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This post lists the best fall couple photoshoot outfits.

FAll Couple Photoshoot Outfits 1

Hooray for fall time! It’s arguably the most romantic time of the year, which makes it the perfect season for an engagement shoot!

As the vibrant hues of autumn paint the world around us, lovebirds embarking on their engagement journey can’t help but feel the enchantment in the crisp fall air.

With the scenic backdrop of nature showcasing its breathtaking transformation, an engagement shoot during the fall offers an incredible opportunity to capture the essence of romance and warmth.

While the location and photographer are crucial aspects of this cherished occasion, selecting the perfect outfits for the shoot becomes the ultimate creative endeavor.

I found loads of cute dresses and outfits designed to harmonize flawlessly with the season’s color palette and bring out your unique love story amidst the tapestry of fall colors.

Let’s get into the engagement outfits!

This post lists the best fall couple photoshoot outfits for engagements ( or whatever! )

fall couple photoshoot outfits

Fall Outfits for Women

When it comes to women’s outfits for a fall engagement shoot, finding the perfect ensemble is like finding that secret pumpkin spice latte recipe—essential and oh-so-satisfying. Ladies, let’s talk about the most important thing: your outfit!

Picture this: a classic leather jacket that screams cool and confident, serving the perfect balance of edginess and elegance. Now, imagine rocking neutral colors like those Instagram-worthy latte hues—warm browns, soft grays, and creamy whites—creating a color scheme that blends seamlessly with the fall foliage.

From gorgeous blouses to flowy maxi dresses paired with ankle boots that say, “I’m ready for a romantic adventure,” or even tailored pants with a stylish blouse that exudes effortless chicness—there are endless outfit ideas to play with. So, let your creativity run wild and capture your love story in style amidst the picturesque autumn scenery.

It’s time to spice up your engagement shoot and unleash your inner fashionista!

1. Orange and Pink Petals

Floral orange white maxi dress
Photo Credit: Petal + Pup

Get ready to strike a pose and capture the essence of fall romance with the perfect outfit—the Kelda Dress in Beige from Petal + Pup. I absolutely ADORE this dress.

With its dreamy silhouette and soft beige hue, this dress harmonizes effortlessly with the enchanting fall backdrop, ensuring that every click of the camera captures a beautiful photo worth cherishing.

The best thing is how flowy it is! You will be super comfortable and cute.

It’s graceful flow, and flattering fit will make you feel like a vision of elegance, allowing you to move quickly and radiate confidence throughout the shoot.

A good option for sure!

Finishing Touches:

Willa Hat in Spice
Walnut leather woven hard sole shoe 1

2. Tarnished Gold Maxi Dress

Photo Credit: Joyfolie

This golden lace maxi dress from Joyfolie takes my breath away! It’s a great option/formal outfit to unleash your inner goddess during your fall engagement photo session and have a great time in this show-stopping dress.

The flowing silhouette of this gown will make you feel like you’re walking on air, while the tarnished gold hue adds a touch of luxury and glamour.

Great for late fall when the bright colors of the leaves are super vibrant.

You’ll look like a Boho Belle from Beauty and the Beast as you strike poses and create beautiful photos that radiate elegance and grace. You’ll get some seriously romantic fall engagement photos with this dress.

3. Olive Green French Vintage

Olive green French Vintage Dress
Photo Credit: Etsy Minaj Cruz Fashion

Olive green is one of the best colors for cute fall engagement photos. This handmade beauty is made of high-quality cotton and super breathable.

You’ll be warm but not sweaty and gross! We don’t want that.

The Earth tones are great for a rustic backdrop, and you will look boho-chic gorgeous.

Add gold jewelry to complement the Earth tones and the warmth of the bright colors of the changing leaves.

This dress is perfect if you’re going for an Earthy, organic look.

4. Burnt Orange Belted Dress

Burnt Orange Simplee Frill Trim Belted Wrap Hem Dress
Photo Credit: SHEIN

The Simplee Frill Trim Belted Wrap Hem Dress in Burnt Orange from Shein captures the essence of autumn romance with the perfect engagement photo outfit.

This dress is a game-changer for creating memorable engagement pictures that reflect your love story. Its stunning burnt orange hue, reminiscent of the falling leaves, adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to your ensemble.

