Mia Goth and Her Swift Rise After “X”

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This post reviews the movie timeline of Mia Goth, documenting her rise after “X”.

mia goth

Mia Goth has been acting for only ten years, with many of her pictures being horror movies, including the most recent horror film “X” Goth has established her name as a modern rising scream queen!

With Halloween right around the corner, my husband and I love watching scary movies.

Recently, we decided to give the movie “X” a shot.

Considering we have been seeing it pumped since spring on Google TV but weren’t willing to buy or rent it, we shelved “X” until it got closer to the Halloween season.

Alas! It is now free on Hulu to watch!

We went for it.

The movie is highly graphic, full of gore, pornographic sex, and disturbing images.

Mia Goth was the MVP of “X” and took the screen by storm, propelling Goth into Scream Queen status.

Although this didn’t happen overnight for Mia, it took nearly ten years to get into the limelight!

Mia’s persistence paid off.

This is the movie journey of Mia Goth and her documented rise after “X.”

mia goth

Mia’s Upbringing

Mia Goth is Born

On October 25, 1993, Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth was born in Southwark, London, England, to Rachel and Eric Goth.

Mia’s mother, Rachel, is Brazilian, and her father, Eric, is from Nova Scotia.

Born to a single mother, only aged 20, Mia moved a lot when she was young.

When Mia was only a few weeks old, her mother moved them back to Brazil, where she would raise her with her family for the next few years.

By the time Mia was 5, she and her mother both moved back to the UK.

Mia Goth said:

“ I remember leaving Brazil, and it was very difficult. At five, you make such strong connections, and one of my first memories was holding my grandmother’s hand in Copacabana and thinking, ‘ This is where I live, and this is where I will grow up.’
Even after a five-year-old, I appreciated the beauty of that place, knew that it was special and that I was lucky and that not everywhere is like this, but then we moved to New Cross….”

Family Life

Mia’s transition from Latin America to Europe was a tough one.

Between the culture shock and the weather, it was nothing like where she grew up in Brazil.

It was cold, wet, cloudy, and snowy in the UK.

A stark contrast to the warm, wet, and sunny weather of Brazil.

Mia said she often got her English and Portuguese mixed up.

This generally created a language barrier hurdle she had to jump.

Mia eventually figured it out.

Five years later, Mia and her mother moved again when she was ten.

This time, to North America in Canada, where her father lived.

It was a last-ditch effort by her parents to make their family work.

While in Canada, Mia attended seven different schools in a single year.

A struggle many army and military kids can relate to, especially being that young.

Mia mentioned that her mother’s life when she attempted to live with her father, was difficult.

Mia said:

“ When I was ten, I went to seven schools in one year in Nova Scotia. Me and my mum moved there so that I could be closer to my dad who is an ice-truck driver, but it didn’t work out.”

So much so that they relocated back to Southeast London once, Mia was 12.

They lived in Canada for just two years.

Mia’s Modeling Career

Once Mia and her mother settled in Southeast London, Mia grew into a teen and attended high school there.

Mia said:

“ It was difficult because my mum was a waitress, and with that income, it was difficult to raise a child in Brazil, and in Canada, the logistics were hard, so London seemed like the rational place for us to be
– when I was 12 we settled in Catford and mum is still there now. ”

By the time Mia was 12, she had lived all over the globe in contrasting countries and faced a lot of adversity.

As Mia would have it, the adversity wouldn’t last forever.

When Mia was 14, fashion photographer Gemma Booth discovered her at the Underage Festival in London.

After being discovered, Mia was signed to Storm Model Management, where she appeared in Vogue and Miu Miu ads.

Mia doesn’t have the typical Goonish-Hollywood over processed and cosmetically manufactured look that is so common these days.

With her light, barely noticeable eyebrows, big set eyes, beautifully pouted lips, a naturally ethereal and exotic look, I can see why Mia stood out in a crowd.

Now we all want Mia Goth eyebrows!

However, Mia did face some difficulties during her modeling career.

Mia said:

“ I did go to castings for the luxury trendy brands, but it never quite worked. It was more BHS catalog work, and that was a nice money job. The fashion world has become a lot more embracing of me since I became an actress. “

Mia Goth Movies

Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013)


Once Mia turned 16, she started auditioning for acting roles.

She was initially cast in more minor, short roles for music videos and a TV show called “The Tunnel,” where she starred in several episodes.

It wasn’t until Mia turned 18 that she would land her first big-picture role.

