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This post is the ultimate recipe list for 4th of July Food.

4th of july food

Is there anything better than gathering your friends and family for a BBQ, cookout, or picnic to enjoy delicious 4th of July foods?

This year, make it even more special with delicious food recipes that are sure to please.

From classic American favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs to salads and side dishes, there’s something for everyone at your Independence Day celebration.

As a wife of a 4th of July fanatic and the mother of a baby foodie, I know how important it is to have a variety of yummy foods for your family to enjoy on ‘Murica’s birthday!

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just having a small gathering, these festive recipes will surely bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

So, fire up the grill, set out some festive decor, and prepare to celebrate in delicious style!

This post reviews 170 super yummy and festive 4th of July food ideas and recipes that are perfect for a crowd or celebrating at a small picnic at the park.

4th of July food

4th of July Appetizers

From patriotic popcorn to stars and stripes deviled eggs, here are 25 delish 4th of July appetizer recipes your whole family will love.

1. Starstruck Berry Marshmallow Pie Bites

starstruck berry marshmallow

If you want your guests to munch on something sweet, this recipe by Urban Bakes of mini marshmallow pies is cute and tasty.

2. Tortilla Chip Cup

red white and blue tortilla cups

Another simple and delicious sweet treat for your guests! A light tortilla chip recipe by Tried & Tasty that is sweet and satisfying.

3. Watermelon Caprese Stars

watermelon caprese

These sweet and savory watermelon caprese stars by Skinnytaste are perfect for snacking.

4. Baked Potato Slices

baked potato slices

Make these yummy baked potato slices full of gooey and cheesy goodness by The Cozy Cook.

5. Vidalia Onion Dip

onion dip

A baked onion dip with yummy cheese and cream cheese by Pizzazerie is creamy and perfect for a crowd to snack on with pita chips!

6. Cake Batter Dip

cake batter dip

Another sweet option for your guests with this fluffy cake batter dip by Sugar and Soul.

7. Patriotic Charcuterie Board

red white and blue charcueteri board

Every BBQ or picnic needs an easy snack from the charcuterie board, especially when kids are around! This recipe by Tasty Oven is perfect.

8. Firecracker Hot Dogs

firecracker hot dogs

Simple, adorable, and a snack your kids will absolutely love on their 4th of July! This recipe by Handmade in the Heartland is definitely a kid’s favorite.

9. Red White + Blue Deviled Eggs

red white and blue deviled eggs

Bring deviled eggs that pack a patriot punch with this recipe by Signing Through the Rain.

10. Patriotic Popcorn

patriotic popcorn

Fun, festive, sweet, and savory, everyone, young and small, will be a massive hit at your picnic. This 4th of July popcorn recipe by Mom Foodie will kill it.

11. Buffalo & Blue Cheese Popcorn

buffalo popcorn

Give your guests the spicy and rich flavors of buffalo and blue cheese popcorn with this recipe by Food & Wine.

12. Red White + Blue Skewers

vegan 4th of july recipes

Easy to make and festive, this vegan recipe by Stacey Homemaker is delicious and one of the healthier 4th of July recipes.

13. Stars & Stripes Deviled Eggs

4th of july deviled eggs

Give your guests these stars and stripes cute deviled eggs by She Keeps a Lovely Home.

14. Tomatoes With Green Goddess Dressing

green goddess dressing

Give your guests a refreshing and light appetizer, like this Tomato and green goddess recipe by Woman’s Day!

15. Grilled Apples with Prosciutto & Honey

grilled apples and duck

Prepare this yummy grilled apple and prosciutto recipe by Country Living to give your guests a decadent option to munch on.

16. Chicken & Waffle Sliders

chicken and waffle sliders

Chicken and waffles are my husband’s favorite savory and sweet treat, among many others!

This mini chicken and waffle slider recipe by Food Folks & Fun will be a surefire hit for all chicken and waffle lovers.

17. Broccoli Artichoke Dip

broccoli artichoke dip

Give a traditional artichoke dip some extra oomph with this recipe by Woman’s Day that adds yummy broccoli to the mix.

18. Berries & Cream Charcuterie Board

berries and cream charcuterie board

Are you looking for a sweeter charcuterie board? This berries & cream recipe by Delish will get the job done.

19. Crispy Onion Rings

onion rings

This crispy onion ring recipe by Taste of Home is simple and classic.

