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This post lists the 55 best Halloween acrylic nails, press on, and overall Halloween nails to try this spooky season!

halloween acrylic nails

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Halloween acrylic nails and press-ons are SO FUN. Fall and Halloween are magical for our family, just like many others!

Whether you’re a mama that wants to wipe butts and boogies with style or just love having no reason to get your nails done, it’s time to add these fabulous Halloween nails to your inspiration list that will leave you both spirited and stylish.

From hauntingly elegant Halloween acrylic nails to chic coffin-shaped talons and from sinister black designs to mesmerizing Halloween French tips, we’ve conjured up the best and spookiest nail inspirations for you to copy.

So, wave your magic manicure wand and get ready to embrace the Halloween spirit with a touch of nail art sorcery! 👻💅🎃

This post covers the best Halloween nails.

halloween acrylic nails

Blood Halloween Nails

Prepare to send shivers down spines with these spine-chilling Halloween blood nail designs! Embrace the haunting allure of the season with our selection of blood Halloween nails, featuring macabre blood drip nails and eerie blood splatter nails.

1. Ghost Face Blood Splatter

Halloween Blood Splatter nails Ghost Face

Try out this blood Halloween nails set with Ghost Face from Scream!

2. Deep Blood

Blood Nail Stilettos edited
Photo Credit: Beautyartbya

Go deep and dark with your blood Halloween nails like this stiletto set.

3. Nude Blood Drips

Nude blood drip nails french tips

Try nude blood drip nails for drama.

4. Red Rum

Bloody Red Rum Nails

A fan of The Shining? Copy these Red Rum bloody nails!

5. Blood Buckets

Cup of Blood
Photo Credit: Etsy HotPressCo

This bucket of blood Halloween Press on Nail set by Hot Press Co on Etsy is SICKENING and totally badass.

6. Help Bloody Nails

help bloody nails
Photo Credit: Etsy Get Pressed Nail Bar

Another spooky, creepy, and bloody nail set from Etsy.

7. Blood Drip French Tip

Blood Drip French Tips

Go with a traditional 90’s French tip with added blood drips.

9. Blood Splatter Lover

Blood Splatter and Black Nails

This nude blood splatter with Lover and black accent Halloween nails is killer.

10. Cute Blood Drip

Red Simple Almond Blood Halloween Nails
Photo Credit: Instagram @bycheznails

Go with simple blood-drip almond Halloween nails.

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11. Stitches and Blood

Stitches and blood nails
Photo Credit: @kazmiraemery

This faux torn skin and stitches Halloween nails are creepy and stylish.

12. Blood Swirl

Blood drip swirl

Go with more hypnotic blood Halloween nails like this blood drip set!

Horror Movie Halloween Nails

From hauntingly intricate Halloween acrylic nails to dramatic and long Halloween nails, these manicures will pay homage to your favorite horror movie classics. Whether you’re a fan of classic monsters or modern thrillers, these horror movie-inspired nail designs will ensure your hands steal the show at any Halloween gathering.

1. Spooky Heads

Spooky Faces Nails
Photo Credit: Instagram @nancnailz

These cute and creepy Jigsaw, The Nun, and Ghost face nails are super unique.

2. Freddy Vs Jason Nails

Freddy Vs Jason Nails

These Freddy vs. Jason Halloween nails are cute and crazy!

3. Freddy Nails

Freddy Kruger Acrylics
Photo Credit: _nailsbyasld

Freddy Krueger fans, your Halloween Acrylic Nails are here!

4. Freddy Vs. Jason Blood Splatter

Freddy Vs Jason Blood Splatters

These Freddy Vs. Jason Halloween nails with extra blood splatter are gorgeous and morbid!

5. Freddy Fingers

Freddy Talon Nails

Go full Freddy, with these talon nails!

6. Nightmare on Elm Street Blood Splatter

Nightmare on Elm Street Nails
Photo Credit: Instagram @B_DAZZLEDBEAUTY

I LOVE these Nightmare on Elm Street blood-splatter nails!

7. Friday the 13th Nails

Friday the 13th nails
Photo Credit: @NailsbysOurpatch_Zuly

Get after these Friday the 13th nails!

8. Friday the 13th Blood Drip Nails

Blood spill friday the 13th

I Love this blood drip nails Friday the 13th Nails!

9. Michael Myers Nails

Michael Meyers Nails
Photo Credit: @Nailsbysourpatch_Zuly

Try out these orange and black Halloween nails with Michael Myers accents!

10. Blood Drip Michael Myers Nails

blood drip michael myers nails

These blood drip nails with Michael Myers accents are great for those who love black matte!

