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Finding wood toys for baby in the age of loud, colorful, passive entertainment toys within American culture can be exceedingly tricky.

As parents try to find more simple and organic wood baby toys, we want fun and engaging products to encourage your baby to use their imagination and discovery skills to entertain themselves.

Instead of being passively entertained by noisy, bright, and loud toys, which often try to lure your baby back to play with it when they have stepped away for a moment instead of letting the baby organically move on to the next task.

Thank goodness some people feel the same way and make Montessori wooden toys that are engaging, excellent quality, non-toxic and fun!

Here are the 11 best wood baby toys!

wood toys for baby

Baby Duck Pull Wooden Toy

wood toys for baby
wood toys for baby duck
wood toys for babies


Best For⎜Ages 10+ Months


A very simple and handcrafted duck on wheels is a classic with Montessori wood toys!

Excellent in promoting your baby’s cognitive development, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and whole-body coordination.

Your baby will turn this cute baby duck into their little buddy that they love walking all over the house and showing you their excellent new pet!

This helps enable pride and confidence in your baby.

Made with FSC-certified wood, it is 100% nontoxic with a nylon chord.

This little duck is the perfect companion as your little one explores their world on two feet for the first time!

Montessori Wood Toy Object Permanence Box

best wood baby toys
organic wood baby toys


Best For⎜8+ Months


This wooden object permanence box was one of my daughter’s favorite toys when she was around eight months old.

They will light up when they see the cause and effect of dropping the ball in the hole and coming out onto the tray.

My daughter did this over and over so many times and never got tired of it.

Your baby will be proud of what they can do with this baby wood toy!

Great for hand-eye coordination and encouraging curiosity.

Handcrafted from high-quality beech wood, the object permanence box is non-toxic and safe for baby!

Thoth Montessori Multiple Circle Puzzle Board

montessori wooden toys
wood baby toys


Best For⎜6+ Months


A staple of Montessori wood baby toys, this circle puzzle board is great for babies.

This wooden puzzle is designed to help with hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills.

The knobs are safely secure and non-toxic for when your baby inevitably decides to explore it with their oral stimulation sensors like my daughter!

Great for visual learning, your baby will catch on that the circles are different sizes, and just because they are all circles doesn’t mean they are all the exact sizes!

This will help your baby develop their visual perspective skills along with their problem-solving skills as they try to match the proper circle with the proper size.

Watch your baby light up with pride once they match the proper circle to the appropriate size!

Montessori Wooden Toys For Baby Kit

natural wood baby toys
organic wooden baby toys


Best For⎜4+ Months


I got these natural wood baby toys for my daughter when she was four months old!

What is great about this kit is they provide toys that baby can grow with development.

The set includes:

  •  A wooden cylinder which is excellent for encouraging crawling
  •  Interlocking discs that your baby will love to taste and study
  • A ring rattle that fits perfectly in baby’s tiny hands
  • A bell cube that your baby will love to shake and taste
  • A ball cylinder that your baby will love making music with and which my daughter only recently got bored and grew out of at 18 months!

Since this wooden toy set comes with products that grow with your baby, it is a beautiful investment to watch your baby grow with these toys as they get the hang of their newfound skills!

Montessori Bell Shaker

montessori bell shaker
montessori baby toys
My daughter Annabelle was around 2-3 months old and enjoying her bell shaker!

Brand⎜Essential Montessori

Best For⎜2+ Months


When it comes to wooden toys for baby, this Montessori bell shaker takes the cake!

Perfect for super young babies still in the fourth trimester, this Montessori bell shaker is one your baby will love!

Perfect for helping them learn how to grasp with their palms and aids in oral stimulation.

The bell is safely secured to ease choking worries, although monitoring the baby with the rattle is always good practice to ensure safety.

The wood is non-toxic and coated in natural homemade beeswax and olive oil for preservation and smoothness for the baby’s safety.

My daughter loved this bell shaker well until she was nearly one!

This bell shaker by this seller is in high demand, so once you have one, you are good to go for months!

Montessori Wooden Ring

baby wooden toys
wooden toys for babies 2
Annabelle enjoying her wooden ring at 2-3 months old
Annabelle is introduced to her wooden ring!


