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This post lists over 100 romantic nails for Valentine’s Day to rock this year.

romantic nails
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Ready for some of the cutest romantic nails to get after this year?

💅 Get ready to nail (lol) the perfect Valentine’s Day look with this ultimate guide to romance nails!

Whether planning a cozy date night or a Galentine’s celebration, nothing says love like a fresh set of Valentine’s nails.

From sweet pink heart nails that make your heart skip a beat to glamorous valentines nails acrylic that will leave you swooning, I found 100 fabulous ideas to ignite the sparks this year.

So, get your nail polish ready and let’s dive into the world of heart-pounding, head-over-heels, and oh-so-pink romance nails! 💖💅

This post covers the best romantic nails for Valentine’s Day this year.

romantic nails

Romantic Nails for Valentine’s Day

This collection of red and pink nails, featuring cute heart nails and nail art hearts designs, is here to steal your heart!

Get ready to flaunt your romantic side with these adorable and creative nail ideas that will make Cupid proud.

Let’s dive into the world of heartfelt nail art together! 💅❤️

1. French Romantic Hearts

These gorgeous red French Tips nails with cute pearl hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

2. Hearts, Bows and Strawberries

Heart bows and strawberries nails

How adorable are these hearts, bows and strawberry nails?

3. Hearts, Spots and Stripes

Short valenines day nals

Super cute short Valentines Day nails to try.

4. Dark Red Hearts

These dark wine red and gold rhinestone heart nails you can press on are soooo cute.

5. Cloudy Hearts

Cloudy Hearts Nails

How cute are these pink cloud heart nails?

6. Simple Red Classic Nails

Red Classic nails

Go simple and classic with dark red nails and a serene accent.

7. Pink and Plaid Hearts

Valentines day nails hearts pink plaid

Get after these unique and fun pink and plaid heart Valentine’s Day nails! A great pink heart nail design to try.

8. Comic and Cute

Go playful and fun with these adorable comic heart and rhinestone press on nails! Adorable romance nails.

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9. Chrome Red Hearts

Chrome Red Hearts

Dark red chrome nails are bold, sexy and fun for romantic nails.

10. Groovy Hearts

Groovy Hearts Nails

Get groovy and fun with your romantic nails this year and try vintage waves and deigns! Super fun and romantic nails.

11. Personalized Initials

Personalized Initials Nails

Get your initials for your Valentine’s Day nails this year.

12. Pink and White Hearts

Pink and White Hearts Nails

These pink hearts on white nails are so cute.

13. Proud in Pink

Proud in Pink Nails

Get your pink on with these Valentine’s Day nails!

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14. Romantic Red

Romantic red Diamond Nails

These stunning apple red colors are great romantic nails to try.

15. Dreaming of Love

Dreaming of Love Nails

Try Valentine’s Day nails filled with cute clouds and hearts. Super romantic nails.

16. French Tips and Hearts

French Tips Hearts

Go simple and sweet with this set!

17. Rose Gold and Glitter

Rose Gold and Glitter Nails

Go a little more simple with your romantic nails design this year with cute rose gold and glitter accents.

18. Love You

Go urban red and cute with your Valentine’s Day nails coffin lovers will totally dig.

19. Heart Outline Tips

These little pink ombre heart outline French Tip nude nails are to die for! Adorable pink heart nails.

20. Confetti Hearts

These press on nails from Etsy are cute, playful and easy to put on! Adorable red and pink nails.

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21. Pale Pink Rhinestones

Pale White Rhinestone Nails

This is a simple, cute yet super romantic nails design to try for Valentine’s Day.

22. Magenta Sequins

Magenta Sequin Nails

Go bold with dark magenta and pink sequins with French Tips.

23. Pink Rhinestones

Pink and Spakle nails

With a dusty pink and darker magenta accents, you can get super pretty rhinestones on your ring finger.

Great for romantic nails!

24. Heart Nails French Tips

Heart French Tip Nails

These French Tips with cute little hearts are so adorable!

25. Dark Red Sequin French Tips

Dark Red Sequin French Tips

Using dark red sparkles and sequins for a French Tip design is gorgeous.

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26. Nude and White Hearts

Nude White Heart Nails

If you want more nude Valentine’s Day nails designs, this nude sparkle with white hearts is super duper cute.

27. Dark Red and White Hearts

Dark Red White Hearts

For a gorgeous contrast, go with a full classic candy apple red with white heart accents.

28. Dusty Pink and Hearts

Dusty Pink Heart Nails

Dusty pink nails with slight glitter and cute white hearts are adorable.

