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From sleep org*sms to lots of farts, this post lists 35 Early and Weird Pregnancy Symptoms!

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If you found yourself obsessing over pregnancy symptoms, I get it.

Weird pregnancy symptoms can confuse women about whether they are pregnant, which can lead many to search for what are some symptoms of pregnancy.

Every woman, unborn child, and pregnancy is unique; it makes sense we all may go through some early signs and symptoms of pregnancy that are a bit strange. 

The symptoms of pregnancy vary greatly.

While some common pregnancy symptoms can often not lead women to believe they are pregnant because they are so benign, some can occur as early as a few days after conception and continue throughout the pregnancy. 

I had some strange pregnancy symptoms only a couple of days after ovulation that I had never heard of before pregnancy and would never have known had I not experienced them. 

Here we will go over some of the more common pregnancy symptoms, like breast tenderness, and some of the lesser-known symptoms, like having an org*sm in your sleep. 

Yep, you read that right; hormones are strange, girl! 

Now, this doesn’t mean you will experience these symptoms. 

There are more commonly known and then more weird pregnancy symptoms.

However, you may encounter some, and hopefully, won’t feel so weird knowing you aren’t alone on this pregnancy ride! 

Whether you are trying to conceive or believe you may already be pregnant, knowing these symptoms will help you better navigate your pregnancy and prepare for these significant changes! 

This post lists 35 early and weird pregnancy symptoms you may experience before your missed period.

weird pregnancy symptoms

Early and Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Lower Concentrated Pelvic Pain 

So this was part of my two week wait symptoms and one of the first signs I was pregnant and one of the beginning signs of pregnancy for me. 

Like, early pregnancy symptoms 3dpo.

If you are wondering what signs of early pregnancy are are, for me, lower pelvic pain was one of them.

It was also one of the more weird pregnancy symptoms for me.

Only a couple of days after I ovulated, I started feeling a nagging concentrated pain in my lower left pelvic region. 

I have similar pain when I ovulate, so I wondered if my ovulation period was just wonky. 

However, it didn’t go away during the whole two-week waiting period. 

Since I had never heard of this being a pregnancy symptom, I didn’t overthink it for the first few days. 

However, I became concerned once I realized it wasn’t going away. 

I felt it all the time and started to think something was wrong. 

I remember telling my husband only a couple of days before I found out I was pregnant that I would make a doctor’s appointment if I still had these pains. 

Well, two days later, three days before my missed period, I took a pregnancy test, and low and behold, it was positive! 

I realized the pain I was experiencing could have been the fertilized egg slowly making it down my fallopian tube into my uterus, where it implanted; that’s my non-scientific theory, at least, lol 

Ironically, that pelvic pain dissipated shortly after I was five weeks pregnant. 

Making it one of the early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period. 

I also think it’s one of those rare pregnancy symptoms most women either miss or don’t experience.

2. Swollen Sinuses 

As a person with a deviated septum, this symptom not only sucked but was super annoying! 

I immediately started experiencing swollen sinuses due to the hormonal changes that occurred. 

I can imagine it was worse for me because of my deviated septum, but would be a frustrating experience for all pregnant women. 

I struggled to breathe when sleeping, and my poor husband had to endure months of my snoring.

Due to hormonal changes, our bodies create more blood and fluids, which can cause swelling in the sinuses; great! 

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3. Nose Bleeds 

This went hand in hand with my swollen ass sinus and deviated septum. 

Nose bleeds are definitely one of the more weird pregnancy symptoms.

Being I have been prone to nose bleeds my whole life due to my deviated septum, I’m not surprised that the increase in blood flow in my sinuses would also mean an increase in nosebleeds…like a lot! 

During my first trimester, no joke, I would have around 3-4 nosebleeds a day. 

Not super crazy, but it would be as benign as rubbing or blowing my nose and causing a nosebleed. 

This honestly continued throughout my pregnancy with the swollen sinuses. 


4. Excess Vaginal Discharge 

I know it’s gross, but it is one of those more common pregnancy symptoms I experienced. 

