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This post lists the 75 best Easter desserts to make this year.

Easter Desserts
#31 Chickity Cupcakes -The Simple Sweet Life

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Easter desserts are a great way to celebrate Easter Sunday!

From delish no bake Easter desserts to mini egg desserts, there is something yummy for everyone.

You’ll find a ton of gorgeous Easter cupcakes, festive cookies, decadent dips, and bunny chow to try out.

Easter desserts with pretty pastels perf for springtime!

How about a yummy Easter jello dessert?

I got you!

Let’s get into this list of best Easter desserts to try this year.

This post lists 75 best Easter Desserts.

easter desserts

Easter Desserts

Whether you are looking for Easter trifle desserts or the best Easter pies, let’s get after this yummy desserts list!

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1. Pastel Robin Egg Easter Trifle

easter desserts
Photo Credit: @SimplyStacy

This adorable and super tasty Easter Trifle from Simply Stacy is festive and so cute!

Topped with Robin egg nests, it’s a gorgeous organic and rustic option for Easter trifle desserts.

2. Speckled Robin Egg Cupcakes

Speckled Robin Egg Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @HouseofNashEats

These gorgeous Speckled Robin Egg Cupcakes with soft and decadent buttercream frosting by House of Nash Eats are perfect for your Easter dessert table.

3. Easter Birds Nest Cookies

Easter Birds Nest Cokies
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

This no bake Easter dessert by Princess Pinky Girl is delish, and festive for spring!

Chocolatey Easter Birds Nest Cookies give the best combo of chocolate and peanut butter.

4. Pastel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pastel Chocolate Chip Cookies
Photo Credit: @MomOnTimeout

I love how yummy these Pastel Chocolate Chip Cookies are by Mom On Timeout!

Not only that they are super cute for springtime with those pretty pastels.

5. Easter Dirt Cake

Easter Dirt Cake
Photo Credit: @ShugarySweets

How adorable is this Peep Easter Dirt Cake by Shugary Sweets?

Totally festive for Easter and springtime, it’s perfectly chocolatey, full of marshmallows and deliciousness.

6. Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles
Photo Credit: @PersnicketyPlates

These Easter Egg Oreo Truffles by Persnickety Plates are super freaking cute and totally festive.

Perf for Oreo junkies!

7. Easter Bunny Chow

Easter Bunny Chow
Photo Credit: @CraftyMorning

Your kiddos will love this Easter Bunny Chow by Crafty Morning!

Not only that it’s super quick and easy to whip up.

8. Pastel Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Pastel Jellow
Photo Credit: @SugarHero

If you’re looking for a yummy Easter jello dessert, get after these Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups by Sugar Hero!

Totally cute and festive, it’s perf for spring and your Easter dessert table.

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9. Easter Egg Cakes

Easter Egg Cakes
Photo Credit: @IAmBaker

These Easter Egg Cakes by I Am Baker are so pretty!

Replicating robin eggs, they are great bite-sized desserts for your guests.

10. Bunny Booty Dip

Bunny Booty Dip
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

This Bunny Booty Dip by Princess Pinky Girl is so cute and funny!

Super sweet and fluffy, this dip is a cake batter junkie’s dream girl.

One of the best no bake Easter treats!

11. Pastel Cream Cheese Mints

Pastel Cream Cheese Mint
Photo Credit: @ShugarySweets

I can’t get over how cute these Pastel Cream Cheese Mints by Shugary Sweets are!

Super simple, the pastel colors are perf for spring and the mint flavor is refreshing yet sweet.

12. Chickity Rice Krispie Pops

Easter Chick Rice Krispie Pops
Photo Credit: @HungryHappenings

If you’re looking for Easter rice krispie treats these take the cake!

Try making these Easter Chick Rice Krispie Treat Pops by Hungry Happenings.

They are perfect for Easter services and your kiddos will think they’re so freaking cute.

13. Bunny Bait

Bunny Bait
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

Full of pretzels, pastels and peanuts, this Bunny Bait by Princess Pinky Girl is another yummy snack for your family.

