed mama ballcap

distressed mama ballcap
Photo Credit: @sewvividesigns

Your mom will love this cute Distressed Mama Ballcap for her beach days!

72. Vacation Classic Whip Sunscreen SPF 30

Classic Whipped Sunscreen
Photo Credit: @freepeople

How freaking cute and cool is this Classic Whipped Sunscreen? It looks like whipped cream but will keep your mama’s skin hydrated and safe from the sun!

73. dune lifeguard gel relief

Dune Lifegaurd Gel Relief
Photo Credit: @freepeople

With this Dune Lifeguard After Sun Care Gel, your mom will keep her skin healthy and hydrated better. It’s nice and cooling after a beach day.

74. ceramic sea turtle ring dish

ceramic sea turtle ring dish
Photo Credit: @shophandmadeinca

If your mama is all about beach decor, she will be all over this super cute Ceramic Sea Turtle Ring Dish.

75. hiyo feel the float variety pack

Hiyo Feel the Float
Photo Credit: @hiyo

Packed with stress-relieving and mood-enhancing herbs, this Hiyo Feel the Float Variety Pack contains flavors like mango, watermelon, and more!

Give your mama a nice little floaty beach high as she listens to the waves break all afternoon.

Mother’s Day Beach Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Beach Gift Ideas 1 1

So, that wraps up our guide to finding practical beach gifts for Mother’s Day!

Making this list brought me back to my San Diego and Mexico days!

I hope this gift guide makes your hunt easier and fun and is helpful for the ocean-minded mom. 

For moms who find joy in beach vibes, consider some beach house decor to add a touch of the shore to their daily lives.

Remember, a thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be grand – sometimes, the best presents are simple, beachy gifts that remind her of good times by the sea.

Here’s to giving her a great time with gifts that resonate with her love for the beach. Happy Mother’s Day shopping!

This post covers the best Mother’s Day Beach Gift Ideas.

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