Solid colors like this allow the focus to remain on the star of the show—the engagement ring that symbolizes your commitment. This dress’s frill trim and wrap hem details exude feminine charm, so you’ll feel sexy af!

Taupe Suede Vince Camuto Booties

Vince Camuto Saston Bootie

Complete your look with these adorable taupe suede booties. They will match perfectly with the burnt orange dress and keep your toes warm during the fall weather!


5. Black and Beige

Nate Dress Black and Beige
Photo Credit: Petal + Pup

Fall in love with the Nate Dress in Black/Beige by Petal + Pup, the perfect attire for your engagement photoshoot that celebrates the season’s rich hues.

This dress effortlessly combines fall colours timelessly and elegantly. Picture yourself wearing this stunning dress adorned with a statement necklace that adds a touch of glamour and draws attention to your radiant smile.

The black and beige palette embraces neutral shades, allowing you to stand out while harmonizing with the surrounding autumn landscape. Using a lighter color against a darker background creates a striking contrast that highlights your beauty.

It’s an ideal choice for many couples looking to develop the perfect engagement photos that capture the essence of the season and your everlasting love.

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6. Sage Green

Photo Credit: Joyfolie

Prepare for your engagement photoshoot with the perfect outfit—the Cass Dress in Island Sage by Joyfolie. Finding the right outfit is essential; this dress offers endless possibilities for creating different looks that reflect your unique style.

The soft, muted green shade makes it ideal for the perfect engagement photo outfits during this perfect time of year. Finish the look with boots; a belt is a great way to accentuate your gorgeous waistline!

One of the top tips is to consider the surrounding fall scenery when selecting your outfit if you want the dress to be a pop of color or blend in a little more.

Finishing Touches:


7. Burgundy Boho and Lace

Burugndy Boho and lace dress
Photo Credit: Etsy Skaira Shop

Burgundy is a gorgeous color to dress in for fall engagement photo outfits. Dark red hues beautifully compliment any complexion.

The lace gives a soft, delicate, and romantic energy to compliment perfectly a cozy fall engagement session your whole family will swoon over! It’s a much more minimal look for those who want to keep it light and charming.

Complete your look with a suede chestnut flat-brim hat and sandals.

8. Black and Rust

SHEIN LUNE Corduroy Zipper Front Mini Skirt
Photo Credit: SHEIN

Get The Look:

Black 1pc Women Fashion Best Belt Decor Hat SHEIN
MEJURI Gold Dôme Hoops
Knee High Black Suede Boots
Black Turtleneck Bodysuit Fashion Nova
Womens Black Leather Fashion Nova Moto Jacket
Black 1pc Women Fashion Best Belt Decor Hat SHEIN
MEJURI Gold Dôme Hoops
Knee High Black Suede Boots
Black Turtleneck Bodysuit Fashion Nova
Womens Black Leather Fashion Nova Moto Jacket
Black 1pc Women Fashion Best Belt Decor Hat SHEIN
MEJURI Gold Dôme Hoops
Knee High Black Suede Boots
Black Turtleneck Bodysuit Fashion Nova
Womens Black Leather Fashion Nova Moto Jacket

I love utilizing skirts during the fall. I don’t think enough of us use them for autumn, even though they are perfect for creating a classy fall look.

This burnt orange mini skirt goes perfectly with a black long-sleeved top. It’s more of a casual outfit if you aren’t a huge fan of dresses.

Couple the look with a leather jacket; you will be nice and cozy. It’s also an excellent look for a pumpkin patch- a great fall engagement photo idea!

Finish your look with black suede boots to keep your feet warm, and you’re golden.

9. Black Floral Maxi Dress

Photo Credit: Petals + Pup

This floral dress by Shein is vibrant with color. The brighter colors of the orange and yellow flowers against the black dress are a gorgeous contrast that will complement the fall colors well.

It’s a soft, flowy option, perfect for breathability and flexible movement during your fall engagement photo shoot! The belt accentuates your cute waist and gives the dress a great shape on your body.

Finish the look with warm booties and a minimal gold necklace; you are fall-ready!