One of the easiest Easter desserts to make!

14. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

Easter Candy Charcuterie Board
Photo Credit: @EatingOnADime

Sweet tooth finatics will get a kick out of this Easter dessert!

Try this Easter Candy Charcuterie Board by Eating on a Dime for the ultimate sugar rush.

15. Easter Egg Peanut Butter Haystacks

Easter Egg Peanut Butter Birds Nest
Photo Credit: @TheNoviceChefBlog

I love mini egg desserts!

Another delish no bake easter dessert, these Easter Egg Peanut Butter Haystacks by The Novice Chef Blog are perfectly festive for your springtime gathering.

16. Easter Blossom Cookies

Easter Blossom Cookies
Photo Credit: @CrayonsandCravings

These Easter Blossom Cookies by Crayons and Cravings are cute and simple to make.

17. Easter Cookie Cake

Easter Cookie Cake
Photo Credit: @ThatSkinnyChickCanBake

I love cookie cakes, they are fun and taste delish with a slab of vanilla ice cream on top!

Get after this Easter Cookie Cake by That Skinny Chick Can Bake.

18. Buttery Italian Easter Cookies

Italian Easter Cookies
Photo Credit: @TheSlowRoastedItalian

On the lookout for Italian desserts for Easter?

Cookies are a great way to start.

Try out these Buttery Italian Easter Cookies by The Slow Roasted Italian!

19. Easter Fruit Platter

Easter Fruit Platter
Photo Credit: @FlawlessFood

Your more health-conscious guests will love this super cute Easter Fruit Platter by Flawless Food!

One of the cutest fruit ideas for Easter.

20. Easter Basket Cookie Cups

EAster Basket Cookie Cups
Photo Credit: @LilLuna

Go super cute and festive with these Easter Basket Cookie Cups by Lil Luna!

The perf springtime Easter treat for kiddos.

21. Chocolate Covered Carrot Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Carrot Strawberries
Photo Credit: @KidFriendlyThingsToDo

I love fruit ideas for Easter.

You can get creative like these Chocolate Covered Carrot Strawberries by Kid Friendly Things To Do.

22. Easter Swiss Roll Cake

Easter Swiss Roll Cake
Photo Credit: @CrunchTimeKitchen

More pretty pastels and robin eggs!

Try making an Easter Swiss Roll Cake by Crunch Time Kitchen for full spring festivites!

Perfect for Easter services.

23. Easter No Bake Mini Cheesecakes

Easter No Bake Mini Cheesecake
Photo Credit: @SugarHero

I can’t get over how cute and gorg this Easter No Bake Mini Cheesecake by Sugar Hero is!

It’s the perf opportunity to showcase your sweet sweet baking skills girl.

24. Strawberry Shortcake Easter Bunny Parfait

Strawberry Shortcake Easter Bunny Parfait
Photo Credit: @FamilyCookbookProject

Super refreshing and sweet, this Strawberry Shortcake Easter Bunny Parfait by Family Cookbook Project is a great Easter dessert idea!

Totally cute and festive, it’s perf for strawberry lovers.

25. Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Marshmallow Easter Eggs
Photo Credit: @IAmBaker

A fun twist on marshmallows: you can decorate these Marshmallow Easter Eggs by I Am Baker with loads of fun springtime designs!

Adorbs and totally festive for your Easter gatherings.

26. Easter Blondies

Easter Blondies
Photo Credit: @ShugarySweets

Super freaking thick, chewy and delish AF, these Easter Blondies by Shugary Sweets are PERF for your Easter dessert table.

27. Reeses Easter Eggs

Homemade Reeses Easter Eggs
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

Another super cute and festive Easter desserts, Reeses Easter Eggs!

If you love the traditional Reeses Easter Treats, get after these Homemade Reeses Easter Eggs by Princess Pinky Girl.