Best For⎜Birth+


These organic wooden rings are perfect for young babies utilizing their oral stimulation sensory.

We introduced these rings after Annabelle was a couple of weeks old!

Annabelle adored her wooden rings; they were one of her favorite toys.

It was also great when she started teething.

You can show baby by tapping it, scratching it, gently caressing baby’s face with it, and introducing it to their mouth for oral stimulation!

You can see how excited Annabelle was when doing this!

No wonder it turned out to be one of her favorite toys.

Coming in a set of three, you can customize colors in the following:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Natural
  • Olive

The dyes are all natural ingredients to stain the wood, such as blueberries, beets, and turmeric.

You can also choose to have the rings unfinished or coated in homemade beeswax and olive oil.

We went with this route since we wanted the smoothest surface possible.

Great for establishing grasping skills and aiding in safe oral stimulation practice.

My daughter used this toy until she was around nine months old!

Montessori Pop Up Pegs

best wood baby toys 2
montessori peg toy


Best For⎜11+ Months


When it comes to wood toys for babies, this pop-up peg toy is an everyday Montessori staple.

Montessori wood toys like this can help your baby’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by practicing their pincer grasp.

Leading by example, show them how to put the peg in the proper hole and push by demonstrating how the toy works.

Watch your baby get super excited when the pegs pop back at them!

Holding the pegs will teach them how to handle objects with their hands through differing grips.

Made of FSC-certified wood and non-toxic, the pop-up peg toy is a safe and fun choice for baby!

Wooden Baby Gym

baby wooden gym
baby montessori gym
Annabelle loves her wooden gym!


Best For⎜1+ Months


If you’re looking for wooden baby toys, this wooden baby gym is just the ticket!

My daughter loved this wooden baby gym.

She loved trying to focus on the hanging toys that range from wooden to soft felt for texture.

Her eyes would light up, and her body would get so excited when we messed with the little mobiles for her.

Once she could reach them, she had a blast!

It has six different toy variations you can rotate out and introduce to the baby.

It’s super easy to assemble and light enough to move throughout the house or take on the go!

Montessori Wooden Pull Up Bar

montessori wooden pull up bar
montessori mirror


Best For⎜8+ Months


When it comes to wooden toys for babies, this pull-up bar and mirror combo is a Montessori classic.

Perfect for when your baby is starting to show interest in standing and using your furniture to shimmy while walking.

The mirror bar combo is an excellent way for them to see themselves and get excited with all their movements being mirrored after them!

It is an unbreakable mirror that is perfectly safe for baby and made of natural beech wood.

It’s like a bit of baby dance or ballet mirror!

Once your little one starts showing interest in bearing more weight on their legs and standing, this wooden pull-up bar is the perfect introductory toy to aid those skills.

Personalized Wooden Moon Rattle

wooden baby rattle


Best For⎜4+ Months


This rattle is one I wish I knew of when my daughter was a baby!

Handcrafted, this super cute and personalized wooden moon rattle is a great keepsake for once baby gets older.

Made of beech wood, you can customize the rattle to your baby’s name in front of the beautifully hand carved leaves.

Shake the rattle in front of your baby and watch their eyes light up and arms start swinging with excitement.

A super sleek and organic design, the rattle is a beautiful keepsake to cherish forever.

Wooden Baby Stroller Toy

wooden baby stroller toy
wooden baby stroller


Best For⎜10+ Months


If your little one is starting to show interest in walking, this wooden stroller is a perfect way to encourage it!

Sturdy and strong, your baby can push her little pram around the house while working on her balance and walking skills.

Keep your baby moving and practicing walking by getting them this natural wood stroller.

Watch your baby become enthralled with excitement as they boogie around the house with this bad boy!

Best Wood Toys for Baby are Hard to Find!

Finding proper wooden toys for babies in the age of smart phones, tablets, loud and overtly stimulating toys is becoming exceedingly difficult.

I hope this list was helpful, and if you want more curated wooden or Montessori toys lists for your kids be sure to like and share this post to let me know!

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