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This post covers how to have the best pregnancy sex. 

pregnancy sex

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Sex during pregnancy can be a super fun way to stay intimate and connected as a couple. Pregnancy sex is healthy, pleasurable, and, given you have the doctor’s green light, totally safe!

I loved pregnancy sex and was lucky enough to enjoy it for nearly ten days before I delivered. 

At that point, I was too big and uncomfortable, and Annabelle was putting so much damn pressure on my pelvis I constantly felt the urge to pee, so…no, no sex was happening at that point!

However, once I got my pregnancy nausea under control, sex during pregnancy was amazing.

The orgasms are great, and your partner will think you’re the sexiest mother goddess ever and will just fully engulf themselves in your beautiful pregnancy body. You are pregnant and sexy!

Feeling sexy while pregnant is a wonder for your spirit as a woman and a mother. 

Pregnancy sex is super beautiful, passionate, pleasurable, and super intimate. 

Your hormones are raging, and that means, for many of us, including myself, your libido went through the roof!

Making love to my husband and having sex during pregnancy was a blast and I will always remember it!

If you want to have fun, pleasurable, and loving sex during pregnancy, let’s get into all the ways I was able to enjoy pregnancy sex with my hubby until D-Day was just around the corner Let’s get after some of these making love techniques girl.

This post covers how to have the best pregnancy sex.

Pregnancy Sex 1

Pregnancy Sex

Sex during pregnancy, when given the OK by your doctor, is super healthy, fun, safe, and a great way to stay connected during your pregnancy. Remember early pregnancy and painful intercourse should be checked with a doctor.

Staying sexually connected is important, especially as parents.

Let’s get into the best sexual tips and tricks to keep your sex life fun and alive during pregnancy.

VERTICAL Sex Connections Printables
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1. Cease P*rn Usage

If you’ve read my P*rn Addiction: 11 Recovered Addicts Share Their Stories, 21 Best Tips For Better Sex With Your Husband, or 10 Signs Your Husband is a Sexual Narcissist, you will know how much p*rn usage is so detrimental to your man’s health and the wellness of your relationship and sex life.

I am so glad p*rn addiction is being more widely recognized and discussed. P*rn is extremely destructive to relationships and sexual health.

I remember reading a poor woman’s post on Reddit about how her husband was using p*rn in the hospital bathroom only minutes after she gave birth.

P*rn fundamentally rewires your man’s brain to crave abundant novelty and more extreme sexual stimuli to get aroused.

Eventually, having real sex with a partner is too much work and less satisfying than jerking to p*rn. 

More than ever, your husband’s loyalty is important during pregnancy. You need his utmost abundance in love. He needs to cherish and love you.

The last thing you need is him receiving sexual gratification from other women online while you’re busy growing and baking his baby.

He must do everything he can to ensure you feel loved, safe, and cared for during this time, receiving sexual gratification using porn is not it.

I promise sex isn’t going to get any easier, and it will be downright rocky AF as parents trying to have a healthy sex life with p*rn usage. 

” Intimacy for couples is a source of connection and communication between two people.

But when one person becomes accustomed to masturbating to p*rn, they are actually turning away from intimate interaction.

While watching p*rnography the user is in total control of the sexual experience, in contrast to normal sex in which people are sharing control with the partner.

Thus a p*rn user may form the unrealistic expectation that sex will be under only one person’s control.

Some p*rn users rationalize that p*rnography is ok if it does not involve partnered sexual acts and instead relies only on m*sturbation.

While this may accomplish org*sm the relationship goal of intimate connection is still confounded and ultimately lost.

Worse still, many p*rn sites include violence toward women, the antithesis of intimate connection.

P*rn use can become an actual addiction with the same brain mechanism activated in other behavioral addictions, like gambling (see Your Brain on P*rn by Gary Wilson).”The Gottman Institute

Books I recommend on P*rn:

2. Non-Sexual Physical Touch


Physical touch is good for us.

There is a reason why the doctor immediately hands your baby right on your chest when they’re born skin to skin releases a bonding hormone.

Physical touch makes us feel good; the hormones bond us, not to mention help strengthen our immune system (which gets weakened during pregnancy).

Taking the time to touch each other throughout the day keeps you connected. 

Sharing little hugs, kisses, holding hands, and affectionate touches is a great way to marinate each other during the day. 

It’s flirtation! God knows flirting is a great aphrodisiac.

It’s much easier to get in the mood when you’ve been lovey-dovey all day. If you don’t see much of each other throughout your day, it’s even more imperative to get your affectionate touches in when you do. 

Kiss and hug often and snuggle as much as you can.

3. Flirt


My husband and I live for sexual innuendos! We tease each other multiple times a day.

Being playful with our sexuality is fun and flirty. It keeps us intimately connected and keeps sex less serious.

Sex is supposed to be fun anyway! Talking about sex, flirting, and engaging in sexual innuendos can be a lot of fun and bring awesome spice to the relationship.

You’d be surprised how young and alive it will make you feel, especially while pregnant! Flirting is also great if you both lead busy lives and don’t get to engage in as much non-sexual physical touch as you’d like.

You can text each other sweet little notes or fun and sexy innuendos. Have fun, keep it light, and watch how it spices up your bedroom! 

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4. Get Plenty of Rest

I know how hard this is for many of us living in a hustle and bustle culture.

I also know how difficult it can be to get the rest you need when little ones are running around and baking your baby. Pregnancy is freaking exhausting.

If you’re one of those mamas who get a surge of energy during pregnancy, I envy you!

I was so tired during pregnancy I was out like a light often by 8 pm during that first trimester. 

Sex during first 3 months of pregnancy can be hard with how sleep and sick you can feel.