28. Peeps Easter Cake

Peeps Easter Cake
Photo Credit: @HappyMoneySaver

How freaking cute and stunning is this Peep Easter Cake from Happy Money Saver?

If you feel ambish, get after this cake recipe!

29. Easter Sugar Cookies

Easter Sugar Cookies
Photo Credit: @LilLuna

You can’t go wrong with these Easter Sugar Cookies by Lil Luna!

Super simple and totally tasty, they’re perf for your Easter dessert table and services.

30. Carrot Cake Truffles

Carrot Cake Truffles
Photo Credit: @InspiredbyCharm

Super tasty and cute, Carrot Cake Truffles by Inspired by Charm and the best bite-sized Easter desserts to make this year.

31. Cute Chick Cupcakes

Chick Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @TheSimpleSweetLife

How freaking cute and adorable are these cute Chick Cupcakes by The Simple Sweet Life?

Totally festive for Easter and spring and your kiddos will love them!

32. Oreo Chicks

Oreo Chicks
Photo Credit: @PartyPinching

Let’s keep the chickity theme going with this super cute Oreo Chicks recipe by Party Pinching!

Super festive and artistic, they are perf for springtime and totally darling.

33. Bunny Booty Cake Cones

Bunny Booty Cake Cones
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

Princess Pinky Girl is coming at us with cute Bunny Booty Cupcake Cones!

Perfect for Easter brunch or services.

34. Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Bunny Ear Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @MooreorLessCooking

How cute are these Bunny Ear Cupcakes by Moore Or Less Cooking?

Fun, festive, and tasty for your Easter dessert table! The kiddos will love them.

35. Chocolate Robin Egg Cake

Chocolate Robin Egg Cake
Photo Credit: @AlsoTheCrumbsPlease

I love mini egg desserts, including a Chocolate Robin Egg Cake by Also the Crumbs Please!

Ahoy all chocolate junkies! This cake is for you love!

36. Easter Oreo Bark

Easter Oreo Bark
Photo Credit: @LilLuna

Another delish AF recipe by Lil Luna!

Give your bark an Easter twist with white chocolate bark and pretty pastels for spring.

Try this Easter Oreo Bark with gorgeous pastel M&M’s.

37. Easter Rice Krispie Treats Peep Pops

Easter Rice Krispie Peep Pop
Photo Credit: @ShugarySweets

Looking for Easter rice krispies treats?

Get after this Easter Rice Krispies Treats Peep Pops by Shugary Sweets!

Totally fun and festive for Easter and spring, kiddo approved!

38. Easter Peeps Fruit Kabobs

Easter Peep Fruit Kabobs
Photo Credit: @OneLittleProject

Not only is this Easter Peeps Fruit Kabob recipe by One Little Project healthy, it’s freaking cute dude!

Great for fruit ideas for Easter.

39. Robin Egg White Chocolate Easter Bark

Robin Egg Easter Bark
Photo Credit: @ThatSkinnyChickCanBake

Another yummy bark recipe. This Robin Egg White Chocolate Easter Bark is super cute, tasty and sweet!

Add this beauty to your Easter dessert table.

40. Peeps Cupcakes

Peeps Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @TheSoccerMomBlog

How adorable are these Peeps Cupcakes by The Soccer Mom Blog?

With a yummy carrot cake mix, the marshmallow peeps are freaking delish girl.

41. Blueberry Lemon Napoleon

Blueberry Lemon Napoleon
Photo Credit: @IAmBaker

Super decadent and refreshing, a Blueberry Lemon Napoleon from I Am Baker is perf for Easter services.

It’s fluffy, creamy, super sweet and oh so satisfying.

42. Easter Egg Basket Cookies

Easter Basket Cookies
Photo Credit: @PrettyProvidence

Perfect for Easter egg hunts, services, brunch and school parties, these Easter Egg Cookie Baskets by Pretty Providence are delish AF!

So cute and fun for spring.

43. Spring Bloom Pretzel Cookies

Spring Flower Pretzel Cookies
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

These Spring Bloom Pretzel Cookies by Princess Pinky Girl are so colorful, fun and cute.

