11 Best Thanksgiving Baby Food Dishes

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Thanksgiving is nearly here, and we get to involve baby in all the food festivities!

If your pediatrician has given you the green light to start feeding your baby solids, Thanksgiving is the best time to involve your baby in some excellent taste testing!

Ready to feed your baby for Thanksgiving?

I got you!

Let’s make this a great Thanksgiving for baby by feeding them real foods.

Whether it’s your baby’s first Thanksgiving or their second, here are the ten best foods to feed your baby!

Thanksgiving Baby Food

Mac N Cheese

Are you that surprised?


Mac N Cheese is a favorite for kids and adults alike!

If you have no qualms with your baby eating dairy, mac n cheese is an easy and tasty meal to feed your baby for Thanksgiving!

Someone is bound to bring or make a delicious mac n cheese dish, so grab baby some before all the adults smash it!

You can go the easy craft mac n cheese route, or if you want to make your own, check out this recipe here!

If you want a dairy-free and nut-free option you can make for baby, here is a mac n cheese recipe they can enjoy!


Cheese Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

Another soft and easy-to-eat dish for your baby!

Spruce them up with cheese and ham for extra pizzaz.

If you feel like getting sassy, you can make your own yummy scalloped potatoes here!

Whether scalloped or mashed, potatoes, in general, are a fun, tasty treat for your baby on Thanksgiving!

Boxed mashed potatoes will work just fine.

Add some yummy butter, sour cream, and gravy to that b*tch, and your baby will drool over your mashed potatoes!



Nut-Free Raisin Sweet Potato Casserole

Yay, more potatoes!

But way fancier!

My mother-in-law made the most incredible sweet potato casserole the Thanksgiving I was pregnant, and my taste buds were just popping off with satisfaction with every bite!

A sweeter option for your baby, this is a great dessert to introduce them to.

Ditch the hard pecans and switch them out for either marshmallow ( what my MIL used ) or something with even less sugar, like Raisins.

You can try out this recipe from Yummly.

A yummy warm sweet potato casserole for dessert will have your baby in the best baby food coma ever!

Yay for food-induced naps after 😉


Sausage Stuffing Muffins

I’m a huge fan of stuffing.

There are so many different variations you can make.

A traditional stuffing with dried cranberries, bread crumbs, chicken stock, and onions is all soft and easy to eat for your baby.

The perfect Thanksgiving side dish!

This sausage stuffing muffin recipe will be a hit for everyone, not just baby!

This recipe allows you to make muffins instead of a whole dish plate.

Smaller portions are fantastic for your baby.


Cheesy Broccoli Casserole

Thanksgiving for baby

With very little prep and a big kick of flavor, a cheesy broccoli casserole is a great way to sneak your baby some greens!

With broccoli cooked and a sweet medley of other ingredients, it is a soft, easy-to-eat dish for your baby.

Just cut the broccoli into small, easy-to-eat pieces for your baby, and watch them pig out!

Add some crispy onions for extra crunch, and you have a great Thanksgiving side dish for baby!



This is an easy one!

Corn is a classic carb and veggie that is small, tasty, and easy to eat for your baby.

You can either simply steam your corn and lather it in butter or ghee with a bit of garlic powder.

Super tasty!

Or, you can offer your baby a cream corn option!

Much sweeter and more creamy, cream corn is a yummy and simple Thanksgiving option for more picky eaters.



Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie

You can’t do Thanksgiving without a yummy pumpkin pie!

And not letting your baby try a taste would be a greek tragedy!

Serving baby a yummy soft slice of pumpkin pie after dinner is just the ticket for a Thanksgiving dessert for your baby.

Someone is bound to bring a big pumpkin pie from Costco to your gathering.

If you aren’t worried about sugar, you can feed your baby a small slice with minced slices.

However, if you want a sugar-free option, I totally get it!

You can check out this recipe here if you want a sugar-free pumpkin pie!

That way, you can feed your baby a 100% guilt-free dessert.


Slow Cooker Cheesy Chili

Super easy and quick to prepare with only five ingredients, cheesy non-spicy chili is an excellent option for your baby!

It is a simple yet satisfying Thanksgiving staple with yummy kidney beans, cheese, and tomato sauce!

If you want to make the kidney beans easier for your baby to eat, take an additional step to cut each kidney bean in half before adding it to your mix.

With this recipe, if you want to add beef to it for a protein-packed chili, go for it!

Lather cheddar cheese and sour cream on that bad boy, and watch your baby go nuts!


Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole

baby's first thanksgiving

Stacked with bacon, cheese, potatoes, sour cream, and garlic, this yummy mashed potato casserole is perfect for your baby.

Soft, tasty, and easy to eat, a loaded mashed potato casserole is a decadent side dish for your baby to smash!

If you’re worried about the bacon sizes, use bacon bits instead!

Add some cream cheese to the casserole to make it a creamy dream boat for your baby.



Deviled Eggs

If you’ve read my 10 Yummy Fourth of July Foods Baby Can Enjoy, you’ll know how much I LOVE deviled eggs!

I know it seems weird but you would be surprised how some babies love hard boiled eggs and deviled eggs.

It doesn’t need to be spicy or overbearing either.

Add some mustard, mayo, vinegar and paprika to your mix and watch baby pig out!

This recipe will give you the best whipped deviled egg taste and consistency ever.




You didn’t think I would leave the ultimate Thanksgiving dish out, would you?


Turkey for baby is an excellent protein choice and super delicious!

Baby food turkey that is pureed isn’t the yummiest of choices.

Would you eat it?

I wouldn’t!

The turkey baby food can have a lot of added ingredients in them as well.

I make it a rule of thumb that I won’t feed my daughter anything I wouldn’t eat!

That being said, let your baby experience the real consistency of turkey on its own.

Mince up small turkey pieces about half the size of a blueberry.

Lather your baby’s turkey in gravy or mashed potatoes to give it some moisture, making it easier for your baby to eat.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope this list was helpful.

It can be hard finding Thanksgiving baby food that your baby will enjoy and be safe eating.

Always check with your pediatrician if you have any qualms or concerns about feeding your baby food for Thanksgiving.

They can give you options and advice on how to proceed with your Thanksgiving festivities!

Be mindful of nut, dairy, or shellfish dishes if you aren’t keen on your baby consuming those yet, and have fun!

Let’s make this a great Thanksgiving for babies!


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