Mia was cast as “P” in the Lars Von Trier unrated film sequel; Nymphomaniac: Vol. II aside, A-List actor Willem Dafoe debuted in 2013.

As the name suggests, it consisted of numerous, extremely graphic sex scenes in which Mia would partake. Including a scene where she pee’s on her costar!

Mia is more interested in gritty roles, such as this saying in an interview for The Guardian:

“I’m drawn to roles where someone has to struggle or fight. That’s more interesting to me. I feel that sometimes with [other] female roles, real feelings are diminished.”

It makes sense that Mia gravitated toward horror roles later on.

However, Mia said her infancy in the Hollywood scene at this time made her less intimated and more focused on the job.

Mia said this:

“ Because I hadn’t had any experience of anything before, I was more open to it for sure. Actually, I think I was more naive back then with my knowledge of films as a whole.
I think that is what saved me; being too aware of it would have been to my detriment. ”

In other words, you don’t know what you don’t know!

I’m sure it also made filming any future sex scenes a piece of cake!

This scream queen was slowly on the rise!

The Survivalist (2015)

Mia Goth landed her first lead role in the 2015 post-apocalyptic thriller; The Survivalist, directed by Stephen Fingleton.

Cast as Milija, Mia plays a young woman scavenging a post-apocalyptic world who engages in a relationship with a man (the survivalist) after trading sexual services for food.

Mia prides herself in playing roles with grit in them.

Her character Milija in The Survivalist, is no exception.

Milija is a cold, rugged, and manipulative character as a woman with few words.

Mia finds it much more fulfilling than posing in nice and expensive clothes.

Mia said this in her interview with The Guardian:

“Modelling is very two-dimensional, you really don’t have to bare anything, whereas a lot of acting is having the courage to reveal your emotions and your fears and your soul.”

Being a beautiful woman who once was a model, Mia felt she had a point to prove that she could be in rough, rugged films who didn’t just showcase luxury and beauty through still images.

Mia wanted to prove she had more dimension than that.

She goes all in with her roles.

Since this was a post-apocalyptic survival role, she went on a 10-week starvation diet before shooting.

She didn’t shave or shower and sleep outside during the duration of the shoot.

That’s some serious dedication.

Mia says:

“So often in films there are two ways a female can be portrayed: either innocent and virginal or the complete opposite. It’s biblical: the Virgin Mary, and the slut of the Earth.
You never have the middle ground, and I was really keen to portray a realistic, honest approach of who I think a young woman would be in this situation – strong and independent.”

A Cure for Wellness (2016)

A Cure For Wellness
Mia Goth as “Hannah” in “A Cure For Wellness”

A year after Mia starred in The Survivalist, she was cast as patient Hannah in the psychological thriller directed by Gore Verbinski, A Cure for Wellness.

A story about a supposedly idyllic spa and wellness retreat for the rich that has more secrets than it leads on.

Less of a scream queen type of film and more psychological thriller Esq.

The director Gore had this to say about Mia:

“ Mia’s ability to remain outside the system has kept her interesting. She is a singularity. Undiluted. Unhomogenized and a personality that just might keep her that way.”

After reading the script, Mia was eager to be involved in the project.

Mia Goth said this about the screenplay:

“I thought the script was the most gripping thing I’d ever read, I didn’t put it down from start to finish.
I had to read it three times to fully wrap my head around what it is the story’s telling and what it is that Hannah goes through with her story.
There’s a transformation that’s so intense and painful at times to become the woman that she’s meant to be
– I couldn’t not be a part of it.”

Knowing Mia gravitates toward gritty roles where females have endured trauma, injustice, and need to fight, this felt like the perfect role for her.

Mia Goth continued:

“When we first meet her, she comes across as this extremely innocent, naïve and quite sheltered young girl. She’s never been encouraged to question whether there’s any sinister, more ulterior motives behind the sanatorium…
…one day she meets Lockhart, and he acts like a pinprick to her… from then on they start to question everything they considered to be real and true.”

Emma (2020)

Mia was cast as Harriet Smith in the Jane Austin comedy; Emma.

The retelling of the beloved novel where Emma, a young woman in the early 19th century, meddles in her friend’s love lives.

A stark contrast for this scream queen!

A stark and light contrast to the super heavy and gritty roles she previously partook in.

Mia wanted to point out that she could also do comedy and dark thrillers.

