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This post lists the best summer nails to remake in 2024.

Summer Nails

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Summer is here!

Time to get after acrylic nails designs for summer is all about bringing that bright, lively vibe to your fingertips.

Think hot pink summer nails that stand out beautifully, or summer nail colors for dark skin that complement your summer glow.

Whether you’re a fan of flashy acrylic nail designs for summer or prefer something a bit more subtle, our collection has a shade and style for everyone.

Get ready to dive into a sea of bright summer nails that are perfect for beach days, barbecues, and everything in between.

Let’s get after it!

This post covers the best summer nails.

summer nails

Best Summer Nails

This season is all about making a statement with vibrant neon summer nails and the sleek shine of summer chrome nails! It’s all about super bright colors and a lot of fun. Even if you want short summer nail ideas!

1. Strawberry Melted Ice Cream Nails

Strawberry Melted ice Cream Nails
Photo Credit: @dama_dama

We all scream for ice cream! These strawberry melted ice cream nails are perf for summer.

2. Groovy French Tips

Groovy French Tips
Photo Credit: @leannehaycock_.

I love how groovy french tips from @leannehaycock_ remind me of lava lamps!

The orange and red pop for summer.

3. Pretty Pink Chrome Nails

Pretty Pink Chrome
Photo Credit: @vivianmariewong

Juicy and sweet, chrome pink nails with a stunning almond shape from @vivianmariewong are awesome to copy for summer nails.

4. Chrome Rose Gold Nails

Chrome Rose Gold Nails
Photo Credit: @beautyspace_charlotte

Rose gold is my thing and chrome is totally in! Rose gold chrome nails from @beautyspace_charlotte are romantic and playful for summer nails.

5. Almond Cherry Nails

Almond Cherry Nails
Photo Credit: @pheobesummernails

Almond shape nails are great for summer. Try out these cute almond cheery accent nails from @pheobesummenails this season!

6. Colorful Double French Tips

Multicolored French Tips
Photo Credit: @peachinails

Bright and colorful double French Tips like from @peachinails are so cute for summertime.

7. Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Nothing screams refreshing juicy fruit like these super freaking cute nails from @_mejzi.

8. Bright Orange Nails

Bright Orange Nails
Photo Credit: @amanda.sudolll.

Cute orange slice accents and bright orange glossy nails, these summer nails by @amanda.sudolll are perf.

9. Nude and Black Hearts Nails

Nude and Black Hearts Nails
Photo Credit: @long_nails

Nude, black and white are super pretty for summer nails.

10. Stars and Strawberries

Stars and Strawberries
Photo Credit: @estheticsbyjade

Fruits, stars, florals and bright red almond shape summer nails are great for the 4th of July nails.

11. Tropical Summer Sunset

Tropical Summer Sunset
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

A pretty tropical summer sunset from @_mejzi are so cute! A great choice for summer nails.

12. Flourescent Chrome Summer Sunset

Flourescent Chrome Summer Sunset
Photo Credit: @beautyspace_charlotte

Going flourescent and chrome with a pretty ombre magenta an orange summer nails.

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13. Strawberry Sweetness

strawberry sweetness nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

There’s nothing cuter and sweeter than strawberries for summer! Copy these summer nails by @naileditbeauty for the cutest strawberry accents.

14. Rainbow Pearls and Daisies

Rainbow Pearls and Daisies Nails
Photo Credit: @chellys_nails

These groovy vintage rainbow nails with cute pearl accents and daisies by @chellys_nails are perf for summer!

15. Groovy Neon Florals

Groovy Neon Floral Nails
Photo Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Totally bright, groovy and retro, neon bright French Tips with cute florals like from @amanda.sudolll are fun and festive for summer nails.

16. Cotton Candy Sweetness

Cotton Candy Sweetness Nails
Photo Credit: @long_nails

Bright pinks and blues totally give me cotton candy vibes like these summer nails from @long_nails.

17. Groovy Nudes

Groovy Nudes
Photo Credit: @nailsbynicole._

Give your nudes a colorful groovy twist like @nailsbynicole._. Choose a few bright retro color combos and get after it!

18. Groovy in Green

Groovy in Green Nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

More retro vibes! Try these green @naileditbeauty groovy green nails this summer.

19. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Replicate the gorg vibes of the ocean this summer with @_mejzi stunning bright blue and gold summer nails!

20. Tie Dye Rainbow Nails

Tie Dye Rainbow Nails
Photo Credit: @chellys_nails

I love these tie dye rainbow nails by @chellys_nails! Perf for summer and pride month too.

21. Pink Princess and Gold

Princess Pink Gold Speck Nails
Photo Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Super cute and feminine, these bright pink nails with cute gold flakes by @amanda.sudolll are a fun choice for summer nails.

22. Rose Gold and Gold Foil

Rose Gold and Gold Foil Nails
Photo Credit: @long_nails

Filled with gorg mauves, golds and glitter, these rose gold summer nails are so pretty.