20. Pigs in a Blanket

pigs in a blanket

A surefire hit for the kids, pigs in a blanket recipe like this by Delish will keep your guests at bay until the main courses.

Pigs in a blanket are a staple 4th of July food.

21. Balsamic Bruschetta


A refreshing yet tangy taste for your guests, this All Recipes balsamic bruschetta is delicious and a favorite!

22. Grilled Jalapenos

grilled jalapenos

This grilled jalapeno recipe by Taste of Home is great for spicy lovers like me and will go great with a side of ranch for your guests who love it hot!

23. Buffalo Deviled Eggs

buffalo deviled eggs

Feel like giving your deviled eggs some heat and need 4th of July recipes for a crowd?

Try this Taste of Home Buffalo Chicken deviled eggs with blue cheese that packs heat!

24. BLT Tortilla Pinwheels

BLT pinwheels

How delicious do these BLT pinwheels by The Two Bite Club look? Give your guests yummy bites-sized BLTs to munch on all day!

A 4th of July food everyone can enjoy.

4th of July BBQ Foods

BBQ and the Fourth of July go together like macaroni and cheese! Dazzle your guests with these juicy and smokey BBQ recipes for your cookout!

1. Cajun Boil

cajun boil

Go tangy and cajun with this yummy cajun boil recipe by Taste of Home.

2. Texas Style Brisket

juicy tender brisket

Replicate this juicy Texas-style brisket by Razzel Dazzel to allow your guest’s mouths to water with anticipation!

3. Melon Prosciutto Skewers

mango balsamic skewer

This Delish recipe of melon prosciutto gives the perfect balance of salty and sweet with cantaloupe that will always deliver in taste!

4. Honey BBQ Chicken Kabobs

honey BBQ chickent kabobs

Tender and juicy, this salty and sweet marinade chicken kabobs by Damn Delicious will not disappoint.

5. Chili-Rubbed Salmon

chili rubbed salman

Take a break from the red meat 4th of July food dishes with this chili-rubbed salmon recipe from Sweet Peas and Saffron!

6. Dry Rub Pork Chops

dry rub pork chop

This “fall off the bone” dry rub pork chop recipe by Country Living is tender, juicy, and satisfying with a sweet mango salsa.

7. Fall Off the Bone Ribs

fall off the bone ribs

A lover of ribs? Me too! Go with this tender rib recipe by Insanely Good and enjoy.

8. Curried Pork & Orange Kabob

curry pork kabobs

If you’re a fan of bell peppers, you will love this yummy curried pork and orange kabob recipe from Taste of Home.

9. Sausage Pinwheels

sausage pinwheels

A lover of brats? Try this Country Living sausage pinwheel recipe, which is easy to grill and yummy.

10. Chipotle Chicken Skewers

chipotle chicken skewers

Love the sweet taste of chipotle and chicken? This A Spicy Perspective BBQ chipotle chicken skewer recipe is amazing.

11. Glazed Pork Chops

glazed pork chops

This Taste of Home glazed pork chop recipe will be a favorite at your 4th of July party!

12. Shrimp + Chorizo Kebabs

shrimp chorizo kebabs

Country Living provides this delicious shrimp and chorizo kebab recipe for those wanting less red meat.

13. Grilled Lobster Tail

grilled lobster tail

Provide that sweet taste of the sea with this decadent Lobster tail recipe from Mom Dish!

A very healthy 4th of July food option.

14. Cilantro Flank Steak

cilantro flank steak

If you love cilantro as I do, you will get a kick out of this Taste of Home flank steak recipe!

15. Salmon in Foil

salmon in foil

This Country Living Salmon in foil recipe is fresh, healthy, and zesty!

16. Shrimp + Asparagus Skewer

shrimp leek skewer

Go slightly spicy and healthy with this shrimp, leek, and asparagus skewers recipe by Woman’s Day.

4th of July Chicken Recipes

Spice Drawer Chicken Wings

spice drawer chicken wings

This Bon Appetit oregano dry rub recipe is scrumptious for any 4th of July cookout!

Cornflake Chicken Fingers

cornflake chicken fingers

This Dinner at the Zoo cornflake chicken finger recipe will be a crunchy hit for adults and kids alike!

Grilled Pineapple Chicken

grilled pineapple chicken

Enjoy the flavors of Hawaii with this Real Simple Good grilled pineapple chicken recipe, and enjoy that savory and sweet medley!

Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wrap

spicy chicken lettuce wraps

Try this fresh and spicy Bon Appetit spicy chicken lettuce wrap recipe for a healthy 4th of July meal!

Traditional Drum Sticks

traditional drum sticks

Make a simple and traditional drumstick with this yummy and satisfying Taste of Home recipe.

Smoked Strawberry Chicken Wings

strawberry chicken wings

Were you looking for spicy and sweet chicken wings? I got you! Try this Urban Cowgirl smoked strawberry chicken wing recipe; it’s to die for!

Spicy Peach Hot Wings

spicy peach hot wings

Not a fan of strawberries? This Food Network peach hot wings recipe will suffice!

Chipotle Chicken Wings

chipotle chicken wings

Not a fan of sweets? Go spicy and tangy with this Mommy’s Home Cooking chipotle chicken wings recipe.

Peruvian Chicken Skewers

peruvian chicken skewerws

This Food & Wine Peruvian chicken skewer recipe is coated with thick and creamy chili marinade and oh so satisfying!

Berry Agrodolce Chicken Wings

berry agrodocle

Try this decadent berry agrodolce Bon Appetit recipe to go all out with your sweet hot wings!

A fancier 4th of July food.

Greek Chicken Kabobs

greek chicken kabobs

If you’re looking for healthy 4th of July recipes, this Greek chicken kabob recipe by Simply Delicious is the way to go.

Traditional Grilled Chicken Sandwich

grilled chicken sandwich

Go for a traditional grilled chicken sandwich recipe from Delish with some homemade french fries, this is one of the more classic 4th of July grilled chicken recipes.

Fried Chicken Sliders

fried chicken sliders

This delicious Amanda Cooks & Styles fried chicken slider recipe with Hawaiian rolls.

Chicken Salsa Tortas

pressure cooker chicken salsa

This Better Homes & Gardens recipe takes just 15 minutes if you are looking for quick recipes.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich

grilled chicken sandwich

How delicious does this grilled chicken Caesar sandwich by Bon Appetit sound? A total hit at any 4th of July BBQ!

Chicken Cheesesteak

chicken cheesesteaks

This Delish Chicken cheesecake is amazing with delicious peppers and sauteed chicken.

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Cornbread Donut Chicken Sandwich

donut chicken sandwich

This Better Homes & Gardens cornbread donut chicken sandwich pretty much kicks any county fair’s butt in fried delicious goodness!

Honestly the best treat for a 4th of July food.

Sesame Soy-Basted Chicken Kebabs

soy sesame basted chicken kabobs

If you love soy sauce, you will love this Bon Appetit sesame seed soy-basted chicken kebab recipe!

Honey Mustard Chicken Wings

honey mustard chicken wings

This Downshifology honey mustard chicken recipe is classic, tasty, and tangy enough for your 4th of July bash!

Smoky Chicken Corn

smokey chicken corn salad

This Woman’s Day chipotle chicken chili corn dish is spicy, super flavorful, and great for your BBQ or cookout!

Chicken and Onion Kebab

chicken and onion kabob

Add garlic naan with this Country Living chicken and onion kebab recipe, and watch your taste buds pop!

July 4th Burger Recipes

Cheeseburger Bomb Bites

cheeseburger bomb bites

These cheeseburger bites from Taste of Home will be an instant kid classic at your 4th of July bash!

Traditional Sliders


Who doesn’t love sliders? With this Food Network recipe, everyone will devour them!

All American Bacon Burger

all american burger

This Taste of Home traditional bacon burger makes me want to eat the picture, no joke.

Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon western cheeseburger

Go hard with this Carls Jr/Hardees bacon western cheeseburger copycat recipe by Delish with bacon and freshly fried onion rings!

You can’t go wrong with this 4th of July food!

Caramelized Onion Bison Burger

bison burger

This Delish caramelized onion bison burger is rich, juicy, and perfect for the 4th of July.

Jalapeno Popper Burger

jalapeno popper burger

Looking for low carb 4th of July recipes?

This Babaganosh jalapeno popper burger is so darn juicy and perfect for people who love that spice.

Spicy Pork Belly Burger

pork belly burger

With a yummy buttery soft brioche bun, this Kitchen Sanctuary pork belly burger recipe is sticky, flavorful, and perfectly indulgent for the 4th of July!

