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This post lists 35 adorable baby Fourth of July outfits for girls to celebrate.

baby fourth of july outfits for girls

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Independence Day is a time for fireworks, picnics, parades, and spending time with loved ones.

It’s America’s birthday, and we all mamas of baby girls are looking for baby Fourth of July outfits to celebrate!

Luckily, there are many super freaking cute infant 4th of July outfits for baby girls!

The Fourth of July is my husband’s favorite holiday behind Christmas, so he was excited to find a Fourth of July baby outfit for our 2-week-old daughter!

I remember getting a cute little red, white, and blue tutu for my baby girl on her first Fourth of July when she was only a few weeks old!

annabelle fourth of july
Annabelle was two weeks old on her first
fourth of July!

From patriotic to cute and sweet, you will find the perfect Fourth of July baby outfit for your little girl here!

This post will cover baby Fourth of July outfits for girls.

baby fourth of july outfits

Fourth of July Baby Outfits

From organic to chic, you will find the cutest and most patriotic red, white, and blue outfits for your baby girl on the 4th of July!

1. Smocked Bubble American Flag Romper

fourth of july baby outfit
july outfit

This American flag bubble romper is so cute!

It’s made of 100% cotton and embroidered.

The ruffle sleeves are so cute, and your baby girl will look adorable holding little American flags while wearing them! 

Perfect for baby 4th of July outfits!

2. 4th of July Personalized Outfit 

infant fourth of july outfits

Are you looking for something a little more unique and personalized?

4th of July baby clothes that are personalized are the best!

So unique and cute.

Pick a bubble romper, tank top romper, or dress.

Then you can pick a color and have your baby girl’s name embroidered on the front!

It will make for great Independence Day pictures and will be something you keep for years. 

3. American Babe Bummies

fourth of july outfits babies

If you are a fan of bummies, you will love this American Babe Bummie set!

How cute are the bummie designs?

It comes with a matching bow and is handmade.

Your baby girl will look so darn cute! 

If you aren’t a fan of the whole ensemble or want the bow, you can do that too.

Mix and match girl!

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4. Little Miss USA Romper

fourth of july outfits for baby girl

Are you looking for 4th of July outfits for babies that you can customize?

This romper set comes with five pieces that you can customize!

You can go all in and get the stockings, socks, shoes, and your choice of 2 headbands or grab one of two! 

Adorable and handmade, your baby girl will look super cute in this romper and perfect for all the pictures!

Again, if you aren’t a fan of the whole ordeal and want a few accessories like shoes or bows, go for it!

5. America Blue Bummies

fourth of july outfit bummie

How cute are this American onesie and those stars’ bummies?

Handmade with a matching bow, you will support a mom-owned company, and your daughter will look adorbs! 

Extremely affordable, comfortable and cute for baby girl.

6. Rocket Popsicles

baby fourth of july outfits

If you are a fan of Little Rascals, you will get a kick out of this outfit!

Starring a quote from Darla on the front, it is the perfect graphic T-shirt for your baby girl.

Not to mention the satisfaction of others noticing the Little Rascals reference!

The fact the pants are bell bottoms is just the cherry on top of this Fourth of July baby outfit!

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7. Red and White Stripes Romper 

baby girl fourth of july romper

This bubble romper with red and white stripes is the perfect ensemble for the Fourth of July!

Handmade and monogrammed, it will be a personalized outfit your baby girl will look so sweet in.

The ruffle bum is just the cutest! 

A perfect baby Fourth of July outfit for a day out at the carnival or pier!

8. Sequin Patriot Romper

fourth of july bodysuit

Are you looking for all the bells and whistles?

Your baby girl will look like a little patriotic baton twirler in this cute romper!

This red and blue sequin romper will have everyone melting over your baby girl.

Another customizable ensemble, you can add accessories like socks, headbands, or clips!

Make it your own. 

