21 Best Scary Movies to Watch on a Date Night

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This post lists the 21 best scary movies to watch on a date night.

scary movies to watch on a date night

It’s almost like scary horror movies must be watched for a date.

Vulnerability, psychological terror, horror, gore, and suspense make for a great aphrodisiac!

My husband and I, before we got married and had a kid would list numerous movies to watch during the Halloween season!

It was a fun way to get into the spooky spirit, bond, and create a couple’s tradition that we still indulge in!

Between the ultimate horror classics and horror comedies, this list gives y the perfect blueprint when surfing for movies to watch when you finally got your kiddo down for the night.

Actually, these movies are so fun you will watch them all through!

This post lists the 21 best scary movies to watch on a date night with your boo.

21 best scary movies to watch on a date

Halloween (1978)

If you read my Jamie Lee Curtis: How Halloween Introduced The Scream Queen post, you will know how much I love Halloween.

The first Halloween movie!

I was a fan of this before it was cool okay?

I remember my parents showing me Halloween way back in middle school in ’05.

Long before nostalgia was cool and profitable lol

None of my friends were into older movies so I would watch them with my family!

Between the infamous Michael Myers and the wise Laurie Strode, Halloween is a timeless classic that will live on much longer than the few decades it has survived since!

With Laurie Strode being the clever babysitter, she manages to outlive the infamous killer who is out for a vengence.

Why does Michael Myers kill?

Michael Myers is presumed to be the personification of evil; an unthinking and unfeeling killing machine.


It’s the most obvious choice for a date night!

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Halloween 2 (1981)

If you have watched the first Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis you will know why you must continue the saga with Halloween II.

With Michale Myers at the helm of horror, he proves to be a complicated monster who is virtually impossible to kill.

Laurie Strode is in the hospital from the injuries she succumbed to Michael Myers earlier in the night.

The energy of an empty hospital on Halloween night while a killer is on the loose proves to be a creepy one!

The nightmare of the babysitter continues in this fun sequel!

A no-brainer for a date night!

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Friday the 13th (1980)

A good ole taste of Jason Vorhees during the holiday season is just what your date night needs!

As a classic 80’s raunchy horror film, with a young-ass Kevin Bacon, you really can’t go wrong with Friday the 13th.

It was a low-budget thriller with little expectations that ultimately paved the way for many horror slashers in the future and many, many sequels!

With sex, blood, gore, and horny clueless teens, it’s the perfect recipe for a raunchy horror film!

Put Friday the 13th on your watchlist for horror films for your date night!

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Alien (1979)

Sigourney Weaver plays the absolutely badass Ellen Ripley in the Sci-Fi horror Alien!

Ripley is a part of a team that detects a strange distress signal coming from another ship.

Worried it is a group of people asking for help, they treat it as your typical SOS and search for survivors.

They bring back more than they bargained for in this alien horror film!

As Ellen Ripley attempts to rescue herself and her cat from becoming alien food, Alien is the ultimate sci-fi thriller for lovers of strong female roles and lovers of sci-fi!

The perfect combo for a date!

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Aliens (1986)

Aliens, 21 best scary movies

I put this on the list because Aliens is arguably one of those sequels that are better than the original.

Ellen Ripley is found with her cat floating in hyperspace when she is rescued.

She attempts to explain to them what happened on her last voyage which they predictably write her off.

That is until a local colony housing 80 families go radio silent, they beg Ripley to join the military on this mission to find out what is going on.

Ripley has a run-in with the Queen as she attempts to escape the Aliens once again!

One of my favorite movies and characters of all time!

I didn’t give my daughter the middle name Ripley for nothing!

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The Excorcist (1973)

The Exorcist came out in the 70s and provided a whole new angle of horror.

Nobody has ever dabbled in this sort of horror and became a sensation because of it.

Exorcisms in movies were uncharted territory and scared anyone who saw it.

There are a lot of disturbing scenes involving a young girl named Reagan, who is the daughter of a prominent actress.

With no CGI available and heavy leaning on good acting and special effects, The Exorcist is a more controversial pick for a first date.

But if you are feeling like putting the pedal to the medal, it’s a gnarly watch for a date!

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Scream (1996)

Almost everyone has seen this 90’s Wes Craven classic!

Scream showcases a ton of notable actors and actresses and pays homage to the rules of horror movies that were pioneered before them.