29. Pink and Peach Sequins

Peach Rose Gold Sequin Nails

Don’t want uber dark magenta sequins? Try a lighter peach and pink sequins for your French Tips.

30. Rose Gold and Nude Sequins

Rose Gold Nude Sequins

Those other sequins still too dark? Try cute rose gold and nude sequins.

31. Glossy Pink Hearts

Glossy Pink Hearts

These uber glossy nails with cute pink heart French Tips are totally cute.

32. Pink Ballerina Bow Nails

These pink ballerina bow nails are totally cute for romantic nails.

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33. Chrome Magenta and Hearts

Magenta Chrome Heart Nails

Go bold and beautiful with chrome magenta nails along with a gorgeous chrome magenta heart accent nail.

34. Chrome Peach and Black Hearts

Chrome Peach and Black Nails

A nude chorme peach with cute little black hearts is perfect for Valentine’s Day nails.

35. Chrome Barbie Pink

Chrome Barbie Pink

Go super simple with a full barbie pink chrome set.

36. Mini Hearts and French Tips

Mini Hearts and French TIps

Go with a simple white French Tips with cute little mini hearts scattered over the nails.

37. Mischievous Heart French Tips

Mischevious Hearts Nails

These little mischievous heart French Tips are so cute and fun for Valentine’s Day.

38. French Kiss

French Kiss Nails

Go with traditional French Tips and an oh-so-subtle kiss on your accent nail.

39. Multi Colored Heart French Tips

Pink Ombre French Tips

Have fun with your French Tips with these cute multi-colored hearts to play with!

40. Rhinestones and Glitter

Crazy Valentines day nails

Go full chic with these stunning heart, rhinestones and glitter nails!

41. Heart Sequins

Pink heart flakes nails

Using heart sequins to create French Tips or hearts are perfect for romantic nails designs!

42. Rhinestone Hearts

Rhinestone Heart Nails

How darn cute are these chrome heart rhinestones?

43. Romantic Hearts Kisses and Rhinestones

Romantic Hearts kisses Rhinestone NAils

These romantic nails are 🔥!

44. Mini Heart French Tips

Mini Heart French TIps

These little hearts look like tiny kisses in your French Tips!

45. If Barbie Had Nails

Barbie Valentines day nails

These hot pink heart and French Tips are so darn cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day nails.

46. Baby Pink French Tips

Negative Space Heart Nails

These baby pink French Tips with a negative heart accent nail are adorable.

47. French Tips and Red Hearts

French Tips and REd Hearts

More cute French Tips with tiny heart kisses to play with!

48. Pastels Multicolored Hearts

Pastel Multicolored Hearts

These light pink and purple nails with cute heart accents are perfect romantic nails.

49. Pink French Tips with Single Heart

Single Heart PInk French Tips

These simple pink French Tips with a single heart accent on your ring finger and thumb are perfect Valentine’s Day nails.

50. Dark Red French Tips and Hearts

Dark Red French Tips and HEarts

Go bold with your red French Tips and add cute hearts to your design.

51. Red and Pink Hearts

Red and Pink Reverse French Tips

These reverse French Tips are so cute and such a fun idea.

52. Pink Pearlescent Hearts

Pearlescent Pink Heart Nails

These pearlescent pink heart nails are so cute in almond shape!

53. Glossy short nails hearts

short nails glossy hearts nude

I love short nails and this glossy nude hearts Valentine’s day nails are perfect if you like your nails shorter too!

54. Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts nails

These nails are so cute and resemble the Queen of Hearts!

55. XOXO

These XO and glitter nails are adorable! Super cute Valentine coffin nails.

56. Heart Lollipops

These heart lollipop press on nails are so freaking cute!

57. XOXO

XOXO NAils 1

Pink coffin nails with XOXO is so cute for Valentine’s Day.

58. Matte Pink

Matte Pink

These mattee pink nails with glossy accents are unique and fun!

59. Romantic Red and Diamond Hearts

Red Nails with Diamonds

These are the most romantic nails ever!

60. Milky White Diamonds Hearts

Going milky white for your Valentine’s Day nails is a fun twist. These diamond heart accent nails are so cute.

61. Soft Pink French Tips

Soft Diamond nails pink

These simple French Tips nails are so sweet. Adding a soft white heart accent nail with a single rhinestone is adorable.

62. XO French Kisses

These XO french kiss nails are so sexy, sultry and gorgeous romantic nails.

63. Rose Chrome and Hearts

These rosey mauve and magenta chrome nails with encapsulated heart accents are stunning.

64. 3D Comic Hearts French Tips

comic book hearts nails

Give some quirk and spunk to your heart French Tip nails!