9. Boho American Flag Romper

fourth of july romper

If you are located near a beach or anywhere near the water for the holiday, this Boho Patriot romper is a must!

How cute is the little heart top?

It’s handmade, has cotton, lace, and fringe, and will be perfect for all the Independence Day pictures. 

If you’re all about the boho chic look, this is the perfect Fourth of July baby outfit!

10. Blue and White Start Monogrammed Romper

fourth of july baby dress
red fourth of july dress

I can’t get over how gorgeous this romper is!

It looks like a little American Alice and Wonderland outfit, lol

Get your little girl’s initials monogrammed on the top, and if you have a preemie, they just released a dress size for them too! 

Such a cute baby Fourth of July outfit.

It also comes in red if you want a warmer-colored option for baby!

11. Merica’ Baby Romper

american baby romper

I love this one.

It looks like a baby American cooking apron!

It’s a halter top that will keep the baby cool during that warm summer month and comes with a matching headband.

One of the cutest fourth of July baby girl outfits!

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12. Cropped Halter Top

fourth of july halter top

This little number is a must if you go to the beach, a BBQ, or a pool party for the holiday!

With a cute little cropped halter top and fringed shorts, your baby girl will look darn cute all day.

Almost like a little Dallas Cowgirl! 

13. Little Firecracker 4th of July Baby Onesies

fourth of july onesie

If you want something simple to work off of, I got you!

4th of July baby onesies are the perfect starting point in constructing the perfect Independence Day outfit!

This onesie is affordable and cute, and you can find the perfect bummies to match them with.

Or, don’t add any bummies; accessorize with a cute bow and some sandals for baby girl! 

14. American Babe Onesie

fourth of july shirt

This is another super simple and affordable option if you want something quick or have bottoms and accessories you know will work with it!

4th of July baby onesies are the perfect starting point for creating a cute outfit.

Add some cute bummies and sandals, and the look is complete!

15. White Patriotic Bubble Romper

patriot romper

Another personalized option!

This fresh, crisp, white bubble romper is a classic look for your baby girl!

The red monogrammed initials will look gorgeous.

Add cute red sandals and a bow; then the look is complete!

16. Red, White, and Blue Romper


This red, white, and blue romper is perfect if you want something affordable and patriotic.

Made of cotton, stretchy and breathable, your baby girl will be comfortable in the warm sun all day. 

A simple, sweet, and satisfying baby 4th of July outfit!

17. Red Plaid Farmer’s Daughter

plaid fourth of july outfit

I love this outfit!

How cute is it?

It’s like a little farmer’s daughter outfit.

Perfect for all summer, not just the fourth of July.

Grab some white sandals to finish the look, and you’re ready! 

18. Patriotic Sundress

patriotic sundress

If you are looking for a sundress look, this patriotic dress is perfect!

Such a cute baby girl Fourth of July dress!

Super flowy and breezy, it’s perfect for summer to keep your baby girl cool, and it comes in a couple of different designs of stars and stripes!

Affordable and made of cotton, your baby girl will look so cute in this dress for independence day. 

One of the cutest 4th of July baby girl dresses!

19. Cowgirl Patriot

western fourth of july outfit

Are you looking for something more country?

This Western Patriot set is so damn cute.

The fringe on the bummies sells the Western look, and the American flag takes it all the way home!

20. All American Girl Set

fourth of july american girl outfti

This all-American girl set is so cute for a Fourth of July baby outfit!

The bummies have little Ice cream cones, which are so fitting for summer, and the little matching bow is adorable!

Your baby girl will get many oooss and ahhhs on the Holiday. 

21. American Flag Romper

Usa outfit

How cute is this little American Flag romper?

The design is perfect for the holiday and is a simple and one of the more affordable Fourth of July infant girl outfits.

The retro look is awesome, and the lace ties for the shoulder straps are so cute and minimal!

Your baby girl will be super comfy all day long. 

22. Born Free Outfit

fourth of july born free outfit

On the lookout for some cheeky graphics T’s?