With a young Drew Barrymore as a cameo in the opening scene as Casey, Neve Cambell as the main Scream Queen, Courtney Cox as the selfish and obnoxious newswoman, and David Arquette as Deputy Dewey, the cast is golden.

The story is unique from the time and birthed a franchise that still has new movies coming out to this day!

They just can’t seem to get rid of Ghostface!

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Cabin in The Woods (2011)

This isn’t your typical scary movie.

Although based on the trailers you would think it was.

That is what the director was going for, leading people to believe they are seeing one movie and then wonder if they are in the right theater.

Nothing is what it seems in this classic and original story.

You have a group of 5 college kids, who all go out to a friend’s “cabin in the woods” to let off some steam and have some fun.

Sounds like the premise of a basic horror film right?

Let’s put it this way, you will think you know what’s going on, but as the movie goes on, less and less will make sense and will leave you with more questions than answers until the very end.

Cabin in The Woods is totally worth a watch for horror movie buffs or those who don’t like traditional horror films and want something with a twist in it.

Psycho (1960)

Psycho, 21 best scary movies to watch on a first date, horror movies
Actress Janet Leigh in “Psycho”

Psycho, the classic Alfred Hitchcock film showcases the birth of modern horror and the scream queen!

With Janet Leigh as the leading lady who is on the run, she pays a stop at a motel to rest for the night.

Turns out the motel keeper, Norman Bates, is more of a creep than he leads on.

Psycho is the first horror film that put realistic everyday scary situations that could happen right here in civilization.

Janet Leigh gives a legendary performance as the first scream queen and who ultimately birthed the scream queen who put that term on the map, Jamie Lee Curtis.

As a black and white, classic horror film, there is very little gore, and little to no cursing, and is all over a fresh psychological thriller for a first date!

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Predator (1987)

This 80’s adventure classic, Predator stars Arnold Swartzengger as he and his team dive into the tropical terrains of central America, finding themselves being hunted by something they can’t see.

Predator isn’t your typical alien movie as it takes place on Earth in the last place you would expect aliens to dwell, tropical central America!

The Predator is a ruthless, unfeeling, smart, savvy, and strong alien that slowly takes out Arnold’s team one by one, until, it’s the Predator and Arnold facing off.

Leading the viewers to an epic climax with the famous line:


A great watch for a date!

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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

There is much debate over the type of movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is.

I for one don’t think that much over it and define it as the gift that keeps giving for all the fall and winter holidays!

Including Halloween!

For a first date, this movie is a fun, musical, and wholesome one that everyone will enjoy.

There is a good chance both of you have seen it already but simply haven’t watched it together which would make it a fun first for both of you!

It’s a nice buffer as it’s less scary and more fun.

Get the popcorn ready and enjoy the hijinx of Jack Skellington and all his buddies!

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The Strangers (2008)

best scary movies for a date

The Strangers is a super scary movie with an original story that is super refreshing AND it is inspired by true events.

Anything that is a true story or inspired by true events is automatically scarier because it switches from non-fiction horror to a horror documentary of said event.

It stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman who are a couple going through a rough patch.
You can see that there is tension between Liv turning down her boyfriend’s proposal and Scott feeling the ultimate rejection.

They go back to his family cabin which is a little off the beaten path where he prepared a romantic scene in the hopes the engagement didn’t go sour as it did.

Unfortunately for Liv and Scott, heartbreak is the least of the worries as the night goes on and they realize they are being hunted by people in doll masks.

A great movie to snuggle up close and feel safe during those scares for a first date!

The Descent (2005)

A truly classic horror film that didn’t get the recognition it deserves.

The Descent showcases the main character Sarah, taking a trip with her friends out in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains for a cave-spelunking adventure.

Unfortunately, getting lost in underground caves was the least of their worries.

After getting caved in and attempting to find their way out, they also find themselves being hunted by the cave-dwelling creatures that have evolved to live there.

Many of them, hungry and pining for blood, these monsters come after the girls as they attempt to escape alive, including Sarah.

A shorter film around 90 minutes long which I love, it’s the perfect length and scary story for a date night in!

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The Descent 2 (2009)

I had to put the sequel on the list!

The Descent 2 is by no means a masterpiece or on par with Aliens as a fantastic sequel.

However, if you enjoyed the first movie, you will like this sequel.