Grey Matignon Suede Ankle Booties

Matignon Suede Ankle Booties

This little number is hand-crafted of supple suede in Italy; Aquazzura’s Matignon booties are elongated with a flattering pointed toe. A sleek stiletto heel anchors this ankle-length pair and is the perfect addition to this dress look!


10. Deep Teal

Photo Credit: Joyfolie

This deep teal maxi dress from Joyfolie is absolutely stunning. It is the definition of boho chic!

Deep teal is an excellent and rich color for your fall engagement photos. It’s bright yet calming.

It’s sexy enough to allow you to show a little leg and your gorgeous bust while covering you enough to be comfortable in the breezy fall weather. You can wear a hat and boots or go barefoot in this beauty. Your heart will skip a beat the first time you see photos of yourself wearing this dress; you will feel like a boho goddess!

11. Burnt Orange Boho Goddess

Burnt orange boho chic maxi dress
Photo Credit: Etsy Emmrycloth

Do you see this dress? I mean, look at it! I can’t EVEN with how unbelievably gorgeous it is. Like, it straight up takes my breath away.

Handcrafted and sold on Etsy, you will never have a more unique and stunning dress than this one. The burnt orange is iconic for fall colours, and clearly, based on the photo, you can wear this dress for winter shoots too.

The burnt orange accentuates and complements any complexion, and you will shine brighter than the sun wearing this dress, girl!

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12. Preppy Plaid

SHEIN Essnce Plus Plaid Pattern Fold Pleated Hem Wool Mix Dress Without Tee
Photo Credit: Shein

We can’t forget the cuteness of plaid during the fall season! It’s a great pattern to utilize during fall that you can dress up and down quickly. 

This gold and black plaid dress is made of wool, so super warm and soft, perfect for if it gets a little bit breezy fall season. This is great for a downtown fall photoshoot alongside old brick buildings, streets, and falling leaves. 

Add a pair of booties to keep your feet warm and a white ribbed long-sleeve top to prevent you from getting too chilly. It’s also great for family pictures!

Finish the Look:

White ribbed long sleeve shirt crop top
Medium classic gold hoop earrings

13. White Dress

Photo Credit: Joyfolie

What better way to showcase your engagement than with a stunning white dress? Another gorgeous option from Joyfolie, the lace is delicate, while the maxi skirt is playful and flowy!

The color is incredibly soft and light, perfect for a wheat field photo shoot!

Pair it with sandals or boots; this is a dress you want to keep as minimal as possible; where YOU are the focal point, the dress is simply showing you off.

14. Wine Red T-Cup Dress

Dark wine cotton t cup dress
Photo Credit: Etsy TsiomikKids

Wine red is THE go-to color for fall photos! The dark red is stunning on all complexions and is absolutely gorgeous among the changing leaves.
The cotton material will keep you warm the tie belt will show off your pretty waist.

The t-cup shape is SO cute and perfect for fall photos.

Show off the extra foot space with cute lace-up booties to warm your feet! Make it even cuter by adding knitted socks that come over the boot to break the distance between your skin and boot, to give that little bit of contrasting color.

It’s also perfect for petite ladies!

15. Mocha Turtle Neck & Jeans

Petite Cant You Relax Straight Leg Jeans Light Wash
Photo Credit: Fashion Nova

Get The Look:

Pearl Floral Burst Earrings
Transparent Booties
Tara Turtle Neck Sweater – Khaki FASHION NOVA
Light Wash Wide Leg High Waisted Jeans FASHION NOVA
Pearl Floral Burst Earrings
Transparent Booties
Tara Turtle Neck Sweater – Khaki FASHION NOVA
Light Wash Wide Leg High Waisted Jeans FASHION NOVA
Pearl Floral Burst Earrings
Transparent Booties
Tara Turtle Neck Sweater – Khaki FASHION NOVA
Light Wash Wide Leg High Waisted Jeans FASHION NOVA

Wear a casual outfit for your fall photo shoot with these cute, light-wash, wide-leg jeans from Fashion Nova.

This outfit is an excellent option if you aren’t a dress person and don’t feel like changing that now! Pair your light wash jeans with a cute mocha, ribbed turtleneck top to add warmth.

Wear transparent booties and keep your feet warm for an ambitious look, but you can still see your fresh pedicure! Add stud earrings, and you’re goooood girrrrl.