I got you!

How cute is this shirt?

A born-free outfit is the best 4th of July baby girl clothes design!

You will, without a doubt, get chuckles from people who read it and not to mention have everyone gush over your little girl.

Perfect for a beach day or BBQ!

23. American Flag Two Piece

fourth of july two piece

If you want something more girly, this tube top set is perfect.

The bows and skirt are so cute, and the red and white striped tube top and ribbon halter are super pretty.

The perfect Fourth of July baby girl outfits for older babies.

24. Red Plaid Onesie

red plaid fourth of july ones

Here is another little farmer’s daughter plaid design!

Keep it a la carte and add a little bow, are find some faux jean bummies, and your baby girl will look stylish af! 

25. Tassel Crop Top

fourth of july outfit babe

Ready for some good ole classic red, white, and blue?

This white romper set delivers, girl!

The fringe crop top is super cute; with bummies and a little bow, the ensemble is simple yet satisfying!

26. Denim Bubble Romper

denim baby romper fourth of july

If you are looking for baby Fourth of July outfits that are a little more organic to work off of, this romper is perfect!

Add a little straw sunhat, red sunglasses shaped like hearts, and little red sandals; your look is golden.

Baby girl will look so cute rocking this ensemble.

27. Blue and White Striped Jersey Dress

blue and white stripes

Are you looking for 4th of July baby girl dresses that are super simple?

This cute little H&M number is perfect.

Made of 100% cotton, this dress has short sleeves and will keep baby warm and cool all day long.

Not to mention it’s super cheap!

28. Passion Red

fourth of july outfits for baby girls

If you love bandanas, you will adore this super cute bright red tank top and short set with a red bandana pattern! Add much-needed contrast to your baby girl’s outfit with cute denim sneakers or blue sandals.

29. Red White + Blue Stripes

red white and blue stripes

This red, white, and blue striped sun dress is a cute option for any beach, bay, lake, or pool party! Use it on its own as a pretty sundress or a bathing suit cover for baby.

30. Stars + Stripes Onesie

stars and stripes baby onesie

If your baby girl is still super young, like my daughter was her first Fourth of July (only 2 weeks old), going with a cute yet festive onesie dress is a way to keep your baby looking patriotic AF and keep them comfortable throughout the day!

31. Watermelon Bubble Romper

watermelon romper

This watermelon bubble romper from Carter’s is a really cute and minimal option for baby girl. You still get the red and blue aesthetic, and add white sandals for baby girl’s feet, and you’re good to go.

32. Overall Dress

fourth of july baby girl overall

If your baby girl is walking and boogying around, this 2-piece body suit jumper dress outfit is perfect! Loose enough for baby girl to run around comfortably all day and festive.

33. Red + White Striped Jumpsuit

red white striped jumpsuit

I love Cat & Jack, and this red and white striped romper is no exception! Incredibly appropriate for 4th of July festivities but not so patriotic baby can’t wear it again all summer. Your baby girl will look cute in this as long as the sun is out!

34. Red White + Blue Spot Romper

red white and blue spot romper

Another gorgeous and super cute piece from Cat & Jack! A cream and white bubble romper with mini red, white, and blue bows is insanely adorable and versatile for all summer.

35. Wonder Woman

wonder woman

If you’re a DC fan, what is more, American than Wonder Woman?! This simple romper is great for younger babies and can be worn throughout the year.

Baby Fourth of July Outfits

Finding Fourth of July outfits for babies can be hard in an oversaturated market, so hopefully, this list was helpful!

Dressing up your baby girl in a cute Fourth of July outfit is a great way to celebrate this special holiday and create lasting memories.

Whether you prefer a classic red, white, and blue theme or something more whimsical and fun, I hope the list inspired you and you found something you liked!

So get creative with your outfit choices, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos to remember this special day.

Happy Fourth of July to you and your family!

This post was about baby Fourth of July outfits for girls.

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