Definitely one of the more weird pregnancy symptoms!

Hey, our lady bits need to clean themselves during pregnancy too! 

Sometimes I thought I peed myself, but it was just excess discharge during my pregnancy. 

This happens due to increased estrogen and your cervix softening to allow more discharge flow to protect the womb from outside invaders. 

It’s normal, and you will sometimes produce more and less throughout your pregnancy. 

I started to produce the most a couple of months before my delivery. 

If it bothers you, a panty liner can help in the meantime! 

5. Sleep Org*sms 

This one seems funny and has one of the weird pregnancy symptoms, but it’s true! 

I remember going through other mom forums to see if anyone else was experiencing this, and a handful of women were! 

We were feeling crazy and thought it was so bizarre. 

Again, it’s due to our crazy hormone fluctuations with a sharp rise in estrogen!

As goofy as it is, it’s super benign and a fun perk to pregnancy. 

You are experiencing your little version of a wet dream! Congrats! 

The sleep org*sms were sporadic and uncommon, but I had never experienced them before pregnancy or since! 

Consider them a pregnancy treat. 

6. Sex Dreams

Are vivid dreams a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, even sexy ones!

This goes hand in hand with sleep org*sms! 

Due to the high hormone fluctuations and increased blood flow to the genitals, we can have some seriously steamy sex dreams while pregnant! 

I had sex dreams throughout my pregnancy and never had so many before or since! 

Although the sleep org*sms weren’t frequent, the sex dreams were, especially in the first trimester. 

It was surprising to see how sexually revived pregnancy made me.

It was a pregnancy symptom I was in no way anticipating but was pleasantly surprised to experience, and I wasn’t complaining!

If you experience some sexy dreams, enjoy them and have fun! 

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7. Feelings of Euphoria After Eating 

I don’t know if this is a legit recorded and studied pregnancy symptom; however, I frequently experienced this throughout my pregnancy. 

I might be alone in this when I was curious if other women were having these weird pregnancy symptoms of euphoria after eating.

Do you know that feeling of zen, relaxation, and euphoria after a good romp and org*sm with your partner? 

No joke, I had those feelings after I ate almost every time. 

It was so strange; I had never experienced it before. 

I would eat a turkey sandwich and aftward feel euphoria, zen, and bliss for about 20 minutes. 

Seriously, after any time I ate, I felt content and so good; it was like experiencing a crazy dopamine rush from simply eating. 

This sensation disappeared after pregnancy; I had never experienced anything like it before or since. 

The euphoric feelings after eating during pregnancy might have just been me, but it was a noticeable difference, so I know it had something to do with that. 

So if you experience the same thing, you aren’t crazy! 

It’s definitely one of those early uncommon pregnancy signs.

8. Excess Horniness 

I know many pregnant women go through this.

If we are horny in our dreams, imagine how we are when awake! 

When it comes to weird pregnancy symptoms, this one is great.

I finally had a general idea of how men feel and are driven sexually; I couldn’t get enough! 

I felt like a 14-year-old boy! 

Lucky for my husband, after the first trimester, I wanted to romp almost night and day, sometimes twice. 

It was like an itch; I couldn’t scratch or get itchier once I scratched it. 

My husband had no complaints, and we were sexually abundant until about a week before I gave birth. 

Pregnancy sex is a blast; I highly recommend it if you feel up to it. 

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9. Bleeding Gums 

Okay, this was lame. 

I had bleeding noses, and now gums? Lame! 

This was one of the weird pregnancy symptoms I hadn’t expected or even heard of. 

Again, those lovely hormones and excess fluids also mean more saliva production

Saliva is acidic and becomes more so in pregnancy, which can mean your oral health is more high maintenance during this time. 

This was the case for me. 

The swollen gums started early in the first trimester, and I had to tend to them throughout my pregnancy. 

Flossing more regularly, using a safe mouthwash, and being more mindful of your oral health can keep this annoying pregnancy symptom at bay. 

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10. Heartburn 

Ohhhhh, the heartburn. 