16. Beige & Lace

Photo Credit: Joyfolie

Another showstopping dress by Joyfolie. If you love beige and the delicacy of lace, this dress is for you.

It’s incredibly minimal yet packs chic by the inch.

You will look like a graceful Western angel in this beauty. You don’t need much to dress this one up; maybe khaki suede boots or dangle earrings to draw attention to your gorgeous decollete.

This dress is excellent for deep, rich, fair skin tones.


Ibiza Earrings in Cream

Complete your lace dress with these gorgeous fringe dangle earrings. Go for the complete boho goddess look with the light fringe as it moves with you during your shoot. Dangle fringe earrings are great for making a statement without being gaudy.


17. Olive Green Corset Linen Dress

Corset Linen Dress in Dark Green
Photo Credit: Etsy Linennaive

Go cottage-core with your fall outfit this year with this gorgeous, handmade wool corset dress.

Incredibly simple yet detailed enough to look sleek and chic. Add chestnut leather boots and an olive green long-sleeve shirt underneath the dress to keep you warm.

This is perfect for a minimal, casual cottage look for your fall engagement photo shoot.

Great if you want to skip the bells and whistles!

18. Black & Gold

SHEIN Clasi Shirred High Neck Flounce Sleeve Floral Dress
Photo Credit: SHEIN

This black and gold dress by SHEIN is SO cute. The long sleeves and turtleneck make it perfect for the fall season. You can totally rock mini skirts and dresses during fall and still be cozy.

Ensure you use thermal pantyhose to keep your legs warm, and use ankle booties to give you extra height and make your legs look 10 miles long!

This dress is perfect for fall downtown shoots by old brick buildings, parks, and streets.

Finish the Look:

Fleece lined sheer tights 1
Black Vince Camuto Saston Bootie

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19. Dreamy Lilac

Photo Credit: Joyfolie

Another home-run dress by Joyfolie! Are we surprised at this point?

This gorgeous orchid/lilac-colored maxi dress is perfect for fall. The off the shoulder sleeves are so sweet and give off a whimsical princess look. If there is any time to feel more like a princess other than your wedding day is during your engagement photo shoot girl!

Find yourself cute boots or shoes to keep your feet warm and I strongly suggest in a cute minimal dainty necklace in gold or rose gold to complete this whimsical look!

20. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Layla Ripped High Rise Stretch Skinny Jeans Medium Wash
Photo Credit: Fashion Nova

Get The Look:

Khaki London Rag Brandy Thigh High Boot
SHEIN EZwear Ribbed Neon Pink Form-Fitting Halter Top
High Rise Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans
Khaki London Rag Brandy Thigh High Boot
SHEIN EZwear Ribbed Neon Pink Form-Fitting Halter Top
High Rise Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans
Khaki London Rag Brandy Thigh High Boot
SHEIN EZwear Ribbed Neon Pink Form-Fitting Halter Top
High Rise Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans

Want to go casual, comfy, and cute? I got you, boo. Go with these skinny jeans from Fashion Nova and work your way up.

Featured is a super cute mocha tank top with perfect fall coffee vibes! Add a cream or oatmeal color cardigan to keep you cozy in the fall weather.

The skinny jeans provide the perfect opportunity to rock over-the-knee boots, girl! Go for it!

You will be warm and look stylish but not overtly formal either. Perfect for a low-key engagement photo shoot.

Men’s Fall Outfits

Ladies, let’s give a round of applause to our dapper finances as they gear up for their moment in the spotlight during our fall engagement photo shoot! Get ready to fall in love again with these swoon-worthy fall engagement outfits for our incredible partners. Let’s do it!

1. Olive Green Vibes

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

Olive or army green are splendid hues for your fall engagement photoshoot. Men look GREAT in this color, as it complements any complexion.

It’s easy to dress up or down depending on the location of your shoot and will keep him feeling warm while looking sleek and handsome.

Made of linen, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable for your man in the crispy cold fall weather! Pair the shirt with black chinos or dark brown pants for more earth tones.

Finish The Look:

Black Relaxed Chino 1

2. Rugged in Rust

RUST Solid Stretch Corduroy Shirt
Photo Credit: Express

Rust or burnt orange hues during the fall, in general, are great colors to go for when putting together fall outfits!