Pork Belly Sliders

pork belly sliders

This Eat In Eat Out pork belly slider recipe with sweet and sour slaw is great for those not wanting to make whole burgers.

Ranch Burger

ranch burger

Complete with a delicious secret sauce, this Lil Luna ranch burger recipe is juicy and tangy.

Turkey Burger

turkey burger

Want a break from red meat? I got you!

This yummy turkey burger recipe by Simply Recipes is lean and tasty.

Juicy Lucy Burger

juicy lucy burger

Feel like getting fancy with your cheese? Use this Taste of Home juicy Lucy recipe and feel the cheese ooze out with each bite.

One of the best July 4th burger recipes.

Salmon Burgers

salmon burger

This Half-Baked Harvest blackened salmon burger recipe with creamy cream cheese is a great pescatarian burger option for the 4th of July.

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4th of July Hot Dog Recipes

Coney Hot Dog

coney hot dog

Go with this Taste of Home Traditional Coney-Island hot dog is just the ticket for the 4th of July!

Such a staple 4th of July food.

Cobb Style Hot Dog

cobb hot dogs

If you love Cobb Salads like me, you will love this Better Homes & Gardens Cobb Style hot dog!

Grilled Reuben Dogs

rueben dogs

A fan of Reuben sandwiches? With this Woman’s Day recipe, turn it into a hot dog!

Traditional Chicago Dog

chicago dog

Go with a traditional Chicago Dog recipe by All Recipes!

One of the most traditional 4th of July hot dog recipes.

Grilled Pineapple Hot Dogs

grilled pineapple hot dogs

Want a yummy twist from a pineapple burger? Try this The Endless Meal Pineapple Hawaiian hot dog recipe!

Homemade Corn Dogs

homemade corn dogs

This Natasha’s Kitchen homemade corn dog recipe is easy and gives you the fluffiest of light golden crispy corn dogs.

Mexican Hot Dogs

mexican hot dogs

Add some flavors from sunny Mexico with this Culinary Ginger recipe full of pico and delicious avocado crema!

Perfect for bringing a latin twist to your 4th of July food.

Garlic Bread Hot Dog

garlic bread hot dogs

This Delish garlic bread hot dog recipe is perfect for garlic lovers who want to give their hot dogs that extra kick.

Mini Mac n Cheese Dogs

mini mac n cheese dogs

Calling lovers of mac n cheese! These Taste of Home mini mac n cheese dogs are cute and perfect for kids.

Rocket Hot Dogs

rocket hot dogs

These Rada Cutlery rocket hot dogs are festive and great for any 4th of July party!

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

bacon wrapped hot dogs

This Serious Eats deep-fried bacon-wrapped hot dog with cilantro and salsa is refreshing and salty!

Grilled Sauerkraut Dogs

sauerkraut hot dogs

These Serious Eats traditional Sauerkraut dogs are the ultimate 4th of July food.

Hot Dog Board

hot dog board

Create a fun plate using this Delish hot dog board recipe with numerous dips and sides for people to customize their dogs!

The ultimate 4th of July food board!

Loaded Hot Dog

loaded hot dog

This DIY’s crispy onion-loaded hot dog recipe is great for your 4th of July party!

BLT Hot Dog

BLT hot dogs

The Flour Handprint BLT hot dog recipe is great for BLT lovers who want to give their hot dog a similar twist.

4th of July Sandwiches

Curried Chickpea Salad Sandwich

curried chickpea salad sandwich

This Delish chickpea salad sandwich is classic and great for any veggie eaters at the party!

Classic Lobster Rolls

classic lobster rolls

Give your 4th of July party the taste of New England with this Country Living buttery lobster roll recipe.

Traditional Pulled Pork

pulled pork

This Insanely Good traditional slow cooker pulled pork sandwich recipe is a classic staple for all 4th of July cookouts!

The ultimate 4th of July food.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

grilled buffalo chicken sandwich

A lover of gorgonzola and buffalo wings? Try this How Sweet Eats grilled buffalo chicken sandwich out at your cookout!

Grilled Cheese Brisket

grilled cheese brisket

Give your grilled cheese some oomph with this The Online Grill grilled cheese brisket sandwich.

Traditional Reuben

reuben sandwich

This Natasha’s Kitchen traditional Reuben recipe with tangy Russian dressing is perfect for your festive picnic.