If you can manage it, get as much sleep as possible.

Work with your partner to ensure you get the amount of rest and sleep you need to not only feel good and stay healthy but also have the energy left for sex. 

If you struggled to sleep during pregnancy like I did, taking a safe supplement like Unisom can help.

Unisom not only helped me sleep but aided in my morning nausea and anxiety. When you get all the sleep and rest you need, you will have plenty of energy left over for making love.

5. Ensure You’re Regular

pregnancy constipation 1

Girl, pooping during pregnancy can be a freaking odyssey. Pregnancy constipation is real!

Being constipated is uncomfortable enough without a freaking 8lb bowling ball resting in your midsection! 

When you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and are struggling with constipation, it’s hard even remotely to get in the mood for sex. 

If you’re finding yourself struggling with pregnancy constipation and it’s hindering your ability to feel healthy and comfortable enough to have sex, using pregnancy-safe remedies to relieve your constipation is a great place to start. 

You can check out my 15 Best Pregnancy Constipation Relief Practices to help keep your pregnancy poops in check and regular! That way, you not only feel good, but you can have all the pregnancy sex you like.

6. Try Water Based Lube

Water based Lubricant

With hormones raging, sex during pregnancy can be a little all over the place.

I, for one, felt thirsty af for my husband but struggled to create my lube, likely due to all the hormones. This is when we dabbled into lubes.

A water based lube is what we used during pregnancy. It’s safe and did the job! The water-based lubes, at least in my experience, are less sticky, which is ideal.

Lube can help you and your partner enjoy yourselves much more, and I highly suggest it for sex during pregnancy.

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7. Communicate Your Needs

Pregnancy hormones are a bitch. They have you feeling elated one second and crying the next.

Now more than ever, your needs must be communicated to your partner. During pregnancy, I feel, reasonably, we have a shorter fuse.

The littlest things can set us off, sometimes, unfairly. 

If you need your partner to step up in household or childrearing duties, you feel you aren’t getting enough one-on-one time with your partner, or you aren’t getting enough alone time, you must communicate.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I downloaded the Lasting App, which helped us stay connected, and we still love it! 

8. Keep Clean

Pregnancy made my body odor go haywire, and my growing belly made shaving my legs and lady bits extremely difficult.

Keeping clean during pregnancy is important not only for a healthy sex life but for your well-being.

You will feel more confident and relaxed while having sex during pregnancy. 

We have been avid users of bidets for years, so having a bidet was super helpful to keep my intimate bits clean.

Not only that, but this is when I started using intimate wipes regularly. I used the bidet and a wipe after every visit to the bathroom. I felt clean, fresh, and ready to have sex with my hubby! 

Ensure you take all the showers you need during pregnancy; making a baby is hard work, and you deserve it! 

9. Get Cute Maternity PJ’s

SHEIN Maternity Mesh Cut Out Lace Panel Slips & Thong
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Pink Lace Maternity Babydoll
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SHEIN Maternity Mesh Cut Out Lace Panel Slips & Thong
SHEIN Maternity Dobby Mesh Contrast Lace Bra
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SHEIN Maternity Peach Nighty
SHEIN Black Backless Sexy Maternity PJ Dress
SHEIN Maternity Mesh Cut Out Lace Panel Slips & Thong
SHEIN Maternity Dobby Mesh Contrast Lace Bra
Pink Lace Maternity Babydoll
SHEIN Maternity Peach Nighty
SHEIN Black Backless Sexy Maternity PJ Dress

Getting sexy and cute maternity PJ’s are a great way to boost your confidence and feel sexy.

Feeling sexy while pregnant is important for our self esteem and pregnant women are sexy!

We can often feel less sexy and womanly when we become mothers for a variety of reasons.

Taking time to nurture the sexy goddess that lives in each of us is so good for our spirit and wellness.

However, finding cute and sexy slips to lounge in at the end of the day can help boost your confidence and turn on your partner.

Pregnancy is sexy! 

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10. Try Oral

If full-on penetrative sex sounds too laborious or you simply are too tired or not in the headspace for it, try oral!

Oral is still sex and a phenomenal way to be intimate with each other.

Whether giving or receiving, oral sex during pregnancy feels amazing and is loads of fun! As we mentioned earlier, ensuring you are clean will help you relax and really enjoy it.

If you want to learn how to give AMAZING AF oral to your husband, check out my How to Give AMAZING AF Oral Sex to Your Husband and get after it!

Oral sex is amazing and can often be the main event of an intimate session that satisfies both parties. 

Once I started to get so big and heavy, I couldn’t enjoy penetrative sex anymore, and oral was the way to go for us both! Especially toward the end of pregnancy. 

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Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy Sex 1 1

Sex is a part of a healthy monogamous relationship. If you’re wondering: how can I turn my husband on?

Well first starting by fostering a healthy sex life as parents is one of the best ways to ensure a strong foundation for your growing family.

Sex is one of the best ways to connect intimately with your spouse as parents. Sex during pregnancy is just the first sex obstacle to navigate parents.

I promise sex will only need to become more intentional and important as you become a parent.

Practice and enjoy a healthy sex life now during pregnancy, especially knowing you won’t be able to have sex for at least 6 weeks postpartum.

Keeping that in mind, try your absolute best to have and enjoy the most sex you can before baby arrives! I hope you can stay connected and sexy preggers.

Pregnancy sex can be one of the best sexual experiences you can have. You and your husband making love while pregnant will be intimacy unlike any other.

Also, nipple stimulation during pregnancy can cause contractions, so be careful! If you’re in pain during intercourse while pregnant, be sure to stop and talk to your doctor and keep safe.

Congrats mama and good luck.

This post covers the best pregnancy sex tips.

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