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11. Michael Myers Blood Splatter

Michael Meyers Blood Splatter Nails
Photo Credit: Aphoticset

These blood splatter Michael Myers nails are awesome.

12. Chucky Nails

Chucky Nails

A fan of Chucky? Copy these Halloween acrylic nails!

13. Deep Red Michael Myers

Deep blood michael myers
Photo Credit: The Glam Plug

This blood swirl Michael Myers Halloween Acrylic nails are insane!

14. Bates Motel Nails

Bates Motel

Get your Norman Bates on with this Psycho inspired Halloween acrylic nails set!

15. Horror Burn Book Nails

If you love Mean Girls and horror, these Halloween Press on Nails are CRAZY.

16. Ghost Face Coffin Nails

Ghost Face Coffin Nails
Photo credit: Sets By Lotus

Get after these Ghost face press on nails!

17. Ghost Face Wazzup Nails

Another super cute ghost face set with WAZZAA accent nails from Scary Movie!

18. Addams Family

Addams family nails

Love Morticia Addams? Copy these Addams Family Halloween acrylic nails!

19. Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky nails

These Bride of Chucky nails are spooky and sexy.

20. Villians

Villians Nails

Love all the villains? These classic horror movie monster press ons are awesome!

21. IT Nails

IT Nails

Get Pennywise on your nails!

22. Halloween Nails

Michael Myers Halloween

Get the feels of Halloween with these orange and black Halloween Nails

23. Edward Scissorhands

Halloween Acrylic Nails

If you LOVE Edward Scissorhands, copy these Halloween Acrylic nails!

Vampire Halloween Nails

Try out and copy these Vampire Halloween nails that are fun and innovative!

1. Vampire Hunter

Vampire hunter nails

These vampire slayer matte black and red Halloween nails are to die for!

2. Blood and Coffin

Vampire blood and coffin

These blood and silver colored nails are cute and not too long.

3. Vampire Fangs

Vampire Fangs

These are cute and easy Halloween nails for beginners. A great option for DIY Halloween nails!

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4. Black Fangs

Fangs Nails

Take the vampire Halloween nails to the next level with glossy black nails!

5. Brace Fangs

Braces Vampire Fangs

Add braces to your Vampire Halloween nails!

6. Black Red Ombre

black red ombre
Photo Credit: Etsy Fancy Nails VN

These dark red ombre stiletto press on nails are stunning.

7. Vampire Bat

Vampire bat naisl

Incorporate a bat in your Vampire Halloween nails!

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

Halloween pumpkin nails are a staple for this season! Let’s take a look at these cute Halloween acrylic nails to copy!

1. Gold Pumpkin

Gold Pumpkin 1

Go gold with this gorgeous gold pumpkin nail design.

2. Cute Ghosts + Pumpkins

Cute pumpkins and ghosts

These Halloween pumpkin nails with happy little ghosts are so cute!

3. Dark Orange Glitter Nails

Dark Glitter Pumpkin nails

If you’re looking for Halloween nails with glitter, try this uber-cute jack-o-lantern nails!

4. Black and Gold Nails

Black and Gold Jack o lantern nails

Go with these cute matte black and gold glitter pumpkin nails!

5. Matte Black Jack-o-Lantern

Black and orange jack o lantern

These pumpkin French tip nails with a matte black accent are so cute!

6. Cute Pumpkin Coffin Nails

cute pumpkin nails
Photo Credit: Johnnynguyen.234

These pumpkin, ghost, and orange drip French tip Halloween nails are so cute!

7. Almond Jack-o-lantern

Almond Jack o lantern nails
Photo Credit: @ewuleeek

If you’re looking for almond Halloween nails, try these pumpkin nails!

8. Pumpkin French Tip

Go with these Halloween pumpkin nails with black French tips!

9. Cute Pumpkin Nails

short halloween nails

Looking for short Halloween nail designs? Try this pumpkin and black matte nail set!

Ghost Nail Art

Get your spook on with your Halloween Acrylic nails with these cute ghost nail art designs!

1. Friendly Ghosts

Friendly ghosts

These cute, friendly ghost nails are simple and sweet!

2. Pink Ghouls

Go sparkly and sweet with your Halloween acrylic nails!

3. Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Orange pumpkin patch

Give your nails a haunted pumpkin patch vibe.

4. Simple Ghostly French Tip

simple ghost french tips

These almond Halloween nails are perfect if you want cute and simple ghost nail art!

5. Nude Ghosts

Nude Ghosts

Go with ghost nail art that is a little less traditional, using browns, beiges, and nudes!