Pit Beef Sliders

beef sandwiches

If you need to feed a crowd, this Our Best Bites pit beef sandwich recipe is great for your party and simple to make.

Sloppy Joe Sliders

meatball sliders

Another great recipe for a crowd! These Woman’s Day meatball sliders are easy, efficient, and tasty for your 4th of July gathering.

Hot Dog Cuban

hot dog cuban

Branch out from a traditional Cuban with this Delish hot dog Cuban recipe for your party.

A unique and tasty 4th of July food.

Traditional Chicken Salad

classic chicken salad recipe

This Spend With Pennies traditional chicken salad recipe is perfect for 4th of July picnic with the family.

Ham & Cheese Melt Sliders

ham and cheese slidesr

This All Recipes ham and cheese melt slider recipe is another great way to feed a crowd at a big 4th of July gathering.

Tuna Melt

tuna melt recipe

This Simply Recipes tuna melt recipe is another great option for a small picnic with your family.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Sandwich

mediterranean chicken salad

Give your traditional chicken salad sandwich a Mediterranean chicken salad from Woman’s Day as a unique 4th of July food.



This yummy hoagie recipe by Better Homes and Gardens is great if you take the family to the lake or beach for Independence Day.

4th of July Casseroles

Hot Dog Casserole

hot dog casserole

This Food hot dog and macaroni and cheese casserole will be an instant hit with the kids at your bash.

Roasted Tomato Casserole

tomato maceronie casserole

This luxuriously cheesy macaroni and tomato casserole by Southern Living recipe is great for a crowd.

Tater Tot Recipe

tater tot casserole

Want 4th July casserole recipes that will be a sure hit with the family?

This Insanely Good tater tot recipe is the perfect comfort food for your family on Independence Day.

Cheesy Ham Grits

ham corn and grits casserole

This easier twist on a souffle Southern Living ham, cheese, and corn casserole is delicious!

Shrimp & Grits

shrimp and grits

Bring that southern South Carolina flare to your party with this spicy shrimp and grits casserole by From A Chef’s Kitchen.

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Chicken Pasta Bake

chicken pasta bake

This Beyond The Chicken Coop chicken pasta bake recipe has penne, delicious chicken, and a creamy cheese sauce!

Two-Cheese Bacon Bit Grits

bacon bit casserole

This Taste of Home bacon bit cheesy casserole will instantly hit your party.

Cauliflower Chicken Mac N Cheese

chicken mac n cheese

This Fit Foodie Finds chicken mac n cheese bake with cauliflower gives a healthy twist to a 4th of July food dish.

Garlic Zucchini Casserole

zucchini casserole

A yummy veggie Delish recipe sprinkled with bread crumbs with zucchini is a healthy option for your crowd.

Cheesy Chicken Broccoli

broccoli cheddar

Go with this Good Housekeeping traditional cheesy and chicken broccoli casserole.

Cornbread Casserole

corn bread casseole

This Insanely Good cornbread casserole will be an instant classic at your 4th of July bash.

Vegetarian 4th of July Recipes

Grilled Parmesan Zucchini

grilled zucchini parmesean

Crunchy, tangy, and healthy, this Eating Well grilled parmesan zucchini recipe is a great healthy option to snack on.

One of the more basic and simple plant-based 4th of July recipes.

Poached Veggies

poached veggies

Fourth of July veggies is a must!

Give your vegetarian friends a yummy veggie dish by Better Homes & Gardens to munch on.

One of the more simple and healthy vegetarian recipes for 4th of July.

Chipotle Ranch Egg Salad

chipotle ranch egg salad

Give your guests healthy Better Homes & Gardens chipotle egg salad wraps! Perfect for a picnic.

Grilled Summer Squash

summer squash

Complete with a lemon-scallion dressing, this Country Living summer squash will not disappoint.

A great option for healthy 4th of July recipes.

Buffalo Cauliflower Kebabs

buffalo cauliflower kebabs

This Delish buffalo cauliflower kebab 4th of July food is a great BBQ option for your vegetarian friends!

Baked BBQ Tofu

bbq tofu

Oh My Veggies created a decadent baked BBQ tofu recipe that your veggie eater buddies will put away like potato chips!

It can also be served as a healthy 4th of July side dishes recipe.

Grilled Baby BBQ Carrots

grilled baby bbq carrots

Healthy and tasty, this The Gracious Pantry baby carrot recipe gives your veggie eaters a taste of BBQ without the meat!