Great for you Easter snacks.

44. Lemon Lasagna

Lemon Lasagna
Photo Credit: @LilLuna

Super fluffy and refreshing, get after a yummy Lemon Lasagna from Lil Luna.

45. Peeps S’Mores

Peeps Smores
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

Give your regular s’mores a fun spring and Easter twist.

A Peeps S’Mores treat by Princess Pinky Girl is so darn yummy and sweet! Your kiddos will get a kick out of them.

46. Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee

Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee
Photo Credit: @PassionForSavings

Your guests will get a kick out of this delsih AF Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee by Passion For Savings.

Super colorful and tasty!

47. Easter Egg Cake Balls

Easter Egg Cake Balls
Photo Credit: @SkinnyTaste

Adorably festive and cute, these yummy Easter Egg Cake Balls by Skinny Taste are super fun to make.

So sweet and pretty!

48. Bunny Booty Oreo Pops

Easter Bunny Booty Oreo Pops
Photo Credit: @SeeVanessaCraft

Perfect for the classoom, Sunday school or Easter services, these yummy Bunny Booty Oreo Pops by See Vanessa Craft are delish!

Bunny booties are adorbs!

49. Easter Bunny Bark

Easter Bunny Bark
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

Not only is this Easter Bunny Bark by Princess Pinky Girl totally cute and festive, it’s freaking delish!

Sure to impress at you Easter gatherings.

50. Easter Basket Bundt Cake

Easter Basket Bundt Cake
Photo Credit: @IThinkWeCouldBeFriends

This uber chocolatey and tasty Easter Basket Bundt Cake by I Think We Could Be Friends is insanely creative and festive.

Not only that it’s easy to make.

51. Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies
Photo Credit: @AheadOfTime

Sugar cookies like these Easter Egg Sugar Cookies by Ahead of Time are super easy to make!

Decorate them like pretty Easter eggs, perfect for school or services.

52. Pastel Macaron Cake

Pastel Macaron Cake
Photo Credit: @Wilton

This Pastel Macaron Cake by Wilton is gorgeous. It will surely impress at your Easter gathering.

53. Bunny Booty Cookies

Bunny Booty Cookies
Photo Credit: @PrincessPinkyGirl

More bunny booties! Get after these cute and yummy Bunny Booty Cookies by Princess Pinky Girl for your kiddos.

54. Malt Ball Chocolate Ganache Mini Cheesecakes

Malt Ball Chocolate Ganache Mini Cheesecakes
Photo Credit: @ShugarySweets

Super colorful and incredibly rich, these Malt Ball Chocolate Ganache Mini Cheesecakes are DIVINE by Shugary Sweets girl.

55. Blooming Bunny Cupcakes

Blooming Bunny Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @Wilton

How gorgeous are these Blooming Bunny Cupcakes by Wilton?

Showcase your baking and artistic abilities with stunning florals and cute bunny ears.

56. Easter Bunny Pretzels

Easter Bunny Pretzels
Photo Credit: @It’sAlwaysAutumn

Adorable, cute and super simple, these Easter Bunny Pretzels by It’s Always Autumn.

Bite sized bliss!

57. White Chocolate Robin Egg Cupcakes

White Chocolate Robin Egg Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @GarnishandGlaze

These White Chocolate Robin Egg Cupcakes by Garnish and Glaze are stunning.

Present them using a cardboard egg holder as well to really sell your springtime dessert! So freaking cute.

58. Easter Egg Macarons

Easter Egg Macarons
Photo Credit: @WhatShouldIMakeFor

Replicate your Easter egg decorations with these Easter Egg Macarons by What Should I Make For.

59. Easter Egg Candy Cake

Easter Candy Cake
Photo Credit: @CrayonsandCravings

All chocolate junkies attention please!

Get after this yummy AF Easter Egg Candy Cake by Crayons and Cravings for the ultimate sweet tooth fix.

60. Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @SkipToMyLou

Super festive and adorable, showcase your artistic baking skills with these Easter Basket Cupcakes by Skip To My Lou.

Stacked with jelly beans your sweet tooth guests will freaking love it!

61. Easter Fudge

Easter Fudge Recipe
Photo credit: @ShugarySweets

Super pretty and tasty, this Easter Fudge by Shugary Sweets is a great choice for you Easter dessert table.

62. Springtime Marshmallow Wands

Springtime Marshmallow Pops
Photo Credit: @TwoSistersCrafting

All sweet tooth junkies are going to love these Springtime Marshmallow Wands by Two Sisters Crafting!

Super easy to make, you will have lots of fun decorating these wands for your party.

63. Easter Bunny Milkshakes

Easter Punch
Photo Credit: @CrayonsandCravings

Non-alcoholic and perf for a late night snack with the kiddos, this Easter Bunny Milkshake by Crayons and Cravings will be a hit!

64. Pinata Chocolate Easter Eggs

Pinata Chocolate Easter Eggs
Photo Credit: @Wilton

Showcase your inner Willy Wonnka with these Pinata Chocolate Easter Eggs by Wilton!

Super fun and pizzazy for Easter.

65. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @CookingClassy

These Carrot Cake Cupcakes by Cooking Classy are classic, tasty and gorgeous.

66. Peeps Pretzel Pops

Peeps Pretzel Pops
Photo Credit: @ThriftyJinxy

These Peeps Pretzel Pops by Thrifty Jinxy are easy to make and super cute.

Your kiddos will love it and it’s easy enough they can help make them!

67. Coconut Cream Eggs

Coconut Cream Eggs
Photo Credit: @InsideBruCrewLife

Get tropical and tasty with these Coconut Cream Easter Eggs by Inside Bru Crew Life!

68. Easter Egg Milk Truffles

Easter Egg Milk Tuffles
Photo Credit: @TheCraftingNook

Super easy and minimal with only 3 ingredients you must get after this Easter treat!

Yummy Easter Egg Milk Truffles by The Crafting Nook are soft, chewy and decadent AF! They are also a great Baby Led Weaning treat for Easter too if baby has been cleared for solids.

69. Easter Cadbury Creme Egg Cake

Easter Cadbury Creme Egg Cake
Photo Credit: @LiveForCake

Attention all chocolate junkies again! Get after this delish AF Cadbury Creme Egg Cake by Live For Cake!

70. Easter Oreos

Easter Oreos
Photo Credit: @Fantabulosity

Decorate your Easter Oreos like these from Fantabulosity with little chicks, Easter egg designs or cute bunnies.

71. Marshmallow Robin Nests

Marshmallow Robin Nests
Photo Credit: @GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart

Packed with yummy marshmallows and robin eggs, these Marshmallow Robin Nests by Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart are stunning and tasty.

72. Easter Donuts

Easter Donuts
Photo Credit: @AZestyBite

Donut lovers will get a kick out of these Easter Chick and Bunny Donuts by A Zesty Bite!

Perf for Easter brunch.

73. Chocolate Robin Egg Pinata Cake

Robin Egg Pinata Cake
Photo Credit: @AshleeMarie

Get super creative and artsy with your Easter desserts!

Try this Easter Robin Egg Pinata Cake by Ashlee Marie to wow your guests.

74. Robin Nest Cake

Robin Nest Cake
Photo Credit: @SugarHero

I can’t think of anything more spring esqu than this Robin Nest Cake by Sugar Hero! Totally stunning dude.

75. Carrot Patch Cupcakes

Carrot Patch Cupcakes
Photo Credit: @CountryLiving

Packed with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla, these Carrot Patch Cupcakes by Country Living is the perf Easter Dessert for spring.

Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts 1

Woo! There you have it: some of the best Easter desserts to make for your brunch, services, school, or for some at-home fun; there is something for everyone!

Have fun and a Happy Easter!

This post lists 75 Easter Desserts.

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