This rust corduroy dress shirt is stretchy and classic for your man’s fall look. It’s hot and inviting and will complement the falling leaves perfectly.

Put it together with black or dark wash jeans and chestnut brown dress shoes or boots. Your man will be looking warm and dreamy!

3. Ballin in Brown

Dark Brown Timber Creek Long Sleeved Shirt
Photo Credit: Orvis

Made of soft cotton and polyester, this rich dark chocolate brown dress shirt is an excellent choice for your man. Its rich dark hues will anchor the brighter colors of the leaves and trees.

It’s a great option if you wear orange, yellow, or beige.

The cotton will keep him warm and comfortable for the whole shoot. Light beige or khaki chinos are a great way to achieve a classic look.

If your man wants to relax, medium-wash jeans look fantastic and natural.

Light beige fitted mens pants

Performance Five-Pocket Pant

These light beige fitted pants from Peter Millar pair great with the dark chocolate dress shirt. With their super versatile performance pants and with a weekend-ready five-pocket design, your man will not only be super comfortable, but he will be able to wear these long after your shoot!


4. 100% Cotton Beige Sweater

Photo Credit: Paul James

This 100% Cotton Fisherman Rib Jumper in Sand by Paul James is all about that cozy and effortless style, perfect for capturing those cozy and intimate moments in the autumn backdrop.

Have him rock this jumper with dark jeans or dress with tailored trousers.

The neutral sand color adds a touch of warmth and versatility. So, let’s inspire our partners to embrace this chill and stylish knit because together, we’ll create memories that reflect our love and the relaxed vibes of the season.

5. Olive Green Sweater

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

One sweater that had me swooning is this sweater from Banana Republic.

It’s a highly classic and well-made sweater.

With its relaxed and laid-back vibe, this sweater is perfect for capturing those relaxed and authentic moments amidst the fall scenery. It showcases the perfect amount of rugged charm while still emanating softness.

Whether he pairs it with jeans for a casual look or dresses it with dark brown chinos, this sweater adds natural elegance to his ensemble.

6. Navy Serenity

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Uomo

This dark blue dress shirt by Lorenzo Uomo is rich and stunning. This dark navy blue is a good choice for a more formal shoot.

This shirt brings the perfect blend of comfort and style, ideal for capturing those laid-back and carefree moments amidst the autumn scenery. You can pair it with light beige or gray pants for a woodland look.

The blue is rich and is made of 98% cotton; your man will be warm and comfortable, so complaining should be minimal!

Finish the look:

Light beige fitted chinos
Taft nutmeg ankle boot

7. Sweet Suspenders

Oxblood brown suspenders
Photo Credit: JJ Suspenders

Get The Look:

Mens Oxblood Suspenders
TAFT Ankle Honey Boot
White Fitted Dress Shirt Men
Khaki Mens Slim Chinos
Mens Oxblood Suspenders
TAFT Ankle Honey Boot
White Fitted Dress Shirt Men
Khaki Mens Slim Chinos
Mens Oxblood Suspenders
TAFT Ankle Honey Boot
White Fitted Dress Shirt Men
Khaki Mens Slim Chinos

If you and your man try to dress more boho casual, suspenders and rolled-up dress shirts are GREAT. It still is a very polished and classic look even though it’s minimal.

What’s great about this look is its versatility. He can wear this indoors, outdoors, in lakes, wheat fields, or in a lovely estate.

It’s easy to dress up and down. He can go barefoot if you shoot on a beach or wear hand-crafted Taft boots to elevate his look.

8. Basic Black

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

This black button-up shirt from Banana Republic was handcrafted with cotton and linen that will keep your man comfortable and looking polished the whole shoot.

He can wear it alone or layer it with a white t-shirt underneath for warmth and color contrast.

Finish his look with dark wash jeans, black chinos, or dress pants, depending on your shooting location. To add a pop color, beige boots or shoes can give him look contrast needed for the blackness to breathe.

9. Yellow Cableknit Sweater

Yellow Mens Cable Knit Cotton Sweater
Photo Credit: Macy’s

Mustard yellow is a great place to start if your man wants to go bold with these colors. This Ralph Lauren yellow cable knit sweater is not only incredibly classic; it’s breathable, warm, and cozy; everything fall is about, right?