If I could classify pregnancy under one word, it would be heartburn. 

I never struggled with heartburn too badly before pregnancy but had it 24/7 during it. 

The heartburn started in the first trimester and ended after I gave birth. 

It made sleep difficult, and nothing I took helped ease those symptoms. 

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I forgot what it was like not to have heartburn! 

11. Morning Sickness 

Or as it was for me, all the time sickness!

Morning sickness is one of the first trimester symptoms of pregnancy.

Honestly, my first trimester was pretty miserable due to the constant nausea I was experiencing.

Everything triggered it; walking into the bathroom triggered it; being near a trash can, seeing certain foods, it was so bizarre. 

The pregnancy nausea started early, and the only way I could curb it was around the 7-week mark when I started taking B-Complex vitamins. 

I took vitamins B-12, B-6, and Unisom at night, which completely subsided. 

I took it for the remainder of my pregnancy, and the B vitamins made a difference! 

12. Headaches 

obsessing over pregnancy symptoms

Ohh, lordy, the headaches and migraines. 

One of the more lame and weird pregnancy symptoms.

I struggled with tension headaches before and after pregnancy. 

Before I was pregnant, I would remedy them using Excedrin or prescription-grade pain medication, which I obviously couldn’t use while pregnant. 

Again, due to the changing hormones and increased blood flow, more pressure in your noggin may commence as it did for me. 

Taking magnesium daily not only helped my headaches from forming, but it also helped me sleep better AND helped with my pregnancy constipation, which brings me to my next point!

13. Constipation 

As if constipation didn’t suck enough without a big-ass bowling ball in our midsection! 

Again, due to those hormones, your digestive system slows down to ensure adequate nutrient absorption for the baby. 

Great for baby, sucky for your poops. 

Pregnancy constipation can be pesky.

Some women found Colace was an excellent remedy to relieve constipation. 

It is a surefire over-the-counter remedy for constipation when you need it. 

If you want something more natural, magnesium helped a ton. 

So much so I had to reel in my intake because it would sometimes have me waking up in the middle of the night having soft poops. 

Magnesium helps relax those colon muscles to aid in peristalsis and keep your poops moving!

14. Swollen Boobies 

This was one of the weird pregnancy symptoms I experienced before my missed period and what compelled me to take a pregnancy test the next day.  

Boob swelling is one of those telltale signs of pregnancy.

My boobs got so sensitive I couldn’t believe it. 

They got super swollen, my nipples got bigger, and I noticed some enormous blue and purple veins parking themselves smack dab in the middle of my breasts. 

Swollen breasts are a more common early pregnancy symptom before a missed period. 

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15. Food Cravings 

Not everyone will experience this, but I did! 

Food cravings are fun and weird pregnancy symptoms.

Again, hormones dictate this.

No, I had no weird combination cravings like ice cream and pickles; I craved drumroll…..Strawberry Nesquik. 

Yep, Strawberry Nesquik. 

I couldn’t get enough of it. 

I made so many strawberry glasses of milk and milkshakes during my whole pregnancy that I couldn’t get enough. 

I have never had it before or since, and I attribute that my daughter came out a redhead due to the mountains of Strawberry Nesquik I consumed throughout my pregnancy! 

It’s a fun and quirky part of pregnancy; lean into it! 

16. Food Aversions 

Now those pesky ass hormones that cause us to crave foods will also make us detest certain foods.

Food aversions are such weird pregnancy symptoms!

It was chicken; just the sight of it made me sick, grilled or fried. 

Seeing Popeye’s or KFC commercials made me want to avert my eyes ASAP, and the smell of chicken would make me want to vomit. 

I couldn’t believe its strength; I had never had anything against chicken before! 

It was so weird; even Chick-Fil-A grossed me out…freaking CHICK-FIL-A! 

I avoided chicken throughout my pregnancy, and my love for it returned after I gave birth. 

Don’t know what my body had against chicken when I was pregnant; maybe it was super scared of contracting salmonella or something IDK, everyone will have something different! 