23. Rainbow French Tip Nails

Rainbow French Tips Nails
Photo Credit: @nailsbysmf

Go full rainbow like @nailsbysmf with your French Tips this summer.

24. Strawberry Nails

Strawberry nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

These strawberry nails by @naileditbeauty are good enough to eat.

25. Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Capture the stunning summer sunset vibes like these nails from @_mejzi.

26. Rainbow Chrome Nails

Rainbow Chrome Nails
Photo Credit: @beautyspace_charlotte

Go chrome with your summer nails this year. Give your rainbow nails flare like @beautyspace_charlotte.

27. Barbiecore Pink Florals

Barbiecore pink florals
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

Hot pink barbie vibes and groovy florals from @naileditbeauty are perf for nails.

28. Juicy Watermelon

Juicy Watermelon Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Super cute and perf for summer, watermelon dewy nails like @_mejzi are freaking cool!

29. Rainbow Blooming Summer

Rainbow blooming summer
Photo Credit: @chellys_nails

I can’t get over how cute these rainbow blooming summer by @chellys_nails are.

30. Orange Hearts

Orange Hearts
Photo Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Super unique and fun, @amanda.sudolll orange and pink hearts nails on a white base are stunning!

31. Marbled Rainbow French Tips

Marbled Rainbow French Tips Nails
Photo Credit: @long_nails

Give your rainbow French Tips a twist with more marble for your nails.

32. Bright and Bold summer nails

Bright and Bold Nails
Photo Credit: @nadanailart

Go bright and bold with your nails like @nadanailart with orange, bright magentas and greens.

33. Bright Paint Splatter

Bright Paint Splatter Nails
Photo Credit:

Another super freaking cute nails French Tips twist! created a fun paint splatter French Tip with orange, red, and pink.

34. Minimal Peach Nails

Minimal Peach Nails
Photo Credit: @gelsbyfliss

Go sweet, simple, and minimalist with your nails. Peach nails by @gelsbyfliss are super cute.

35. Assymetrical Groovy Rainbow

Assymetrical Groovy rainbow nails
Photo Credit: @by_hannahtaylor.

I adore these super fun and cute asymmetrical groovy rainbow nails from @by_hannahtaylor.

36. Groovy and Bright Florals

Groovy and Bright Nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

More festive and fun retro and bright summer nails vibes by @naileditbeauty.

37. Ombre Orange Nails

Ombre Orange Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

A bright ombre like from @_mejzi using orange is perf for summer nails.

38. Bright Orange Popsicle Nails

Bright Orange Popsicle Nails
Photo Credit: @sassynailsbyevahausler

I love how delicous these @sassynalsbyevahausler are! Super bright fun ombres.

39. Cute and Sweet

Cute and Sweet Nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty.

These summer nails by @naileditbeauty are impossibly cute with it’s accents.

40. Bright Glitter and Glossy Ombre

Bright Glitter and Glossy Ombre
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Go bright, bold and full glitter like these summer nails from @_mejzi!

41. Neon Orange Nails

Neon Orange Nails
Photo Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Orange is just absolutley perfect like these summer nails from @amanda.sudolll.

42. Glossy Pink Ombre Nails

Glossy Pink Ombre Nails
Photo Credit: @knot.nails

An ombre of gorgeous glossy pink like these nails from @knot.nails are super romantic.

43. Barbie Pink Chrome Nails

Barbie Pink Chrome Nails
Photo Credit: @by_hannahtaylor

More Barbiecore summer fun from @by_hannahtaylor.

44. Tequila Sunrise Nails

Tequila Sunsrise Nails
Photo Credit: @nailsbypaular

Stunning summer cocktail vibes with these nails by @nailsbypaular.

45. Chrome Nude Nails

Chrome Nude Nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

Super freaking cute and Y2K vibes. These nails from @naileditbeauty are awesome.

46. Chrome Rose Gold Nails

Chrome Rose Gold Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Gorgeous rose gold and gold rhinestones like these nails from @_mejzi are so freaking pretty.

47. Pink Glitter and Rhinestones

Pink Glitter Rhinestone Nails
Photo Credit: @ivynailss

These pink glitter and rhinestone nails by @ivynailss are a super cute choice this summer.

48. Pink Cherries

Pink Cherries Nails
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

These cherry nails by @naileditbeauty are freaking adorable for summertime.

49. Magenta and Peach Nails

Magenta and Pink Nails
Photo Credit: @phoebesummernails

More summer sunset vibes by @phoebesummernails.

50. Pearl Chrome French Tips

Pearl Chrome French Tips
Photo Credit: @rackstarnails

A super pretty twist on French Tips nails! @rackstarnails has fun with pink chrome.

51. Beach and Palm Trees

Beach and Palm Trees
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

More fun beachy nails by @_mejzi.

52. Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle Nails
Photo Credit: @fasia.nails

More fun orange nails by @fasia.nails. More groovy fun French Tip accents.

53. Ice Cream Cone Nails

Ice Cream Cone Nails
Photo Credit: @tonesproducts

Super fun textures and summer treats for these nails by @tonesproducts.

54. Super Sweet Treat Nails

Super Sweet Treat Nails
Photo Credit: @hnnailsbyhoney

Nothing says summer like these sweet treat nails by @hnnailsbyhoney.

55. Feeling Fruity

Feeling Fruity Nails
Photo Credit: @amys.clients

These @amys.clients super fruity nails look juicy af and perf for summer!

56. Ripe Oranges

Ripe Oranges NAils
Photo Credit: @abbinail

More fun fruit nails like this orange set by @abbinail to copy for summer this year.

57. Peachy Keen Florals

Peachy Keen Florals Nails
Photo Credit: @fasia.nails

These light peach nails with a cute floral accent and rhinestones by @fasia.nails are so cute and also minimal.

58. Beachy Rainbows and Rhinestones

Beachy Rhinestone Nails
Photo Credit: @ivynails

I love the beach art on @ivynails! They are stunners for summer.

59. Y2K Tie Dye Butterflies

Y2K Tie Dye Butterfly Nails
Photo Credit: @ivynails

Get your summer y2k vibes on like these nails by @ivynails.

60. Glossy Fruit Gummy Nails

Glossy Fruit Gummy Nails
Photo Credit: @nailsbycindyxo

Get super smooth, juicy and glossy texture with your fruit nails like this set by @nailsbycindyxo.

61. Funky Rainbow French Tips

Funky Rainbow French Tips
Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

Funky rainbow French Tips by @naileditbeauty are perf for summertime.

62. Y2K Amethyst Butterfly Nails

Y2K Amethyst Butterfly Nails
Photo Credit: @phoebesummernails

Bring on those amethyst tones and cute rainbow butterflies like these Y2K summer nails by @phoebesummernails.

63. Nude Beach Nails

Nude Beach Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Love how @_mejzi did a simple nude set and a stunning beach accent nail for summer.

64. Happy Place Nails

Happy Place Nails
Photo Credit: @rackstarnails

Go full CA skater this summer with @rackstarnails smiley face nude nails.

65. Lime Crime Nails

Lime Crime Nails
Photo Credit: @fasia.nails

Neon lime green like this set from @fasia.nails are perf for summer nails sets!

66. Rainbow Popsicle Nails

Rainbow Popsicle Nails
Photo Credit: @nailkndy

These summer nails by @nailkndy give me hella popsicle vibes!

67. Pink Lemonade Nails

Pink Lemonade nails
Photo Credit: @martinesnails

Totally juicy and refreshing, this pink lemonade set by @martinesnails are the perf spring and summer nails to try this year.

68. Dreamy Y2K LV Vibes

Dreamy Y2k LV Vibes
Photo Credit: @ivynails

Get creative with more fun traditional amethyst Y2K vibes with a dreamy glitter set and LV logos by @ivynails.

69. Pink and White Nails

Pink and White Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

More simple yet sweet summer nails by @_mejzi.

70. Bright and Groovy

Bright and Groovy Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

Here is @_mejzi with more stunning and bold summer colors to play with.

71. Simple Summer Garden

Simple Summer Garden Nails
Photo Credit: @freshsetlancaster

For those looking for short summer nails, this simple nude summer garden set by @freshsetlancseter is perf for summer.

72. Summer Highlighter Nails

Summer Highlighter Nails
Photo Credit: @ivynails

Another super cute summer nails set by @ivynails with bright and bold highlighter colors.

73. Nude Zebra Print Nails

Nude Zebra Print Nails
Photo Credit: @_mejzi

A simple nude with cute animal print and a dark black accent nails like this set by @_mejzi is super fun for summer.

74. Sweet Sunflower Nails

Sweet Summer Sunflower Nails
Photo Credit: @beautique_kent

Nothing says summer like sunflowers! This sunflower set by @beautique_kent is so freaking pretty for summer nails.

75. Rainbow Sparkle French Tips

Rainbow Sparkle French Tip Nails
Photo Credit: @ivynails

These @ivynails rainbow sparkle French Tips are too cute for summer.

Best Summer Nails

Summer Nails 1

Summer is all about bright bold colors! Or if you want something simple go short and sweet.

Have fun with trendy pink summer nail designs, perfect for adding a touch of femininity to any look.

For those who prefer a more understated style, try short summer nail ideas with chic simplicity.

Dive into the soft hues of pastel summer acrylic nails for a gentle, elegant touch, or embrace boldness with square summer short acrylic nails.

Or go super bold with summer neon nail designs that will turn heads. Have fun with your summer nails this year.

This post covers the best summer nails.

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