11 Cutest Baby Girl First Birthday Outfits

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This post lists 11 super cute baby girl first birthday outfits.

first birthday outfits

Your baby girl is turning one, and I know how excited you are to shop for baby girl first birthday outfits.

You and baby have made it through the extremely tough and grueling first year of baby’s life.

As a parent, you navigated growth spurts, sleep regressions, tummy troubles, teething troubles, the baby’s first cold, and much more.

Baby is now a toddler and more human than an animal acting on instinct.

That first year is about survival for most parents and babies, especially if it’s your first go.  

You kept baby alive for their first year, which is a huge accomplishment, not the bare minimum.

You are officially out of the infant stage!  

Looking back, at the same time, it feels like I just gave birth.

I had no idea what I was in for looking back!

Whether you are a single parent or have a village to help, congratulations!

This is a fantastic milestone for you as a parent, and you should enjoy your baby’s first birthday to the max!  

This is a time for parents to indulge, celebrate each other for making it through, and celebrate baby’s for their first year of life!

I get it; finding baby girls 1st birthday outfit ideas can be fun but overwhelming.

Let’s get the party started, ya’ll, and get into some of these birthday outfit ideas for girls.

Here are eleven super cute baby girl first birthday outfits and accessories.

baby girl first birthday outfits

Baby Girl First Birthday Outfits

Whether you are looking for organic, playful or chic, here are 11 super cute and fashionable baby girl first birthday outfits for your little one to celebrate in!

1. Alice In Onederland Outfit

First Birthday outfits 2
First Birthday outfits 1

This is a cute girls first birthday outfit if you are a Disney fan!

The play on words is clever, and the outfit is great quality.

Alice In Wonderland is a beloved Disney classic where everyone will get the play on words and costumes.

Baby will be feeling herself in this, knowing how cute she looks!  

A great birthday outfit for 1 year old baby girl.

Sold on Etsy By LilyandMaxCo, they have sizes ranging from 0-6 months for preemies, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months.

It’s a cute little romper with a ruffle bum, socks, a headband, and baby Mary Jane shoes.

You can mix and match the pieces you want to match your budget.  

Given it is a romper and not a dress, it is much more play friendly for younger babies that will be running around or crawling while having fun without a poofy dress being in the way.

Be sure to take loads of pictures because you won’t regret it.

Your little girl will look like she fell right down the rabbit hole with this adorable Alice get-up!

A perfect pick for baby girls first birthday outfit!

2. Bohemian Princess Outfit

first birthday outfits boho
first birthday romper

If your family is rustic, chic, and bohemian, this is the absolute cutest first birthday outfit for baby girl!

You get natural, neutral, and glam harmony in a nude shade with cute rhinestones!

It is a romper with a headband set, perfect for keeping it simple and sleek for baby.

Matches the California laid-back chic look that is taking precedence today.  

Packed with natural earth tones ranging from rose to dark brown, these colors will beautifully complement the skin tone of any baby girl!

You have the option to get the romper on its own, add the baby One sash, and you can add the headband too.

You can choose between 3 different color rhinestone looks for the belt and headband ranging from silver, gold, and rose gold.

So you have a variety of infant girl birthday outfits to choose from.

Seller IssaBugsBoutique is blasted with 5-star reviews and raving over how adorable their babies look!

Keep it simple or go all out; it’s up to you! This is one of the perfect bohemian chic first birthday outfits for baby girls.

3. Tutu Party Queen Outfit

first birthday outfits

This is one of the sweetest baby girl first birthday outfits if you love all the glam and tulle.

It’s the ultimate queen outfit for you baby and first birthday baby girl clothes.

Layered like a cupcake, you can customize your baby’s look for the ultimate outfit!

With three headband options ranging from a simple bow to a princess feather flower crown, and two options on the dress, you can have the lettering on its own, with a heart, or the Minnie Mouse silhouette.

Handmade and sold by JadeandJoe on Etsy, it’s a great option if you love going all out for baby.

Be sure to get all the pictures with this on!

There’s a good chance she won’t be dressed like this again till her wedding day!

This is the going all-out option. All eyes will be on baby!  

Mix and match with a variety of bows, glitter, and colors!

This is one of the more of an all-out girls first birthday outfits for a big party bash option if you are going more Great Gatsby with your party, big, opulent, and beautiful!