6. Barbie Ghost French Tips

Pink ghost french tips

Get pink and Barbie with these cute ghostly French Tips.

7. Black Ghostly Webs

Black Ghost

Go with these dark and hypnotic ghost nails!

8. Ghost French Tips

Ghost French Tips

Try out these simple and sweet ghost French tips!

9. Nude and White

Nude and whtie ghost nails
Photo Credit: Amanda Sudol

These are cute almond Halloween nails that are simple with a ghostly accent.

10. Ghosts and Kitties

Short Ghost nails

This cute Halloween nail set is a great choice for Halloween nail art for short nails.

11. Light Pink Spook

spooky ghost nails

This powder pink Halloween nails set is super cute.

12. Spunky Ghosts

fun and kooky ghost nails

Give your ghost nail art some spunk!

Spider Web Nail Designs

Spiderweb nail designs are perfect for Halloween! Let’s get into some of the cutest spider nail designs for Halloween.

1. Nude Glitter Spider Nails

Nude glitter spider nails

I love this nude nail with black spiderwebs!

2. Nude Glossy Spiderwebs

More nude spiderweb nails

This spider web nail design is another cute nude and simple option for Halloween nails!

3. Matte Spider Web Nails

Matte spider web nails

These matte black accent spider nails are gorgeous!

4. Spider Glam Nails

Spider Glam Nails

Go full glam and gold with this gorgeous spider web nail design.

5. Orange Stiletto Spiders

Orange stiletto spider web nails

These orange Halloween nails with cute spider accents are stunning.

6. Spider Web Michael Myers

Spider web michael myers
Photo Credit: Instagram @brooklynxnailss

Go with this unique Michael Myers and spider web nails art!

7. Stiletto Black Spider

Spider Web Black Stilettos

Go dark and sexy with these spider web nails.

8. Black Matter Spider Jewel

Matt Black spider jewel

You’ll love these matte black Halloween nails with the spider jewel for extra pop! Love these Halloween spider nails!

9. Pink French Tip Barbie Spider Nails

French tip spider web nails

If you want to bring spooky and sweet together, this adorable spider web nail art design with a heart formation is too cute!

Ghostly Graveyard Nails

These Halloween acrylic nails with a graveyard scene are not only cute but super creative for Halloween nails!

1. Glitter Matte Graveyard

DArk glitter matte graveyard nails
Photo Credit: Instagram @erikamarienails

Get your glitter on with this dark matte graveyard design.

2. Black and Grey Graveyard

black and grey graveyard

This black Halloween nail set is spooky and perfect for a dark look.

3. Candy Corn Graveyard

candy corn graveyard

This design is perfect for long Halloween nails.

4. Black and White Stiletto

Black graves

Go REALLY dark with this graveyard design and jewels to accent.

5. Graveyard Short Nails

short halloween nails graveyard
Photo Credit: 10th Story Nails

Go with Halloween nails short enough to be practical but still cute!

Alien Nails

Get our otherworldly friends a feature on your nail set this Halloween!

1. Out of This World

Greys halloween nails

A cute design for Almond Halloween Nails.

2. Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest

Glitter and galaxies!

3. Greys


Get your Greys and spaceships in your Halloween nail design!

4. Alien Nation

This alien nation design is PERFECT for Halloween acrylic nails.

5. Aliens and Flames

aliens and flames

Halloween acrylic nails featuring flames and aliens!

6. Lisa Frank Groovy Aliens

Halloween nails acrylic designs like this Lisa Frank Alien set are cute and playful for Halloween!

Black Halloween Nails

Go dark and spooky with these black Halloween nail designs.

1. Black Bones

black bones nails
Photo Credit: Sarahsgelnails

These Halloween acrylic nails with bones are perfect.

2. Matte Leaves

Black matte orange leaves

Go bold with these black matte and orange leaf accent Halloween acrylic nails.

3. Boney AF

bones nails

Halloween nails black enough to create the illusion of your boney fingers!

4. Matte Black Skull

black skull

These matte black Halloween acrylic nails are stunning.

5. Matte Black Spider Sleek

matte black spider sleek

Now these are super cute Halloween acrylic nails!

6. Black Spiderweb Nails

black spider web nails

Cute and sexy black Halloween nail designs!

7. Halloween Witch Nails

Black Witch Nails
Photo Credit: Esty anjsnails

This super cute Halloween press on nails set on Etsy is perfect for black nails!

8. Black Blood Drip Nails

black blood drip nails

These matte black Halloween nails with glossy blood drips are minimal and stunning.

9. Bold Black French Tip

bold black french tip

These black Halloween French tip nails are super chic.