Perfect for those looking for 4th of July vegan recipes.

Tofu + Tomato + Tofu Kebabs

tofu tomato kebabs

This Country Living veggie kebab is another great bbq grilling alternative to meat for your veggie eaters.

Portobello Mushroom Veggie Burger

portobello mushroom burger

Don’t let your veggie guests miss out on a delicious burger option! This portobello veggie burger by Skinny Taste will give your veggie-lover guests the satisfaction they need!

Veggie Tacos

veggie tacos

Try this Love & Lemons veggie taco recipe to give your guests a taste of Latin flavor and a meatless 4th of July food!

Vegan Pulled Pork

veggie pulled pork

Still jam-packed with protein, this Minimalist Baker gives your vegan and veggie guests a pulled pork experience, meat-free!

Black Bean Burger

black bean burger

A completely vegan and delicious black bean burger by Love & Lemons is a must for your 4th of July party!

Eggplant Burgers

eggplant burgers

This Country Living eggplant burger recipe is decadent, scrumptious, and perfect for veggie eaters.

Veggie Burger

veggie burger

This Inspired Taste classic veggie burger recipe is satisfying and a yummy meatless option for your guests.

Broccoli and Cheese Burger

broccoli and cheese burger

Turn that broccoli cheddar casserole into a veggie burger by Taste of Home!

Zucchini Burger

zucchini burger

This Taste of Home zucchini burger is a fun way to get your kids to eat veggies without them knowing!

Berlin Burgers

berlin burgers

Making Time For Health has an awesome Berlin burger recipe packed with flavor without guilt!

Italian Veggie Hoagie

italian veggie hoagie

Better Homes & Gardens has you covered for veggie hoagies for a day at the beach!

Garden Sliders

garden sliders

This Better Homes & Gardens garden slider recipe gives your veggie-eating guests the satisfaction of popping sliders! No meat is necessary.

4th of July Side Dish Ideas

Baked Potato

baked potato

This Delish baked potato recipe is a must for a side of a delicious burger.

Jalapeno Cornbread

jalapeno corn bread

This Country Living jalapeno-sour cream cornbread will be a classic at your cookout.

Baked Beans

baked beans

Looking for easy 4th of July sides?

Skip the can and make baked beans with this Taste of Home recipe.

Toasted Seed Coleslaw


This Country Living coleslaw will kill it alone or topped on any hot dog or burger!

Parsley Corn on the Cob

parsley corn on the cob

This Woman’s Day parsley corn on the cob recipe is a must as a yummy side at your gathering.

Ritzy Ranch Mac n Cheese

ritzy ranch mac n cheese

This Country Living Ritzy Ranch mac n cheese will be a hit with the kids and your whole family!

Grilled Asparagus


Tender and lightly charred, this yummy recipe by Love & Lemons will give you a great asparagus side dish.

Macaroni Salad

maceroni salad

Macaroni salad is a must at your 4th of July party! This one by Taste of Home is creamy and delicious.

Seriously one of the best side dishes for July 4th!

Potato Salad

potato salad

Creamy and tangy, this Grits & Pinecones potato salad is a must-have!

3 Bean Salad

3 bean salad

3-bean salad is tangy and a delicious side dish for your cookout! This Taste of Home recipe is yummy and one of the easier 4th of July sides.

Pasta Salad

pasta salad

Looking for a 4th of July pasta salad recipe?

A Couple Cooks has this pasta salad recipe bursting with flavor and an awesome side dish for your 4th of July bash.

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BLT Potato Salad

blt potato salad

This Country Living BLT potato salad is protein packed and an awesome side dish for meat lovers.

Dinner Rolls

dinner rolls

My husband is a sucker for buttermilk dinner rolls, and this Taste of Home recipe is a must-have at your bash.

Rolls are some of the best sides for 4th of July.

Eggplant Roll Ups

eggplant roll ups

Want 4th of July vegetable recipes?

Tender and hearty, these Southern Living eggplant roll-ups are a great veggie side dish.

Jalapeno Popper Corn Muffins

jalapeno popper cornbread

If you love jalapeno poppers like me, you will adore this cornbread muffin recipe by Sweet Peas & Saffrons!

Blue Cheese Slaw

blue cheese slaw recipe

Give regular coleslaw a twist with this Woman’s Day blue cheese slaw recipe.

