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Hey! I’m Ashley, an introverted mama of a high spirited daughter out here giving you the best fellow mom support, wife life advice, baby rearing hacks, lifestyle tips, recipes, entertainment and everything in between.

I’m a pop culture junkie, love history, the human mind, learning and growing while sharing it all with ya’ll!

A southern California girl figuring it out here in the South!

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Protect baby's skin

Mineral sunscreens loaded with zinc are super effective and works instantly in protecting baby from the hot sun and harmful UV rays! Top baby off with a sunhat to prevent any heat sickness and keep baby from being blasted by the sun.

Splash Zone

Have fun with your baby this summer at the pool, lake or beach! Let baby explore their sensory with water play and swim time.

we love you dad!

Is dad a foodie?

If your man loves to eat, these gourmet foodie gift baskets will not disappoint!

The perfect Father's Day card

From fancy and animated pop ups to sweet and simple sentiments, a card a is a great way to showcase your appreciation for dad!

Happy Birthday 'Murica

Celebrate America’s independence with fun fashion, activities and eating for baby’s first 4th of July party!

Patriotic Porches

Show off your love for that red, white and blue with the best porch signs, door hangers and decor!

Cookout Time

Whether you are having a small picnic with your family at a local park or throwing the ultimate patriotic bash, these recipes will have everyone’s taste buds blasting off like fireworks!

Summer Lovin'

Are you pregnant?

Get a decent night's sleep

As someone who struggled with insomnia anyway, pregnancy sleep was no picnic! Stock up on resources to ensure you’re getting the super important rest you need while baking baby.

Combat pregnancy constipation

pregnancy constipation
7 Best Pregnancy Constipation Relief Practices

This post lists the seven best pregnancy constipation relief practices that helped me get my poop on while pregnant! Pregnancy constipation is no joke. When it comes to constipation, pregnancy brings it to a whole other level. Constipation during pregnancy can cause us to feel sick and lethargic

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Buh-bye morning sickness!

Preparing for postpartum?

Keep your spirits up

Our mood and hormones are all over the place postpartum, try your best to keep baby blues at bay using teas or supplements.

Pospartum disorder awareness

Postpartum disorders are just now becoming more commonly discussed, but that wasn’t always the case. 

Be aware of the warning signs and learn from those who suffered from postpartum disorders in the past so we don’t repeat them in the future. 

If you do feel this way , you are not alone.

postpartum depression
Hayden Panettiere on Her Postpartum Depression

This post discusses Hayden Panettiere and her battle with postpartum depression and alcoholism after giving birth to her daughter. Hayden Panettiere, age 32, has been in the spotlight since childhood. There are loads of Hayden Panettiere movies! Winning the hearts of many as Coach Yost’s daughter Sheryl, Hayden

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Looking for practical baby tips?

Get baby sleeping soundly

From sound machines to age appropriate scheduling, baby sleep takes work but you too can have your baby sleeping like a champ!

Combat baby constipation

baby constipation relief
15 Best Baby Constipation Remedies

This post lists the fifteen best baby constipation remedies that helped get my baby pooping! Baby constipation is bound to happen in your little one’s life during their first year. With their digestive system so underdeveloped, digestive issues arise, sometimes frequently. Unfortunately, baby guts are so underdeveloped and

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