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This post covers the 21 best Easter outfits for baby girl.

Easter Outfits for Baby Girl
Photo Credit: #15 @BabyBeau&Belle

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When looking for Easter outfits for baby girl you want to find something fashionable yet super cute for your little one.

The arrival of Easter brings the joy of celebrating new beginnings, fresh starts, and Spring!

Easter outfits for newborns are so cute, sweet, and loads of fun!

Boutique clothing for babies is the way to go for this sacred holiday.

Finding the perfect baby girl dresses for Easter can be challenging.

Still, with high-end boutique options available, I found many beautiful and stylish outfits for your baby girl on that special holiday.

Let’s get after these Easter outfits for newborn baby girl!

This post lists the best Easter outfits for baby girl.

easter outfits for baby girl

Easter Outfits for Baby Girl

From luxury boutique baby girl clothing to super spring and light aesthetics, here are cute Easter outfits for baby girl.

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1. Light and Lacy

Lola Lace Easter Dress Baby Girl
Photo Credit: @BabyBeau&Belle

This is one of the most delicate Easter outfits for baby girl that will have everyone gushing over your little princess!

Handcrafted from online boutique Baby Beaut & Belle, the lace bodice and cute cap sleeves make it super adorbs and unique.

A truly stunning option for cute Easter outfits for babies.

A very quality and high-end option when looking for Easter outfits for baby girl.

2. Pretty Pastel Sun Dress

Easter baby girl striped dress
Photo Credit: @BabyBeau&Belle

This beautifully simple and striped masterpiece comes in three colors: Robin’s Egg, Camel and Sage.

Made with the finest materials of Baby Beau & Belle, this dress is adorable and unique.

Whether you are dressing up for Easter or just a sunny day, this boutique baby clothing will make your little girl look like the stylish fashionista she is!

Such a cute option for Easter outfits for baby girl.

3. Lace Romper Dress

first easter baby outfit
Photo Credit: @BabyBeau&Belle

If you’re a first time mom on the market for boutique baby girl clothing, this is the perfect Easter outfit for your baby girl.

Another win from Baby Beau & Belle!

Your baby girl will feel and look like a spring queen in this beautiful and comfortable boutique baby clothing.

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4. Baby Blue Duckling Dress

Easter outfits 9
Photo Credit: @Maisonette

If you are a first time mom you want the best for your baby girl, and this baby blue seersucker striped dress with little ducklings is sure to be just the ticket for you!

This dress from Maisonette is perf for a first Easter baby outfit.

The seersucker stripes also make it perfect for spring and summer activities.

Your baby girl will look adorable in this dress on Easter day!

5. Easter Bunny Baby Girl Dress

Easter outfits 11
Photo Credit: Etsy @TheBabyCactus

Celebrate in style with TheBabyCactus handmade dress for your little girl!

This dress is perfect for baby girls and features a cute bunny on the front in a gorgeous combination of peach and light pink.

The handmade dresses are carefully handcrafted to ensure top quality; the turnaround rate is up to 3 weeks to receive your order, and they are in high demand.

So order soon if you love it!

6. Pastel Rainbow Stripes

Pastel Rainbow Stripes
Photo Credit: @ReverieThreads

This is a charming Easter outfit option for baby girl from Reverie Threads.

The pastel rainbow stripes are totally Easter and spring-appropriate and cute af.

Your little girl will turn heads wearing this dress, looking so adorable.

Don’t miss out on this super sweet Easter dress for your baby girl!

A super cute Easter outfit!

7. Pale Pinky Puffy Sleeves

Pastel PInk Puffy Sleeve Easter Dress
Photo Credit: @Maisonette

This dress powder pink puffy sleeve dress from Maisonette is perfect if you want to bring a touch of charm to Easter.

It’s a super unique and adorable option for boutique clothing for babies.

The puffy pink sleeves are so flipping cute!

This dress will look gorgeous in pictures, and your baby will be a showstopper.

8. Beige Florals

Beige Floral Dress
Photo Credit: @ReverieThreads

This Easter dress from Reverie Threads is the perfect choice for your little flower!

The florals are perf for spring time and the light beige is nice and minimal with a boho chic feel.

Whether your daughter wears it at an Easter brunch or services, everyone will be gushing girl!

9. Dusty Rose Off the Shoulder Dress

Dusty Rose Off the SHoulder Baby Girl Easter Dress
Photo Credit: @Bailey’sBlossoms

If you are a first time mom looking for Easter outfits for baby girl, this dusty rose off the shoulder dress from Bailey’s Blossoms is perf!

The material is soft and stretchy and will last all summer girl!

This dress is the perfect baby girl Easter outfit for a first time mom or new parents searching for the perfect outfit for their baby girl!