17. Pica 

Now this one is super strange and not a pregnancy symptom most women will experience, I don’t think. 

However, I did, and it takes the weird pregnancy symptoms award.

Pica ( pronounced pie-kah )is a condition where the person craves non-edible substances to eat. 

Pregnant women believe this can be due to a drastic increase in nutritional intake needs and may not receive enough of it. 

I had a very good diet during my pregnancy, so It was surprising I experienced this. 

What did I crave? 

Chlorine. Freaking Chlorine. 

Like, wtf lol. 

I’m a member at my local YMCA, where I took water aerobics classes and swam laps while pregnant. 

Whenever I walked into the indoor pool area and was met with an intense fragrance of chlorine, I just wanted to drink a whole glass of pool water…gross, I know, but that’s how it was! 

What’s funny, although not as intense, I am still attracted to chlorine after pregnancy. 

It’s been nearly two years since I was pregnant writing this paper, and sometimes I smell chlorine and experience that urge to drink a glass of pool water. 

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18. Fatigue 

Girl, you are going to be tired AF when you are pregnant. 

Your body is working super hard to grow a damn little person in you; that takes a lot out of you! 

Also, because your body needs more nutrients than average, many pregnant women, including myself, experience anemia in pregnancy, which can cause you to be super tired. 

We have to work extra hard to get the nutrients we need to feel good and not to mention the rest to function correctly. 

I was extremely fortunate to be able to sleep as much as I needed during my first trimester since we were still amid the lockdowns. 

I couldn’t believe how much I could sleep and STILL be tired; it was never enough! 

During that time, I remember thinking, I need to enjoy it now because it won’t last forever! 

19. Mood Fluctuations 

Yay, hormones for not only making us crazy during our periods but during pregnancy as well!

Everything made me cry, happy or angry during pregnancy. 

I felt like a teenage girl again and felt so profoundly. 

The little things moved me, making watching movies a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Being aware of your mood is helpful to ensure you don’t leave a path of destruction everywhere you go. 

20. Frequent Peeing

I thought this was a symptom that happened once your belly got so damn big your bladder became the size of a blueberry, making you pee every 30 seconds…nope! 

Considering it happens so early, it’s one of the more weird pregnancy symptoms.

This was one of the first signs of pregnancy I experienced. 

Again this is due to hormones, but I couldn’t believe how much I needed to pee! 

I had to pee so much throughout my pregnancy that I got up approximately 1 million times a night to pee exactly 3 drops each time. 

Frequent peeing is one of the more annoying early pregnancy symptoms, but telling! 

21. Mild Spotting 

the symptoms of pregnancy

Not everyone will experience spotting in their early pregnancy; I didn’t. 

However, implantation bleeding is a very telling sign of early pregnancy. 

The spotting comes from the embryo implantation in your uterus, making itself nice and cozy for the next 9 months! 

This can make you bleed a little. 

The bleeding shouldn’t resemble a period, should be much lighter than menstrual flow, and can range from light to dark. 

Spotting usually takes place sometime during that two-week waiting period! 

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22. Acne


Don’t we just love acne?! 

Luckily, I didn’t have this problem during my pregnancy, but my mom sure did! 

Her acne got cystic when she was pregnant with my sister; those pesky hormones, man. 

Be wary of hormonal acne and keep your skincare routine simple.

23. Glowy Skin 

For me, my skin cleared up during pregnancy! 

I wouldn’t say I’m lucky per se because I struggle with acne anyway, so in a way, pregnancy was an excellent vacation from acne! 

All that increased fresh blood flow left a bright and dewy finish on my face, leaving me glowing even in the delivery room after giving birth! 

As life has it, my acne came back shortly after, booo lame. 

24. Increased Sense of Smell 

This one is both good and bad. 

Our pregnant selves are sensitive! 

I remember grocery shopping in Wal-Mart, and I would smell something in the dairy area every time that made my stomach turn. 

I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but it was very distinct. 

Can’t smell it anymore now that I’m not pregnant, though! 

One of the more weird pregnancy symptoms.

