7 Charming Baby Girl Christmas Outfits For Holiday Fun

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On the lookout for baby girl Christmas outfits?

It is the most wonderful time of the year now!

Dressing up baby girls, especially for the holidays, is so much fun.

Involve your baby in the winter festivities by finding the perfect baby girl outfits for Christmas!

Finding Christmas outfits for your baby girl can be challenging and stressful.

Seeking the perfect outfit with your style in mind, color, and the context of where your baby will be wearing makes a difference!

Whether you are going to a Christmas symphony, play, family Christmas party, work party, holiday baby shower or even if your little girl’s birthday is in December, there are options for everyone in this list.

With colors ranging from deep blue to cranberry red, you will indeed find the look for your baby you are trying to achieve.

From cute holiday rompers to beautiful Christmas dresses, here are the 7 cutest baby girl Christmas outfits!

7 Super Charming Christmas Outfits For Baby Girls 1

Red & Blue Reindeer Baby Girl Christmas Dress

baby girl christmas outfits

Brand⎜ TheAspiringCrafter

Price⎜ $32

If you are on the market for baby girl Christmas outfits, this adorable and personalized dress is adorable and affordable!

With a beautiful combination of red, silver, and white, this is a perfect baby girl outfit for Christmas!

Sold by Etsy star seller TheAspiringCrafter, this two-piece Christmas outfit is perfect for a Christmas party, holiday-themed baby shower, or even a Christmas photo shoot.

You can add a cute bow or turban to your baby girl’s head for an additional accessory to finish the look.

Extremely affordable at $25, your cute little girl is bound to turn heads with endearing glances from everyone while wearing this adorable baby girl Christmas outfit!

Green Velvet Ballet Print Christmas Dress

christmas outfits baby girl
christmas outfits baby girls

Brand⎜ Iris&Ivy

Price⎜ $42

Your baby girl will attract all the attention in this beautiful velvet green beauty!

Made by Iris&Ivy and sold at Nordstrom, this baby girl Christmas outfit runs at $42.

Keep your baby girl nice and warm by adding cute knitted leggings and black Mary Jane’s.

Find another pretty red or white velvet bow to add to your baby girl’s hair; this is the perfect cherry on top to complete this Christmas look.

Perfect for going to the Holiday symphony downtown or an elegant Christmas dinner!

A great option when on the market for baby girl Christmas outfits!

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Red Velvet & Cream Tulle Christmas Dress

baby outfits for christmas
baby girl christmas outfits1

Brand⎜ TangerineGift

Price⎜ $55-$60

A fan of baby girl Christmas outfits that have red velvet and tulle?

This is the perfect dress for you, then!

Sold by TangerineGift on Etsy, another star seller, this is a simple and classic holiday dress option for your baby girl.

The price starts at $55, and it gets more expensive the bigger size you need, roughly around $60 at most.

You can also choose between a more hunter-green color or red.

Add a cute winter bow or turban to your baby girl’s head to keep her warm and voila!

Handcrafted and more of a holiday splurge, this baby girl Christmas outfit is perfect for a Christmas party with your family and excellent for those family pictures you will need to take!

Red & Cream Reindeer Romper

baby girl christmas outfit 2
christmas outfit for baby girl

Brand⎜ LeopardBabyBoutique

Price⎜ $19

Looking for baby girl Christmas outfits that are super affordable and casual?

I got you!

This Reindeer Romper by Leopard Baby Boutique is just the ticket.

Priced at $19, this cute and simple romper gives you plenty of runway to accessorize!

Complete your baby girl’s Christmas outfit by adding a cute oversized bow, white knitted leggings, a white long-sleeve shirt, and black or brown Mary Jane shoes.

A more light and casual option for a family Christmas party or winter baby shower!

Also, since it is more casual, it is a Christmas outfit your baby girl can wear to day care or out and about in all of December!

Glittering in Gold Baby Girl Christmas Dress

christmas outfits baby girl 2
christmas outfits baby girl 3

Brand⎜ Iris&Ivy


This baby girl’s Christmas outfit is a showstopper!

Perfect for a holiday symphony, a work Christmas party, or a Christmas photo shoot, this dress will deliver.

Made by Iris&Ivy and again sold at Nordstrom, this beautiful Christmas dress runs at $47.

With a sparkling ribbed top, shimmery plaid print, and tiny glimmering crystals on the tulle, your baby girl will look like an angel that belongs on top of your Christmas tree!

Pair it up with those tried and true white knitted leggings, and either dark blue or black buckle shoes will do perfectly!

Find a beautiful white, gold, silver, or dark blue bow or turban for your baby girl’s head, and you got your look!

A perfect option for a Christmas photo shoot of your baby girl, a holiday symphony, and of course, your annual family Christmas party!

Baby’s First Christmas Red Velvet Bell Bottom Outfit

baby girl christmas outfit baby
baby girl christmas outfit leggings

Brand⎜ ChristiCreations

Price⎜ $26-$60

Looking for baby girl Christmas outfits that are casual yet fashionable?

This red velvet bell bottom outfit is just for you!

A perfect and easy option for younger babies or a baby’s first Christmas.

If you love bell bottoms, you can’t go wrong with this baby girl Christmas outfit!

Sold by star seller Etsy shop owner ChristiCreations, you will surely get the one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted quality you are looking for.

With a couple of different customizable options.

You can choose just the bodysuit, the cheapest option running $26; get the bodysuit and bell bottoms for $52 or add a bow to the kit for $56.

Another great casual option for your baby to where are daycare, Early start school programs, or in play groups for all the month of December!


This is a much more flexible and comfortable option in regards to baby girl Christmas outfits

Pretty in Plaid Christmas Dress

baby girl christmas outfits romper


Price⎜ $30-$52

A lover of plaid?

This plaid baby girl Christmas outfit is one-of-a-kind.

With the price starting at $30, you can choose from 6 different variations, with headbands, socks, and hair clips!

With over 2k sales and 5-star reviews, TinyMinnieBoutique designed this super cute and customizable Christmas outfit for your baby girl.

Add a cute pair of Mary Jane’s or buckle shoes, and you have your look!

This seller does a lot of the design work for you!

The perfect baby girl Christmas outfit for a family holiday photo shoot, a Christmas party, or a holiday-themed baby shower!

Have A Happy Christmas!

If you are on the look out for baby girl Christmas outfits, I hope this list helped guide you a little bit!

I know finding the right baby Christmas outfit can be tricky!

Finding Christmas outfits baby girl will love and look adorable in is lots of trial and error.

Between dresses, rompers, and overalls, there was something for everyone to find the right baby outfits for Christmas that suits your baby girl!

Have fun with your baby this Christmas season, take lots of pictures of your baby girl and enjoy this wonderful holiday with your friend and loved ones.

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