It’s a great option for vibrant contrast, and you really want to pop out of your surroundings. The leaves will complement the shirt perfectly.

Black pants or dark wash jeans are the best way to anchor bright yellow colors.

10. Dark Denim

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

You do not want to miss out on the opportunity for your man to rock a dark-wash denim dress shirt. This shirt from Banana Republic is far from a farmer-esque look; although it is denim, it’s incredibly classic.

Denim is an excellent material to utilize during the fall and allows a breezy and relaxed feel to the otherwise hot and bright fall colors of the falling leaves, you know?

Your man should pair this shirt with black jeans or chinos to avoid too much blue in his outfit.

11. Olive Green Flannel

Photo Credit: Legendary White Tails

Is your man a little more rugged and not a fan of typical button-up dress shirts? No worries, I got you.

I found this super soft and cozy flannel button-up shirt from Legendary White Tails for your man to rock during your shoot. Also, it’s incredibly durable, and he can wear it for anything, whether working with wood and getting after hard labor or taking a gorgeous fall engagement photo shoot with you.

It’s incredibly versatile and easy to dress up and down. If your man wants to go full casual, he can wear medium-wash jeans with this top. If he likes dressing up a teeny bit, tan or khaki chinos will look great with the jeans.

12. Teal Corduroy

LL Bean Teal Blue Dress Shirt Men
Photo Credit: LL Bean

Teal is a fantastic color to utilize for your fall outfits. This teal corduroy dress shirt from LL Bean is soft, comfortable, and sleek for your engagement photoshoot.

Its cool hues bring down the intensity of the bright leaves and will allow him to really pop in his photos.

Wearing a white undershirt is the best way to go. If he wants to go cooler with his tones, a muted mud brown chino is an excellent pairing with the shirt.

Light beige chinos will do if he wants to go a little warmer and provide contrast! Tan boots will be

13. Black and Green Plaid

Mens Black and Green Plaid Flannel
Photo Credit: BONOBOS

Plaid is a favorite of a lot of men. They can easily dress it up or down, and it’s simple. This green and black plaid flannel by Bonobos will check many boxes for your man’s outfit.

It’s soft, warm, and cozy enough for the fall season. The color is excellent for a fall and will look great against any pine trees or shoots in the woods.

Go bold with this look, and try burnt orange chinos! If that’s too bold, khaki pants will do just fine.

Dark Golden Stretch Chinos

Dark Gold Stretch Chinos

If your man wants to go bold with a vibrant contrast fall look, these dark golden stretch chinos are a great place to start! The contrast in color is bright and stunning. The fit is stretched so that he will be comfortable as well.


14. Brown Zip Up

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

This rich, chocolate brown 100% wool zip-up sweater by Banana Republic is a classic and incredibly masculine option for your man’s outfit.

The brown is a great color for fall, and the sweater will keep him cozy and comfortable. He can layer it with a white undershirt or dress shirt, depending on the casual type he wants. Or he can go with a beige and off-white dress shirt underneath.

This sweater would be best paired with dark-wash jeans or dark brown dress pants.

15. Olive Green Wool Petticoat

Olive Green Wool Petticoat Mens
Photo Credit: Ted Baker

If your man wants complete gentleman’s style, he MUST rock this wool olive green coat by Ted Baker.

The wool is sturdy and warm, while the style is totally classic and gentlemanly chic. Lighter beiges, nudes, and creams are best to pair this coat with.

He will look crazy handsome, sharp, and dressed to the nines!

Finish The Look:

Light beige fitted chinos
Beige Ribbed Turtleneck sweater

Best Couple Fall Photoshoot Outfits

As you embark on your fall engagement photo shoot, remember that choosing the perfect outfits for you and your partner is essential. Whether cozy sweaters, elegant dresses, or stylish shirts, each garment should reflect your unique style and capture the season’s spirit.

Embrace the warm tones and textures of fall, experiment with layering and accessories, and let your outfits enhance the natural beauty of your love story.

With the right outfits, you’ll look incredible and feel comfortable and confident, ensuring that your engagement photos exude warmth, romance, and everlasting charm. So, have fun selecting your fall-inspired outfits, strike a pose, and let your love shine through the lens as you create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

This post lists the best fall couple photoshoot outfits.

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