10. Lace Romper Dress

Delicate Lace Romper Dress Baby Girl EAster clothes
Photo Credit: @BabyBeau&Belle

If you love lace and ribbons, this adorable and super delicate romper dress by Baby Beau & Belle is a stunner girl.

Your baby girl will look precious and handcrafted with soft embroidered white floral lace and beautiful ribbon.

Perfect for a first Easter baby outfit.

If you’re looking for antique-looking and luxurious Easter outfits for baby girl, this exquisite lace dress romper is a hit!

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11. Floral and Lace Romper Dress

Screen Shot 2023 03 01 at 1.23.14 PM
Photo Credit: @BabyBeau&Belle

An adorable romper dress is one of the perfect Easter outfits for baby girl!

How cute is this dress?

With a delicate floral pattern and powder blue backdrop, it contains all the spring pastel colors and feel of the upcoming season.

Your baby girl will look like she is blooming too!

Handcrafted and made from cotton and natural lace, your baby girl can wear this romper dress to any gathering after or before Easter!

One of the cutest boutique Easter outfits.

12. Pastel Rainbow Romper

Pastel Easter Baby Girl Romper
Photo Credit: @RuffleButts

I can’t get over how freaking cute and pretty this pastel rainbow romper is!

Your baby girl will look like a little dyed and colorful Easter Egg!

This Ruffle Butts Rainbow Romper is also perf for quick diaper changes.

Super cozy and cute, it’s a less formal and more fun option for boutique baby clothing.

13. Powder Pink Dress

easter outfits for baby girls
Photo Credit: @H&M

How cute is this sweet pink little dress?

Made of woven fabric and a matching headband, this dress from H&M is a surefire way of making your baby girl look like a sweet peep marshmallow!

Pastel pink is perf for spring and Easter boutique baby clothing.

14. Baby Stripe Eyelet Dress

easter dresses for baby
Photo Credit: @BabyGap

I love this dress’s ruffle short sleeves; the embroidery is gorgeous!

It’s made of 100% cotton with a flattering square neckline from the Baby Gap.

A nice and calming pastel blue with white lace is a great choice when looking for boutique clothing for babies.

Your baby girl will look so cute in this dress!

15. Lace Dress and Bloomers

Lace Dress and Bloomers
Photo Credit: @BabyBeau&Belle

This Baby Beau & Belle Lace dress with bloomers is the cutest thing ever!

This lace dress is handcrafted delicately and is high-end, luxurious, and adorable.

The lace bloomers and so cute and will pop from under your baby girls dress.

It’s perfect for Easter services or a Christening.

16. Pink Butterflies and Bows

Pink Butterflies and Bows
Photo Credit: @Shein

If it’s still chilly where you live in April, try a cute long-sleeve dress like this pink butterfly and bow set from Shein.

It’s a great option for baby girl dresses for Easter, being super affordable and cute.

Love the pink pastel!

17. Tulle Daisy Dress

Tulle Daisy Easter Baby Girl Dress
Photo Credit: Etsy @BlushBunnyLtd

Nothing says spring like cute daisies!

Handmade from Blush Bunny Ltd on Etsy, the tulle and daisy design is perfect for your daughter’s first Easter baby outfit.

It’s light and versatile for the spring and summer seasons!

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18. Boho Mint Floral Embroidered Romper

Mint Boho Floral Embroidered Baby Romper
Photo Credit: @PlumSugarShoppe

Go more boho chic with your baby girl dresses for Easter!

This mint boho floral embroidered romper by Etsy owner Plum Sugar Shoppe is perf!

Organic and boho chic and super unique for Easter.

19. Lavender Floral Mesh Romper

Lavender Mesh Floral Romper Baby Girl Easter Dress
Photo Credit: @Shein

Lavender is an awesome and super pretty color for spring time and Easter.

This Shein lavender mesh floral romper is totally cute for your baby girl!

It’s incredibly affordable and comes with a cute matching bow.

20. Tulle Dusty Pink Dress

Dusty Rose Tulle Dress
Photo Credit: @Bailey’sBlossoms

I can’t get over how darn cute this dusty rose tulle dress from Bailey’s Blossoms is!

The color is so stunning and comes in bigger sizes for sibling combos!

21. Nude and Beige Lace Romper

Nude and Beige Lace Romper
Photo Credit: @ReverieThreads

Another stunning piece from Reverie Threads!

A look that comes off vintage and victorian. A boho chic dress with beiges and ivory lace is perfectly delicate and gorgeous for Easter services.

Easter Outfits for Baby Girl

Easter Outfits for Baby Girl 1 1

When it comes to finding the perfect Easter outfits for baby girl, I hope these options were intriguing enough!

Choose any of these options; your baby girl will look super cute and gorgeous.

I hope you find Easter outfits for baby girl that suit you!

I wish you and your family a blessed and joyful Easter filled with love, happiness, and beautiful lifelong memories!

This post covers the best Easter Outfits for baby girl.

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