Taking the role of Harriet, a meek, soft-spoken woman in Emma, she wanted to show herself in another light, a comedic one.

Mia Goth said this about her role as Harriet:

“ I’m definitely not just a spooky actress who’s drawn to peculiar projects for peculiarity’s sake. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know I have a lot more of myself to show the world.”

Mia’s role as Harriet was a fresh take on her versatility as an actress.

With Harriet being a modest and well-mannered friend of the clueless but well-meaning matchmaker Emma, Mia showcased her acting versatility with flying colors.

However, Mia would prove she couldn’t stray away from horror thrillers for too long!

X (2022)

Mia Goth X
Mia Goth as “Maxine” in “X.”

Two short years after playing the sweet and soft spoken Harriet in Emma, Mia was cast as the protagonist, stripper, and aspiring porn star Maxine, and the antagonist, senile elderly woman Pearl, in the retro-themed horror slasher X.

X propelled her into Scream Queen status!

Directed by Ti West, X is a horror slasher in the year 1979 where a group of young adult filmmakers rents out a housing unit on an elderly couple’s farm in secluded Texas to shoot a porno called “ The Farmer’s Daughters.”

Ti West had this to say about Mia:

“ She understood the characters really well, and she understood the duality between Maxine and Pearl.”

If and when you watch X, you will have a whole new appreciation for her acting abilities of Mia.

When my husband and I watched this, it wasn’t until after we finished and looked up the movie we found that Mia played the beautiful, young and vibrant aspiring porn star but was SHOOK when we realized she was also the creepy, senile, murderous elderly woman!

This communicated her versatility as an actor more than taking part in a historical rom-com!

I couldn’t believe I could eat my heart out while enjoying her beauty on screen as Maxine and be so repulsed and disgusted by her counterpart Pearl.

Mia said this about her dueling character roles in X, who put much emphasis on their looks and sexuality:

” They ( Maxine & Pearl ) were just at different stages of their life.
It was very important to me that she ( Pearl ) didn’t come across as a villain.
I had a lot of sympathy toward Pearl.
It was important that even in this world that they’re in ( a slasher film ), they wouldn’t be presented as horror tropes or they’re seen as the monsters.
That wouldn’t have been interesting for me to have played at all. ”

Phenomenal acting.

Mia Goth is the underdog and a criminally under-appreciated actress of our generation.

Mia’s Marriage to Shia LaBeouf

I bet you weren’t expecting to see that, huh?


Mia Goth and Shia Labeouf met while filming Nymphomaniac Vol. II in 2013.

Unfortunately, their relationship has proved to be a rather tumultuous one.

At one point, Shia Labeouf and Mia Goth were involved in a public domestic disturbance of yelling and were filmed.

Shia Labeouf said this:

“If I had stayed, I would have killed her.”

This wasn’t the end of their relationship, though.

In 2016, Shia and Mia got engaged to be married.

They got married in a Las Vegas ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

Although, it was said that the marriage wasn’t legally binding as they never signed any paperwork nor applied for an actual marriage license.

Therefore, it was a commitment ceremony.

Either way, their union was fragile and didn’t last very long, and they separated two years later.

It doesn’t end there, though!

In 2022, they welcomed their first baby girl together.

They have since reconciled and are trying to make it work.

What is Mia Goth Working on Next?

Currently, Mia is involved with the sequel to “X” called “ MaXXXine” which follows her character from “X” a few years later in 1985 in Hollywood, CA.

The premise will be Maxine’s journey to the top to become the porn star she always wanted to be!

Mia also came out with the prequel to “X” called “Pearl” which follows the main elderly antagonist from the first movie to see how Pearl ended up such an aggressive, senile, and murderous woman.

With Mia being involved in numerous scream and slasher films, she is officially earned her Scream Queen title!

Mia loved this story so much that she wanted to be involved in making it into a trilogy!

“X” is now available to stream on Hulu, and “Pearl” is currently running only in select theaters.

“X” is a unique story in a day and age where everything is a sequel or a reboot of what already works.

However, as noted before, it is highly graphic, with some of the most unsettling and creepiest scenes that were some of the most disturbing I’ve ever seen.

Keep this in mind if you have a queasy stomach.

“MaXXXine” is still in production, and the release date is unknown.

Mia Goth has had a phenomenal career in her short decade making movies and has plenty more amazing movies lined up next!

All hail Mia Goth the 21st century scream queen!

Mia Goth as Maxine in X

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