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25. Flu Symptoms 

If you’re wondering are flu like symptoms a sign of early pregnancy, yep!

Flu symptoms in pregnancy can happen due to the weakening the immune system. 

Feeling like you have a cold or sore throat can happen during pregnancy. 

Ensuring you do everything possible to remain healthy by taking adequate vitamins and supplements can help prevent these flu-like symptoms. 

It sucks, but it is a pesky and weird pregnancy symptom.

26. Bloating

Remember how we discussed the increase in hormones and fluids in your body? 

That can mean excess water and bloat, especially during the first trimester! 

Mix that with a slower digestive tract, and you get bloat city, especially after you eat. 

So if you’re wondering if bloating is a sign of pregnancy, yep!

Burp city!

27. Farting 

Funny but true! 

Farting is one of the more goofy and weird pregnancy symptoms.

Again with your digestive tract a little wonky and as your belly gets bigger and harder to hold in those farts, farting is common in pregnancy! 

I was so gassy and farted more in front of my husband by accident during pregnancy than in your relationship before or since! 

Toward the end, I didn’t care anymore and let them rip! Hey, I was pregnant and fat! Lol 

28. Dizziness

Due to your increased blood flow and pressure, dizziness, especially when getting up too fast, can happen more frequently during pregnancy. 

Be mindful of this to be more careful and intentional with your movements to ensure you don’t push yourself too hard. 

Although you could be experiencing weird pregnancy symptoms, if you feel extremely dizzy, you must talk to your doctor to rule out preeclampsia.

29. Joint Pain 

what are signs of early pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard on the body, and hormone fluctuations can cause joint pain. 

I had tension headaches during my pregnancy and found taking magnesium helped with that and my overall joint pain throughout my pregnancy! 

Also, stretching helps this, too; try some pregnancy yoga! 

30. Metallic Taste 

A harmless but one of the more weird pregnancy symptoms.

I had this throughout my pregnancy, and it would go as quickly as possible. 

Some say it has to do with hormone fluctuations again, but it is often caused by dysgeusia, which causes these bitter tastes in the mouth. 

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31. Increased Thirst

This happened to me; I was thirsty AF throughout my whole pregnancy. 

It’s a common symptom caused by hormonal fluctuations and the demand for a greater fluid intake to help grow a baby! 

So drink all that water, girl! 

One of the more goofy and weird pregnancy symptoms!

32. Hot Flashes

While pregnant, the increase in estrogen production can cause body temperature changes. 

This can leave some pregnant women experiencing hot flashes and other temperature changes! 

The dilation in blood vessels causes a sudden rush of blood which can leave you feeling hot! 

33. Itchy Skin

I had this happen to me while I was pregnant for a while.

Can itchy nipples be a sign of early pregnancy? Yep!

The increased blood flow can make your skin super itchy while pregnant! 

That damn increased fluids and blood flow! 

Although mild, there isn’t a ton you can do about it. 

Another one of those weird pregnancy symptoms!

34. Brittle Nails 

What? I thought prenatal vitamins were supposed to help keep nails strong and grow them. 

Yes, that can help, but unfortunately, they can become brittle, fragile, and chip much easier. 

Often because they grow so fast, they don’t get strong enough and break more often…booo. 

35. Thicker Hair 

common pregnancy symptoms

This is the symptom we all want while pregnant! 

Due to the increase in progesterone, while pregnant, you don’t shed your average monthly amount of hair like you used to, leaving long, thick locks for you to enjoy! 

Unfortunately, you may have some serious postpartum hair fallout once those hormones tank, dangit! 

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Weird pregnancy symptoms can be surprising and unexpected but also quirky and fun parts of pregnancy. 

They are often a normal part of the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. 

You don’t feel so alone when you know the lesser signs of pregnancy and the more common ones! 

However, if you feel what you are experiencing is off, trust your gut and talk to your doctor. 

Try to have fun and make the best of your journey despite some quirky and weird pregnancy symptoms! 

This post covered the common and not-so-common weird pregnancy symptoms women may experience.

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