Sarah finds herself back in the caves with law enforcement in the hopes to help find the girls and understand what happened and put the pieces together.

To their disappointment, they find themselves in the same shitstorm Sarah was in before, and it’s up to her to find their way out.

If you have the time and energy, watching these two scary bad boys back to back would be a fun first date night in!

The Conjuring (2013)

the conjuring, 21 best scary movies to watch on a date , horror movies

This bad boy is one of my favorites.

I remember seeing The Conjuring in theaters and thinking it was something as special as The Exorcist.

It tells the story of one of the most prominent cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

They get a call for help from a family who recently moved from the city into the country for a new start and have been experiencing odd occurrences.

Many of them, are downright terrifying and possessive.

Based on a true story, The Conjuring is a hefty and scary pick for those who are feeling sassy about their date plans.

The Thing (1982)

Another John Carpenter classic, The Thing Stars Kurt Russel ( My husband’s dude crush behind Tom Hardy lol) in this alien horror film.

Similar to Predator, this isn’t your average alien sci-fi horror film.

It takes place in the middle of Antarctica where a research team is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that can replicate its victims perfectly.

Leaving the others unaware of their presence and that the possessed person is already dead.

Between the isolation of Antarctica, the cold of winter, a shape-shifting alien, and the paranoia of not knowing who is who, they are left alone and untrusting of one another.

On top of that trying to survive and kill this THING until it inevitably infects and takes over the whole world in less than a week otherwise.

Truly a horror classic perfect for a date night in!

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The Ring (2002)

An early ‘00s classic, The Ring stars Naomi Watts (whatever happened to her lol) who plays a journalist attempting to crack down a mysterious video that leaves people dead a week after they watch it.

Remember when everyone was saying “seven days, seven days” in school? This movie was why.

With a grudge-like girl that comes out of the tv and attempts to kill those who watch the movie, Naomi attempts to solve the mystery before her 7 days are up!

A gloomy, grey, and dark movie that leaves you unsettled from start to finish!

Fire in The Sky (1993)

Based on the true story of the alien abduction of Travis Walton in 1975, this alien horror film doesn’t disappoint!

Another adaptation of a true story, Fire in The Sky is an alien abduction case that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

No scary movie is scarier than when it’s based on a true story!

In a time when aliens and being abducted was literal blasphemy, nobody believed Walton or his friends when he was abducted and missing for days before returning.

Between the isolation of not being believed and ostracized, and the isolation of the result of actually being abducted where nobody understands, this sci-fi horror film will put you through an array of emotions!

A very chilling tale for a date night!

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It (1990)

It, 21 best scary movies to watch on a date horror movies
Tim Curry as “It”

The classic demonic clown in Steven King’s It is the perfect horror movie for your date night.

No not the remake with Skarsgard, although, that was just fine.

However, the original starring Tim Curry as Pennywise is absolute gold.

Without crazy CGI or numerous A-list actors, it had to rely on its story, acting, and creep factor.

In this 3 part TV series, you get to experience Steven King’s classic without it being bloated by Hollywood money with a mediocre result.

Snuggle up and keep each other safe when watching this classic horror take on a date!

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Remember this bad boy? I know you do!

With a borderline prepubescent Jonny Depp, this Wes Craven horror classic is a must-watch on your date!

In a classic 80’s cheese horror film, teenager Nancy Thompson needs to solve the mystery of why her friends are dying in their sleep.

It turns out, old pedophile Freddy Krueger makes it difficult for these teens to get any shut-eye!

Written by Wes Craven, Nightmare on Elm Street is a cult classic that you can watch just at any point and still indulge in!

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Event Horizon (1997)

Another sci-fi alien classic to close off this list is Event Horizon!

A rescue team investigates a spaceship that was sucked into a black hole only to come back with another organic organism not from this world on board.

With a few A-list leading actors, Event Horizon is a short (90 minutes) sci-fi film you can enjoy some popcorn with your boo while snuggling up on the couch.

An easy scary movie watch for a fun date night!

Watch and Enjoy!

There you have it, 21 of my favorite scary movies I loved watching on dates and I’m sure you will love them too!

Scary movies are a fun way to bring us closer together.

That’s how they are so perfect to watch with your boo!

Whether you like to reserve scary movies for October and Halloween or are a fan year-round, this list won’t disappoint.

Snuggle up, stay warm and have fun!

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