Root Beer Baked Beans

root beer baked beans

Give your baked beans a sweet splash of root beer with this Country Living recipe.

4th of July Salad Recipes

Green Bean Chickpea Salad

green bean chickpea salad

A yummy medley of tomatoes, feta, chickpeas, and walnuts, this Trial and Eater green bean chickpea salad and light and refreshing.

Southern Broccoli Salad

southern broccoli salad

Bring this southern broccoli salad by Grits & Pinecones to your family’s 4th of July potluck!

Watermelon + Endive + Fig Salad

watermelon endive and fig salad

This sweet, salty, juicy, and crunchy watermelon, endive, and fig salad by Bon Appetite make a great side dish or snacking appetizer during cocktails at your party.

Loaded Cauliflower Salad

loaded cauliflower salad

If you want to reduce unnecessary carbs, this Loaded Cauliflower salad recipe by Spend With Pennies is a tasty option.

Spring Chopped Salad

spring chopped salad

With crisp herbs and fresh tangy vinaigrette, this Woman’s Day spring chopped salad recipe would make a refreshing side dish.

Orzo Pasta Salad

orzo pasta salad

This Country Living Orzo pasta salad is easy to make and perfect for your 4th of July picnic.

Edamame and Bacon Succotash

edamame and bacon succatash

This Woman’s Day succotash is perfect as a side dish or topping any burger or hot dog.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

strawberry spinach salad

Complete with a strawberry sweet tart vinaigrette, this A Couples Day recipe is refreshing and tasty.

Corn and Cucumber Salad

corn and cucumber salad

Another recipe from Taste of Home is this corn and cucumber salad is simple and a fan favorite for parties.

Kisir Lettuce Cups


This Bon Appetite Kisir lettuce cup recipe gives you a twist on traditional salads.

Tomato + Watermelon Salad

tomato watermelon salad

This Woman’s Day tomato and watermelon salad with a sprinkle of feta is super easy to make and a simple side dish.

Definitely one of the more of a non-traditional 4th of July salads.

Cherry + Mint + Pistachio Salad

cherry mint pistachio salad

Super easy to make, this Country Living Cherry and Mint salad recipe is a great side dish for your picnic or cookout.

Tomato + Cotija Salad

tomatoes and cotija

Another simple Bon Appetite recipe, this tomato and cotija salad, is salty and light and a unique option for fourth of July salads.

Cobb Salad

cobb salad

If you love cobb salad, go with this Food Network recipe.

Watermelon + Feta Flag

watermelon feta flag

This fourth of July salad Taste of Home American flag recipe is super easy to make and festive.

Peach Caprese Salad

peach caprese salad

This Taste of Home Peach Caprese salad is perfect if you want a rest from strawberries!

Grilled Corn Salad

grilled corn salad recipe

This Delish grilled corn salad makes a great side dish and is super easy to assemble!

Farro Salad

farro salad

This Farro salad by Delish is a must-have for your 4th of July picnic!

Caesar Salad

caesar salad

Almost everyone loves Caesar salad, and this Natasha’s Kitchen recipe will surely impress!

It’s one of the safest and best 4th of July salads.

BLT Salad

BLT salad

This Better Homes & Gardens BLT salad will be a sure hit at your 4th of July gathering!

Strawberry Panzanella

strawberry panzanella

Go with this Better Homes & Gardens Panzanella recipe for an easy, quick salad recipe.

Spinach + Mint Salad

food for july 4th celebration

This Country Living spinach and mint salad with goat cheese is simple and decadent.

Lemon + Artichoke Salad

4th of july food

This Taste of Home salad recipe is zesty, simple and a great side dish for your party!

4th of July Food

This 4th of July, feed your loved ones a delicious feast they will never forget with these delicious 4th of July food options!

The options are endless, from light and savory salads to sizzling grilled burgers to the best 4th of July sides—Celebrate America’s Independence Day with unique recipes, wholesome ingredients, and plenty of gratitude.

Let’s get grilling!

The 4th of July is the perfect time to come together and enjoy a creative cookout or BBQ with family and friends.

Make sure the food is as inspiring as the occasion, combining classic recipes and special Independence Day touches like stars, stripes, and flags.

Put your spin on the menu and enjoy a delicious and memorable meal.

Happy Birthday ‘Murica!

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This post listed the 4th of July food/Independence day food options for cookouts and BBQs.

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