4. Layered Tulle Tutu

first birthday outfits baby girls

This tutu tulle dress is so cute as a first birthday outfit for your baby girl!

It comes in various colors if you don’t like the dusty mauve rose color shown here, and is one of the more affordable tutu dresses for baby’s first birthday.

The dress is great for a spring or summer birthday in the backyard or a park!

The flower crown will make your baby girl look like an adorable flower child for her first birthday!

Super affordable and cute, this tutu tulle dress is a great outfit for baby girls first birthday!

5. One Romper

first birthday outfits for girls

This romper is perfect for something more comfy, casual, and free.

With frilly shoulder sleeves, this romper is so cute and sweet for your baby girl’s first birthday outfit.

This design has various colors, from yellow to white, to find the perfect look for your baby girl!

A super cute romper birthday outfit.

6. Holy Cow

holy cow im one first birthday outfit

If your baby girl is walking, this bell-bottom ensemble is so darn cute and the perfect first birthday outfit for your baby girl!

Bell bottoms are fun, and the cute cow pattern is adorable.

Not to mention babies look so freakin cute in bell bottoms it’s insane; they look like little hippies, lol

Your baby girl will look so freaking cute waddling around in this little cow outfit!

7. Groovy One

baby girl first birthday outfits

Speaking of hippies and flower children, how awesome is this floral 70’s bell bottom look!

With a catchy slogan, “Groovy One” this is perfect for baby girls first birthday outfit!

Go full boho and hippy with this 70’s themed outfit and turn your baby girl into the adorable flower child she is!

With a matching headband, your baby girl will be so darn cute and make for the best pictures!

8. Pretty Princess

first birthday outfit dress

If you want your baby girl to straight up look like Princess Peach from Mario Brothers, you can’t get any closer than this super freaking cute pink princess dress!

Again, this may be an outfit that will be best enjoyed if your baby girl is walking.

Your daughter will look and feel like royalty, and the pictures will be great to look back on!

The flower crown is the perfect cherry on top for taking pictures too.

This is truly the ultimate baby girl first birthday princess dress!

9. Strawberry Romper

strawberry romper

I just can’t with how cute this strawberry romper is!

Seriously, this romper is perfect for a spring or summer birthday.

Your baby girl will look so bright, ripe, and delicious in this adorable strawberry romper.

Add cute white strap sandals and get a big red bow if you want extra oomph.

This romper also comes in a few different colors and designs, so if you aren’t a fan of the strawberries no worries, they also have a watermelon and avocado design too!

10. Rose Gold Sequin Dress

first birthday outfits girls rose gold
first birthday outfits girls rose golds

Your baby girl will without a doubt shine like the bright star she is with this gorgeous rose gold sequin dress by Bailey’s Blossoms!

It’s lined on the interior to maximize comfort for your baby girl and will look stunning in pictures.

Add a princess crown or party hat to finish her look and she will be picture perfect!

11. Skirted Halter Romper

dune princess first birthday outfit
dune princess first birthday outfits

Your baby girl will straight up look like a Dune princess in this gorgeous dusty champagne skirted halter romper by Bailey’s Blossoms!

Organic yet chic, this skirt halter is a great option for a summer birthday party!

Baby Girl First Birthday Accessories

Alrighty, now that you found a super cute first birthday outfit for your baby girl, it’s time to finish it off with accessories and shoes!

Headbands + Crowns

Whether you are looking for cute headbands, crowns or party hats, find the perfect headpiece for the cherry on top of a cute first birthday outfit.

Shoes + Sandals

So close; you’re almost done! Unless baby is having her party at the beach, these shoes are perfect to finish off your baby girl’s first birthday outfit! Woo!

Cute Baby Girl Birthday Outfits

Baby’s first birthday is such an accomplishment.

Not just for babies but for parents as well.

Whether you had an easy breezy baby experience or were in the trenches of colic for ten months, you did it and should be proud of yourselves.

Parenting is not for the weak; it’s not for punks.

In this first year, you probably learned a lot, got into the groove a little more, feel a little more confident with your parenting, and can now see the horizon of the next toddlerhood.

On to the next stage of the baby’s life as we shift into toddler land, trying to navigate new challenges with our little ones.

Good job, everyone! 1st year is down, and a lifetime to go.

I hope this post helped you search for baby girls first birthday outfits and found something that works for you whether it was finding the best baby girl birthday dress or a romper!

This post covered baby girls first birthday outfits and accessories.

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