10. Black Bold Spider

black bold spider

Get a pop of color with your black Halloween nails with a colorful gem for a spider!

Halloween Coffin Nails

These Halloween coffin nails are perfect for the season!

1. Black and Orange

black and orange

Go with black and orange Halloween coffin nails.

2. Pink and Glossy

pink halloween coffin nails

These pink and glossy Halloween acrylic nails are so cute!

3. Spider French Tips

spider coffin nails

These spider Halloween acrylic nails are minimal yet have total character.

4. Nude Spiders

nude coffin halloween nails

Go nude and simple with this Halloween coffin nails shape design!

5. Casper the Friendly Ghost

casper the friendly ghost

These Casper the Friendly Ghost Halloween coffin nails are too cute.

6. Chocolate and Nude Ghost Nails

chocolate brown halloween coffin nails

Go with chocolate and vanilla ghost nails!

7. Nude and Pink Ghost Nails

nude and pink ghost nails

Go with warmer and pink tones for your Halloween coffin nails.

Orange Halloween Nails

Let’s get after these orange Halloween nails set options!

1. Cute Orange Candy

Orange candy nails

These orange Halloween nails are cute, playful, and spooky!

2. Burnt Orange Halloween Nails

Burnt Orange Halloween nails

Go glossy with cute ghosts and spiders with these orange Halloween nails!

3. Cute Ghostly Orange French Tips

ghost orange french tip

Looking for short Halloween nail designs? Try this adorable ghostly French tip set.

4. Orange Black Cat Nails

orange black cat nails

If you’re a cat lover, go with these cute orange Halloween nails!

5. Glossy Orange Ghosts

glossy orange ghost nails

These glossy orange long Halloween nails are so cute!

6. Candy Corn Halloween Nail Strips

Candy Corn press on nails
Photo Credit: Etsy Shop Essentials AF

Want to skip the acrylics and press-ons? Try these adorable candy corn Halloween nail strips instead!

7. Cute Orange and Black

cute orange and black nails

These black and orange Halloween anils with unique designs on each nail are so cute.

8. Orange Long Halloween Nails

long halloween nails orange

These orange long Halloween nails are sexy and spooky! The ombre with black is great.

9. Simple Frosty Orange Halloween Nails

simple frosty orange nails

I love these frosty orange Halloween nails with cute black glitter accents.

Halloween French Tip Nails

Halloween French tip nails are super fun and cute. Let’s get into some of these Halloween acrylic nails and press-ons for sassy French fun.

1. Louboutin French Tip Nails

louiboton french tip nails

Mix spiders with Louboutin to get these gorgeous Halloween French Tip nails.

2. Cute French Tip

french tip halloween nails

Go with a cute and simple French tip with cute spooky add ons!

3. Gothic French Tip

gothic french tip

Go goth with this Halloween French tip nails set.

4. Comic Brown French Tip

cute and spooky french tips

These cute and comic-themed brown Halloween French tip nails are so cute!

5. Multi Color French Tips

Multi color spooky nails

Give your nails variety with this cute Halloween acrylic nails set.

6. Bloody French Tip Press Ons

Bloody French Tip Press ons
Photo Credit: Etsy anjsnails

These Etsy dark bloody French tip nails are creepy and sexy.

Purple Halloween Nails

These purple Halloween nail designs will surely impress this season!

1. Purple Neon Nails

purple neon nails
Photo Credit: Instagram @clutchcityclaws

This neon green and black celestial design gives your purple Halloween nails an edge.

2. Glitz and Glam

purple cute halloween nails

Mix spooky and cute with these adorable purple Halloween nails!

3. Purple Glitter Halloween Nails

purple glitter halloween nails

Get glitter and sparkle with your purple Halloween nails design.

4. Dark Purple Graveyard Nails

dark purple graveyard nails

This dark purple graveyard nails set is stunning and bold.

5. Purple Ghost Face

purple ghost face

Another adorable ghost face Halloween acrylic nails set!

6. Ghost Face Glitter Nails

ghost face glitter

These Ghost Face glitter purple Halloween nails are just perfect!

Best Halloween Acrylic Nails and Press Ons

Ghostly gorgeous celestial nails

From the bewitchingly cute to the hauntingly spooky, I hope you found inspiration to copy Halloween acrylic nails this season! With Halloween acrylic nails, coffin-shaped talons, black designs, and mesmerizing French tips, there’s a nail art sorcery for every mom’s taste and style. Embrace the magic of self-care and the enchantment of Halloween, all at the tips of your fingers! 🎃💅🩸👻 Happy Halloween boo boo!

This post covers the best Halloween nails.

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