65. Simple Sweethearts

These pink glitter nails are simple and sweet! Adorable nude Valentines Day nails to try.

66. Nude and White Hearts

Nude and white hearts nails

Go a little more organic with a sweet nude and adorable white hearts. Cute heart nails to try!

67. Hearts, Glitter and Swirls

Glitter pink sparkle nails

These Barbie pink glitter nails, hearts and swirls are fun and playful for Valentine’s Day.

Stunning nail art hearts designs.

68. Bright Red Bold Hearts

Bright Red Bold Hearts nails

Go bright and bold with your Valentine’s Day nails like this adorable acrylic set.

69. Outlined Heart Coffin French Tips

Cute Ombre Heart french tip nails

These nude coffin nails with ombre heart French Tips are so cute.

70. Pink Glitter Swirls

Pink Glitter Swirl nAil

Not a fan of hearts? Get after these pink glitter swirls!

71. Diamonds and Kisses

Diamonds and Kisses Nails

Spread the love with these adorable romantic nails acrylic set!

72. Pastel Hearts

Pastel Hearts

No need to go all pink with your heart nails! Nail art hearts designs are so fun.

73. Heart Throbbing Nails

Heart Throb Nails

These heart throb nails are totally adorbs!

74. Simple Nude and Black Hearts

simple nude and black hearts

This is a super fun and easy Valentine’s Day nail design to try yourself.

75. Nude Ombre Heart Nails

ombre valentines nails

Nude ombre nails with a cute tiny heart accent are so sweet.

76. Minimalist Heart

nude and black nail

Go full minimal and sweet with your Valentine’s Day nails this year.

77. Clear Hearts

These ballerina coffin nails with clear accents and sweet hearts are adorable and perfect romantic nails for Valentine’s Day.

78. Comic Sweethearts

These pink heart press on nails are playful and light for Valentine’s Day!

79. Marble Heart Nails

These marble textured romantic nails with hearts are so flipping cute!

80. Fun & Flirty French Tips

Splatter hearts all over your French Tips!

81. Royalty Red Hearts

Romantic in red nails

These royalty red flake hearts are the best romantic nails! Adorable heart Valentine’s Day nails.

82. Matte Red Nails

Matte red romantic valentines day nails

Matte heart nails are so freaking pretty!

83. Glossy and Pink

Glossy Hearts Nails

Glossy hearts are cute too!

84. Red and Pink Cuties

basic valentines day nails

These nails are the chic embodiment of love with elegant red and pink heart accents.

85. Love and Hearts

mauve love and hearts nails

These cute light mauve and black love nails are super romantic and sweet.

86. Pink and Black Stripes

pink and black stripes nails

Skip the hearts and try pink and black stripes instead.

87. Pink Beads and White Hearts

pink beads and white hearts nails

These pink beaded romantic nails are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

88. Nude Hearts

nude and pink hearts

These Valentine’s Day nails are super cute, unique yet simple and sweet!

89. Pink and Silver Sweetness

rhinestone hearts nails

These pink nails totally give Barbie vibes.

90. Mauve and Silver

Silver and mauve heart nails

Boho Valentine’s Day vibes.

91. Ombre Pink Hearts

These rhinestone heart press on nails are absolutely adorbs.

92. Almond Heart Sweetness

These nails totally give cute 52 pick up vibes.

93. Multicolored Heart Rhinestones

Multicolored rhinestones in the shape of a heart is so darn cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

94. Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts Comic Nails

Have fun with candy hearts with your romantic nails.

95. Red Hearts

bold red hearts nails

These bold red heart nails are the best staple Valentine’s Day nails to try.

96. Matte Lipstick

These matte lipstick kisses press on nails from Etsy are easy, cute and totally plaful.

97. Burn Book

burn book nails

I feel throwing homage to Mean Girls via Burn Book nails is completely aprapos for Valentine’s Day!

98. Hey Barbie

hey barbie nails

More pink and hearts!

99. Glossy Red French Tips

thin red french tips

These red French Tips are the ultimate romantic nails to try.

100. Sweet in Pink and Red

These adorable pink and red French Tips with sweet heart accents are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Nails for Valentine’s Day

Hopefully you found your perfect set of romantic nails for Valentine’s Day this year!

So many cute pink and red nail designs to try out.

Whether you’re getting after those super cute press-ons or ready to get a masterpiece painted on your nails, you will be as sweet as candy this Valentine’s Day!

Have a loving and Happy Valentine’s Day dears!

This post covers the best romantic nails for Valentine’s Day this year.

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